Steam Crow Show Ep 001

With our first Episode, we talk about what this is all about, Monsterpalooza review, and PopSodaCola. Support us (and videos like this) by joining the ORDER OF OBSCURIA: Halloween Mug available here. Goblin Post Patch: The t-shirts we’re… Continue Reading →

Steam Crow Show: Miniature Moment 01

Here’s our first Steam Crow Show episode, Miniature Moment 001, featuring the prepainted D&D figure, Maug #26. I was directly inspired by the paint job of Terry Silverthorn, over at Miniature Mayhem so I can’t take much credit for the… Continue Reading →

Order of Obscuria March Rewards

For our second month of the Order of Obscuria, we produced some new cool stuff as rewards. OoO Badge of the Month Club The 8-Ball is the exclusive Badge of the Month for the Order of Obscuria. Dawna hand stamped… Continue Reading →

Brass Monkey

In the Winter of 1913, Baron Davis found himself on a ship (the Sea Ranger “Doomflower 2”) accompanied by 6 Members of the Order of Obscuria, somewhere on the Hudson Bay. The Doomflower had been accompanying the CSS Acadia in… Continue Reading →

Montalk Font

The “writing” code of the Monster Rangers is called “Montalk” (“monster-talk), and was developed from the scrawls of Marrow Thatch. It is a formalized version of the Montalk written language, which is believed to be created by claw scrawls. The… Continue Reading →

Order of Obscuria February Shipment

Here’s what we sent out in March, as part of our February Order of Obscuria (“OoO”) shipment. While this one is concluded, it’s not too late to join us for the next one! Photos were generously provided by Monster Ranger… Continue Reading →

Rangers Skull Stencil

Hey, Rangers! Here’s a stencil to make your own Monster Rangers Skull stuff. This is an Order of Obscuria Exclusive.

Goblin Post

Goblin Post Telegraph Template

Go ahead and make some “official” Goblin Post telegraph messages of your own, with this print-your-own message template: What to do with these? They can be printed out (they work well on laser printers, but should be sharp wherever you… Continue Reading →

Cargo Tiger Manifest

Here’s a Cargo Tiger Manifest, used to keep track of the stuff that Cargo Tiger is porting around. What to do with this? Shopping list Roleplaying game handout Live Action Monster Rangers Game prop A branded note to give somebody… Continue Reading →

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