Puks are a strange type of creature, made by some sort of weird intersection between Monstru and Obscuria and Earth.

This chart, while not entirely complete, represents an example of what you might encounter in your Monster Ranger travels.

Roll a d20 for each column, and combine. (Or just pick from the lists.)

You should come up with something like: “Carnival Gremlin who is Toothachey.”

1. Moth1. Hawk/Bird1. Hungry
2. Pumpkin2. Hog2. Thirsty
3. Poison3. Crab3. On fire
4. Butter4. Owl4. Sleepy
5. Corn5. Mite5. Insane
6. Pirate6. Spider6. Dizzy/Drunk
7. Book7. Minotaur7. Ready for battle
8. Goblin8. Fairy8. Looking for ?
9. Skull9. Dog9. Being chased
10. Key10. Mule10. Toothachey
11. Road/Toll11. Cat11. Loud/Jingly
12. Serpent12. Rat12. Injured/Hurt
13. Zombie13. Grass13. Seeking candy
14. Shambling14. Golem14. Glowing
15. Mummy15. Crow15. Happy
16. Origami16. Monkey16. Lonely
17. Carnival17. Gremlin17. Fragrant
18. Toy18. Demon18. Dirty
19. Patchwork19. Beetle19. Fancy
20. Clockwork20. Stork20. Dangerous

If you get results that don’t make a lot of sense, just roll again.

However, sometimes things that don’t make a lot of sense, are actually kind of interesting or terrifying. “Zombie Grass that is… fragrant”… I’m scared.

You can use this chart for any Roleplaying Game (like Dungeons & Dragons), monster story-telling, songs, or whatever you’d like.