So, as I’m working on the Monster Rangers RPG game (TTRPG), and making great progress, I decided that it would be fun/cool/useful to have a “field kit”; something that I could take to Monstro Camps and gaming conventions demos.

I started with a pretty basic artist desk, that I found on Amazon. Yeah, I don’t have enough time to build it all from scratch, and this is supposed to be a quick side project, not a month-long build.

The base desk

So, one idea I had was to convert this wood box, and make it more rustic. More worn. More Dark Librarian Field Kit.

I spray painted it brown, then green, and then sanded it a bunch. Added some mailing tape, stickers, and other junk, and then put a dark brown wash on everything. Then sanded again.

I still need to antique the handle more, and come up with a plan for all of that bright brass. It really stands out, but sometimes you’ve gotta get back to work on the actual Rangers RPG game, which we hope to Kickstart this upcoming February 2023.