Note: This is a currently abandoned project, but we felt like it was still worth sharing. We cannot offer support, clarity, or more information at this time, but there’s probably enough information here to play a good Monster Commute Game. The webcomic site (“”) is dead, but you can refer to the two volumes of Monster Commute as reference.

Monster Commute RPG is by Daniel Davis and Stephen Carpenter.

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Beta Tester Info:

If you’re reading this paragraph, then you have been lucky enough to have been asked to play-test the Monster Commute Roleplaying Game. What we have presented here is what we hope to be a great, story-oriented game set in the world of Monstru and need your help to make it even better. No doubt you will find some errors in rules, things that need clarifying, or some stuff that just doesn’t make a lick of sense. We are only two modest caffeine and horror filled gamers that are far from perfect. We need your help to point out to us our failings so that we may produce a quality product in the end.

If you have any errors to report, email us at rp*@mo************.com and include the page number on which the issue has arisen and a detailed description. If you have any suggestions on how to fix the problem, please feel free to include that as well.

Learn More

Learn more about the Monster Commute world by reading the comic for free at The site also contains loads of information about the World of Monstru. The print versions of the comic also contain more exclusive world information, so you might want to check those out too.

Between this book, the comic (both in print and online), and the website, you should have an ample and ever-growing reference for your own games.

Table of Contents

>Table of Contents

>Monster Commute Roleplaying Game>


Three Big Questions

1. What is this game about?

2. How does this game do that?

3. What behaviours does this game reward and punish?

Basic Principles

What You Need to Play

Make your own Fudge dice

Core Dice Mechanic

Fudge Dice

Opposed Actions

MCRPG Lexicon

The World of MONSTRU

The Relationship between Monstru and Earth

History of Monstru

Manlings and Monsters


The Mighty War

The Golden Age

Teslan the Amazing

The Great Recession

Timeline of Events


Monstruni Calendar

Monstruni Week

Uncharted Territories

The Seas

Odd Weather

Arrow Flurry>

Debristorm (deb-ree-storm)

The Hallow Fog

Haunted Frost

The Mighty Red Fume

The Peril Cloud

Raining Skulls and Frogs


Epic Seasons

Groups and Organizations


Abraham Lincolnstein

Department 13


Fringe Groups

Factory Rebellion

The Cult of the Claw


The Thirsters

The White Wyrm Society

Stores and Companies


CroBot Store


Ed’s House of Eggs

Ghost Market

Mystery Mart

Oni Oni Mart



Meter Maidens


AUTHORITY Benefit Numbers (ABN)







Goblin Post


Monster Talkers

Numbers Stations>

Old Sun King



The Pneumatic Mail System

The Underdeep

The Underdeep Tube System

White Coal

The Five Provinces

Hinge Province

Minik Province

Bayne Province

Trusk Province

Goru Province

Place Name Generator


The Fable of Majik

The Races of Monstru

Monster Races:

Automat Races:

Bloodless Races:







Furnace goblins

Halloween Golem




Patchwork Wonder







Character Names

Common First Names in Monstru

Common Surnames (Last names)

Character Creation

Choose a Past

Past Template

Barber (Males only)


Bounty Witch


Clownbite Manager

Circus Beast

Dandy Cab Driver

Delivery Beast

Débutante (Female Only)


Furnace Slave (Goblin)

Faded Star/Starlet


Grease Monkey

Hag (Crone only)


Junior Spy Scout

Junkyard Shaman


Long-haul Trucker


Majik Lantern Film Producer

Mad Scientist

Mighty War Veteran

Mobster District Boss

Mobster Thug

Mobster Hitman

Noodle Delivery Prole


Postgoblin (Goblin)

Pirate Radio Personality

Private Eye



Road Bandit


Stand-up Comedian

State Chemist


Tax Collector



Trolla Chef


Urban Hermit


How to build a Past




Potential Combat Difference Bonus Chart

Potential Level



Body Skills

Mind Skills

Spirit Skills

Majik Skills  (Jinx)

Gifts and Faults

Gifts Directory

Faults Directory


Stunts Directory

Rules and Playing the Game


Fortune Points

Fortune Point reward guidelines:

Character Advancement



Combat Difference Chart

Attacking and Offensive Damage Factor (ODF)

Attacking in a Nutshell!

Physical Combat Example:

Defending and the Defensive Damage Factor (DDF)

Mental and Majik Combat Example.

Combat Actions and Modifiers:


Extreme Damage


Left to die

Character Death and Retirement

Weapons in Monstru

Good Weapons vs Corny Weapons

Weapon Gifts and Faults:

Weapon Examples


Armor Gifts:

Armor Faults:


Majik Items

Salary and Items

Salary Ratings



Clothing and Armor

Automat Upgrades and Equipment


Blacktop Market Weapons



Recreation and Amusements


Goblin Post Delivery

Slaves and Pets

Majik Supplies

Mental Supplies

Spiritual Supplies



Crew’s First Rig

Shortcut Rig Back-stories:

The Bargain Game


Rig Potentials:

Rig Operation

Rig Collisions and Combat

Rig Gifts and Faults

Steam Car Supplies:

Steam Car Upgrades:

Sample Rigs

Game Mastering

The Story. (Engine)

Players. (The Gas)

The Game Master. (The Driver)

The Setting. (The Highway)


Humor and Darkness

Paranoia and Fear

Mystery and Discovery

Current Events

Running Monster Commute for Kids

Creature Catalog

Non Player Characters (NPCs)


Slurs and Insults Glossary

Trucker Tongue

Urban Environment Generator

Random Character Generator

Additional Inspiration

Monster Commute Roleplaying Game

Version: Alpha .7


Steam driven cars churn across a sprawling and endless network of highways, seeking adventure while trying to avoid the greedy claws of the CrowBot government. The ClockWork driver demands “more coal!” as the van careens down the turnpike, only to meet a Hellbilly Trolla roadblock.

Monster Commute RPG is a roleplaying (RPG) game set in MONSTRU, the monster-punk world of the Monster Commute web-comic. It is an urban fantasy filled with odd creatures, mechanical foes, and high adventure in a dystopian Halloween world of wonder. It is a strange place, but instantly recognizable with many of the familiar trappings of the early 20th Century Earth. (Technology is about a 1919 level in Monstru.)

MONSTRU is inspired by the steampunk and diesel-punk movement, the Wonderful Wizard of OZ (the book), early 20th century Americana, Halloween, the World Wars, Road Warrior, Route 66 and George Orwell’s 1984. It can be a dark and grim place, but one also filled with the bonds of friendship, adventure, and ultimately, survival. While it’s a strange melange of flavors, it somehow makes perfect sense to our twisted imagination. Just know that we’ve built this world through our sincere personal interest; We’ve also done my best to avoid “the cheese” wherever possible. You will not find elven biker gangs, Halfling cooks, or billowy bards here; this is a different flavor of fantasy – something that we call “Monsterpunk.”

Three Big Questions

1. What is this game about?

This game is about adventure and survival in world of monsters (Monstru), ultimately avoiding destruction by the fascist government (the AUTHORITY) itself.

The players play regular “folk” (monsters) who have joined together in a small group (the Crew), given up their boring Pasts to scrounge together a life of adventure, and standing up to the AUTHORITY themselves.

While the Crews often find themselves on the wrong side of the Law, it’s okay because they’re often “doing the right thing” and undoing or opposing the the AUTHORITY’s minions, the CrowBots.

Perhaps they’re join a resistance, or maybe they’ll take smaller actions against the AUTHORITY. They’ll be mobile, traveling from city to town in  their own vehicle (Rig) across the 5 Provinces of Monstru; facing strange creatures, Majik oddities, and monsters far more monstery than themselves.

Sometimes they’re uncover secrets of the Monstru and use them to their advantage, and other times they’ll have to do whatever it takes to just make ends meet.

In the end it’s about camaraderie; exploring a dangerous place with your trusted friends and opposing an unjust power and beasts that just want to eat your face—while avoiding complete paranoia.

2. How does this game do that?

The Crews will travel from place to place seeking opportunities, meeting monsters in trouble, and they’ll have a chance to lend them a hand. Along the way they’ll found their own network of like-minded allies who can provide helpful information, opportunities, and adventure hooks.

They may meet members of resistance cells, who might share what they know, or ask the Crews to perform specific tasks against the State. Sometimes this may look like terrorism, and the characters will have to ask themselves if they wish to anger such a powerful foe.

They will undoubtedly attract the attention of the AUTHORITY, who will seek to arrest and humiliate them. If they’re captured they’ll be forced to publicly confess their sins, before being sent to a torture factory – or worse.

As the characters learn more of the AUTHORITY’s actions and plans, they’ll likely be drawn into a deeper web of State lies – will they decide to ignore the information, or will they work harder to attempt to undo the AUTHORITY itself?

The characters may attempt to avoid the Spy Scouts (the informant network of the AUTHORITY), but the network is so vast that they’d be wise to not stay in one place for too long. Some of their once-trusted allies might ultimately betray them.

While the enemy is more physically powerful than the Crew, they aren’t nearly as clever. The Players can out-smart their foes, outrun them, and survive to fight another day. Sometimes they’ll even thwart the AUTHORITY, forcing them change their vile plans.

Stories will take place in a variety of urban-fantasy settings, from mega-cities sprawling thousands of miles across, to backwater towns forgotten beneath layers of underpasses. They might find themselves driving in the ancient UnderDeep dungeons, discovering lost cities from the cockpits of their own Rigs. They could even sneak into the labyrinthine AUTHORITY capital to steal secret information, or to rescue one of their own.

3. What behaviours does this game reward and punish?

The main currency of rewards and punishment in the game are Fortune Points (FPs).

Actions that are rewarded:

  • Working together as a team.
  • Being an active Player.
  • Playing up character faults and flaws.
  • Playing your character’s concept without sacrificing player cohesion.
  • Choosing play that is inclusive to all players.
  • Defeating foes (Both physically and figuratively).
  • Discovering the world of Monstu and it’s many secrets.
  • Using Monstru vocabulary.
  • Learning/sharing knowledge of the Monstru.
  • Choosing to run (to fight another day) when the 30 ft tall robotic foes are overwhelming.

Players will be given FPs that are a reward for good play, and also for doing any of the above.

Fortune Points can be spent to reroll dice, change the outcome of a roll, or to buy new Skills, Gifts, and even Stunts.

Acts which are discouraged or penalized:

  • Choosing to play a personality type that’s purposely not conducive to group fun
  • Purposely attempting to derail the fun/spirit of the game
  • Bringing unpleasant emotion from outside of the game into the game.

Players are encouraged to listen to the GM warning for uncooperative play. If warnings go unheeded, Fortune Points should be taken from the disruptive Player(s).

As a player, you can expect to create unique monster characters that can be perfectly tailored your liking, and experience the world of Monstru from thousands of different points of view. You are an active participant in a story that you are a part of. Remember to be an active player and be involved in the game and share the responsibility of crafting a story and making the game fun!

As a Game Master, you can expect a rule set and setting that is ripe with possibilities. We have provided nearly endless opportunities to inspire a great story and hopefully a great game. Remember to involve all of your players, as a good portion of your plot should come from your players actions.

Basic Principles

The Monster Commute RPG (MCRPG) is designed to provide a rules-lite, but very structured game system to offer fun, fast-paced games. It is based upon the FUDGE RPG, a fantastic open-source game engine by Steffan O’ Sullivan with extensive input from Internet user-groups.

We wanted to create a system that is easy to understand, that places roleplaying and fun above min-maxing and rules calculation. While we’ve enjoyed such games, we’ve often been frustrated with the difficulty in understanding the myriad of rules in such complicated games. Being visual thinkers, we’ve attempted to make MCRPG as visual as possible to make it easy to understand.

In MCRPG, all character Skills and Potentials are rated on a nine-level, ascending adjective scale: Abysmal, Terrible, Poor, Mediocre, Fair, Good, Great, Superb, Legendary. In this scale “Fair” is very competent, and represents an average worker’s skill level at their job. Fair = solid competence and should be considered the baseline for most things. All skills that a character doesn’t have is assumed to be Poor (or even lower.)

What You Need to Play

To play the Monster Commute RPG, you will need the following:

  • This book.
  • A space to play. Your local game store, a library, or someone’s house.
  • Enough printed character sheets for every player.
  • Pencils
  • 4 six-sided Fudge Dice (dF).
  • Your Imagination.

The following isn’t needed, but would be helpful additions if present:

  • Monster Commute Traffic Novel books or easy access to for reference.
  • A set of percentile dice for random charts in this book. (D100)
  • Dry erase markers and white board. Useful for notes, initiative order, and making inappropriate drawings of Crowbots.
  • Sheet protectors for your character sheets. (Mark off temp damage with the dry erase markers.)
  • Snacks and drinks for everyone so people don’t get all fussy.
  • Miniatures for players and Rigs. Hotwheels or Micromachines do a great job for car chases.

You can get your own Fudge dice from

Make your own Fudge dice

Take 4 regular dice and make the following lines with a sharpie or some other permanent marker.

Core Dice Mechanic

Fudge Dice

To roll any check in this game, look at your Skill level (say, Good) and roll four Fudge dice. Pluses and minuses cancel each other out. Blanks do nothing. Pluses move you up one Skill Level. Minuses move you down one skill level.

Let’s say that we rolled 2 pluses, a minus, and a blank. The minus and the plus cancel each other out, the blank does nothing, leaving us with a +1 result. Looking at the chart, that raises the result from Good to Great!

Unopposed Actions

Unopposed actions don’t have an opponent. Examples include jumping a wide chasm, climbing a cliff, or driving a Rig.

Difficulty Level

The GM sets the Difficulty Level (usually Fair).

Rolled Degree: How well the character did. This is the character’s trait level modified by the die roll (4dF).

Opposed Actions

Actions are opposed when other Monsters may have an effect on the outcome of the action. In this case, the player of each contestant rolls some dice, and the results are compared to determine the outcome.

Relative Degree

This refers to how well a character did compared to another participant in an Opposed Action. The relative degree is expressed as a number of levels. If a PC gets a rolled degree result of Good in a fight, and his NPC foe gets a rolled degree result of Mediocre, the PC beat his foe by two levels — the relative degree is +2 from his perspective, –2 from hers.

Offensive Damage Factor (ODF)

The combined attack modifier: Potential bonus + Weapon + Scale + any applicable Gifts = ODF.

Defensive Damage Factor (DDF)

The combined defense modifier: Potential bonus + armor + Scale + any applicable Gifts = DDF.

Rule of Repeats
Players are encouraged to avoid reusing the same skill/jinx/attack techniques over and over again. While this does not necessarily mean that using the same skill again in an appropriate situation (attacking with the only weapon your character has) simply “I swing my blade at him” over and over again may attract penalties, while following a stab with one’s knife to a slash across the chest would not. A GM could apply a -1 to any monotonous skill uses to any player action, so be creative!

Non-listed Skills

Characters can attempt most skills, even if they’re not listed on the character sheet. In most cases the skill defaults to Poor, unless it’s something like Brain Surgery. Just ask your GM if you’d like to try something outlandish.

Critical Success and Critical Failure

If ever a character rolls their fudge dice and all four results are +, this is considered a critical success. Whatever action the character was attempting succeeds (with flair).

If ever a character rolls their fudge dice and all four results are , this is considered a critical failure. Whatever action the character was attempting automatically fails.

MCRPG Lexicon

Monstru and this RPG utilizes a specialized vocabulary to help keep the game running smooth. Think of it as a gaming shorthand, so that more information can be conveyed more quickly. Also realize that within the context of this RPG, these terms may mean something a little different than they do in real life.

In any society or community, language begins to evolve into a more specialized vocabulary. This list is a start to what you might hear on the road or behind the wheel in the Monster World of Monstru.

Acorn – A small bomb or grenade containing “rapture juice”. Very dear.

Ace Note – A $100 Crowbot bill. AKA “CrowBuck.”

AUTHORITY – The Fascist nation-state where you live. At war with CREATU.

Autocar – A steam-powered vehicle, not terribly unlike “Earth” automobiles. Except that most autocars have a restroom, kitchenettes and bunks. Interchangeable with “rig”, “steamcar” and “motorcar.”

Bally – A Rig’s hidden area for contraband, most often used by smugglers.

Beast – A generic term for any race of Monstru. Interchangeable with “person”, a beast can refer to any and all of the Bloodless, the Automat, or the Monsters. AKA “Prole.”

Bell – An hour. Authority bell towers adorn most State buildings, which ring on the hour. “I’ll meet ya here in 3 bells, crewstains!”

Bloodless – The undead races of the Feratu, Skell, Haunt, and Zombies.

Boi – A fella. A common dude. “BOI! Fetch me some doomshine!”

Blacktop Market – An improvised roadside marketplace. Usually unlegal, but not uncommon.

Bucket – A CrowBot trooper.

Car – No idea what you’re talking about. OH, you must mean “steamcar” or “motorcar.”

Carnival – A really nice rig, tricked out fancy-like. Also the name of a festival in Harrow Province.

Cavity, Cavities – Pot holes.

Chap – A dork or fool.

Clownie – A Clown Bite employee.

Clownhole – A ClownBite restaurant location.

Cookhole – The kitchen in a Rig.

Cove – A dead end road.

CREATU – A country that is at war with MONSTRU dominated by giant monster savages with bombs.

Crew – Your companions. The folks that share your Rig. Your family, partners, and friends.

Crewstain – A companion of many, many years. A affectionate insult.

CrowBot – The soldier-police of the AUTHORITY. They have the right to stomp you.

Dear – Something that is expensive, or that requires many CrowBucks.

Deadneck – A Bloodless townie.

