Coming Feb 1st

Hi there!

I wanted to let you know that our upcoming Monster Rangers RPG game is utilizing Fate (Condensed), and will Kickstart on February 1st. You can follow the campaign and be notified at launch, here.

You play a plucky Monster Ranger (imagine a 1913 adult Scout who believes, studies, and protects their monster friends) who fight against vile Monsterologist (and other cultists) who seek to devour the unsuspecting monsters for their majik to take over the world.

  • Theme: Occult Pulp Adventure, old timey scouting perspective
  • Alt USA: The United States of Liberty, set in 1913
  • There are monsters among us, that “Nodds” (most normies) can’t see (Imagine8)
  • 12 different playable “Branches” of the Monster Rangers
  • Steam power, “Electro-muskets”, and other weird (Blappo Brand) technology
  • Majik exists: “Spirit Badges” that Rangers earn, Hexan “wizards”, cultists – and the monsters themselves

The 2 books are very light in mechanics, suggesting players to get their own copy of Fate, and the game utilizes a unified stress track and vanilla skills.

The Monster Rangers is also a real in-person community, which you can read about here. The RPG is the game based on our faux “historical” lore, but pumped up with more fiction. (Ie., “Fakelore”.)

This will be my 17th Kickstarter, and will be my only post here on the subject. Thank you for checking it out!