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Fiji Mermaid: Gentalman Jihm

The following is a very true1 story. Franc Marsh of Gritdown, Oregon was fishing for ground fish along the misty Pacific coast in October 1908, when he heard the most strange song emanating from a fog bank: “Gentalman Jihm, of… Continue Reading →

Krampus Collection Kickstarter

Once again, we turn our eyes towards the Christmas monster, the Krampus for our annual Krampus Collection Kickstarter. Basically, it’s our celebration of the KRAMPUS! It includes a vintage distressed shirt in red A woven Spirit Badge A Sheet Magnet… Continue Reading →

Rangertober 2020

It’s time again for our RANGERTOBER art challenge. Using our guide as inspiration, post a piece of art (any kind – a drawing, painting, sculpture, or ?) with the #Rangertober hashtage and a link to this page. It’s a fun… Continue Reading →


“RangerCraft”, the art of making Ranger-centric things, is coming your way beginning on Sunday, August 30th at Noon PST. (Seattle time!) Every Sunday, Dawna of Steam Crow will be hosting sewing classes via MONSTER RANGERS FACEBOOK GROUP (though the technology… Continue Reading →

2020 Monstro Camp Tour Canceled

So yeah, it’s happened. We knew that it was coming, but we’ve been hoping that it wouldn’t come to this; due to Covid-19, our 2020 camp tour is canceled. While we managed to get PRIME Camp launched and completed before… Continue Reading →

Apocalyptic Zealot

Certainly the destruction of Frostbrine attracted all sorts of loonies who came to predict the end of the world and saw the city’s demise and “proof!” For centuries these folks would arrive to “spread the word” for a few months,… Continue Reading →

Sellsword Shack

In Frostbrine, mercenaries know that the next job is just another day or two away. Sorcerers from the Cities beyond arrive to “the Brine” all the time, looking for fame, fortune, and some undiscovered incantation. Sellsword Shacks are where mercenaries… Continue Reading →

Mystery of the Month Gallery 2019

The Mystery of the Month is full Membership into the Monster Rangers, along with a new Mystery created by Daniel and Dawna, that we send monthly. The Mystery of the Month level ALSO includes the Badge of the Month Club,… Continue Reading →

Krampus Collection 4 Kickstarter

We love monsters, and we were absolutely delighted when we learned about the Krampus, some years ago. (Daniel was raised on Belsnickel but his mom never spoke about the Krampus!) This year we’re offering a brand-new Krampus t-shirt, a vinyl Krampus… Continue Reading →

WeenHallow 2019

WEENHALLOW is a Monster Rangers holiday… think of it as your second Halloween. It’s when the Monsters come out and party with their Monster-loving friends. GET YOUR TICKETS HERE: This year’s theme is the all things GHOSTY… the HAUNT! So,… Continue Reading →

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