dF – A Fudge dice. 4df means roll 4 Fudge dice. (Pronounced “Dee-eff”)
Dice – Specifically, Fudge dice. A 6-sided die with 2 blanks, 2 pluses, and 2 minuses. When we say “dice” we probably mean FUDGE dice. Sometimes percentile dice (d10) are useful for random encounter charts.
Dirt pickle – Something of little to no value. A turd.
Dollwalker – A whore.
Donkey – A really slow rig, or one with excessive exhaust.
Doomrunner – A person who hauls doomshine for a living.
Doomshine – A powerful unlegal liquor brewed by trolls. In stumps.
Double – Good.
Dunt – Fuel, most often coal. “We’re gettin’ low on dunt. Find an Oni Mart, splash!”
Dragon – A mythological creature which never existed in Monstru. Looks neat as a tattoo.
Dreck – Dung, or worthless junk.
Ed’s House – Ed’s House of Eggs, a moderately popular food chain.
Fancy – Someone from the big city, with their fancy words and fancy words and fancy pants.
Fault – A special weakness that helps define your character. Choose a mighty one, as faults are a great way to make your character interesting to play. Trust me. Faults do not have trait levels.
Ferals – Very aggressive, flesh eating monsters that are completely without culture; barbarians.
Fistus – A really big spanner. Or a hammer. Or both.
Flea – A small Boi. Most often the nickname for any goblin Crew.
Floss – Rope, or chain. “The road is all flossed-off. We need to find a detour.”
Flotsam – Road litter, so worthless it won’t even burn. The Hellway is covered in it.
Fodd – A real jerkweed. “Get this FODD outta my face!”
Gift – A special talent or ability that your character possesses. Hopefully, your gift is unique to your Crew. Each character has at least one gift. Gifts do not have trait levels.
Game master – The person who referees your MCRPG, and sets up the adventures for the players to explore. Most games have one Gamemaster (aka “GM”).
Gimmick – A trap.
Great Recession – A time of great economic crisis and low business activity, starting about 80 years ago through today.
Herald – An undercover spy patrol Rig.
Hurky – Cruddy, crappy; low quality.
Inquisinators – Maroon CrowBot investigators who are smart and dangerous.
Itch – To gamble. “That boi, he likes to itch.”
Jackwagon – A piecemeal autocar, of hurky quality.
Jib – To clown around or make fun of something. “You jib me.”
Jibber – One who clowns around, perhaps a little too often. “Pike the Jibber, I can’t take him anymore.”
Jinx – A “Jinx” is a technical term for a “Spell”. “Spell” is considered a townie term, and shows a lack of knowledge.
Juice – Any sort of liquid that does not come from a fruit.
Juke – The act of punching fast and hard. “I juked him and he hit the floor.”
Jollies – Jolly Beans. Candy-pellet food for furnace goblins that tastes like sweetened sawdust.
Kibb – To be “disappeared” by the AUTHORITY.
Kak – Alcohol so bad that it can hardly be swallowed. It’s as bad as it is cheap.
King – Especially large or nice. “That’s a king spanner if I’ve ere seen one.”
Kite – To steal. “Let’s kite this rig, b’fore the buckets get here”.
Lincolnstein – The President-Dictator of Monstru, and leader of the Authority. He’s probably listening right now.
Lincoln Logs – A roadside barricaded checkpoint, most often run by Buckets.
Lolly – A hitch hiker.
Lollygrunt – A mouth-breathing hitch hiker. One that stays too long and snores.
Lollydoll – A cute or attractive Lolly.
Prole – One of the masses; a generic monster.
Megacity – One of the gigantic cities of Monstru, with a population of over 10 million.
Mighty War – The greatest war Monstru has ever seen, pitting Manling versus Monster. It ended with the explosion of the Pathos bomb which cracked the land in two, and drove the Manlings out of Monstru.
Motorcar – A steam-driven mechanical vehicle, where most Proles live. Aka “steamcar” but never “car.”
MONSTRU – The region of land that is occupied by the AUTHORITY, made up of 5 Provinces.
Monsterfolk – The various monster races of MONSTRU. AKA, “Beasts”, “Monsterkin” and “Monsterkind”.
Mook – A foe of little note, and average ability. A nobody. Mooks are dispatched with any scratch.
Muzz – A sweet alcoholic brew that comes in shiny red cans. Very popular, because there are few alternatives.
NPC – Non-player character. You play your character, and the Gamemaster plays everyone else. (The NPCs.)
Past – The combination of life experiences, equipment, and jobs that your character had before discovering a life of adventure.
Patriot – An enthusiastic supporter of the AUTHORITY State. Everyone is expected to be a Patriot, or they will become Unhistory.
Peerless – A one of a kind, unique creature, usually born or created from singular circumstances. Peerless are sadly without a race.
Pike – To stab, jab, or poke. Impale. “I saw it, and it was all piked up in the swill.”
Player – A real person, who usually concentrates on playing a fictitious character in the game. Most games have 1-5 real life players.
Potential – Where some games have Attributes describing your character, this game uses Potentials to indicate the limits to your character’s skills.
Prole – The Monster, Bloodless, or Automat races. A generic AUTHORITY term to describe all (lesser) non-CrowBot races.
Race – One of the types of characters that you can play. While not all are flesh-and-blood, all are unique.
Rapture Juice – The most explosive liquid known to beast. Comes in 2 parts, and when they mix: KABOOMYA!
Redcap – An AUTHORITY party member that is not a CrowBot or Bone Monk.
Rig – Your steamcar. Where you live. An armored vehicle. The most important thing to help you survive.
Rigjacker – A motorcar thief.
Rigscooter – A small steam-powered scooter, useful for the inner-cities, but fairly suicidal on the Hellway or in Towns.
Roadside attraction – A whorehouse.
Roll – Typically rolling 4 Fudge or six sided dice.
Rube – A pal, or buddy. A member of your Crew.
Shank – To stab, violently.
Shink – To lie. A fake. False. “She was a member of our Crew. She shinked us the whole time.”
Shinker – One who lies or cannot be trusted.
Skill – Your character is defined by her skill-set, more than anything else. Each skill falls beneath a parent Potential, and cannot usually exceed it.
Spanner – A wrench. Turns out, spanners make great weapons.
Splash – Quickly. “Get me a spanner, splash!”
Steam – The source of power for most common machines in Monstru. Most steam is generated by coal. (Not Daemons.)
Steamcar – A motorized vehicle powered by steam. A house on wheels. See “motorcar.”
Steampunk – One who works on steam powered machinery. A mechanic.
Stug – Dead or killed. “Lorry got all stug in the wreck.”
Stunt – A super-powered Skill or Jinx. A character can have a max of 3 Stunts, normally. (Most have zero to one Stunts.)
Swill – The gutter or the side of the road.
Throne – The Wheel’s seat. “I ain’t arguing. You’re the Wheel. It’s your throne.”
TeeVee – The new invention of “Tesla Vison,” similar to Earth’s televison.
Trait levels – Skills and potentials have levels of ability: Terrible – Poor – Mediocre – Fair – Good – Great – Superb. (Legendary is above normal mortal skill, but can be a result from time to time.)
Townie – A monster with a limited life experience. A hillbilly. Often cannibalistic.
Tin – The armor plating found on most rigs. It has to be replaced quite often.
Tubeway – The UnderDeep subway system. It is a patchy and unreliable way to move entire steamcars from one coast of Monstru to the other. Believed to be haunted.
Unhistory – The act of removing, remaking, and/or rewriting history. The main activity of the AUTHORITY’s Department 13.
UnFun – The fatalistic view that life is supposed to be difficult and full of toil.
Unlaw – Against the law. See “Unlegal.”
Unsane – Certifiably crazy. Manlings call it “insane.”
Unlegal – An action or activity that is against the law; “unlegal,” if the term were used.
Wagon – An insult for a poor vehicle, especially a slow one. “Sweet wagon.”
Wheel – The driver of the Rig. The person in charge. The leader.

The World of MONSTRU

“It used to be green, MONSTRU did. It had deep forests, grassy hills, and clean air—at least once it did. Today, well, it’s got twisty Hellways, roadside attractions, and way too many Proles. The air is all chewy.”

The world of Monster Commute is called “MONSTRU”, a nation-state of monstrous races. It is an industrial land of churning factories, grisly drive-thru restaurants, sinkhole towns, and mighty steampunk mega-cities; all connected by multi-level asphalt hellways and ruled by the AUTHORITY and their 7-ton mecha peace officers.

MONSTRU is about the size of the continental United States, and is in fact the world on the “other side” of our own. It is very similar to Earth in many ways, though MONSTRU is without gasoline, gunpowder, or humans.

The Relationship between Monstru and Earth

“Some say that there’s another world, a shadow of MONSTRU – and that it’s filled with more Manlings than Monsters. Well, I say them savage Manlings were driven outta here for a reason.”

Monstru and Earth are bound together. Monstru is “the world on the other side of our own” and is just out of sight to the modern human. (Most have lost the ability to see into the Monstru world, just as they have lost the ability to see fairies or Puka or Haunts.)

Some believe that they were once the same place, though Monstrunian Scholars would scoff at the idea. But they are both linked – two sides of the same coin.

Monstru is the reasons that monsters have occasionally leaked through to Earth, and Earth is the reason that Monstru knows about Manlings. It is believed that the crack in the center of Monstru is tenuous portal between the two worlds.

At one time the monster world was a savage and mystical place; after the Manlings were driven out, it continued to develop technologically into the modern wonder that Monstru is today.

Today, Manlings in Monstru are exceedingly rare, just as monsters on Earth are little more than faded myth. Monster-Manling encounters are so rare that they are beyond the scope of this book.

Here’s a list of things that you probably won’t find in MONSTRU:

  • Elves, hobbits, dwarves, orcs or dragons (It’s not that kind of fantasy)
  • Time travel
  • Impervious super-heroes
  • Furries. (Never call a Krampus a “furry” or you’ll be in a world of hurt.)
  • Gunpowder weapons (They just don’t work reliably here) However, Thunderlocks are very, very rare. (They use Electromajik!)
  • Humans (Well, not normally.)
  • Lots of arcane medieval magic weapons. (Though majik items are possible, and do exist.)
  • Wilderness. It’s almost all spoilt by endless blacktops, parking lots, and Hellways.

Here are some things you might find:

  • Broken down factories
  • CrowBot Officers
  • Majik (Both foul and friendly)
  • Massive overgrown Megacities
  • Clockwork and steam technology
  • Churning Autocars
  • Enormous brick buildings made for giants (CrowBots)
  • AUTHORITY Propaganda
  • Bitter Bounty Witches
  • Advertisements for monster goods
  • Hard-shell Zeppelins
  • Flesh-eating Townies
  • Slavery (goblin)
  • A Fascist government (The AUTHORITY)
  • Cursed items
  • Warlock dentists
  • 3-story tall trains
  • Dumpster Towns
  • Gridlocked highways
  • Halloween Golems
  • Trolla bandits
  • Secret parking lot farms
  • Feratu Yakuza
  • A Golden Age gone to rust

History of Monstru

Centuries and centuries ago – The Gargants forged the world. The Gorgoths, tiring of the labor, fight the Gargants in the Titan War. Monstru is left unfinished. The Gorgoths defeat the Gargants and kill them all, but at a price; they are imprisoned inside Monstru. Upon retreating, the Gorgoths enslave the Monsters and take them to the Underdeep.

Manlings and Monsters

Long ago, there were a race of creature that were incredibly smart, prolific, and dangerous. They were known as the “Manlings”. The Manlings brought tools and order to the land, and invented a good many things. The Manlings formed tribes, and grouped themselves away from each other, for they feared and hated that which they did not understand.

Manlings were consumed with having shiny trinkets, which they fished from pits in the ground. They wore these treasures about their bodies, to show their importance in the world. While this desire for trinkets was powerful, it was nothing compared with the greed to have still newer and shinier trinkets to parade in front of each other. Other tribes coveted these treasures, and they fought each other over them. This constant war pushed the Manlings into inventing better and new ways to kill each other, which began to drive their entire civilization into war machines.

Eventually, one of the Manlings invented a device that was so powerful, that when it exploded on the rival tribe, it broke the world into two halves, known as the Great Fissure. One can still see the fissure marking the land, today.

The Manlings themselves were nearly wiped out from the bomb’s mighty blast, but enough still stood to be dangerous, and they collected the trinkets of the dead. From the Great Fissure crawled the beasts and monsters and ghosts of the underworld, now freed by the Manling’s bomb. These creatures, collectively known as “the Monsters” were slaves to a mighty and dark race known as the Gorgoths. The Monsters were very happy to be free, and they attempted to celebrate with the Manlings. Because the Monsters were large and powerful, they sometimes damaged the Manlings with their large claws and big teeth.

Terrified, the Manlings retreated to their tribes and fought off the Monsters whenever they could. While they had no scales or claws or dangerous teeth, they still preserved some of the knowledge of war, and used their weapons in anger and fear. The Monsters did not understand the Manlings, and the Manlings did not understand the Monsters. The Monsters retreated into the dark places of the world to hide from the greedy and dangerous Manlings, and made their homes in the wilds and woods and shadowy places. Eventually the Manlings and the Monsters prospered and their numbers grew, and they formed mighty nations.

Barondook was formed by the Manlings, and they controlled the cities and fields of the land, and turned forests into orchards.The Mighty War was fought and the Manlings were wiped out by the Pathos bomb.

The Monsters finally ruled MONSTRU, and things were good. (For about 100 years.)


Many creatures have died out though wars, pestilence, or even through AUTHORITY domination. They may be gone, but never forgotten. Except for the things that are unhistory. Those are forgotten.


Birds, Wendingo, Sasquatch, Horses, Orthros, Ogres, Gorgons, Harpies, Narwals, Dogs, Fairies, and Manlings.

It should be noted that Warlocks often still covet the parts of extinct creatures. The AUTHORITY is especially interested in the harvest of Manling skulls.

The Mighty War

The largest and most destructive war that the world has ever known, the Mighty War changed the face of the land itself, and marked the end of Manling occupation of Monstru.

Most folk are totally unaware that there ever was such a war, which according to some sources, took place around 1200 years ago. It isn’t readily apparent why the AUTHORITY has not ever acknowledged this powerful event in their data-spools of history.


  • The countries of Barondook and Monstonia were at war.
  • Barondook held the most fertile lands, including Worch.
  • Monstonia’s domain were the mountains and forests.
  • It is unclear, but some believe that neither country won.
  • It is clear that Barondook lost.


  • Manlings were completely destroyed during the Mighty War, and the few survivors were driven to “the other side”.
  • A secret bomb ended the war, creating green flames “of poison death”.
  • The Mighty War predates the AUTHORITY.
  • The AUTHORITY won the Mighty War.

The Golden Age

The Golden Age of MONSTRU was about 900 years ago, when the land was cleared and famed inventor Mig Nola created the Transcontinental Highway System, CrowBot messenger ravens, and the brilliant steam cars. But in time, the old Monstonian government was overthrown and a new, more Fascist one, took it’s place: the AUTHORITY.

Teslan the Amazing

This famed inventor created all manner of recent Electro-majik inventions, including the Teslan Torch, the Teslan Cells, the Teslan Thunderlock Magnum, and most recently, the Teslan Vision broadcast box, or The TeeVee. Teslan was closely tied to Oni Industries, who brought his fabulous inventions to market. Teslan may have faded (burnt out) but Oni Industries continues to products to the masses.

Past: Teslan was discovered as an orphan and educated at the Oni Academy for Gifted Warlocks, a talent-farm where Toni Oni sought the next generation of Majik-rich children to exploit. Teslan was instantly the most gifted student that Oni had ever seen, and the school was soon shut down. Oni became Teslan’s father-figure, solely to manipulate the boy.

Today, Teslan exists as more of a brand than an actual person.

Secret: Teslan has begun creating a copy of the Teslan Cell Technology in a secret factory-lab, called reVolt. This time, the reVolt inventions are weapons, designed to better take on the AUTHORITY. Obviously, Agents are investigating reVolt with vigor.
Skills: Wyrd Science – Superb
Gifts: Famous
Faults: Majikburnt, Paranoia, Antisocial
Stunts: Mastermind

AKA: Teslan the Keen, Teslan the Wonderous, Teslan the Mighty, Teslan the Lost.

The Great Recession

In time, the economy decayed, and more and more of the businesses of Monstru were absorbed by the Authority. Beasts were put out of work as CrowBots or goblin slaves were able to do the toil of millions. Today, good, honest work is very difficult to come by. In order to survive, the folk of MONSTRU has resorted to doing odd jobs, barter-deals, and other nefarious ways to simply survive. Now, few folks can afford the expensive housing of the CrowBots, and are forced to live in their autocars. It is a tough time to be a beast.

Timeline of Events

Centuries and centuries ago – The Gargants forged the world. The Gorgoths, tiring of the labor, fight the Gargants in the Titan War. Monstru is left unfinished. The Gorgoths defeat the Gargants and kill them all, but at a price; they are imprisoned inside Monstru. Upon retreating, the Gorgoths enslave the Monsters and take them to the Underdeep.

Ages agoThe Gargants begin forging the world, with the toil of the Gorgoth laborers.
Ages agoThe Gorgoth, tiring of the labor, fight the Gargants in the Titan War. Monstru is left unfinished but the Gorgoth win.
Ages agoThe Gorgoth enslave the monsters and force them to carve out vast kingdoms below the surface.
7000 years agoThe ghost WYT steals KlawBerry’s eye, and rules MONSTRU as a villain.
6500 years agoKlawBerry defeats WYT
5500 years agoKlawBerry sleeps.
5000 years agoManlings crawl into Monstru, organize into tribes, and discover Majik.
4000 years agoManlings invent weapons of war, and begin fighting each other. Powerful Majikal weapons were forged in this time, as Sorcerors tap the rich lifeblood of Monstru. Manlings organize into nations (Empiria and the Old Kingdom)
3500 years ago500 Years War
3453 years agoManlings explode a massive bomb, which creates the Great Fissure in the world.
Monsters, beasts and ghosts crawl from the crack in Monstru and attempt to befriend the Manlings.
2900 years agoThe Monsters hide in the shadowy places and woodlands, and the Manlings take to the fields and towns.
2100 years agoNew nations organize and form. Barondook for the Manlings, and Monstonia for the creatures and beasts.
1400 years agoAnton Volta discovers electricity and designs the battery cell. Within 30 years Barondook cities are lit by lightbulb.
1325 years agoThe Mighty War breaks out between Barondook and Monstonia, over the the lands of Worch (Barondook).
1300 years agoAbraham Lincolnstein is elected the President General of Barondook.-THIS ENTRY IS UNHISTORY-
1250 years agoChadworth is betrothed to Baba Jaga Barondook but is shanghaied into the Mighty War instead.
1250 years agoA secret group of Monstonian scientists begin work on a bomb of unfathomable power – the Pathos Bomb.
1247 years agoThe Mighty War ends with the explosion of the Pathos Bomb, decimating Barondook. Manlings are essentially wiped out. Monstonia rules.
1200 years agoChadworth is killed in the resulting Pathos explosion, and is reduced to a glowing voodoo skull ghost.
Lincolnstein’s body is collected by the Monstonian victors, and is put into a sealed ice vault.-THIS ENTRY IS UNHISTORY--THIS ENTRY IS UNHISTORY--THIS ENTRY IS UNHISTORY-
Monster war veterans and survivors pull back together and form the Central Cities.
1100 years agoElectro-active haunted skulls (Ghostskulls) continue to haunt the Worch region as tortured ghosts.
1101 years agoThe Ghost Wars begin as a last ditch series of battles Barondook ghosts attack the living.
1000 years agoWith the Mighty War and the Ghost Wars ended, there is a massive boom of monster population.
The Central Cities grow, and roads are formed between them. Bandits prey on weary travelers.
950 years agoThe great population boom leads to an unprecedented economic boom! Wealth is everywhere, food is plentiful. The Central Cities swell to a bursting point.
The first settlers make their way across the land (both East and West) seeking space and opportunity, but are often killed by wild, uncivilized beasts. (Ferals)
The Monstru Transit Authority (MTA) is formed to provide safe, inexpensive bus travel in the Central Cities.
900 years agoSettlers continue to move East and West, by Airship. Sky Pirates harass many settlers.
The MTA begins construction the transcontinental railway. (A young Mig Nola is a key designer.)
The MTA expands their services to also deliver mail and packages.
Bird plague kills most avians, including MTA messenger ravens.
Young talented inventor Mig Nola creates the first clockwork delivery raven.
MTA begins utilizing CrowBots to drive buses, due to the advantages of  mechanical workers.
M. Nola discovers Ghost Skulls on a trip to the Worch Ruins, and brings one home.
M. Nola is amazed to learn that the pain and agony of death has fused with the energy of the Pathos bomb.
M. Nola spends the next decade building and refining a body for the Ghost skull. Turns out, it still has intellect behind the sheets of agony.
M. Nola exhibits at the Steam Sciences fair, and wins 1st Place with his “Machine Man”. (Chadworth Machine is reborn.)
Mechan Servants are manufactured by the Nola Company, and become all the rage.
Nola is hired by the Monstonian Government to create the Harvest (Halloween) Golems to help clear and settle the land. They succeed within the Century.
The Flesh Forest murder causes Nola to scrap the first 8 Halloween Golem prototypes and build in more sanity hinges into the next models. #8 is never found.

Nola is hired by the MTA to create larger, more complicated messenger ravens utilizing the Ghost Skulls as a power source. (CrowBot Mark II)
Nola founds the Steam Factory, a think-tank workshop in the southern tip of Monstru. There, he assembles the most talented team of steampunks and mechanics of the world.
800 years agoMonstonia finishes construction the transcontinental railway.
The settlements in the East and West grow and boomtowns are born. Chaos reigns as there is little law in these new towns.
600 years agoMonstonia begins construction on the vast transcontinental highway system. Nola, and the Steam Factory, provide most of the engineering expertise.
500 years agoThe transcontinental highway system is completed with great celebration, and it is an immediate success with total congestion. It continues to expend with constant construction for the next 200 years, never meeting demand.
MTA begins construction of the Underdeep Tubeway, linking the East to the West, allowing a faster method to move vehicles across the vast land.
310 years agoAfter 200 years, the Underdeep Tubeway System (UTS) project is abandoned with 85% completion and with ten times the projected budget.
The trains run on no perceptible schedule with mysterious accidents and breakdowns. Still, it is used by the poorest of Monstru’s migrant laborers.
300 years agoMonstru Transit Authority overthrows the Monstonian government, in a bloody coup, and becomes “the Authority”.
All traces of Monstonia are erased, nearly overnight. History is rewritten, statues toppled.
The Great Book Plague drives individuals to burn all books in a hysteria fueled by newspaper articles. None are found to have died from the “plague” once all of the books are gone.
295 years agoMajik is declared Unlegal, and the first of the Witch Burnings are initiated.
200 years agoThe Great Recession Begins, and most Monsters find themselves out of work.
M. Nola founds the Factory Rebellion.
The Nola’s Factory is found, and gutted. Nola is not seen again.
All of the major steamcar factories close down, and new Rig production is ceased.
99 years agoBlackRok is discovered
Toni Oni builds “Battletown” theme park on the ruins of Worch.
The Blackrok Rush occurs, bringing hundreds of thousands to die in the Trollhasp mountains.
The Authority begins harvesting Worch skulls to power the CrowBots.
Abraham Lincolnstein II is revived in a laboratory, and soon after is “elected” the supreme leader of Monstru.
Lincoln City is founded and construction is begun.
75 years agoCREATU attacks MONSTRU, starting the CREATU War.
CREATU is pushed back, but not before Gorgonville is tragically destroyed.
Abraham Lincolnstein II is re-elected Dictator of Monstru.
60 years agoAbraham Lincolnstein II is re-elected Dictator of Monstru.
Construction of Lincoln City is complete, and the Monsters rejoice!
50 years agoAbraham Lincolnstein II is re-elected Dictator of Monstru.
26 years agoThousands of starving protesters picket in the city square of Raven Park. It is quickly crushed, and the city is decimated and made UnHistory. Known as the “Raven Park Incident” for those brave enough to mention it.
25 years agoAUTHORITY Benefit Numbers (ABN) are assigned to all Monsters, Automats and Bloodless making access to soup lines simple and easy. The Monsters rejoice!
6 years agoTeslan invents the Teslan Cell technology.
Teslan invents the Teslan Torch, and it is released by Oni Industries.
He also invents the Teslan Blade, Hammer, Axe, Spear
5 years agoTeslan invents the Teslan Magnum Thunderlock pistol
4 years agoThe sun disappears (UnSun) and the Night Terrors arrive.
Many Authority Air Squadrons are destroyed missing
Lincolnstein disappears prepares
4 years agoThe ban on Prole Flight is lifted and the Thunderlocks are available for Prole purchase (to help fight the Night Terrors)
3.5 years agoMecha Lincolnstein returns and bravely defeats the Night Terrors.
The sun returns to soley shine on Lincolnstein.
3 years agoThunderlocks are declared unlegal and have never been legal.
2 years agoAbraham Lincolnstein II is re-elected Dictator of Monstru.
The Authority reveals the Teslan Vision Broadcast box. A TeeVee is now required to be placed in every Rig.
TodayThe Worch Skull supply is running thin.
Most folks are still out of work
The AUTHORITY is waging a public war against CREATU
The Spy Scouts continue to abduct UnPatriots.
Electromagic weapons for Proles have begun surfacing in the Noir Market; the “reVolt power cells” seem quite similar to the Oni Industries Teslan Cells.

