Challenge: Wear Your Uniform

Show up at a Comic Convention, Monster Camp or other event (where Steam Crow is exhibiting) and show off your formal Monster Rangers Uniform.

You can find parts at Thrift Stores, uniform supply houses, and even Steam Crow offers parts of the uniform.

Once you’ve created your formal Uniform, please share it with us in the Forums, on social media, or anywhere else!

Dapper Badge


There is currently 1 Level of the Dapper Badge.


We’re looking for a full, complete uniform, with some effort behind it. (Just wearing a bandana isn’t enough.)


Our Uniform symbolizes our dedication to our Monster Friends. Also, it confuses the Nodds, so there’s that.

Redeem It

Once you show us your uniform feel free to remind us that you’ve never earned a Dapper Badge before. If we have one, we’ll give you one.

Unlocked By