Here’s what we sent out in March, as part of our February Order of Obscuria (“OoO”) shipment. While this one is concluded, it’s not too late to join us for the next one!

Photos were generously provided by Monster Ranger Tim Schuessler, who earned a CRONY badge for his service.

Monthly Spell Tree Guide

Dawna hand carved some lino block spell trees for Badge of the Month Club and up; she hand printed them on some green acid-free cardstock – AND did a little sketch for everyone!

OoO Magnet

We also put together this OoO Magnet as a reward to the first month Members for waiting for us to finally launch this thing!

Badge of the Month Club: Lucky

While this was February, we shipped our Badge of the Month in March… which is why we are sending out this Lucky badge. (Essentially for March.)

This is an exclusive to the club… so it won’t be released “normally”.

Mystery of the Month: Daruma Neckerchief Slide

We’ve been working on this for a while, but we made 18 of these red “Daruma Edition” Yokai neckerchief slides for our Mystery of the Month level. Each came with a signed and numbered certificate, along with a description of how it was made.

We won’t be making these ever again, though the Yokai slide will come out in May in bone resin. (That can be painted and customized by you.)

The Daruma also came with 2 glass eyes… so that you can put one eye in when you set a goal, and place the second one when you make your goal.

New Content

We also have been working on all kinds of new content for OoO Members, which develop on a constant basis. I’ve been working on all kinds of gaming stuff for Obscuria of late.

Check out the OoO Update Log to keep apprised of those advancements.

What’s Next?

We can’t say exactly what’s coming here for March, but it’s cool and usable by any Monster Ranger. It’s not too late to join the OoO to get this month’s benefits!

Founder Patch and Membership Pack

We haven’t yet set a ship date for the FOUNDER patch, but that’s likely to be at the end of the year. The OoO Crow patch will probably come with the Membership Packs, which are still coming soon. (I still need to get the certificate ordered.)