Monstruni Calendar

A year in Monstru has 12 months, with 30 days each, and a 5 day span at the end of the year called “Wetch”.

Earth MonthMonstru MonthMonstru Holiday / FestivalDay
JanuaryTrollatasHowl-Horn (Beastial games, feasts)27
FebruaryLincolnev (was Taloniv)Lincolnstein’s Birthday (Love!)12
MarchGoblirFurnace Festival (Honor thy Machines)22
AprilFeratuneBlood Fete (Bloodless & Skullopolis)3
MayGhinnAUTHORITY Worker’s Day (Work!)27
JuneKyoonBolteen (Mechan Recognition Day)7
JulyJuulDaemon Dance (Summoning Day)28
AugustTaurisCrowBot Jubilee (Honor thy CrowBot) 16
SeptemberCronaWarlock’s Night (Celebration of Majik)13
OctoberHaunteenHalloween (Mischief and candy)30
NovemberMontokBeast Feast (Celebrate family & Crew)22
DecemberKramasSatyricos (Drink, be merry – Unlegal)30
NilWetchWetchweek (End of year festival)All

Wetch is a 5 day holiday to celebrate the next year, and is thought to be a Gorgoth invention. Most businesses shut down for Wetch, though in recent years the celebration has been dim.

Monstruni Week

There are 7 days (evenings) in a Monstruni week: Monnok, Tullen, Wella, Thruss, Friss, Saturr, Sundun.

Uncharted Territories

Outside of the nations of MONSTRU, LURSU, and CREATU lie the Uncharted Territories. (AKA, the “Terrortories.”) Really, they’re a collection of various regions that are full of bone-hounds, needle bats, wizard cats, and other less savory creatures. (Like the Ferals!)

Just on the other side of the Territories it is an ever-dark wasteland; the home of the Night Terrors.

The Seas

Monstru has two coasts on the East and West ends of Monstru, each with it’s very own ocean. The Loge [Lowg] Ocean is found on the East coast; it is hot, greasy, and filled with hideous sea beasts so angry that they bite the water. On the West coast you’ll find the Tuke [Tewk] Ocean, a chilly brine glittering with ghosts, haunted eyeballs, and gristly stuff like that.

Odd Weather

In addition to “standard” atmospheric conditions, MONSTRU hosts all manner of odd weather conditions from evil clouds to acid tornados. Ususally it’s a good idea to stay out of such elements, as you don’t always know what kind of danger is on store.

Arrow Flurry

Frequency: Terrible

During the Mighty War, it is said that the Manling nation of Barondook brought forth a massive military division of archers, who let loose a flurry of arrows that was sure to kill the Monstonian Calvary. In desperation, a Warlock stepped forward and cast a lucky Jinx on the oncoming bolts, causing them to sing back into the sky, and orbit among the clouds ever since. Occasionally, some of these airborne arrows slip out of orbit, and rain down upon the land in a deadly hail of antique arrows. Luckily, it doesn’t happen very often.

Debristorm (deb-ree-storm)

Frequency: Mediocre (Summer)

In summer months, high winds often sweep across Monstru picking up garbage and road flotsam, combining with smog, churning and gaining energy into it develops into a raging Debristorm. The winds become a torrent as filth and trash blast every surface – requiring all to wear goggles and gas-masks to avoid suffocation. At the storm’s conclusion, everything is even more filthy than before, piles of trash drifting over every surface.

The Hallow Fog

Frequency: Mediocre

If you’re driving about, you might want to be on the lookout for an evil-looking green mist. We call it “the Hallow Fog.” Thing is, this fog is evil. It’s mean. It’ll smear slime all over your windows, or fill your radiator with goo. What’s worse, it sometimes picks up a Rig and tosses it into the Kurst Bogs; 10 feet below the surface, that is.

Haunted Frost

Frequency: Poor

Sometimes a freak shock of cold sweeps into Monstru, bringing with it extreme freezing temperatures, crystalline snow, and blood-hungry yeti. (Who are happy to chew on bloodless and blooded alike.) It becomes a real challenge to keep motorcars running at all, and those with strong minds are wise to avoid the black iced roads. Heck, it’s a challenge to stay alive at all! The weather usually doesn’t last more than a week or two, but while it does, Monstru is little more than a bitter chill.

The Mighty Red Fume

Frequency: Poor

There’s this cloud out there somewhere of reddish gas that’s nothing but foul and bad. Some say that it’s from the Rig of an old forgotten god, but who really knows. What we do know is that the Red Fume will take the paint right off of your Rig, and if it settles on a turnpike-town, half the folks will be dead by morn. I’ve signed petitions myself, but the Authority don’t care much. You see, CrowBots can’t feel the Fume one bit.

Frequency: Mediocre

This thunderstorm renders all mechanical machines, steam engines, Automat, and CrowBots frozen with no power. Authority scientists believe that the lightening from these storms steals the energy from all devices. Warlocks believe that it is punishment for corrupting nature. The storms usually pass quickly, with no harm whatsoever to the effected machines.

The Peril Cloud

Frequency: Mediocre

There’s this storm that’s been churning over MONSTRU for the past few hundred years, in case you’ve not noticed. Some folks say that it’s been here since the dawn of time, but nobody is certain. Most call it the the “Peril Cloud,” though that sounds weak to my ear.

You’ll know it when you see it because it’s a massive purple-black storm, and the angriest thing in the sky since CrowBots. If you see it, drive the other way faster than them!

Raining Skulls and Frogs

Frequency: Mediocre

Sometimes it rains water, and sometimes it’s acidy. Other times, it’s mixed with falling skulls and sheets of frogs. This isn’t all that unusual; most sensible Monstrunians wear hats and carry umbrellas. Sometimes they’re armored.


Most of Monstru still features four regular seasons, just like you might imagine: Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter.

Epic Seasons

“Eyah member whun wintur lastud fer a number ah yers, an th’ snow gota ‘bout fifty feet deep.”

A Seasons is a bit like bad weather; sometimes it passes quickly, while other times you wonder just how long the Winter will last. One time a while back, the Autumn lasted 15 years. In Monstru, you can’t count on the Season behaving on any sort of regular schedule. Most of the time it does, sometimes it doesn’t.

Groups and Organizations


“The AUTHORITY has always ruled Monstru. There was not a time when the AUTHORITY did not rule MONSTRU. In fact, MONSTRU was created by the AUTHORITY for the good of the citizens.”

MONSTRU is dominated by the AUTHORITY, a fascist political party run by, and for, CrowBots. All CrowBots are considered full inner-Party members, and have access to better gear, goods, supplies and appartments.

The AUTHORITY has ruled the landmass known as MONSTRU, for the last several hundred years. In that time, there has been constant war with the nation of CREATU, and peace with the nation of LURSU. It has always been this way.

“We’re lucky to be Patriots of the AUTHORITY. It’s the best nation-state in the world. They protect us from the foul CREATU hordes that seek to eat our bones. Sure, they have to be tough—CREATU spies are everywhere and they seek to steal our freedom. I love the AUTHORITY. The AUTHORITY is watching YOU, Patriot.”

The AUTHORITY oversees all radio and TeeVee broadcasts, road traffic, newspaper writings, youth education, songsmithing, and food production, to ensure that it is clean from the taint of CREATU.

You should rise now, and sing the AUTHORITY national anthem: (Sing loud, Patriot!)


Protectorate of the mother-land!


A metal fist with a metal-hand!


A shining raven of ebon black!


Always watching for CREATU’s attack!

The AUTHORITY is made up of a massive bureaucracy including such sub-organizations as:

  • Department 13 (Information Retrieval, Management, and Processing)
  • Central Servants (Cleanup and Repair – the Fixers) Bone Monks work for CS.
  • The Bureau of Joy (Taxes, Monster Therapy & Retraining, ie., Torture)
  • LABOR (State Production and Slave Management)
  • The Inquisinators (Special Intelligence)
  • The Spy Scouts (Spy Agency)
  • The Bliss Commission (War)
  • The Door Forest (Archives)
  • The Agency (Central Planning)
  • The Office of Arts & Letters (Propaganda)
  • Top Hat Brigade (State Majik & Management)
  • The Ministry Six (Communications and data aggregation)
  • The Anti-Horn League (De-emphasizing monsterish attributes)
  • Authority Majik Lantern Broadcast Association of Monstru “AMLBAM” (Films and Propaganda)
  • Authority Postal Authority “the APA” (Message assessment and delivery)
  • …and many, many more.


  • MONSTRU is the greatest land in the world.
  • The raven is the national symbol and bird. (Currently extinct.)
  • Monstrunians are the finest, and hardest working monsterkin in the world.
  • The AUTHORITY serves and protects the land and the citizens of MONSTRU.
  • CrowBots are the largest and most powerful soldiers in the world.
  • The AUTHORITY is close to defeating CREATU.
  • Things have never been better in MONSTRU than they are today.
  • Prices and inflation are lower now than in the past 99 years.


  • The AUTHORITY is nothing more than government gone out of control.
  • The AUTHORITY watches everyone, and has a secret police that abducts critics.
  • The AUTHORITY was once allies with CREATU, and enemy of LURSU.
  • The AUTHORITY has a workforce of thousands of slave goblins, to do their bidding.
  • Lincolnstein is a puppet dictator; the government is ruled by a secret council of military generals.
  • No living person has ever seen a raven or a crow. They are the creation of the state of AUTHORITY.
  • The AUTHORITY rose to power at the end of the last Great War, from humble beginnings.

Abraham Lincolnstein

“Ughh… I… am… dead… ”

– Abe Lincolnstein I


– Abe Lincolnstein II

Recently, a new government has come to power with the election of Republicrat-Genius Abe Lincolnstein. Some say that he is from Skullopolis. This is untrue, Patriot. Clear this from your mind, and drink a fresh MUZZ. Now. Lincolnstein has authorized a new, more powerful war with CREATU, which had poisoned the very blood of the government. New larger CrowBots have been authorized to serve in this WAR to defend the MONSTRU inhabitants.

Elected President General of Barondook, Abraham Lincolnstein was killed during the Mighty War by the Monstonian Pathos bomb 1200 years ago. His body was put into a glacial vault by the Monstonian victors, and preserved for the next 12 centuries. GOLEM Corp, owned by a number of wealthy State leaders, secretly resurrected Lincolnstein with the help of Skullobot, the ruler of Skullopolis. While this has succeeded, it is clear that old Abraham is now a patchwork zombie, and is unsane. (Yes, “unsane”.)

Lincolnstein was recently elected as the Grand Dictator of Monstru, and is preserved in Lincoln City. He is known for giving exciting and sometimes rambling speeches, many reaching 12 to 18 hours in length. He is said to be “very, very strong” and that he “can throw that CrowBot over those mountains over there.”

While some say that he is a puppet, his popularity and power have rapidly grown. Many of the most recent proclamations and laws have originated from his very desk, and are written in his hand. One thing is certain: he loves his citizens. Or, he hates them. (?) It’s true.

GOLEM Corp is no longer in business, and few records can be found that prove that they ever did exist.

Lincolnstein has most recently reorganized his personal AUTHORTY council to include members of the Spy Scouts, and the Department 13. (If they really exist.)

He is known to enjoy Lupo-Lads® snack-chews, long walks in the park, and watching drawn-out torture sessions. He tends to get riled-up when discussing the nation of CREATU.

Department 13

“Department 13 does not exist. I never has existed. It will never exist.

Unhistory, complete.”

Department 13 (or “D-13″) is a ministry of covert information, information processing, and covert activities for the AUTHORITY.

Very little is known about D-13, though they likely maintain the largest cohort of AUTHORITY Clockworks in the entire State.

  • Inquisitors and the Spy Scouts report directly to the D-13.
  • D-13 likely reports to Lincolnstein’s personal counsel
  • D-13 is responsible for “unhistory,” the act of removing, remaking, and/or rewriting history.
  • It is unknown who may, or may not, work for D-13. Some have claimed that everyone/no one does.


“All hail the AUTHORITY! Monsters for CrowBots! Long live LINCOLNSTEIN!”

Some Automats, Monsters, and even Bloodless become Party Members, known as “Redcaps” by the red hats that they wear. They provide services, skills (like Majik) and information that are more difficult for CrowBots to procure. Many are factory workers and Spy Scouts. While it’s at most 10% of the population, it’s still a huge body of AUTHORITY-loving Patriots. Redcaps in good standing receive a stipend of $10 CrowBucks per month for attending meetings, screenings, workshops and rallies.

Redcap rallies are often passionate affairs, with much chanting, bellowing and bashing of truncheons upon unpatriot’s heads.

Fringe Groups

Factory Rebellion

“The AUTHORITY is simply the machinery of oppression. We must cast out these false leaders, burn down their capitals of hate, and start a new age of invention!”

– Factory Rebellion pamphlet

“There is no such organization called the Factory Rebellion. These are the lies of our ENEMY. What kind of Patriot would ever want to rebel?”
– AUTHORITY Radio Broadcast

Formed by inventor Mig Nola, the Factory Rebellion was the first organization to stand up before the rising Authority. Patriots of Monstonia, they saw the coup and attempted to rally support for maintaining the golden age of Monstru. Headquartered in Southwestern Monstru, the rebellion at first was stationed in the city of Factoria, in Nola’s laboratory factories. (Ironically, these same factories were where the mechan, Crowbots, and Clockworks were invented.)

Eventually these were burned down and gutted, and Mig Nola was soon assassinated by Crowbot soldiers; the Rebellion was broken apart.

Most scattered here and there, though the majority found themselves driven to the only place that wasn’t under dictatorship; Kullopolis. (Now known as Skullopolis.) Many of the members succumbed to vampirism or the zombie plague, as it was the only real way to “survive” there.

In fact, Mig Nola was on his deathbed when he was purposely given the zombie plague, to save his life. Now, he is held in a secret chamber beneath the Feratu restaurant, FEAST, in Middle Skullopolis.

Today, the Rebellion is still alive, in small pockets here and there. They have managed to infiltrate small pockets of the Authority, though it is quite difficult since so much of the Authority is now Mechan. (And the Rebellion is primarily monsterous.)

It should be noted that all Feratu are not members of the Factory Rebellion. In fact, most of them are completely unaware of it’s existence, and couldn’t give a care about Monstonia or the Golden Age.

The Cult of the Claw

“I am nature, I am a storm.”

An underground religion dedicated to making MONSTRU a wild place once again. They’re considered a radical unpatriot association because of their methods; they like to blow bridges, roads, and buildings into itty-bitty pieces of gravel. They’re pretty loud.


“Feed the machine, for it never rests!”

This cult of Mechans are certified anarchists. They hate the living, and seem to worship machines and mechanical folk. At the apex of their praise are the Clockworks themselves. On the other hand, they seem to have endless disdain for fleshy folks. No wonder that this “club” is sanctioned by the Authority themselves.

The Thirsters

“Drink heartily, my dear Brothers, of life!”

Beware of these grizzled, hooded unsouls who wander the back roads and forgotten byways of MONSTRU. They will often pause by decrepit autos, pretending to have engine troubles in order to lure hapless victims into their traps. They are a sect of Feratu so foul that they’ve been kicked out of Skullopolis itself.

They are the Thirsters, and they seek to drink you faster than a cold can o’Muzz.

The White Wyrm Society

A cult that is believed to worship a mysterious haunted Wyrm, the Society is concerned with spreading entropy throughout Monstru. They instigate decay by spraying bridges with acid, enlarging potholes at night, and toying with furnaces to cause accidents. Many of their deeds are likely blamed on CREATU terrorists and Factory Rebellion activists.

It’s no wonder that they are not widely liked; the members hide among society in plain sight, and even most of their friends and Crew don’t realize that they’re members.

Most have a tattoo of a white wyrm snaking down their left arm, which can only be seen when doused in fresh blood.

Stores and Companies

There are a variety of companies, brands, and stores that one will find in Monstru. It is yet a land of commercial enterprise and Monsters will likely need them them to restock food and gear.


This chain of fast-food drive-thrus is the most prolific, and successful restaurant chain in Monstru serving up greasy and cheap mini-foods. They serve both Beast and CrowBot, and they have a secret menu for the big metal soldier-birds. “We heat it, you EAT it!”

CroBot Store

This store is run by the Authority, and sells all manner of upgrades and gear for the up-and-coming CrowBot. (Featuring the famous “CroBot Brand.”) They don’t serve Monsterkin in here, so don’t even think about going inside. When a new product comes out, the line of CroBot enthusiasts can sometimes stretch around the block.


This chain of bars caters exclusively to CrowBots, serving Jork and other oil-based brews. It’s probably a bad idea to even consider entering one as they have a strict “We don’t serve Montz” policy. They are gigantic, red, barn-like structures and are found everywhere.

Ed’s House of Eggs

This is the third most popular egg-based chain in Monstru, and serves a variety of egg-based products like “egg on a stick.” Ed’s can be found all over Monstru. Nobody is quite sure where the eggs come from, but boy are they delicious!

Ghost Market

Not so much a company as a tradition, the Ghost Market has been around far before the invention of the steamcar, and offers a wide variety of Jinx-based goods such as wands, scrolls, majik pets, mixed in with worthless junk. Folks come here to trade their ill-gotten goods, creature parts, and odd finds.

The Ghost Market only appears on the 13th night each month in a remote and undocumented location. Word gets out rather quickly on the morning of the 13th through the Warlock network about the location of the next meet-up, and many drive all day and half the night just to make it there on time. When the first light of the morning sun comes, all evidence of the Market disappears without a trace.

Run by the mysterious Sirix and her band of Fey-folk, the Ghost Market offers white tents for the various traders and vendors who wish to drink, do business, and party the night away. Wise beasts would proceed with caution, as some who have become too greedy in the darkness find their expensive purchases in the morning to be nothing more than bales of yellow straw.

The AUTHORITY has tried on many occasions to permanently destroy the Ghost Market, but even after stomping the tents into mush, they always seems to return next month – pristine and white.

Mystery Mart

These pop-up stores come and go, and most folks never notice them at all. They can be a source of weird, unLegal, and unusual stuff not normally sold in stores. If you see what you want there, you’d better get it while you can. Nobody is sure who owns or runs the Mystery Mart chain.

Oni Oni Mart

ONI ONI Mart is a vast, far reaching service station and mini-mart network. It has systematically destroyed every competitor, and has an agreement with Clown Bite Inc. that they won’t sell hot food, and ClownBite won’t sell coal. If you need coal, you’re probably going to buy it at an Oni Oni Mart.

One can find an ONI ONI Mart on just about every street corner and exit of the Monstru Highway system. As new highways are built, space is automatically “reserved” due to a deal that founder Toni Oni made with the AUTHORITY.

Oni Oni Mart sells coal, Muzz, gum, candy, B-Oil, chips, shovels, hats, snow-globes, windshield wipers, Mechan lubricant, goblin pellets, furnace goblins, kittens, and other delicious snacks!


“I was born in this Rig, and I’ll die in this Rig. That door smells like my Grandpa. Sure it can get cramped from time to time, but at least we’ve got a roof over our heads, and these reclining bucket seats to sleep in. Without a Rig, you’ve got nothin’.”

Monstru is horribly overpopulated. It started a few generations ago, and has continued to grow like crazy! Many blame the Furnace Goblin Slavery Mating Act, which allowed broods of goblins to exceed 12 per year. (Allowing owners to make even more $$$.) Others blame the Trolla, who’s idea of birth control is hitting children with a stick.

