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The ORDER of OBSCURIA is Membership for the Monster Rangers community. Yeah, you can be a Ranger for free of course, but for folks who want us (Dawna and Daniel) to succeed and thrive, we’ve made a way for you… Continue Reading →

Reaper Racers

For our May Order of Obscuria rewards (Mystery of the Month and up) we made a bunch of cool stuff, including these Reaper Racers toys. As usual, the photos are courtesy of Tim Schuessler, of TimmyShoes Photography. (Thank you, Tim!)… Continue Reading →

Order of Obscuria February Shipment

Here’s what we sent out in March, as part of our February Order of Obscuria (“OoO”) shipment. While this one is concluded, it’s not too late to join us for the next one! Photos were generously provided by Monster Ranger… Continue Reading →

Cargo Tiger Manifest

Here’s a Cargo Tiger Manifest, used to keep track of the stuff that Cargo Tiger is porting around. This is exclusive content for the Order of Obscuria Members! What to do with this? Shopping list Roleplaying game handout Live Action… Continue Reading →

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