Sometimes folks lose their cats. Other times, the cat is a monster of some sort. This reward means that you discovered our Cat Flyer, and this Virtual Spirit Badge* is your reward.


There is but 1 level of the You Found My Cat Okay badge, okay.


This badge was a couple years in the making, from idea to finally actually making it. No cats were harmed in the creation of this challenge, real or imaginary.

Point Value

The You Found My Cat Okay Spirit Badge is worth 33 Glory points, okay.


The fake cat on the flyer is just a monster with ears. Monster Cats symbolize our complex nature as intricate beings, and also soup, okay.


This is a uncommon badge.

Personal Ranger Challenge

If you found the flyer and then found yourself here AND entered the secret code: you deserve this virtual Spirit Badge.

* There is no physical real-world version of the You Found My Cat Okay badge. Just the virtual one.

Unlocked By