The cities are massively overcrowded, and the waiting list to find traditional housing is decades long. After a while, monsters just gave up. Since much of the world is a wasteland, Most citizens of Monstru have been forced to live in their cars. Today, a good 80% of the population lives in their car, and is in a perpetual state of “commuting”. Most vehicles have a tiny bathroom, bunks and a glove-box-kitchenette, and these types of services are very common on the roads of Monstru.

AutoLife has had some surprising effects on the world;

  • Workers are more transient than ever, often working a new job for just a few days before moving on.
  • Home now equals your vehicle… not so much a town or city.
  • Monsters have banded together in small social groups to “carpool” together. They’re much like extended families.
  • Autolife has become the standard culture; it’s rare to meet anyone who rent apartments anymore.
  • CrowBots live in the majority of condos and apartments these days. Since they’re 50 times larger than a beast, they take up 50 times more room.
  • Because of the size of the highway system, the population has risen even faster since there is/was even more room there.
  • Cities have ever-changing reputations as one boom-town leads to bust, and another is born again. Fortunes change in an instant, as does the traffic getting to the next opportunity.
  • Motorcars are often perceived as individuals as well. (Not your auto, but that auto out the window. He CUT YOU OFF!)


“Are you DAFT!? YES you should have pulled into that open space. I’ve been steering for the last 3 months without one break!”

Parking, when you can find it, can be a rather difficult thing in Monstru. First off, all “public” street parking utilize Authority Parking Meters. They’re huge, they’re made from cast iron, and they take parking tokens.

It’s been well over 80 years since any tokens have been minted, so it “can” be difficult to find any to use. (But not always. Go on an adventure or two, and parking tokens can be found pretty easily.) Most Meters have a “trap” that will fling, toss, or smash the car if the parking fee has not been paid. Luckily, they malfunction quite often, so one’s vehicle isn’t always at risk. (Just look at the oil stains in front of the meter. Are they excessive?)

Some vehicles have been in “long term” metered parking (with malfunctioning meters) for decades. The steamcar may no longer operate, and folks have taken up home here. This is quite a boon, because most folks do not have the opportunity to stay put. (And the parking is free.)

Meter Maidens

Meter Maidens are special mechanical officers that oversee Meters, provide maintenance goblins, and collect tokens. They are usually rather bitter, lazy and dangerous. Luckily they can also be bribed, for about $300 CrowBucks.


“Sure I’m thirsty, and I don’t want any of that blasted Muzz either. I want the good stuff. Yeah. Pass over that ole jug of hooch. Nothing wets your whistle like Doomshine! Don’t tell that I said that.”

Over the years, a number of things have become unlegal through the heavy claw of the Authority, and that includes alcohol. It’s clear that monsters love to drink (Krampus wine, anyone?) but the Authority maintains that it is simply unpatriotic to drink alcohol of any kind, besides Muzz. Muzz, it is said, is a Patriotic beverage, made to raise the spirits in this dark time of war. More likely, Muzz is a proud contributor to the Authority Party, and campaigned for the marketing advantage for many years before it finally went though.

Regardless, folks still need to drink, so there are a number of unlegal beverages available including Krampus red festival wine, Trolla Doomshine, and Feratu liquors. The challenge always is how to find them, and how to bring them to drinking folks.

AUTHORITY Benefit Numbers (ABN)

25 years ago, the AUTHORITY Benfit Act went into law, assigning unique 16 digit numbers to all Monsters, Automats and Bloodless. Tattooed on the right arms in Ether Ink, the ABN was created so that unemployment benefits (such as the soup lines) could be doled out to Monsters in need. Within a decade it had largely achieved success, with only a very few creatures not acquiring the ABN tattoos. (Those with the “Off the Books” gift.) If arrested, an uncatalogued creature will be questioned, tattooed and entered into the system.


“My ma always said that to hate is normal. I know that they’re just different, and the difference is only skin-deep, but under the skin is their muscles and bones and souls— they’re just not as good as us.”

It should be little surprise that not all of the Monstrunian races get along. Racism and bigotry are as common as coal and Muzz in Monstru. While it’s clear that CrowBots hate all “lesser” Proles, it should also be mentioned that each of the races hates one race more than any other.

This is due, in part, to constant AUTHORITY meddling and propaganda, along with contrasting tastes and general mistrust of those that are different than ourselves. It isn’t right, but it’s right there!

<The Wheel of Racism goes here. Requires updating.>

The races opposite from one another are generally hated.

Each race generally gets along well with the two adjacent races.

Note: Individual characters are free to ignore these racial biases, or at least to not mention them in polite company.

See also the “Slurs and Racism Glossary.”


Here are some there things that are quite different in MONSTRU than on Earth.


An exceptionally dense coal, BlackRok burns for weeks (or even months) at a time. It’s great, and rare stuff but it still destroyed the domestic coal prices.


Candy is nourishing to most flesh and blood Monsters. It gums up the gears of the Automats, and the Bloodless don’t care much for sweets, but Trolla, Goblins, Krampus and Daemons all like eating candy. Eating the same thing gets old, but they can survive on candy with no ill health effects.


This black oily material is pretty much just like Earth’s coal… except that it’s really, really cheap. (Nearly free.) Luckily, Monstru will never, ever run out of this fossil fuel. (Right?)


It’s not unusual for the clouds of Monstru to have angry or sad looking faces. These are the old gods who once ruled Monstru, who were defeated by the Gorgoths long ago. They were ejected from the land to rule over nothing more than the weather, and they spend the ages mourning over their lost domain. They take little notice over the insignificant, tiny Monsterkin.

Goblin Post

Letters, letters! Carried by foul goblin slave runners. They tend to drive pedaled message trikes in teams of a dozen. Works pretty well, though you can count on the Authority reading all of it. Also, mail must be picked up at a pre-destined mail station rather than personal delivery to your vehicle. (Though that too is possible for a fee.)


Monstru is punctuated by over 50 giant, sprawling cities with populations from 10 to 100 million. They are typically filthy places, with staggeringly large buildings, immense pipes, and their own weather patterns. Some locations in megacities are so deep that the only light that reaches the streets is from blinking neon lights. CrowBots, Party members, goblin slaves and Peds live in megacities.

Monster Talkers

Monster Talkers are wooden boards made in pairs, covered in all of the letters of the alphabet, and enchanted by Warlocks. When in range (Typically less than 50 miles) 2 monsters can communicate through majik waves. The Authority condemns the use of such foul talking boards, and routinely destroys them in public demonstrations. They’re understandably in high demand. AKA “oracle boards.” or “Wedgie boards”

Numbers Stations

“One, five, seven, hotel, three, three, eight, foxtrot…”

Driving across Monstru, you might encounter shortwave radio stations that do nothing but broadcast numbers, lists of words, or repetitive beeps. While most folks just ignore them, they are thought to be ways that CREATU sends instructions to their spies, or perhaps even directions for CrowBot agents or soldiers. It us unlegal to listen to these broadcasts, and the AUTHORITY routinely attempts to jam them.

Old Sun King

Once upon the time there was an Old King with a shiny crown, who ruled the land with a fiery temper. One day, the Trickster Raven stole his crown and he was so angry he burst into the sky, and shone brightly.

Over the years the old king was forgotten, and he is known today as “the sun”. He still glares down upon the land that he believes that he still rules.


Seeds act strangely in MONSTRU. If planted and given any water at all, they will spring up and grow just about instantly.


Invented by Teslan the Mighty, “Teslan Vision” or “TeeVee” broadcasts sound and moving pictures from station to station across vast distances.

Only recently has the Authority required all Rigs to have a TeeVee in the center dashboard and has offered them for free, including installation. Programing is a little scarce currently, mostly just short commercials for Authority Approved products, as well as newsreels, weather and traffic reports, and propaganda teleplays from the Authority.

It is impossible to turn off any TeeVee, only to turn the volume down to an audible murmur and to change channels.

The Pneumatic Mail System

These are used by the Authority to move documents from one place to another, since radios are not entirely secure. Basically, there is a network of pipes below much of Monstru, linking one Celebration Hall and Escape Station to another. Through pneumatic pressure small capsules can be quickly moved from one station to antoerh. And yes, they can be hacked, though they’re not terribly useful for the average mobile beast.

The Underdeep

The Underdeep is a network of ancient underground channels, pits, access tunnels, and moldy caverns, that lay beneath the “Topside” of MONSTRU. It is fairly massive, stretching from one side of the continent to the other, and it’s depths are completely unknown. In most places the Underdeep is large enough to allow a Rig, though the stairs can be difficult on the undercarriage. It was created by a giant ancient race called the Gorgoth, who once enslaved all monsterkin. The Underdeep is rumored to contain beasts far more dangerous than those found on the surface of MONSTRU.

The Underdeep Tube System

300 years ago, on the coattails of the success of the Hellway project, the Monstonian government decided to embark on another massive project: the UTA – a subway system capable of moving entire steamcars from one coast to the other, with stops at dozens of proud metro stations.

The idea was to utilize the many recently discovered Underdeep tunnels that crisscrossed below the surface of Monstru.

The project was only 85% completed, using 10 times the projected budget, a political nightmare for the Monstonian government. (Many journalists of the time believed that half of the money was erroneously spent on CrowBot manufacture.)

Today, the automated trains continue to run unreliably, with frequent breakdowns, delays, and rail bandit activity. The AUTHORITY takes a passing interest in the UTS, offering little in the way of security.

Sometimes the trains take unexpected detours to lines that have been abandoned for centuries, surprising the creatures that live in the depths. However, they are the cheapest and possibly still the quickest way to move one’s rig across Monstru.

White Coal

This amazing substance is even more rare than BlackRok, as some believe that it mined from the Feylands themselves. Thing is, it burns 1000 times hotter than coal; a pound of it has enough energy to power a city for an entire week!

Map of Monstru, keyed with places-

The Five Provinces

There are five traditional provinces of Monstru, each with their own regional flavors and differences. While the Authority has worked tirelessly to make a homogeneous Monstru, the Provinces have maintained their identity. All of the races can be found in each of the provinces, but some dominate more than others, as is listed in the “Folk”.

Hinge Province

Hinge is known for having an inventive folk, who look forward instead of back. The land itself is rocky and ore laden, supporting more weeds and mines than sustainable crops. Today it is a sprawling blacktop dotted with rusting factories and treacherous pit mines. Hinge has hot summers and cold winters, both of which are buffeted by shockingly powerful winds. Not surprisingly, windmills once sprouted from every hilltop.

Food: Rundle, an oily yellow soup made from dandelions and curry, is a local favorite.

Folk: All sorts, but many Automats.

Drink: Weer, a brand of weed-wine solvent enjoyed by Mechans and Monsters alike.

Music: Music boxes and electro-harpsichords are popular in Hinge.

Resources: Ore, tar, oil.

Exports: Iron, asphalt, tools, transmission parts.

Dangers: Rogue Automats, tarpits.

Events: ?

Minik Province

A haunted region in the heartland of Monstru, Minik Province is often blighted by rusting mists, angry spirits hungry bone-hounds, and steamcar breakdowns. The land is damp, muddy, as it was once a swampy territory. It so often rains in Minik that one rarely sees the sun, which keeps Lake Vol very full. The folk here are typically superstitious and distrustful of strangers, though they do enjoy telling stories over a cup of their red spiced tea. They say that this land wearies the soul, and no wonder; the Capital of MONSTRU (Lincoln City) is found in Northern Minik.

Food: Pine nuts, cold soups, seeds, fish.

Folk: Bloodless are more common in Minik, than anywhere else.

Drink: Hard red tea, blood, fish oil, and poison.

Music: Slow dark dirges, and songs of sadness.

Resources: Fancy fabric, wool, water, fish.

Exports: Fish oil, odd sea creatures pulled up from Lake Vol.

Dangers: Haunted Cats, CrowBots, Haunts, rust fog, Spy Scouts.

Events: Lincolnev (Lincolnstein’s Birthday.) A national holiday, it’s celebrated with fervor in Minik.

Bayne Province

Bayne is the land of the Krampus, and other wild monsters. It’s rolling hills are covered in brambles, old warehouses, and occasional apple trees. While the overpasses now span across the land, nature runs rampant in their shadows. Bayne is known for fertile earth and powerful storms that strike with little warning. There continue to be a host of unlegal festivals here to celebrate life, death, fear, the harvest and even local saints. It is said that every week brings on a new holiday to Bayne.

Food: Spicy grilled beast with yogurt and baked sugar apples.

Folk: Krampus and other less lawful creatures.

Drink: Hot cider, cold cider, pumpkin cider; all of it hard.

Music: Dances, wild and improvisational tunes. Banjos.

Resources: Fertile land, patches of wilderness.

Exports: Fruit, jerky, canned apples, lumber, horn.

Dangers: Cultists, storms, dead ends. Owlbears.

Events: The annual Bayne Carnival

Once per year, the roads shut down throughout Bayne Province, as a massive CARnival breaks out. Folks wander about to check out everyone’s polished Rigs, trading road stories and spare parts, while snacking on unhealthy delights sold by roadside Vendomats. It’s a time to reflect on AutoLife, while simultaneously rejoicing it.

Trusk Province

A region punctuated by mighty mountains, fiery deserts, vast boulder fields, and deep forests; Trusk is the land of beasts. Trolla, Daemons, and Peerless are believed to originate from here, as well as Monstru’s last stock of dangerous Ferals. It is a province of ceaseless sun, which bakes the land more than 300 days of the year. It is the least developed of provinces, due to the harshness of the terrain.

Food: Bitter-root, salsa, corn, chili-pepper jerky.

Folk: Trolla, Daemon, Krampus, Peerless, and other freaks.

Drink: Doomshine.

Music: Trolljazz

Resources: Stone, gravel, corn.

Exports: Gravel, lumber, fear.

Dangers: Hillbilly Trolla, overheated engines, cannibals, hunters, Stampeding Hellephants.

Events: The Trusk Boulder-toss, sponsored by MUZZ.

Goru Province

Majik is believed to flow from Goru, and it is where Warlocks commonly perform powerful rituals in gloomy circle-pits. The land is flat, vast plain, covered in sheets of concrete, and punctuated by grey, towering buildings, rebar forests, and stagnant pools of water. Not much grows in Goru besides cabbage and potatoes, though salt-crystal outcroppings can be found from time to time, a byproduct of greater Majik workings. The coldest of all the Provinces, a chilly wind flows down from the North, and combines with the freezing ocean.  Most believe that unholy creations like Patchwork Wonders were said to be invented here, and the Daemons consider Goru home.

Food: Salty cabbage soup, Tater Nuggs,

Folk: Patchwork Wonders, goblins, Daemons.

Drink: Potions, elixirs, and wild goblin juice. (Whatever that is.)

Music: Ceremonial drumming is popular here.

Resources: Salt, goblins

Exports: Potions, salt, goblin slaves, drugs, and other alchemical delights.

Dangers: Spelltraps, animated autos, and Greater Daemons.

Events: The Ghost Market Jubilee

Place Name Generator

Monstru is filled with tens of thousands of towns, cities, villages, and road-side attractions. Instead of us trying to list out them all, we wanted to give you some tools so that you can make your own quickly and easily.

GMs: Make sure that you mark generated places down on your own map of Monstru, just in case the Players decide to go back there again.

Players: You can use this chart to figure out the name of your hometown.

Pick one prefix, and randomly add it to a suffix. Roll two ten-sided dice or percentiles (D100) to get a random name.

d100Place Name PrefixesPlace Name Suffixes
123456789101112131415161718192021222324252627282930313233343536373839404142434445464748495051525354555657585960616263646566676869707172737475767778798081828384858687888990919293949596979899100GolemGoblinHarchHarpyDreckDoomHallowTrickJackEngineGloomCandyDarkHauntTrollFerataGlitchCrackIronGorgonFistThatchBrickSteamSmokeChokeClawFangHoochSickSliceKrabStrangleSkeleMechaLincolnRavenPistonRustGrimeDrakVladWonderWanderHappyHopeBrutalPitSlackCrustOgreElectraTeslanFancyShankPhantomTalonSpookStainWitchMonSootFangBloodMeatSlaughterSpikeCogGearSmogCrowMegaMarrowSinewGrisselGeistSpootAshBlackForgeWimperScreamParadMurderZitArachArchNemesBaronIndusInfinGauntGremGreyPaleCroakFingerSpotMoistNo Prefix
villeriofieldforkgatedaledrumvalestansteadsterfordfortfieldplainsviewburghfertsidepikegrovewoodwellwayrothroadopoliscitykaneaberberryastburncasterchesterboroughburycottyorkfingilglenhamgutthurstmerepoolabbysteadgorgecogvistaitolosVegashollowatuburrowsplatterstripePlazaulaportturashireampsterampstershirearioaneholeettawaterstainsilica zitplacegionillion steinapiadorardokyountletmoraantichammerversetowntainsenseparkpalaceNo Suffix

Sample town names:

Feel free to use one of these names in your own travels.

  • Hobovale, Hobodale, Hoboville.
  • Factoryville, Factoryvale
  • Arcade, Arcadus, Arcoh
  • Machine, Machina
  • Golemgate, Golemford, Golemford
  • Geargrove
  • Industria
  • Monstervale
  • Baross Bay
  • Oni Town
  • Old Dost
  • Ghostville City
  • Swampo
  • Hauntario
  • Skeletown
  • Spookane
  • Halloweenia
  • Coalhole
  • Blout
  • Dustia
  • Midnight
  • Arkono
  • Doorforest
  • Ebb
  • Sweetwater
  • Dreadwater
  • DarkWell
  • Wail
  • Vendetta, Vendettia, Vendetos
  • Krill
  • Voss
  • Mercury Bay


Monstru is imbued with a powerful force called “Majik”. Uncommon folk are born with the ability to bend the world to their liking, though the use of Majik spells, potions, and other unnatural workings. Majik is widely accepted and has a long tradition in MONSTRU, so warlock burnings and witch-flayings are a thing of the distant past. However, the Authority has recently made it unlegal to practice Majik, so beware.

Electromajik – A newer technological art, combining the powers of the Warlock with the Scientist, first discovered by Mig Nola and embraced by Teslan the Keen. It allows the animation and combination of new creatures, such as the Patchwork Wonder. Very few folk have the understanding and knowledge to use such dark (and wonderful) arts.

The Fable of Majik

In the beginning there was Monstru, and Monstru was Majik. And it was good.

Majik flowed from the land itself like unseen waters, caressing all who lived there, and tainting it with it’s power.

Monsters and mystical creatures drank of this Majik and all could perform jinx and spells of wonder. Nature flourished, the forests were rich with Fey, pooling the power of Monstru.

Then the Manlings came, and they built towns and wagons and fire, and cleared the lands for their fields. They had little knowledge of Majik, and quickly dismissed it as sheer myth. They did not understand the Monsters of the beasts of the lands; they feared hoof, horn and fang and grew jealous of their Majik.

With their arrogance, the Manlings drove the Monsters back into the dark forests, hunted and burned down the Faerie-folk, and rid the world of a great many wonders. Monstru’s Majik weakened, and the Manlings propagated.

They forged the nation of Barondook with iron, churning smoke, and machines of war. As their numbers grew, they chopped down more trees, founded more cities, drove more beasts to extinction, and raped Monstru of her rich ores. They build roads connecting their cities, laid pipes into Monstru’s soil, all the while diluting the connection between Majik and the land.

The Monsters in their turn united under the flag of Monstonia, and they stole tricks from their foes, learned the secret of fire and forgot a bit more of Majik. They fought back at Barondook with tanks and bombs, enraging both states towards ever growing destruction.

The war continued on for a century each side upping the ante, spending every waking hour devising implements of destruction.

The Manlings had learned of the connection between Majik and Monster, and sought to rid the land of both. Barondook built a bomb so powerful, it leveled 7 Monstonian cities on one blow.

Close to defeat, spies of Monstonia stole the secret of the bomb, and created Pathos; a bomb so large and powerful that it blasted Barondook into fire and dust. It cleft Monstru into two, shaking the land to it’s core and nearly destroying all of the remaining Beasts.

The Manlings were finally gone, but so too was the trickle of Majik.

The Races of Monstru

There are an ever-growing number of races that are playable in the MCRPG. They are collectively known as the “Proles.”

All PC races fall into one of these three categories:

Monster – Bestial creatures with horns, teeth, and day jobs. There are many different kinds of Monsters, from Furnace Goblins to Wage Daemons, and they are the most common type of creature in MONSTRU.

Automat – Machine based life forms; clockworks or steampunks. Short for “automaton,” most Automat were created long ago for the benefit of the Monsters.

Bloodless – Ghosts, zombies, and other forms of unlife that still dwell on the outskirts of MONSTRU society. They may be dead, but they still have work to do.

