Hey, Rangers! Here’s a stencil to make your own Monster Rangers Skull stuff.

This is an Order of Obscuria Exclusive.

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Here’s what it could look like.

Keep in mind, this is for PERSONAL USE ONLY. You cannot make products out of this, though you could create some handmade stuff for barter circle. Mechanical reproduction (such as etching) is not allowed.

How to Use It

  1. Print pdf to the size you want. It is vector, so it could be scaled up or down. If you make it smaller, you’ll need to cut the gaps larger (those thin lines).
  2. Get a piece of transparency… clear to semi-clear plastic. (Craft paper could work too.) Using a sharp utility knife, carefully cut along the outlines.
  3. Lightly spray/dust the back with some spray glue (outside). You won’t need much. I like 3M’s Super 77. DO NOT BREATH THIS IN.
  4. Carefully lay the stencil on what you wish to paint.
  5. Use your favorite spray paint to paint over the stencil. Wait 5 minutes.
  6. Carefully peel up your stencil.
  7. Repeat as necessary.

What to Stencil?

  • Your guitar
  • An old laptop cover
  • Skateboard
  • Your desk
  • Your Monster Rangers supply crate
  • Your denim jacket/vest

What NOT to Stencil

  • Don’t spray this on something that is going to get the Monster Rangers into trouble.
  • A series of t-shirts. (Sure, you could make one for yourself; but please do not make a t-shirt screen with this.)
  • Your skin/pet


Example Of The Stencil In Use

This awesome felt flag was made by Taylor Jurgins!