The SHINDIG Spirit Badge is for Monster Rangers who attended our 2016 SHINDIG camp, on January 23-24 2016, at Usery Mountain Park in Mesa, Arizona.

It is earned, and is not for sale. (Though one could trade to get one.)


(Only the secret phrase uttered from one Monster Rangers to another: “I was there”.)

A photo of the actual SHINDIG Spirit Badge


There is a single level of the SHINDIG 16 Spirit Badge.


At SHINDIG 1907 Monsterologists infiltrated the camp and hunted for monsters at night. Many Rangers (monster and manling) perished that night, before those PlugUglys could be hung.

– Monster Rangers History Handbook, page 196.


The happy SHINDIG skull is all about our tribe; we are odd, kind, and have the same bone-heads beneath the skin.


This is an ultra-rare badge.

Unlocked By