Monster Races:

  • Boggra – Lagoon creatures who have been forced to move from the swamp into Monstru’s vast sewer system. They are knowledgeable of the dark, damp places.
  • Crone – Wicked monster women who are skilled in majik, and the eating of bones. Baba Jaga is a Crone.
  • Daemon – Red skinned beasts once summoned from damnation itself. But now they can’t seem to find a way back. Beastio is a Daemon, as is Toni Oni.
  • Furnace goblins – Inside of every steam-car, and behind every empire, there are hard working slave-goblins doing hard labor for the comfort of others. Sometimes they escape. Horst and Grist are goblins.
  • Krampus – Hairy, horned, and bestial, Krampus are some of the most common folk of Monstru. They can fight, drive, and steal, and are fairly adaptable. They used to steal bad children.
  • Peerless – Unique creatures that have no “race” to call their own; they are truly alone in this world. KlawBerry is an example of a Peerless.
  • Patchwork Wonder – You are a creature of many parts, sewn together with string and wire, and brought to life through the wonders of electromajik! You may contain parts of Trolla, Goblin, Automat or even Bloodless.
  • Skinwalker – Former Monstonia spies, these wolf men have the ability to shift into a Manling whenever they overwork their brain.
  • Trolla – Once feared mountain dwellers, Trollas rove in caravans, most often selling worthless junk. They’re tough scrappers, though.

Automat Races:

  • Halloween Golem – Mechanical men built to bring order to wilderness by cutting down trees, and tending farms. Now obsolete, they do odd-jobs to pay the bills. Kip Cupwhistle is one.
  • Vendomat – Most Halloween Golems were converted into these portable vending machines 2 centuries ago. Don’t laugh, they are equipment fiends.
  • CrowBot – The huge mecha crows used as soldiers of terror for the Authority. While, another form of Automat, they are not a playable race. (Too dang big.)
  • Mechan – For a time it was fashionable to have a clockwork servant created in the likeness of the mythical “Manlings,” often grafting their bones to metal. Today, they haunt old bookstores or junkyards. Chadworth Machine is a Mechan.
  • Clockwork – Housed inside their rich, oak cases, the Clockwork appear much like a grandfather clock. Inside, an array of powerful gear driven difference engines stroke the amazing intellect of these sentient beings. Clockworks are rare and generally controlled by the AUTHORITY.

Automat have a difficult time manipulating Majik, than the other races. They have a maximum of “Good” for any Majik based skill.

Bloodless Races:

  • Haunt – After the Pathos bomb fell on Worch and wiped out the Manlings, all that is left are these radioactive apparitions. Hey, they’re still dangerous.
  • Zombie – While most of them simply wander about the edges of Skullopolis, some decide to partake a life of adventure. Others raid the Clown Bite dumpsters. Which is it?
  • Feratu – Blood suckers with a knack for selling used vehicles. Above all, they know how to make a profit. Often seen as second-class citizens.
  • Embalma – Ancient manlings that were exposed to a forbidden chemical reaction, the Embalma wear layers of bandages to protect their skin from the elements. Although they’re dead, they enjoy chewing fresh monster-flesh.


An ancient race from the lost swamps of Charrow, the Boggra look like very large, green scaled creatures, with head-fans, webbed fingers, and big teeth. They typically wear no clothes, as the males and females are identical to non-Boggra.

Once the swamps were drained and the mighty Mega-cities arose, the Boggra moved into the vast network of Authority sewer systems. Here, they thrived, and became experts at raking the muck, finding the things that other monsters wished to hide, and sewer farming.

An open society, they welcome those who wish not to be found, and who can stand the stench of their village-lairs.

Boggra are more susceptible to moisture loss than the other races. Each day that the Boggra doesn’t have liquids to drink, she’ll take one point of damage. As long as the Boggra has an ample supply of liquid to drink, she will stay healthy, happy, and moist.  

Racial Skills: UnderDeep Lore (Mind), Swimming

Free Skill: Speak Monston (Spirit), Swim (Fair)

Racial Gift: Road Kill Belly

Racial Fault: Moist

All Boggra:

  • Have no sense of smell; they cannot take any smell-based skills (Smell, Track Scent, etc.)
  • Can hold their breath for an hour at a time.

Most Boggra:

  • Are excellent swimmers
  • Enjoy collecting junk, old rumors, and stories of the surface regions.
  • Are very familiar with the UnderDeep, and have been there.
  • Enjoy being behind the wheel of a Rig. (A rare treat!)
  • Are hunted for their skin; CrowBot Politico enjoy Boggra skin briefcases, and for a decade Boggra-hide covered dashboards were all the rage.

Some Boggra:

  • Disdain the filth of their race, and seek a cleaner, more fashionable existence.
  • Are bestial by nature and enjoy eating Monsters more than trash.
  • Take a long time to forge friendships, but when they do, they last for ages.

Famous Boggra:

  • Ripper Gallant – A Mobster Boss who controlled trade in illicit goods though the Authority sewer systems. He was hanged recently in a live radio-cast.


Manufactured minds, ClockWorks are powerful difference engines with intellect. They look most like tall grandfather clocks, with oak cabinets, metallic clock-faces, and a variety of pipes and cords added on to them. Physically awkward, they shamble about on their small wheels and manipulate the world with their delicate weight chains.

ClockWorks are considered to be the most intelligent “creatures” in all of Monstru. They were made to calculate battle plans, interpret data, and manage traffic lights. One of their most valuable skills is their ability to read data spools; turnip shaped mechanisms filled with tiny glass beads and miniscule gears that house mountains of information. (Each data spool is dedicated to one very specific type of information – like an encyclopedia volume.)

Initially created by inventor Mig Nola, the ClockWorks have been enslaved by the Authority to do their calculations and bidding. Most are kept in the hallowed basements of the Department of Celebration, where they attempt to determine crimes against the Authority before they are committed. With the demise of Mig Nola, the secret knowledge of how the ClockWorks were created has been lost.

Diet: Daily winding. (By someone else.)
Lifespan: Up to 1000 years, with regular maintenance.
Size: 7-9 feet tall.

Racial Skill: Read Data Spool (Mind)

Free Skill: Speak Monston (Spirit)

Racial Gift: X

Racial Fault: X

Most ClockWorks:

  • Are self-winding
  • Are very intelligent
  • Have an interest in one particular scholastic subject (Maps, traffic patterns, weather, history, medicine, Census, etc.)
  • Are licenced and controlled by the Authority
  • Are fiercely logical and loyal to the State
  • Have never been outside or seen the sky
  • Are painfully slow
  • Lack common sense
  • Require constant maintenance and calibration
  • Have little empathy
  • Don’t support the idea of Majik
  • Dislike rain (especially acid rain)

Some ClockWorks:

  • Escape from their masters
  • Go crazy because they’ve not been calibrated in recent memory
  • Are free thinkers
  • Have an interest in non-Mechan affairs

Famed ClockWorks

  • Mechardo – the gambler. Most brilliant player of spinjak, Merchardo is said to have bankrupt seven different casinos in one year.
  • Mister Gawson – the cypher. Able to break the encryption on any data spool within one day. Currently malfunctioning in some lost junkyard.


These witches are often seen in Monstru, traveling in groups of 13 (Covens), chewing bones, scribing hexes, and casting Jinx. They most often appear as hunched women with greenish skin, bent noses, keen teeth, and long claws. However, some are quite fetching in their younger years, entrapping the hearts of many a male Krampus, trolla, and beast.

There are no male Crones; it is said that they ate the last one centuries ago, for his sweet marrow. When a Coven loses a member, they reproduce by stealing the heart of a man (through both love and tearing out his actual heart) and burying it in a pine coffin. The group casts the Cronis Jinx, and in one year a Crone toddler will dig her way out to join her Coven.

Diet: Bones, flesh, and marrow soup.

Lifespan: 800 years

Size: 4-6 hunched feet

Racial Skill: Crone’s Kiss (Jinx)

Free Skill: Speak Monston (Spirit)

Racial Gift: Majikborne

Racial Fault: Disgusting Habit

Most Crone:

  • Are terrorized by the Authority
  • Live in groups of 13 called a “Coven.”
  • Are quite happy to use Majik
  • Live happily in filthy conditions
  • Don’t get along with folks outside of their Coven

Some Crone:

  • Live as urban hermits
  • Make a living as a Bounty Witch
  • Are very formidable claw-fighters
  • Have green hair and live in bogs
  • Join a Crew and give up Coven-life

Famed Crone:

  • Baba Jaga, Bounty Witch


Summoned from the fires of damnation, the Daemon are a race that are stuck in MONSTRU, with no way back to their homeland. Fragments of historical records indicate that “a dozen upon a dozen daemon” were summoned by the Monstonian Sorcerer Hib, in an effort to create a brigade that would defeat Barondook in the Mighty War. In the end, the Daemon were difficult to command and only a few fought in the war. The rest scattered, ill-equipped to live in this new world.

Daemon are generally red or green, with leathery skin, big striped horns, toothy jaw, and hooves. They have no tails, and they generally stand between 4 and 7 feet tall and are quite heavy for their size. They enjoy drinking honey, eating salt, and they require water just like everyone else. All Daemon have the gift of Fire Resistance.

Oddly, being born of Majik, the Daemon seem to have little ability to become warlocks themselves. They themselves can be summoned and sometimes manipulated by Majik, but they are unable to bend it to their will.

Diet: Honey, stew, gravy, eggs, junkfood, souls, and candycorn.
Lifespan: Unknown, but likely thousands of years old. They just don’t seem to age.
Size: 4 to 7 feet tall.

Racial Skill: Create Fire (Spirit)

Free Skill: Speak Monston (Spirit)

Racial Gift: Fire Resistance

Racial Fault: Majik Deficient

Most Daemon:

  • Are rarely found in MONSTRU
  • Have horns
  • Value Independence
  • Age very, very slowly
  • Are maladjusted loners
  • Don’t fully understand how much of MONSTRU works
  • Have hooves
  • Are invulnerable to fire
  • Are poor swimmers
  • Consider themselves visitors
  • Love drinking honey
  • Dislike Feratu, mostly because their blood is a delicacy to them.
  • Enjoy eating sweets, once per day
  • Require air, water, salt
  • Sleep once per decade (for several years)

Some Daemon:

  • Like living in MONSTRU
  • Succeed with a Crew
  • Wear clothes of some sort
  • Resent being summoned
  • Would rather fight than talk
  • Love wealth more than life itself

Famed Daemon:

  • Mig Nola – Inventor. Though he recently passed away, Nola is the mind behind most of the inventions and steampower of the modern era. He’s like Einstein, Tesla, and Edison all rolled together.


These dead-heads are easily recognized due to their skeletal forms, covered in old, rotting bandages. The were created quite by accident, by Monstonian Scientist Dr. Gilliam Pathos. Dr. Pathos was looking for a way to take defeated Barondook soldiers and reanimate them for battle. His experiment went awry and he raised the entire military cemetery as Embalma! Unfortunately they were not terribly eager to battle once again, and they shambled to the four winds.

The AUTHORITY has made use of them to work long shifts in the State Factories, churning out bombs, CrowBots, and other engines of war. While many tend to become tangled in the machinery, they are quickly replaced by hordes of other Embalma, looking for work. The Embalma accept this position since they have little love for the Monsters that they once fought against.

Diet: Flesh

Lifespan: Until destroyed. They’re usually quite old to begin with.
Size: 5-6 feet tall.

Racial Skill: Wrapogami (Spirit)

Free Skill: Speak Monston (Spirit)

Racial Gift: ?

Racial Fault: Antique

Most Embalma:

  • Are ashamed of how they look, and hide behind their bandages
  • Have old fashioned values
  • Are aggressive, and don’t mind pushing monsters around
  • Are strong for their size
  • Are Barondook patriots
  • Have little love for Monsters
  • Require very little rest
  • Are hard workers
  • Smell like turpentine and mineral spirits
  • Are not very flammable

Some Embalma:

  • Feel that Monster society owes them.
  • Would like to forget that they were a solider.
  • Are lonely and just like to tell stories of the war.
  • Feel that showing their face under their robes is a sign of affection or respect.

Famed Embalma

  • Mikael Saxon – Saxon is one of the popular radio personalities for Authority Radio One. His deep basso voice soothes the masses as he reports on the War with CREATU, the daily bomb production stats, and the ever increasing chocolate rations. He’s been at it for over 70 years.


The Feratu are said to have been the companions of monsterkind since the beginning, feeding off of their blood and fluids of the living. Contrary to popular belief, Feratu bites do not turn one into a Feratu. Full blood draining results in death, but not Bloodlessness.

Feratu cannot feed upon other Bloodless or any of the Automat races. They require 1 quart of blood per week to survive, or 1 vial of poison per day. If they do not receive sustenance to meet their needs after 1 week, they will shrivel up and go into a comatose state called “Raveel”. In Raveel, the Feratu is unable to respond to any external stimuli, and for all practical purposes, they are dead. However, even after centuries of Raveel, a Feratu can be restored back to life by submerging it in a tub of fresh blood for 10 hours. It should be noted that Raveel really hurts, and is a state that is avoided by most Feratu.

Physically, Feratu stand about 7 feet tall, are very slender, and have humanoid heads with wide ears and blood red eyes. They have large hands, with very dangerous claws which can be effectively used in battle. “A handful of knives,” describes them well. The mouths of the Feratu contain many small, sharp teeth, as well as 2 very large fangs used to drain blood.

The Feratu operate as one of the lowest social classes in Monstru. This Social Stigma most likely arose from the Feratu diet of monster blood, making them fairly unpopular with other flesh and blood creatures. The AUTHORITY has taken a less kindly view of the Feratu, since they are typically very bright, and most remember the time before the AUTHORITY took over.

Feratu do no mate or replicate like other creatures, nor do they age. New Feratu are sometimes discovered in small catacombs in the Underdeep, or are excavated in the foundations of new construction. These souls are most often recovered by more of their kind, who aid in the restoration from the Raveel state. Player Character Feratu can either be newly Unearthed, or a long-time Awakened One.

Being albino and Bloodless, the Feratu hate the sunlight and all have the Fault of Dayblight.

Diet: The lifeblood of mortal creatures.
Lifespan: Until destroyed. Most are quite ancient.
Size: 7-8 feet tall.

Racial Skills: Feratu Politics Knowledge (Mind), Feratu Fast Talk (Spirit), Bite (Body)

Free Skill: Speak Monston (Spirit)

Racial Gift: ?

Racial Faults: Dayblight, Racial Stigma

Most Feratu:

  • Are considered vermin or second-class citizens by both the general population and the Authority
  • Live in the dank city of Skullopolis
  • Are completely albino and look pretty much the same to non-Feratu
  • Live for centuries
  • Are excellent merchants
  • Like the taste of wine, but not whiskey
  • Remember what times were like before the Authority
  • Sell used junk on the edges of culture
  • Often fight over which Feratu is in charge of all the others, as princess or president.
  • Make good businessmen
  • Prey on living, drinking their fluids for health (goblin, Troll, Daemon, Krampus, Peerless)
  • Drink bottled poisons when blood isn’t available (Blood doesn’t bottle so well)
  • Can use both their teeth and claws as dangerous weapons
  • Like to wear fancy business suits

Some Feratu:

  • Befriend the living
  • Manage to get their Driver’s License
  • Are filthy rich
  • Are feral creatures, incapable of doing much more than drinking life
  • Like working in teams

Famed Feratu:

  • Sheets – the serial killer. Is thought to have murdered over 200 Trolla. Last seen outside of a Trolla truck stop just outside of Glimmer.
  • Max “Maximum Discount” Morlok – used steamcar salesmen. 7th richest monster in Monstru, owns over 50 car lots. Wheeler dealer extraordinaire. 

Furnace goblins

Goblins are a race of diminutive folk who tend to the coal fired machinery of this modern age. They are non-citizens, so much so that their name isn’t worth of capitalization. Being a slave-race, they are rarely acknowledged or even talked about. Folks just don’t think about them. All goblins, even those that have never worked in an engine room, are known as “Furnace goblins.”

There are six kinds of goblins in Monstru, and none of them seem to find any form of respect by monster or beast.

Generally, most folks are completely unaware that the goblins even exist. (Some say that they don’t even deserve a capital “G”, let alone a write-up in the annuals of history.)

  • Furnace goblins – Bred for their intellect and fear of larger creatures, the furnace goblin occupies the mechanical gearboxes and furnaces of 500 million monster motorcars. Surely, the most common goblin breed by any count, they are a hard-working folk.
  • Postal goblins – Chosen for their intelligence and direction sense, these goblins are trusted to deliver MONSTRU’s mail and packages. Some are even utilized by the Spy Scouts to watch for CREATU saboteurs and other UnPatriots.
  • Sewer gobs – Stinky, white-skinned goblins that repair and maintain the vast under-Monstru sewer system. They have a great understanding of the Underdeep, and those that escape the Authority often work as lantern bearers and guides for deep walkers.
  • Sixers – The Authority relies on a undocumented (huge) number of goblins for the nation’s infrastructure. They are utilized by the Ministry Six, which is responsible for all manner of  communications and data aggregation. Sixer goblins act as operators of technical communication systems, and are typically put to death after 6 years of service.
  • Rakers – The Rakers are used on the battlefront between Monstru and Creatu, raking the ground in search for mines. Sometimes Sixers become Rakers.
  • Red goblins – the only goblin race that hasn’t been tamed or bound into slavery, the red goblins are crafty, dangerous, and luckily, few in numbers. They are known cannibals (of furnace goblins) and are famous for their unlegal and secret Red Goblin Circus.

Diet: Jolly Beans nutritional pellets, candy, jerky, soup, beans and rice.
Lifespan: About 200 years, normally.
Size: Most stand about 3 feet tall. Goblins have a -2 Scale.

Racial Skill: Speak Gombit (Spirit)

Free Skill: Speak Monston (Spirit)

Racial Gift: ?

Racial Fault: -2 Scale

Most goblins:

  • Are property
  • Are considered engine accessories
  • Eat commercial food pellets
  • Have an innate ability to repair steamcars
  • Wear metal slave collars
  • Never see the light of day
  • Die of black-lung at a young age
  • Think that goblins deserve their wide-spread slave-hood
  • Shovel coal and maintain engines

Some goblins:

  • Escape from their life as slaves
  • Join the Red Goblin Circus
  • Live as roadside bandits
  • Want something more from life
  • Are clever little devils

Famed goblins:

  • Gilik the White – Albino thief. Gilik is believed to be so skilled that he can steal an engine from a running steamcar without anyone noticing.
  • Whiskey – drunkard. Whiskey is famous (among goblins) for his ability to drink an immense volume of Muzz… and still survive.

Halloween Golem

Halloween Golems were created about 900 years ago to clear the wilderness that once covered Monstru, allowing a new Golden Age of prosperity to arrive. They chopped down the forests, leveled hills, and assisted farmers in cultivating the land. Within 300 years they were no longer needed, and most were scrapped for parts or converted into Vend-o-mats.

They appear as cylindrical metal men, with large pumpkin heads (to scare away bats) and powerful iron hands. Halloween Golems are usually exceptionally strong, since they were made for endless labor. In many ways, they were made to be glorified tractors for the first settlers of Monstru.

Because of the tragic “Flesh Forest” episode, where a town was slaughtered by eight malfunctioning Halloween Golems, they are less trusted by most folks and none occupy any positions of power in the Authority. Today, these odd Mechans are seldom seen.

Initially they were called “Harvest Golems”, but the name slipped to “Halloween Golems” after the accident.

Diet: Daily wood chips (or charcoal) for their boiler.
Lifespan: Up to 500 years, with regular maintenance. The first ones were well-built.
Size: 5-7 feet tall.

Racial Skill: Sanity Hinge (Mind)

Free Skill: Speak Monston (Spirit)

Racial Gift: Hard Labor

Racial Fault: ?

Most Halloween Golems

  • Have been fitted with a “Sanity Hinge” that prevents violence
  • Favor axes
  • Are not terribly bright
  • Have been converted into Vend-o-mats
  • Are physically powerful
  • Know how to pull a plow, repair a fence, or harvest a field
  • Have little knowledge of current affairs and are stuck in the past
  • Like clean fields more than swamps

Some Halloween Golems

  • Are sane and reasonable
  • Resent their low social strata
  • Wander Monstru as hobos
  • Have an acetone addiction

Famous Halloween Golems:

  • Number 8 – “The missing.” The first 8 Halloween Golems were ordered to be destroyed (because of the Flesh Forest) but Number 8 somehow escaped. He was never fitted with a sanity hinge, and is said to be a roving killer of Daemons.
  • Chugg – the mechanic. Chugg is really good at repairing very old, simple machines. (None of this modern junk.) This old wizard has an antique tool set that rivals any collection. Said to live somewhere in Hinge Province.


