There are currently 9 Spirit Badges in this collection.
All of the available achievements with the name, avatar, and karma points for each.
Spirit Badge Glory Description
Spirit Badge Glory Description
Yes Planchette Spirit Badge

A YES badge for Rangers who don’t speak, or who use Speaking Skull Spirit Boards.

Conjure Guard Core Patch
Conjure Guard

The Conjure Guard Core Badge

Lanterna Spirit Badge
Lanterna Badge

The Lanterna Badge means leadership and FIRE!

Craft Champ Spirit Badge
Craft Champ Badge

The Craft Champ Spirit Badge is for Monster Rangers who like to make stuff… which is basically most Monster Rangers.

Cloud Spirit Badge

The Cloud Badge is for all Scouts who look to the sky, and see something more.

Black Bones Basic Spirit Badge
Black Bones Zero

The Black Bones Spirit Badge is earned by making a purchase of $25 or more at

LA Troop Spirit Badge
LA Troop

This badge was made for our LA Rangers.

Core Crow Patch
Core Crow

The Core Crow Badge is the master insignia of our order; the other badges nest in beneath it’s wings.

Eye Bat Spirit Badge
Eye Bat Badge

The Brisk Bat is the basic badge earned by participating in the Monster Rangers forum.