There are currently 8 Spirit Badges in this collection.
All of the available achievements with the name, avatar, and karma points for each.
Spirit Badge Glory Description
Spirit Badge Glory Description
KS ‘20 – Krampus Spirit Badge
Krampus 2020 Badge

The Krampus 2020 Spirit Badge

KS ‘18 – Halloween Treat Cat Spirit Badge

The Treat Cat Spirit Badge

Black Bones 3 Spirit Badge
Black Bones 3

The Black Bones 3 Badge is for folks who buy from, and support us in a large way.

Dawna Spirit Badge
Dawna Badge

The Dawna Spirit Badge is a gift from Dawna, herself.

Halloween Cat Spirit Badge
Halloween Cat

The Halloween Cat Spirit Badge is for those Rangers who love Halloween.

Black Bones 2 Spirit Badge
Black Bones 2

The Black Bones 2 Badge is for Crows who support our online store with a purchase of $200 or more.

Black Bones 1 Spirit Badge
Black Bones 1

The Black Bones 1 Badge is for Crows who spend $100 or more at

Black Bones Basic Spirit Badge
Black Bones Zero

The Black Bones Spirit Badge is earned by making a purchase of $25 or more at