The Haunts are semi-corporal creatures caught somewhere between the last world, Monstru, and the next. Most were created in the cataclysmic and unnatural explosion of the Pathos Bomb, during the Mighty War (1200 odd years ago).

They appear as large, billowy creatures, with gaping mouths, tiny wings, and sad eyes. They can have hands when they need to, which can also become dangerous claws. Most are white, though some very old ones are grey. They tend to grow slightly over the centuries, so that the eldest ones are the largest.

The great majority of Haunts are unsane and fairly satisfied pestering Proles, or floating inside of clouds. Most are able to affect the physical world through effort, not unlike how normal folk lift, carry, or break things.

Diet: Screams and scares.

Lifespan: Until dispelled.
Size: 3-8 feet tall, depending on the race the Haunt was before it died.

Racial Skill:

Free Skill: Speak Monston (Spirit)

Racial Gift: Haunter

Racial Fault: ?

Most Haunts:

  • Are little interested in the workings of the current world.
  • Hate steampunk technology.
  • Think that Monstru was better a long time ago.
  • Don’t understand the Authority, or know what it is.
  • Have old fashioned belief systems.
  • Speak an ancient dialect of the Barondook language.
  • Used to be manlings.
  • Hate the Automats; they remind them of war machines.
  • Are lonely.

Some Haunts:

  • Get along with the living.
  • Are still quite sane.
  • Remember much of the old world.
  • Are made to be slaves in Skytrooper’s dirigibles.
  • Wish that they’d fully die.
  • Are still able to make friends.
  • Have something left to prove.


Born of the hills of Trusk Province, the Krampus are a free wheeling Fey race that celebrates emotion over logic, and they’ve been paying for it ever since they were discovered. Krampus are quick to laugh, fast to rage, and believe that they key to happiness is celebration.

Standing about as tall as a manling, Krampus are covered in shaggy fur and their heads are topped with a pair of powerful goat horns.

Diet: Apple Cider, festival food, laughter, dancing

Lifespan: Up to 333 years
Size: 5-6 feet tall

Racial Skills: (Pick one) Kramptelling,  Nightvision, Lick Your Wounds

Free Skill: Speak Monston (Spirit)

Racial Gift:

Racial Fault:

Most Krampus

  • Love festivals, parties and celebration
  • Would rather dance and drink than work a steady job
  • Take pride in telling stories or singing songs
  • Think that gambling is a personal right
  • Love Trusk Province so much that they never leave
  • Are considered “savages” by the Authority
  • Feel that laws are merely annoying suggestions
  • Do not enjoy spending time in the UnderDeep
  • Eat fruitcake and drink cider
  • Wear the color red

Some Krampus

  • Are able to hold down regular work
  • Celebrate some obscure holiday most every day
  • Refuse to wear proper clothing
  • Enjoy the company of diverse races other than Krampus


“Mechan were invented by Lincolnstein in a fever-dream, because he’s that kind of a genius.”

Mig Nola really invented the Mechan about 900 years ago, when he accidentally created Chadworth Machine in his tinkering. Chadworth was shown to the world at the Monstonia Steam Science Fair and soon after, Mechans were put into factory production due to public demand.

They were designed to make a monster’s life easier, primarily as butlers and servants. At this time Monstonia had an open-dialog with diplomats from other countries, and so the Mechan were programmed to speak every known language of the Age.

Eventually, as their monster-masters died the Mechan became free, and when the AUTHORITY took over, they allowed them full-citizen status. (Due in no small part to their similar mechanical natures.)

Mechan were built to reflect the Manling form (to remind the monsters of their victory over Barondook), and the Nola Company factory churned them out for almost 300 years before halting production. (Poor sales.)

Dirk Circus is a classic Mechan, and his iconic head design (“Buddy Butler”) accounts for about ½ of the Mechans out there.

Diet: Hydraulic Tea
Lifespan: Around 250 years before they fall apart.

Size: 4-7 feet tall.

Racial Skill: Language Processor (Mind)

Free Skill: Speak Monston (Spirit)

Racial Gift: ?

Racial Fault: ?

All Mechan:

  • Are powered by a haunted GhostSkull. (Though most of the skulls are hidden beneath a metallic humanoid face.)
  • Share some operational technology with CrowBots.

Most Mechan:

  • Have fallen apart since they were first created.
  • Are respected a bit more than Monsters by the Authority.
  • Are able to do one task well. (Usually cleaning)
  • Spend less time thinking, and more time doing.
  • Have a personality unique from their GhostSkull.
  • Make regular trips to the junkyard to find replacement parts.

Some Mechan:

  • Are overwhelmed by their GhostSkulls, and act as an unsane/haunted being.
  • Believe that they’re better than Monsters. (Mechaniacs)
  • Have bull heads and are made for menial labor (Minot model variation)
  • Are best friends with beasts
  • Work for the Authority as mechanics, drivers, assistants, and slave-minders.
  • Are as tough as nails

Famous Mechan:

  • Dirk Circus

Patchwork Wonder

Patchworks are oddities of the new art of Electromajik, combining the “best” of Science and Majik to create and animate new “thing-life”. Patchworks can be made of of flesh and blood parts, Automat pieces, as well as inanimate objects. One could have hand carved wooden arms and legs, the torso of a zombie, and a metal skull for a head. Others might be entirely created out of carved pine or stitched flesh.

Invented by Teslan the Keen, they were intended to be simple puppets to amuse Abraham Lincolnstein, but soon they were harnessed to be laborers and servants. A few have even managed to create lives of freedom for themselves, though this is still a novelty.

Because of their newness, and their relatively short lifespans, Patchworks seek to get the most out of life as possible. They look at every day as an opportunity to experience something exciting, new, or even dangerous.

Diet: Daily electromajik shocks.

Lifespan: 10-12 years, normally though regular maintenance could extend life much longer.
Size: 4-8 feet tall.

Racial Skill:  Patch-up (Mind)

Free Skill: Speak Monston (Spirit)

Racial Gift: ?

Racial Fault: Pyrophobic

Most Patchworks:

  • Were made for some specific task, such as Butlery, mining, or street sweeping
  • Have a rather shallow understanding of culture, being a race that is less than a decade old
  • Are socially inexperienced, much like children
  • Are registered with the Authority, and require a permit to exist
  • Have some innate fault to their being or construction; few are perfect
  • Are held together with wires, string, chain and Majik
  • Admire Teslan the Keen, and revere him as the greatest figure in all of Monstru
  • Can see in black and white only
  • Are ill-trusted by the Automats
  • Live less than a decade before they fall apart

Some Patchworks

  • Just want to fit in
  • Are very interested in the cultures of the other monsters
  • Ask a lot of questions
  • Feel like foreigners in this world
  • Can consume food and drink, but yet taste nothing
  • Hate fire more than anything else
  • Have confidence and know what they want from life

Famous Patchwork Wonders:

  • Kellogg Threadbosh – This artist (PROPERTY OF THE AUTHORITY) is well-known for his amazing hand-sewn tapestries depicting the “Birth of Lincolnstein” and the “Rise of the Authority.” He is a national treasure and can be seen (on display) working on his next piece in Lincoln City.


Peerless are the most unique and individual “creatures” in all of Monstru. They are “without peer” and are not members of any known race or creed. They are, by definition, totally unique and individual – and exceedingly rare.

Because of their uniqueness, the circumstances of their creation is dependant on the individual Peerless. KlawBerry was born of the sea. Chadworth Machine was harvested as a ghost-skull from a battlefield and then forged into a mechanical man. Your character might be a treeman that was struck by lightening, a little monster boy born in a firestorm, or a mutated swampman discovered in one of the vast sewers of Monstru.

Peerless are not an opportunity to create a “super character”; rather they allow Players and GMs a chance to be creative. A Peerless character may be played with the approval of the GM.

Diet: Varies.
Lifespan: Varies.
Size: Varies.

Racial Skill:  Varies

Free Skill: Speak Monston (Spirit)

Racial Gift: Based on form

Racial Fault: Based on form

Creating a Peerless

Peerless take a bit more time to setup, more effort to define, and more knowledge of Monstru. Because of this, Peerless are intended for experienced Players who have already played a few of the standard races of Monstru.

  1. Create the character’s origin story. How did she come to be? Where has she been? How has she spent her life thus far? The player that wants to play a Peerless should talk to the Game Master about what he or she wants to play, and then they together decide which Racial skills, Faults, and Gifts would be appropriate for the Peerless.


Not even the oldest of the Skinwalkers know the origin of their shape-changing race. Some suspect an infernal pack with the a greater daemon, while others whisper that one wolf man was bitten by a savage Manling after the Great Rift opened.

Skinwalkers are exceedingly rare and keep to themselves. The Authority does their best to discredit and in some cases hunt the Skinwalkers, as they are one of the few races that remember the time before the Authority (There was no time before the Authority.)

While in their main wolf-man form, they known for their ferocity and rage, but when their simple mind overworks, they go though a physical change into a smaller, non-hairy Manling with quadruple the brain power. During the Mighty War, Monstonia used Skinwalkers as spies to learn state secrets from Barondook.  

Skinwalker Special Rules:

  • If the Skinwalker becomes enraged while in Manling form, she turns back to her original state.
  • While in their main wolf-man form, Skinwalkers cannot use Mind skills.

Diet: Meat or anything meat-like.
Lifespan: 1000-3000 years
Size: 7-9 feet tall.

Racial Skills: Shape Change (Body), Track Scent (Spirit) – You can track and decipher scents in an usually overbearing chaos of smells.

Free Skill: Speak Monston (Spirit)

Racial Gift: ?

Racial Fault: Rageshift

Most Skinwalkers:

  • Live in traveling bands of merchants that set up outside of major cities.
  • Have mixed feelings about their Manling alter ego.
  • Dislike any joke or insult about their Manling self.
  • Shed like crazy
  • Didn’t do well in school due to Rage issues.
  • Don’t drive.
  • Have a no refund or return policy on the products they sell.
  • Are hunted by the Authority for their furs.

Some Skinwalkers

  • Sell knock-off and broken products at the market.
  • Still work as spies.
  • Have little patience.
  • Like to bully smaller beasts.
  • Tell strange stories.

Famous Skinwalkers:

  • Johnny Elodoth- A famous Monstonia spy from the Mighty War. Rumor has it with out him, Abraham Lincolnstein would never have gotten into power.
  • Thomas Cupburn – A sleazy merchant that controls a ring of Skinwalker merchants. Tommy often works with the Mob to make sure that he gets the best selection of unlegal wares.  


Trolla are an ancient race of hulking, bestial creatures who come from the rugged mountain lands. They are known for their bloodthirsty rage, and they have a tradition of eating other monsterfolk.

Trolla have large tusks, with huge clawed hands, big feet, and formidable strength. Mature trolls have a pair of horns that extend from either side of their shaggy heads, usually shiny black or brown in coloration. They usually wear little clothes besides leather straps, gloves, belts, and boots. The are the largest of the “civilized” monsterfolk.

Diet: Meat and jerky and more meat and meat drinks and doomshine
Lifespan: 60-90 years.
Size: 8-10 feet tall. Trolla have a +1 size modifier to their Scale.

Racial Skill: Blight Belch (Body)

Free Skill: Speak Monston (Spirit)

Racial Gift: +1 Scale

Racial Fault: ?

Most Trolla:

  • Live in Trolla steamcar caravans pulled by huge tractors
  • Sell scrap metal
  • Eat only street-meat or canned meat product
  • Value battle skill and toughness above social politeness
  • Never leave their extended familial clans
  • Love music, especial the caustic Troll Jazz.
  • Are free spirits, children of the wild
  • Never get their Drivers License, and are not acknowledged by the AUTHORITY.

Some Trolla:

  • Leave their clans
  • Learn some trade or skill, such as mechanics or cartography
  • Become bounty hunters or body guards
  • Can engage in a berserk fury called “wonderkill”
  • Fight with hammers instead of bare fists.

Famed Trolla:

  • Brikka “Banjo” – Traveling musician. Is the most famed throat-singing Troll Jazz artist around. His baritone howls can be heard for miles and echo for weeks at a time.
  • Huk – Carnie fist fighter. Has traveled through most of Monstru and has never been defeated in the ring. His fists are wrapped in chains and secured with iron locks.


Vendomats, or vendor-mechan, resemble shambling vending machines with smiling pumpkin heads and tin top hats.

Converted from old-time Halloween Golems, the Vendomats were retrofitted as vending machines decades ago, send out to earn money for greedy State corporations. They’ve been known to vend Muzz, radio tubes, poison, spanners, gloves, maps, oilbrew, or wands, and most did their job with gusto. At least at first. Today, they’re largely ignored, as the Great Recession has put a damper on most monster’s disposable income.

Diet: Wood chips and charcoal for the inner-boiler engine (Sawdust Chews®)
Lifespan: Up to 500 years, with regular maintenance.
Size: 5-7 feet tall.

Racial Skill:  Advertise (Spirit)
Free Skill: Speak Monston (Spirit)
Racial Gift: ?
Racial Fault: ?

Most Vendomats:

  • Are good speakers, able to hawk their product with endless enthusiasm
  • Have plenty of room to carry equipment – by sacrificing deep stock of their vended product
  • Are licensed, and are programmed to serve a distinct region or a specific highway
  • Answer to a Company Distributor, who fills the Vendomat from time to time, and collects CrowBucks
  • Spend their lives alone, walking on the shoulder of roads and highways – for decades
  • See enough adventure on the road that they seek conservative lives
  • Are fitted with explosives so that most folks are smart enough not to try to rob them

Some Vendomats

  • Have been long forgotten by their company owners
  • Get lost, and have no idea where they are
  • Become smugglers, and work for the Factory Resistance moving contraband
  • Work for themselves, attempting to amass a fortune of their own
  • End up as burnt out shells on the side of the road

Famed Vendomats

  • Kir 2252 – Kir 2252 broke the regional Muzz sales record 212 months in a row, before he was tragically hit by a drunk driver and exploded. A plaque was placed on the road-side in his honor.


A zombie isn’t so much a race, as it an infected creature. Any Monster Race (except Patchworks) are liable to contract the virus from the bite of a zombie, which is a painfully slow disease that gradually converts it’s host into a brainless, undead lunatic.

To date, there is no reliable cure for Zombism.

ZomCorp was attempting to create a perfume that had the added benefit of killing flies and other pesky insects. This actually worked, but it also killed the wearer and turned the corpse into an undead, flesh-starved, brainless monster. As the zombies bit other folks, the perfume-virus spread, creating legions of these rotters.

Zombie Gone® is now one of ZomCorp’s most popular products, and it’s Authority Approved!

Diet: Brains and monster-flesh
Lifespan: Until destroyed. (Headshot)
Size: 3-8 feet tall; same as zombie’s original race.

Racial Skill: Zombie Bite (Body)
Free Skill: Speak Monston (Spirit)
Racial Gift: ?
Racial Fault: ?

Most Zombies

  • Smell really nice. (Like a springtime breeze.)
  • Shamble about slowly, and are not too difficult to outrun.
  • Travel in Legions of 10-500 zombies.
  • Wander the streets and Hellways looking for fresh flesh to eat!
  • Survive until they are torched by a Zombie Control Patrol.
  • Brains matter most when looking for a mate.
  • Live to do nothing more than tear fleshies into little bite-sized pieces.
  • Don’t remember anything about their previous lives.
  • Hate the smell of Zombie Gone®, and will sometimes cause them to explode.
  • Are pretty happy, and always hungry.

Some Zombies

  • Hang onto their minds and dignity for months before they fully “convert.”
  • Live with their Crew until they’re no longer helpful.
  • Turn red and are extremely fast and freaky! (Red Runners)

All Zombies

  • Eventually forget their past lives and identity.

Zombie Details

Zombies never get wound penalties, giving them a relentless ability to resist the effects of damage.

Zombies also heal by consuming the flesh of living things, be it animals or other monsters. I wouldn’t let anyone see you eat other monsters though.

Zombie Decomposition Scale:

Every month a monster that has become a Zombie loses more of his self and drifts closer to becoming a mindless dead-head. While a zombie does get stronger, if any potential ever drops below a Poor level, the zombie becomes a brainless and loses all cognitive ability.  

1 Month-1 Spirit +1 Body
2 Months-1 Mind
3 Months-1 Spirit +1 Body
4 Months-2 Mind
5 Months-1 Mind and -2 Spirit. +1 Body

Famed Zombies

  • Mig Nola – The infamous inventor (and Factory Rebellion leader) was turned into a zombie to temporarily stave off death, when he was stomped by a CrowBot. It is rumored that Nola invented some secret way to slow down the virus, though this has never been confirmed. Nola was recently burned-up in an electro-majik experiment.
  • Kakal – This fast-moving Zombie is believed to be the first of the Red Runner strain, and is probably behind the recent outbreak of the redlings. Several reports indicate that Kakal is somehow impervious to fire and especially clever for a zombie.


Character Names

The Proles of Monstru have first names that are a bit like our own names here on Earth, though they often are corrupted a bit.

Common First Names in Monstru

Walter, Wally, WalgBetty, Beasty
Frank, Franken, FrankoRose, Rosa, Roz
Howard, Howie, BirtMartha, Marty, Marta, Maria
Eugene, EarlDorothy, Doro
Willy, GrissAlice, Hilda, Lilly
Bolt, Nail, Gear, StrahdThelma, Nebula, Nyx
Sam, Samuel, Samhain, SamithEster, Edna, Artha, Awna
Jesse, Jess, JessopRita, Relica, Chary
Sprocket, Cogg, ChainsHazel, Elviro, Skulla
Jack, Hark, Boris, LuckySiren, Arachna
Glen, Klew, LirchOpal, Kate, Kizzy
Oliver, Luka, Vlad Lola, Leela, Lois
Guy, Throttle, RasputinBilly, Mala, Maleen
Archie, FeasterOlive, Boo
Orville, Oil, IonHilda, Hildy, Hiss

Common Surnames (Last names)

Slaughter, Anchor Elder, Eldrich, ElkenspillSmashgrub, Spark,
Butcher, Biter, BadjawCabbage, Kratta, PoePickens, Igorstein
Klawborn, SmithclawTaur, Toro, PhantosAxelhub, Lumenbrew
Payload, GearboxCogger, Crateman, CluePistonkick, Steampipe
Doomchew, DrakkenYael, Lumen, Pesha, ThacoSmogsworth, Fleetbox

These lists are in no way complete or comprehensive, and are provided for inspiration. Please feel free to make up your own names, or research some on the Internet (by searching for “popular names in 1900.”) There are thousands of possibilities.

Character Creation

We’ve spent endless summers doing nothing more than building characters in other, more complicated, game systems. In MCRPG, you won’t be rolling dice forever, as we’ve attempted to streamline the system to be simple, make sense, go quickly, and allow you to get into your game fast-quick!

Here’s a brief overview on how to build your character:

  1. Define your character concept
  2. Pick a Race
  3. Assign your Potentials
  4. Choose your Past
  5. Pick your Region of Origin
  6. Buy additional Skills
  7. Choose additional Gifts/Faults
  8. Purchase Gear
  9. Play!

Define your character concept

Think about your character. What’s she like? How has she lived until now? Why does she travel with her Crew? What’s her story? Jot down some quick notes, and see if you can come up with something cool and fun to play.

Pick a Race

  • Choose a racial Fault
  • Choose a racial Gift
  • Pick 1 FAIR racial skill

Assign your Potentials

Between BODY, MIND, and Spirit assign:

  • 1 as MEDIOCRE
  • 1 as FAIR
  • 1 as GOOD
  • Remember that these are your “potential levels” rather than the actual level of your powers. Potentials are the utmost limit that your skills can attain in that category.
  • Assign Health, Willpower, and Majik wounds in each section.

Pick your Region of Origin

Each Region offers 1 free regional skill at Fair.

  • Hinge Province
    • Brew Weer (Mind) (Hinge Province only) Useful as a cleaner for machine parts, as well as a beverage for both beast and Mechan, Weer is a weed-wine solvent not widely appreciated. You know how to make it.
    • Cook Rundle (Mind) (Hinge Province only) You know how to properly prepare this oily yellow curried dandelion soup. It is nutritious, and very flavorful.
  • Minik Province
    • Sing the Dirge of Minik (Spirit) (Minik Province only) Singing this Dirge for 30 minutes calls forth friendly, and fairly useless, wild Haunts. Most of the time.
    • Brew Minik Red Tea (Mind) (Minik Province only) You know how to brew this hard tea, though it requires a Red Tea Still.
  • Bayne Province
    • Bayne Jig (Spirit) (Bayne Province only) Dancing the Bayne Jig results in the dancer being rendered dry. (1 addition monster per skill above Fair.)
    • Identify Festival (Mind) (Bayne Province only) Growing up in Bayne, you have experienced hundreds of different holidays. This skill allows you the chance to identify other holidays that you encounter.
  • Trusk Province
    • Play Trolla Warpipes (Spirit) (Trusk Province only) A terrible droning sound that can be heard for miles Trolla take great pride in their pipes. (1 mile for every level above Fair.) Useful for signaling over great distances. Warpipes are required.
  • Goru Province
    • Salt Painting (Spirit) (Goru Province only) You are able to do large, artistic paintings with various colors of tinted salt. (Useful for leaving embedded symbolic messages for other Gorutians.)
    • Make Goru Doom Elixir (Mind) (Goru Province only) You know how to make Goru Salt Potions, which are cheap, salty, and often explosive. Boom Doom! Ingredients: Goru salt crystals, Goru cabbage, a beaker, and heat! A result of Good or better means that you were successful. (GM rolls secretly for you.) -4f and it explodes while you’re brewing!

