With the recent influx of new Monster Rangers (welcome, Acolyte!) we need to review some of the ways to identify a Monsterologist. It is 1913, after-all, so we’re going to utilize photography to help!

The term “Monsterologist” refers to 2 kinds of “persons”: the Monsterologist leader, and his or her “Plug Ugly” hangers-on. They usually travel in gangs of 4 or 5, but they rarely exceed this size.


Monsterologist Merris Scandle

Most Monsterologists

  • Are typically aristocrats; lumber-barons, newspaper tycoons, or from European old-money.
  • Have attended an exclusive Monsterology “university”
  • Are members of elite Monsterology Fraternities. (For both Men, and Women monsterologists)
  • Are avid game and foul hunters (…and monsters, do the math!)
  • Are quite fancy, dawning suits, armored top hats, and new-fangled “ray-gun” technologies.
  • Have rather profane and expensive tastes.
  • Hunt monsters, Monster Scouts, and display their trophies in huge game rooms.
  • Believe that it is “their sole responsibility to protect humanity from the monstrous forces of evil.”

Plug Uglies

Monsterologist and Plug Uglies

Most Plug Uglies

  • Are uneducated
  • Appear rather scruffy, dirty, and destitute
  • Act as assistants, muscle and butlers for Monsterologists (in the hope of someday being accepted to a Monsterology University.)
  • Are experts in pugilistic contests and other martial arts such as bare-knuckle boxing
  • Wear tin-stamped armored hats that echo the Monsterologists fine metal caps
  • Are exceedingly tough, but not terribly bright
  • Have “trophies” of defeated Monster Scouts about their “uniforms”. (Sashes of grey shirts, orange bandana ropes, skull slide belt knuckles)
  • Will never go to any sort of university or school
  • Hate Monsters

About The Top Hats

These folks can almost always be seen wearing a fancy top hat. But they’re not your typical beaver fur hats; they are armored helmets disguised as top hats!

Monsterologist hats are usually numbered, corresponding to the size and armor type (Brass, copper, or even iron plates). They wear different numbers dependent on the beast that they are dealing with.

Plug Ugly hats are almost always made out of a stamped tin, and decorated with trophies from their conquests. Each is as unique as the Ugly, and they’re always wrapped in burlap jute to “fancy them up.”