This chart is for randomly generating Goblins for roleplaying games and games set in the Monster Rangers universe of Obscuria.

You can roll for each column separately. (Put 7 small d20s into a pill organizer to roll all at once.)

If something doesn’t work, just jump up or down one section to try something else, or make something up.

1 Huk Gabslap Old None Money Knife Ø2*
2 Motch Likstamp Clean Vermin Jerky Love Hammer Copper Apple
3 Izzy Fonk Filthy Rat hunter Food Net Treasure Map
4 Pizz Rollpip Fancy Peddler Wine Fruit Weird Doll
5 Rudley Barnsack Unsane Burgler Water Baby Goblin Goblin Skull
6 Madge Mubbsuk Shifty Postgobin Friends Mail Peanuts
7 Wirf Nugglecup Drunk Bootshine Victims Boots Salt Pouch
8 Moot Ripple pod Twitchy Postgobin Family Packages Ø10
9 Fang Bumbo Mean Gambler Clothes Dice Weird Key
10 Bubb Poorvak Friendly Beggar Entertainment Meatstick Lock Box
11 Minnis  Lamplicker Sickly Boozer Adventure Hooch Bottle Brass Figurine (Crow Queen)
12 Nibb Shanksore Fat Stabber Freedom Big Knife Locket
13 Slib Chatterbite Suspicious Kid Catcher New Boots                                                                        Crates Crystal Platter
14 Ropley Longtoof Confused Dentist A Helmet Wrench Wax Ball
15 Ole Pobb Nosoap Athletic Wrestler Knowledge Club Canyon Dan’s #6
16 Abbo Shortshink Muscular Sweeper Fruit Broom Fang Collection
17 Mirk Stabhilt Injured Knife Repair Shelter Bee Jar Clay Charm
18 Lutt Plunderslick Young Armor Fixer A Mate Honey Jar Ralu Statuette
19 Barm Coinpick  Nervous Rope maker To Work Backpack Ice Crystal
20 Lork Murderstab Confident Pipe seller To Stay Banner Muzz Can

*Ø = Obscuro