Gain your three Defense Skills: Dodge, Mental Fortitude and Jinx Slip.

Choose your Past

  • Write down your character’s individual story and skills that your past gives you.
  • Give one Defense, Racial, or Past skill a Good Level
  • Give two Defense, Racial, or Past skills a Fair Level
  • Give three Defense, Racial, or Past skills a Mediocre Level
  • Select the Past’s Gifts and Faults.
  • Write down the gear outlined in Past
  • Write down starting cash

Buy additional Skills and Potentials with 50 Fortune Points

  • Potentials are new level x8
  • Skills are new level x2

Skill Level PurchasedCost in Fortune Points
Mediocre4 pts  
Fair10 pts
Good18 pts  
Great28 pts  
Superb40 pts

Choose additional Gifts/Faults (Optional)

  • For every new Fault you take, select an additional Gift
  • Characters max out at 4 Gifts and 4 Faults (Leave room for more later)

Purchase Gear

  • Using your cash, buy some adventure gear for your character
  • Check with your GM if you have any questions, or if you don’t see what you want on the price list.

If your Game Master is running a game where your characters are more experienced, combine two pasts and see how many Fortune Points extra you have for upgrading characters.

Go Play!

Choose a Past

A “Past” is a general background framework for your character, that encompasses how they’ve lived until now. It is a combination of your character’s career, education, and life experiences, and provides beginning equipment, skills, and at least one fault and a gift. Feel free to flesh out your Past, bringing it to life with rich details, or adjusting it to suit your needs.

The provided Paths are simply a shorthand method to give some examples of what’s possible, and to get you into the game faster. If you’ve got a better Skill/Gift/Fault for your version of a Past, substitute it! (But but sure to run it by your GM.)

Once you’re comfortable with the rules, feel free to make up your own pasts. If you’ve got a great one that fits MONSTRU to a T, share it with us at If it’s Great we’ll put it in the game.

If your Game Master is running a game where your characters are more experienced, add two pasts together to achieve some interesting and unique results! Hobo Warlock? Charlatan Dentist? All great ideas.

Sample Pasts:

  • Luchador
  • Barber
  • Dandy Cab Driver
  • Farmer
  • Doomshine Runner
  • Gear Jerk (Factory Worker)
  • Grifter
  • Sky Pirate
  • Spy Scout
  • Vendor
  • Escaped Criminal

Past Template

Name – What the Past is commonly called.
Quote – Some attitude to give a sense of their experience. You don’t have to talk that way.

Description – A general background. Feel free to adjust and modify this to suit your needs, as this is provided as a starting point.

Gifts: Each character starts out with at least one Gift. Some Pasts come with two. If these aren’t what you had in mind, suggest another to your GM.
Faults: Each character starts with at least one Fault. If the Past comes with two Gifts, it should also come with two Faults.

Skills: Each past usually has 4 skills, but sometimes they come with more or less. They should make sense for the Past’s previous experience.

Equipment: The starting gear and money for the character. This will most certainly change through play as your character loses and finds more trappings.

Salary Rating: This gives you an idea of your monthly salary (if you kept doing your job). If you’re unemployed and not on an Unpatriot list you receive a $25 CrowBucks per month unemployment benefit.

Barber (Males only)

“What can I do ya for?”

An expert at monster maintenance, you’ve been trained to shave faces, trim mustaches, coif hair, sharpen claws, and polish horns. You are good at your job, but the business has slowly been drying up as beasts have little money to spare for such fine services. Perhaps a sophisticated crew could find use for a creature so skilled with the shears. (Heck, you’re a pretty decent scissor fighter!)

Gifts: (Choose one) Dapper, Fast Talker, Raspute

Faults: (Choose one) Macho, Smells Bad, Bad Feet, Wounded (missing finger), Something is Missing

Skills: Barbering, Weapons Proficiencies (Scissor, Straight Razor), Disguise, First Aid/Healing

Equipment: Several pairs of sharp shears, a bag of hair, a sharpening strap, a straight razor, an apron, several jars of fancy ointments, many tins of Dapper Drakuul’s Feratu hair pomade, and 250 CrowBucks from savings.

Salary: Fair


“Will eat for food” – Beggar’s sign.

Gifts: Roadkill stomach, Healthy, Road Kill Belly

Faults: Sugartooth, Uneducated, Phobia, Lazy

Skills: Scavenge, Evaluate Beast, Conceal, Vending

Equipment: A set of ratty clothes, a set of nice clothes, makeup, a fake cast for an arm or leg, a bottle of Gabson’s Stinkoil, a switchblade knife, a cardboard sign, and $100 CrowBucks.

Salary Rating: Fair

Bounty Witch

“Mumble, Bubble toil and trouble; Felon burn, and bounty doubled.”

You’ve always been a free-Witch, using your Majik to hunt down criminals and collecting their fat bounties. While the AUTHORITY has never been terribly fond of your Majik ways, you’ve captured enough valuable UnPatriots that they’ve allowed you an annual License to Jinx – free of charge.

One of your enemies, probably another jealous Witch-Sister (Spy Scout), has ratted you out as a UnPatriot and you’ve been ordered to turn yourself in to Celebration Hall #313. (Bounty: $200 CrowBucks.)

You’ve seen what happens in those places, and you know that a vivisection would be terrible on your complexion. You packed up your cauldron and you need a good Crew to hide amongst, while you plan your sweet/sick revenge.

Gifts: Majikborne (Choose one more) Authority Secret, Light Sleeper, Never Forgets a Face.

Faults: Wanted (Choose one more) Bipolar, Obsessive-Compulsive, Owes favors, Wounded.

Skills: Jinx Bolt, 2 Jinx, Tracking, Smell

Equipment: A sleek black hat, sharp buckled shoes, a silken dress with robes, a number of handcuffs of various sizes, a terminated License to Jinx, and $450 CrowBucks.

Salary Rating: Good


“A sucker is born every minute. What’s your name?

You’ve made a living duping the slow-witted, and the Chaps never seem to see it coming. You roll into town, offer then some get-rich-quick scheme or some “medicine” (placebo) to cure their every ill, and then roll right back out – with pockets stuffed with fat crowbucks. It’s not that you don’t have a heart, but buyer beware, right?

The problem is the “medicine” that you sold that town back there turned out to be something more akin to a poison than a cure – and you murdered half of them on accident. The other half want you dead. You’re not sure that they’re wrong.

You’ve pulled your last hoodwink. It’s time to clean up your life. You’ve gotta find a way to make this right. There’s a way, right? Right now, it’s just time to run.

Gifts: (Choose one) Fast Talker, Dapper, Cool Head
Faults: (Choose one) Guilty, Compulsive Liar, Wounded
Skills: Haggle, Bluff, Evaluate Beast, Sprint, Speak Streetkant

Equipment: A flashy striped suit, a porkpie hat, a shiny cane, a briefcase containing fake Cure-all bottles, a counterfeit birth certificate, some sham AUTHORITY war bonds, the first real guilt in your life, and $250 crowbucks.

Salary Rating: Good

Clownbite Manager

Would you like to try our New Spicy Buffalo Tater Nuggs?”

You were told that working for Clownbite would be full of glamor and adventure, catering to the thousands of unique monsters that drive past Clownbite locations daily on their commute.

You gave good service with a red make-up smile, but the customers were rude, and the hours were endless. Making manager was supposed to be the happiest day of your life, but the since the manager clown wig was placed on your head, you’ve wanted to see more of the world of MONSTRU. You quit, and now you’re on your way.

Gifts: (Choose one) Cool Head, Company Secret (Clownbite), Hard Labor
Faults: (Choose one) Bad Back, Clumsy

Skills: Hide, Cooking, Fix Furnace, Haggle

Equipment: “Borrowed” Clownbite Uniform, red and white clown makeup, 10 Crowbucks, a big metal spatula, and a few coupons for free 3-ring fries with purchase of a Slappy Meal®.

Salary Rating: Fair

Circus Beast

“Who’s more ova freak? Me, or you? You paid to look at me…”

You were sold to the circus at an early age, because of your especially bestial appearance. Sure, you live in a world of monsters, so you’re especially monstery with some physical oddity such as long horns, giant tusks, albino skin, or two heads. Your freak-show career was cut short when you had enough of the cruel carnie badgering, and ran away. You’re on the lookout for a new, kinder crew.

Gifts: (Choose one) Fire Resistance, Famous, Fast Talker
Faults: (Choose one) Freaky Physical Appearance, Wildborn

Skills: Pick Locks, Sneak, Hide

Equipment: A threadbare striped carnie suit, face makeup, a shoddy hat, a tarnished folding knife, and a tear-stained heliostat that could be your mother.

Salary Rating: Poor

Dandy Cab Driver

“Yeah, yeah. Whertoo Patriot-bub?”

You’ve been in this Mega-city for decades driving Proles around from one place to another for Dandy Cab. It’s dangerous dirty work, especial since the economy dropped out with this war with CREATU – and the pay is next to nothin’. But still, you did your job, and tried to not get stabbed in the neck again.

You like drivin’ just fine (it’s all you know) but when Dandy Co. decided that selling soup to the customer was a good idea, that was the last straw. You’re no 2-bit cook; you’re the Driver. A professional. Gimme some respect!

You turned in your Dandy-badge last Tuesday, and within a few days, you found a new Crew to drive for. At least they got a cook, and nobody has tried to stab you.

Gifts: Driver’s License

Faults: Addiction

Skills: Drive, Streetwise, Speak Streetkant, Evaluate Beast, Bluff.

Equipment: A cabbie cap, a leather vest, a switchblade knife, Dandy Cab wrist bands, fingerless driving gloves, and a number of neck scars.

Salary Rating: Poor

Delivery Beast

“Hish! Scoot over. I’m the driver.

You’ve spent years driving across the highway systems of MONSTRU, moving cargo (legally) from city to city, place to place, for CARGO TIGER. You’ve seen it all, and have been to half of MONSTRU, but you’ve tired of the same old thing. Your bones want freedom, and you’ve ditched your ho-hum delivery career for a life of adventure.

Gift: (Choose one) Drivers License, Useful Contact

Faults: (Choose one) Macho, Road Rager

Skills: Map Use, Corporate Talk, Evaluate Goods, Navigate, Drive Rig
Equipment: Delivery uniform (patched), faded driving gloves, a few Hellway maps (a little outdated), an oak baton, and a stained CARGO TIGER coffee cup.

Salary Rating: Fair (Tips)

Débutante (Female Only)

“Hey there daddy, I’m ready for some adventure.”

You’ve spent your life in the lap of luxury for as long as you can remember. You might be the daughter of a powerful AUTHORITY politician or the some from a family that recently struck it rich. You never were allowed to go exploring outside of your elaborate manor, but you managed to sneak away from your security detail and will join the first crew you see.

Gifts: (Choose one) Feaster, Common Sense, Dapper, Danger Sense

Faults: (Choose One) Naive, Amorous Heartbreaker, Monstertarian

Skills: Tumble, Art, Dance, Occult Knowledge

Equipment: Two fancy dresses, Two “explorers” outfits, a personal goblin servant, and 50 Crowbucks.

Salary Rating: Great


“Hello. I’m going to give you something for the pain—first, let me file this tusk to a nice, sharp point.”

You went to school for years and years to learn your trade. Your job isn’t so much fixing cavities or repairing other flaws in teeth; your primary job is to sharpen fangs, file tusks, and generally to help monsters have the most dangerous mouths possible.

Thing is, putting your hands into stranger’s mouths has lost it’s initial appeal. You keep hearing about the excitement of the open road, with the wind in your hair and the open-mouth cough left miles behind. So today, you quit your practice, and you’re looking for a Crew to help show you more of Monstru beyond the stale office.

Gifts: (Choose one) Common Sense, Dapper, Cool Head
Faults: (Choose one) Addiction, Bad Back, Monstertarian, Vain
Skills: Dentistry, First Aid, Library Use

Equipment: A medical bag filled with various dental instruments, 3 vials of high-quality pain killers, 3 vials of high-quality pain enhancers, a nice wool coat, a box of latex gloves, and 200 Crowbucks.

Salary Rating: Good

Furnace Slave (Goblin)

“I ain’t anybody’s slave no more. From now on, I just work for me…”

You’ve lived your entire, short life shoveling coal in the belly of a steamcar. It’s been monumentally difficult at times, but you’ve learned a thing or two about the workings of these engines. Two days ago, the dobbs left the coal chute open, and you were one your way! You’re life seemed just about over, but now it’s just starting!

Gifts: (Choose one) Hard Labor, Iron Jaw, Roadkill Belly, Tastes Bad
Faults: (Choose one) Black Lung, Deaf, Bad Back, Antisocial, Coward

Skills: (At Good) Speak Goblir and Gobmit, Fix Furnace, Contort

Equipment: A coal spade, metal helmet, slave collar (bolted on), tin lunch pail, work gloves, and a pair of scratched goggles.

Salary Rating: Terrible

Faded Star/Starlet

Acting is bigger than life. Singing is bigger than life. I am bigger than life.

You were once the talk of the town, an iconic singer and entertainer loved by millions of radio listeners. You recorded a lauded album, and you won “Newcomer of the Year” and a dozen more gilded awards. You were told by your agent that this was just the beginning of an amazing career!

The follow-up album was a disappointment to your label, and your radio show was quickly canceled. Your agent “moved on” after you threw a tantrum before the show in Spookane. Tastes change, and the concert halls no longer beckon you to play your old standards. Years pass, and you gradually squander your fortune on lavish parties, exotic liquors, and opulent feasts.

The last of your fortune was stolen by the remnants of your entourage, and you’ve been kicked out of the flea-bitten hotel where you’ve been living. It’s time to pick yourself up, and show the world that you’re no has-been! First stop? Find a new entourage!

Gifts: Famous (Choose one more) – Eld Hoard, Lucky Dog, Raspute
Faults: (Choose two) Absent Minded, Addiction, Amorous Heartbreaker, Antique, Coward, Lazy, Narcissist

Skills: Singing, Play Instrument, Disguise, Acting
Equipment: A very large (and heavy) suitcase, a fur coat, a makeup kit, a variety of costume jewelry, a pair of unreasonable shoes, and a set of shaded goggles. (In case you’re recognized.)

Salary Rating: Fair


“Never tell me the odds—I prefer evens.”

You’ve made a living playing cards, rolling dice, and gambling your whole life. You never stay in one megacity for very long, and for a while, you did pretty well. But, after an eventful night of playing spinjak your luck ran out, and you were beat within inches of your life by an angry (losing) brute. Maybe it’s time to put aside the life of a loner, and find a Crew that might provide a bit more insulation.

Gifts: (Choose one) Dapper, Lucky,

Faults: (Choose one) Lazy Dog, Narcissist, Wanted, Addiction

Skills: Gambling, Bluff, Boxing, Weapon Proficiency, Speak Streetkant
Equipment: A sharp looking black hat, a snazzy suit, a pair of loaded dice, a deck of tattered cards, a folding razor, a box of matches, and squinty eyes.

Salary Rating: Fair

Grease Monkey

Furnaces man, that’s what life is all about.”

You have always been surrounded by Rigs ever since you were little. You know how complicated engines work and can detect a mechanical problem by the whines and whistles of a rig. Your repair shop has been downsized and you have been laid-off. Instead of finding another shop, you decide to join up with a crew to keep their Rig up and running and hope to see some unique vehicles on the way.

Gift: (Choose one) Roadkill Belly, Driver’s License

Faults: (Choose one) Road-rager, Antisocial, Vile

Skills: Mechanics, Bend it, Calculate, Drive Rig
Equipment: A greasy jumpsuit, a rusty toolbox filled with tools and measuring equipment, your lucky dashboard hula girl and 30 Crowbucks.

Salary Rating: Mediocre

Hag (Crone only)

“My bones are the land, my blood is the sea, and my next meal… is YOU, my pretties.”

You are old, and wise, and crusty, and you’ve lived in this world longer than most other monsters. You see things that others miss, and the mystic winds of fate sing to your wrinkled ears.

While it is true that you have been shunned by the local populace, you’re not certain why. They seemed to get all upset that you enjoy eating the finger-bones of monster children, but a Hag has to eat!

You’ve been living under that tree over there for longer than you care to admit, but when Oni Industries razed it to make way for another parking lot, you had a premonition: now you must find a “marked Crew” and guide them with your wisdom.

Gifts: Majikborne (Choose one more) Cold Resistance, Disaster, Tastes Bad, Outdoorbeast
Faults: Antique (Choose one more) Half-Crazed, Socially Awkward, Warlock Bait, Disgusting Habit.
Skills: Majik Lore, Scavenge, Occult Lore, Read/Write Warlow, and one Jinx.

Equipment: Your lucky cauldron, a bag of blessed twigs, a pouch of hair, a raggity frock, a jar full of berries and old teeth, a bunch of rambling notes on various scrolls, a wicked curved dagger, and a pet Bone-Hound.

Salary Rating: Mediocre


No, I’m not going to bumfight for a Crowbuck. I’m not that desperate.”

Some say you’ve given up on life, while others say you are a product of the AUTHORITY’S management of the economy. What ever the reason, you don’t have a job and have been living your life on the streets. You are tired of pandering for loose crow bucks and pretending you are blind for sympathy. You have decided to join a crew for at least the slight chance that you will have food on the table more often.

Gifts: (Choose one) Unbelievable tale, Hard Labor, Cold Resistance.
Faults: (Choose one)Socially awkward, Vile
Skills: Streetwise, Look, Persuade, Speak Streetkant
Equipment: A hobo-bundle with a spoon, knife, cup, and plate. A wooden sign with a clever phrase.

Salary Rating: Abysmal

Junior Spy Scout

“I see, I spy, I listen; Unpatriots die!”

It wasn’t as if you were just noisy… you just wanted to make sure that your friends, neighbors, and family were blue-blood Patriots. You joined the JSS as an enthusiastic volunteer, and you were the eyes and ears of the vast AUTHORITY spy network. Those unpatriots that you turned in deserved unhistory; and you earned a Spy Scout badge for each and every one of them!

You were sure that someday you’d get to be a full Spy Scout, and get paid to catch those CREATU loving freaks!

When a member of JSS Troop 181 pointed the finger at your family, you explained that you’d already been watching them for years and that they were CLEAN! Within hours they too were unhistory, and only your own pristine record kept you from a similar fate. You were forced to turn in your red helmet and goggles, and they made it exceptionally clear that they were now watching you.

Maybe it’s time to discover some new friends, some new goggles, and a new movement.

Gifts: (Choose one) Authority Secret, Cool Head, Dapper
Faults: (Choose one) Authority Loyalist, Spacey, Antisocial, Paranoia
Skills: Authority Law, Camouflage, Investigation, Speak Authorine, Sneak
Equipment: A black journal, a pair of well-used binoculars, a long trench coat, 18 copper Spy Scout badges, a pair of black boots, and 90 CrowBucks.
Salary Rating: Mediocre

Junkyard Shaman

“The Wind-spirit says that you are a misguided Dobb, and that you should pike-it! Also, the spookies say that I should ride SHOTGUN!”

The crack in the center of the world still weeps; the land is dying. The others call it “the Monstru” but that’s just a recent name for the stones as ancient as the sky. You’ve done ceremonies and talked to the spirit world, and the message is clear: on this current path of waste and destruction – the end is near.

You’ve had a vision to join up with a circle of other individuals to oppose those false birds who seek to dominate the land and leach it’s remaining spirit-force. The land can be saved.

(This spiritual life sure beats when you were a garbage collector!)

Gifts: Majicborne (Choose one more) Outdoorbeast, Road Kill Belly, Danger Sense
Faults: (Choose two) Antique, Bad Back, Fanatic, Monstertarian, Paranoia
Skills: Nightvision, Unseen Servant, Harmonizing, Backfire
Equipment: Tattered robes, a wooden mask, a dreamcatcher, a totem staff, $55 Crowbucks, a pack of chewing gum, and some elaborate face tattoos.

Salary Rating: Poor


“Seriously? On the ceiling? Who DOES that!?”

