There are currently 9 Spirit Badges in this collection.
All of the available achievements with the name, avatar, and karma points for each.
Spirit Badge Glory Description
Spirit Badge Glory Description
Breakfast Spirit Badge

A badge for folks who love breakfast as much as Daniel does!

Magic Spirit Badge
Magic Badge

The Magic Badge is for Witches and Warlocks who practice and toy with the powers of Aethir.

Camp ‘17 – Medusa Spirit Badge
Shindig 17 Badge

The Gorgon Badge for our Monster Camps of 2017

Goblin Boy Spirit Badge
Goblin Boy Badge

The Goblin badge is a gift from Goblin himself. (Not for sale.)

Camp ‘16 – Shindig Spirit Badge
Shindig 16

SHINDIG 16 Spirit Badge is for Rangers who attended our 2016 SHINDIG camp out.

Founder Spirit Badge
Founder Badge

The Founder Badge is a limited edition of 100 badges, to the first Founder Scouts who get a official satchel.

Dapper Spirit Badge
Dapper Badge

Wear your Uniform and show your Colors!

Boon Spirit Badge

The Boon Badge is granted to a Steam Crow Scout when no other badge is the perfect fit.

Eye Bat Spirit Badge
Eye Bat Badge

The Brisk Bat is the basic badge earned by participating in the Monster Rangers forum.