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Posted by | February 8, 2018
Weathering Bandanas

When you first get one of our orange bandanas, they're just a little too bright. But there's a fix; STAIN IT! It's easy, quick, and will bring that bright orange...

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Posted by | November 19, 2017
Make A Ranger Sash

How to make a Monster Rangers Sash By Megan Joliff Average Measurements: Teen : 4" wide x 62" long Standard Adult : 4" wide x 72" long Large Adult (6’1"-6’4...

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Posted by | November 8, 2017
Witch Stitches

A gift from Tante Tena to Baron Davis in 1904, Witch Stitches are an ancient form of magic based on the power of intent and stitchery. Adopted by the first...

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Posted by | October 31, 2017
Krampumpkin Build

Our pal BeezleBub Ross (a talented illustrator in his own right) just created this FANTASTIC wall Krampus which he calls the "Krampumpkin"! Whatever you call it, we LOVE it here...

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Calamity Flag Graphic
Posted by | October 25, 2017
Calamity Flag Plans

The Calamity Flag is the core flag of the Monster Rangers! It is carried by members of every Branch, and is used to signal, set landmarks, and of course in...

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