Baron Davis had something to say about guns…

“It seems that Manlings have been hunting monsters for years and years, maybe even centuries, before we started the Monster Rangers. In particular, the “so-called” Monsterologists and their devious Radiance Guns (“or rayguns”) have done vast damage to our fanged friends in recent years.”

“In the past, hunters used spears and bows and whatnot; but in this modern time of 1912, it is the gun that has been used to kill the most monsters. It is the gun that they fear.”

“If Monster Rangers are ever to be trusted by Monsters, we must avoid the utilization of firearms. They can smell them, and if they’ve ever been hunted (most have in my experience) they will be angered by you. They will not trust a Monster Ranger with a handcannon of any type.”

“Trust is the foundation of our order. It is the bedrock for us to aid creatures in need.”

“For this reason, firearms will not be carried by Monster Rangers.”

“Find other ways to protect yourself. Become an axe maiden with your hatchet. Use your hiking staff like those Doom Mime Monks. Learn fisticuffs from a Sea Ranger. Watch a Rangerite handle his knife, and you’ll see a skilled bladesman.”

“And above all, use the best weapon that you’ve got; your mind.”

-Baron Davis