You know hard work. You were either created for the sole purpose of doing a job that someone else didn’t want to do, or you took a job so get some sort of meager income. You could have been a farmer, a janitor, a maid, a waiter or any sort of servant. Maybe you worked in one of the AUTHORITY’s countless factories. Tired of taking orders from other bosses, you set out to make a new life with a Crew, and you’ll be damned if they make you clean up after them.

Gifts: Hard Labor (Choose one more) Common Sense, Road Kill Belly.

Faults: (Choose one) Bad Back, Clumsy, Coward, Antisocial, Spacey.

Skills: Cooking, Drive Rig, Look, Mechanics, Mental Fortitude

Equipment: Your very own mop or broom, uniform from your last job, a pair of gritty gloves, a pair of goggles, a bucket and $30 crowbucks.

Salary Rating: Poor

Long-haul Trucker

“Dark Ducky, you gotta Bucket on your backdoor, bubba.”

You’ve been driving an 18 wheeler longer than most these other Fods have been behind

the wheel. You’ve seen these jokers cut you off, and you’ve had to have the skills to keep your cargo from spilling across the vast Hellway like flotsam. It doesn’t matter what the Company asks you to haul, you do it, and you always get it there on time.

Thing is, this time the Company had you hauling some unlegal baggage, and when the Authority came a-callin’ they pinned it on you! You’re now a wanted beast, and you need to find some other souls to help you blend it. With some help, you can make the Authority (and the Company) pay.

Gifts: (Choose two) Company Secret, Cool Head, Street Smarts, Road Kill Belly

Faults: Wanted (Choose one more) Road-Rager, Macho, Addiction, Antique

Skills: Drive Rig, Speak Trucker Tongue, Wrestle

Equipment: A greasy Trucker hat, a leather vest, a heavy tire-iron, a bag of jerky, some corn-nuts, and 50 Crowbucks. (Male bonus: a flowing beard.)

Salary Rating: Mediocre


“SawBone is READY!”

You’ve spent the majority of your career in the big leagues, entertaining thousands of Proles in caged arena wrestling events. These matches are brutal, with bodies flying through the air, devastating punches and holds, and smashing body slam moves. Nothing is faked, and at one time you were one of the best.

As a Luchadore, you wore a mask keeping your true identity secret; but your stage-name is well-known by your fans.

With tough times the crowds thinned, and eventually the entire league collapsed. Eventually you made a few bucks wrestling in back-alley cages or roughing up bois who forget to pay their bar tab.

You’re not getting any younger, and you’ve made the call to leave The Life behind and start a new one before you drop dead of a heart attack. You figure that being a heavy for a good Crew just might be the way.

Gifts: Famous (Choose one more) Farmer Strength, Athletic, Pain Resistance
Faults: (Choose two) Adrenaline Junky, Illiterate, Macho, Wounded, Antique, Bad Back

Skills: Wrestle, Boxing, Brawl, Dodge, Speak Streetkant

Equipment: A famous leather mask, a glittery cape, brightly colored boots, a dirty overcoat, a pair of worn leather gloves, a fierce stage-name, a shoddy hat, a bunch of scars, an old gym bag, and $50 CrowBucks.

Salary Rating: Mediocre

Majik Lantern Film Producer

“Hold that pose right there, that’s perfect. Ughh, the lighting is all wrong! Move closer to me. Closer. CLOSER! Right there! and Action!”

You are one of the few Majik Lantern Film producers in Monstru and you have a desire to capture the gritty realness of life, and tell the stories of your subjects. Due to the lack of Authority funds, you have been the writer, director, editor, actors, caterer, and stunt men for all of your films. Tired of the strict censorship laws by the newly formed Authority Majik Lantern Broadcast Association of Monstru (AMLBAM), you stole a Lantern Camera and went out to document the truth.

Gifts: (Choose two) Danger Sense, Authority Secret, Company Secret, Famous, Inspiring

Faults: Wanted (Choose one more)  Obsessive-Compulsive, Narcissist, Vain

Skills: Investigation, Streetwise, Acting, Disguise, Look, Listen

Equipment: A Majik Lantern Camera, a tripod, two rolls of unused film, a film canister with your previous Opus, a black turtleneck, and $100 Crowbucks.

Salary Rating: Poor

Mad Scientist

“This will show them. This will show all of them! Mother said I’d never make it, she’ll be on her knees begging me not to killer her with my new undead bees. FEAST MY ZOM-BEES! FEAST ON THE FLESH OF ALL OF MONSTRU AND MAKE SWEET NECROTIC HONEY FROM THEIR ENTRAILS!”

Whether you dreamed of taking over the world or benefiting Monsterkind overall, you decided to refuse conventional scientific thought and shoot for the stars. Your mind is constantly thinking of new ideas for inventions and ways to implement your ideas to the masses. You tend to have some pretty controversial opinions and that has gotten you in trouble with the Authority. Your lab has been smashed and your name placed on Department 13’s watch list, you’ve been on the run for a while. You’ve been searching for the right crew to join that will help you with your maniacal inventions.

Gifts: (Choose two) Majikborn, Super Synapses, Never Forgets a Face, Photographic memory

Faults: Absent-minded (Choose one more) Phobia, Clumsy, Libertine, Narcissist.

Skills:  Wyrd Science, Chemistry, Majik Lore, Occult Lore, Patch-up, Fright

Equipment:  A journal of ideas for your crazy inventions, a special lab coat that you added pockets to, safety goggles, and $100 crowbucks.

Salary Rating: Mediocre

Mighty War Veteran

“Whats the problem, Beastio? Why can’t you go to Worch?”

“Too many bad memories…”

You fought valiantly in the Mighty War, either on the Barondook or Monstonia side. (Long before the AUTHORITY ever existed.) You watched friends get stepped on by Barondook Doom tanks or roasted alive by giant Daemons, so you might be understandably twitchy when the past comes up. You could have never settled down after the war, trying to continue the fight against your old enemies, or you could join up with a Crew to run from you past.

Gifts: (Choose two) Barondook Military Rank, Monstonia Military Rank, Danger Sense, War Plans, Survivor

Faults: Antique (Choose one more) Berserko, Libertine, Something is Missing, Wounded

Skills: Weapon Proficiency, Camping, Sprint, Camouflage

Equipment: Your antique weapons and armor from the Mighty War, A military survival handbook, an old backpack, an almost complete set of Mighty War collector plates, some worthless war bonds and 50 Crowbucks.

Salary Rating: Mediocre

Mobster District Boss

“Yeah see, I’m gonna make him an offer he canna refuse! Gettum on the horn, pronto!”

You’re part of The Family. An extended network of organized crime. Some call it “the mafia” others call you “Gangsters.” But what’s inna name?

You’ve made your money controlling the unlegal alcohol trade, working with smugglers, doomshine runners, and secret speakeasies. You were personally responsible for keeping the Lich District wet, planning, accounting for the protection money, and reporting directly to the Godfather. Prohibition was the best thing that ever happened to The Family. It’s grown rich and fat from barrels of booze.

Lucky Lena, a rival Mobster out of Lincoln City has declared war on your Family, and systematically taken them out one by one. Her assassins were so well-informed and effective, it must have been an inside job. You got the brains, see, and left town faster than a Feratu on fire.

It’s time to start a new Family. You gotta form a new Crew.

Gifts: (Choose two) Dapper, Eld Hoard, Underworld Contacts, Never Forgets a Face

Faults: Dangerous Enemy (Choose one more) Addiction, Infamous, Narcissist, Macho

Skills: Mental Fortitude, Evaluate Beast, Evaluate Goods, Persuade

Equipment: A dark pin-striped suit, a fine fedora, a silk vest, shiny shoes, a switchblade knife, bottle of hooch, a tin of hair pomade, 7 rings, a terrible scar and a briefcase full of $600 CrowBucks.

Salary Rating: Great

Mobster Thug

“You dumb mug, get your mitts off the marbles before I stiff-ya!”

You’re a member of The Family, a mafia network. Your job is ta collect protection money, and when they gots no money, you break kneecaps and smash fingers. It’s simple and you don’t think too much about the work. You got your gang, you have a good time, and you always work together.

But then this Mob Lady, this Lucky Lena, moved in. She had some crazy assassins move in and take out the Godfather, and then his lieutenants, and then the District Bosses and you could see it was coming down to your level next. You took the next bus out of town, but not before your bois got cut down.

Now you’re in a city that you don’t know, with no gang at all. You’d best find a new one, before those assassins come knocking on your door.

Gifts: (Choose one) Iron Jaw, Pain Resistance, Regenerate

Faults: (Choose one) Macho, Addiction, Dangerous Enemy, Naive

Skills: Streetwise, Torture, Intimidate, Brawl, Weapon Proficiency, Speak Streetkant

Equipment: A dark pin-striped suit, a fine hat, a silk vest, a switchblade knife, brass knuckles, a metal pipe, a pair of dice, and a lockbox with $200 CrowBucks.

Salary Rating: Good

Mobster Hitman

“Oh yes, it can be done… you know me. I’m part of the Family.”

You’ve worked for a Mob Family for years, doing their dirty work; you take out the enemies that they can’t handle. You are a gentlebeast, and a professional. You’re fast, you’re clean, and you’re effective.

Recently though, Lucky Lena moved into the Family’s District turf, and they’ve hired “the Monks”; the most ruthless assassins you’ve ever heard of. In no time at all, they’ve decimated the family, and there’s nothing left to do but to walk away.

Gifts: (Choose one) Cool Head, Underworld Contacts, Light Sleeper, Majikborne

Faults: (Choose one) Dangerous Enemy, Adrenaline Junky, Heartbroken, Paranoia

Skills: Weapon Proficiency, Conceal, Disguise

Equipment: A forgettable dark suit, a disguise, a fake identity, a newspaper, 2 smoke bombs, a weapon, and $500 CrowBucks.

Salary Rating: Good

Noodle Delivery Prole

“Will stab for tips.”

You deliver noodle-bowls to the few monsters that seem to be able to afford it these days. It’s the best work that you’ve ever had, but that’s not saying much. You ride your rigscooter up and down traffic, taking orders, and then coming back an hour later delivering towering stacked tins of NoodleSnake Noodles. Every few weeks, you might even get paid (in noodles.)

A series of robberies have made the risks of the job less worthwhile. This delivery boi, just like you, got himself shanked for 3 tins of noodles and $8 in crowbucks. Can you believe it?

Life’s too short. You sold your rigscooter, and you’re looking for a way out of this slum. That Crew right over there might just be the ticket.

Gifts: (Choose one) Lucky Dog, Athletic, Feaster
Faults: (Choose one) Youngling, Adrenaline Junky, Foodie
Skills: Ride Rigcycle, Vending, Dodge, Jinx Slip
Equipment: A helmet, goggles, and jacket from NoodleSnake Noodles. A pair of riding gloves, low boots, and a switchblade in case things get rough. $88 crowbucks sit nicely in your wallet.

Salary Rating:  Mediocre (tips)


With the White Wyrm, all things are possible.”

You see patterns and hidden meaning in everything (Monstru is ending), especially since you joined the secret organization (oh YES) called the “White Wyrm Society” ten years ago. (The Wyrm knows all!) Here you found camaraderie and cohorts (we believe) unlocking the hidden workings (secrets) of the “the Great Wyrm”. (All hail the Wyrm!) Everything was quite exciting (you hardly slept) until the High Wyrmlord (hail Wyrmlord Steve) and you disagreed on the interpretations of the Wyrm’s messages (the strings of entropy), and you were nearly executed. (Hey!) You escaped but you’re being trailed by the White Wyrm’s hired assassins (sneaky). You’re beginning to wonder if the WWS wasn’t a cult? (Is it?!) Maybe it’s time to find some new, less dedicated, friends.

Gift: (Choose two) Danger Sense, Disaster, Pain Resistance

Faults: Dangerous Enemy (choose one) Paranoia, Antisocial, Obsessive-Compulsive

Skills: Disguise, Occult Lore, Library Use, Persuade

Equipment: White robes, a silver amulet and membership ring of the WWS, a very large tattoo of white Wyrm snaking down your left arm, a scary hood, and a suitcase containing a 480 sketches of the White Wyrm that you drew yourself.

Salary Rating:  Poor

Postgoblin (Goblin)

“Actually, I do know the fastest way across town—it’s my old mail route.”

Being a goblin is never easy, but you’ve found a pretty great life (for a goblin) working for the Authority Postal Authority (APA). Sure, you’re still a slave, but you’re one of the few of your kind that gets to travel a mail route, breath fresh air, and not live in a heat-stroke engine boiler. However, with the recent APA budgetary cut-backs, your work-load has doubled and there’s been no way for you to deliver all of your packages on time. You’ve tried your best, but you’ve had to “lose” packages here and there to just keep up. The Postmaster General has noticed, and assigned an Inquisinator to your case. With news of your impending demise, you went “postal” and bolted. You’d best find a new Crew, before you’re caught.

Gifts: (Choose two) Hard Labor, Authority Secret, Street Smarts, Outdoor Beast

Faults: Dangerous Enemy (the Authority), (choose one) Lazy, Wanted, Socially Awkward.

Skills: Map Use, Marathon, Navigate, Throw/Catch, Speak Gobmit and Goblir.
Equipment: An APA uniform, badge and coffee cup, running goggles, a mailbag full of undelivered letters (unemployment checks) and packages, 10 books of stamps, an ALA clipboard and pencil, a brand on your back stating that you’re official ALA property, and a Goblin Postworker License that is certainly no longer valid.

Salary Rating:  Poor

Pirate Radio Personality

Nemesis Nate at Monstru Pirate Radio, bringing you the latest in tunes to rock your feet, mechanical legs, or cloven hooves to. Coming up next is “I Saw You From Across The Lane, by Punkfist Dirigible.”

Unauthorized, fringe mobile radio stations arise from time to time, to tattle on the misdeeds of the AUTHORITY, or to attempt to foster a monster rebellion. Some may be affiliated with the Factory Rebellion, while others might be AUTHORITY traps themselves. While most monsters dismiss Pirate Radio as an unlawful CREATU plot, some find their messages affirming.

You have worked with some steampunk-rebels and developed an exciting on-air personality, riling up the masses and playing forbidden wax cylinders of underground musical acts.

That was, until the AUTHORITY triangulated the position of your broadcast van, and stomped it flat. You barely escaped with your life, though your comrades weren’t so lucky.

It’s time to discover some other unPatriot friends and take some hurt back to the AUTHORITY. The truth must be known.

Gifts: (Choose one) AUTHORITY Secret, Danger Sense, Fast Talker, Underworld Contacts

Faults: (choose one) Adrenaline Junky, Narcissist, Vain, Wanted

Skills: Acting, Persuade, Disguise, Townwise.
Equipment: A radio transmitter backpack and microphone, a long trench-coat, a fedora, a comb, 5 wax cylinders, a tin of Dapper Drakuuls Hair Pomade, and $50 crowbucks.

Salary Rating: Poor

Private Eye

Business has been dead lately, deader than that gob underneath that dump truck.”  

The rain-slick city streets have been one of the few places you have felt comfortable. Servicing the monster community with their mysteries, you’ve swam through the dark waters of the criminal underworld for a time and it makes you happier than a clown on Quaaludes. With the towering iron terrors of the AUTHORITY’S Crowbots smashing any problem the citizens have, your business has gone bone dry. You decide to head out into the night and find new customers to solve their problems (for a hefty fee.)

Gift: (Choose one) Street Smarts, Cool Head, Dapper, Lucky Dog

Faults: (Choose one) Dangerous Enemy, Infamous, Paranoia  

Skills: Investigation, Authority Law, Forgery, Sprint,  Speak Streetkant
Equipment: A fedora and three-piece suit, a notebook and pen, a magnifying glass, a knife, and 75 crowbucks.

Salary Rating: Fair


“The way you hold your Teslan Torch shows that you have an unconscious fixation of the phal-”

“I’m going to stop you right there, Doc. Sometimes a torch is just a torch.”

You have always wondered why monsters exhibit certain behaviors and to you, the mind is a treasure trove of secrets and unknown inhibitions. You’ve studied all you can on the writings of Sig Fredpatch, Can-o-Jung, and Alf Add’em and you’ve set up a decent little practice, helping Monstru citizen’s with their issues. The Authority has been watching you very intently, seeing if you are influencing your patients with anti-AUTHORITY propaganda. You decided to skip on AUTHORITY regulations and join a Crew and seek out uncommon new patients.  

Gifts: (Choose one) Fast Talker, Super Synapses, Cool Head

Faults: (Choose one) Absent-Minded, Anti-social, Curious Mind, Guilty

Skills: Psychotherapy, Investigation, Persuade, Haggle

Equipment: A notebook and pen for keeping notes on your subject, A portable inflatable couch for your patients, A tattered copy of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Monster Madness version 2 (DSMM 2), and 250 Crowbucks

Salary Rating: Fair


“Whatsit to YOU?! Siddown, you cabbage-mange backthrup! I’ll pummel yer face til it’s a sad sack fer holdin’ yer teeth.”

You’ve been the local big fella, for as long as you can remember, punchin folks for one reason or another, or none at all. It don’t matter, but it’s how you earn a CrowBuck when somebody wants someone smashed.

You’ve got a big mouth, and bigger fists; you’re not afraid to use either. Heck, you ain’t afraid of nothin’. (Well, that’s not entirely true, but revealing your secret fear is nothing that you’d ever admit to willingly.) You’ve spent your most recent years sinking deeper into the seats of the bar-truck, slowly rotting between mouthing off to incite another rumble. Recently, after a string of beatings that you barely manage to survive, you’ve decided that this is your last hurrah; go see some of MONSTRU outside of a bar, and find if you could ever replace your ‘shine with a real friend. It’s either that, or die tryin’.

Gifts: (Choose one) Farmer Strength,

Faults: (Choose one) Phobia,

Skills: Speak Streetkant, Brawl,

Equipment: A half-empty bottle of Doomshine, some brass knuckles,  

Salary Rating: Terrible

Road Bandit

“Gimme your wealth or your health”

It’s been a pretty good life. You hide out under some dead-end overpass, and wait for strangers to rough up and steal from. Sometimes you get a van full of trade goods, other times you get a big fight. (Your favorite!) But being a Road Bandit has begun to sour, as the CrowBots are cracking down on such illicit activities, and you’ve recently been beat up by a rival bandit within inches of death. You’ve decided to go legit, and straighten up your life. Now, you’re looking for a good Crew that needs a really hard fist.

Gifts: (Choose one) Iron Jaw, Pain Resistance, Raspute
Faults: (Choose one) Antisocial, Berserko, Illiterate

Skills: Brawl, Intimidate, Evaluate Beast
Equipment: Block and chain, worn fingerless gloves, a broken wrench (for hittin!), and a bottle of Kak.

Salary Rating: Poor


“Shhhh! We can’t talk about that here.”

You are a true believer and patriot for your faction of choice, be it a company, the resistance, or the Authority. You love to work undercover and deceive people, while learning secrets and using fancy unique gadgets. You have a mission that requires you to join and work with a crew for the time being. You have to keep one or more of your crew mates safe for a reason that only you know.

Gifts: (Choose one) Cool Head, Lucky, Fast Talker, Athletic, Famous, Danger Sense

Faults: (Choose one) Libertine, Narcissist, Wanted, Guilty

Skills: Brawl, Disguise, Forgery, Camouflage, Marathon, Streetwise
Equipment: A nice suit, a spy decoder ring, a black fedora, A Teslan Magnum 6 handgun, a case of disguise mustaches, a monster talker, a silver stilleto, and $500 crowbucks.

Salary: Fair

Stand-up Comedian

Abraham Lincolnstein walks into a bar, it’s destroyed and dozens are killed. I’ll be here all week!”

You love to make others laugh. Maybe you were created to tell jokes by your maker or your life has been so utterly horribly that you can’t help but poke fun and yourself and others.Things weren’t so funny last month when the CrowBots put the hurt on your club, and stomped it to kindling. Out of work, you’re looking for a new crowd (and Crew) to entertain.

Gifts: (Choose one) Fast Talker, Famous
Faults: (Choose one) Compulsive Liar, Wanted
Skills: Acting, Bluff, Tumble, Look
Equipment: A joke book, a megaphone, a porkpie hat, and a black cane.

Salary Rating: Poor

State Chemist

“I don’t know how to fix it, but I do know how to make it explode.”

You worked for the Authority, developing all sorts of new and exciting chemicals for the war with CREATU. You worked on developing synthetic coal, Patchwork Wonder-Soldiers, armored paints, and even some of the compounds for Bliss Gas. And that’s the issue.

You uncovered evidence that Bliss Gas was utilized against peaceful Feratu sympathisers, reducing them to emotionless drones. You were assured that it would only be used on CREATU soldiers, and in your disappointment you fled your life’s work.

Salary Rating: Fair

Gifts: (Choose one) Authority Secret, Photographic Memory, Common Sense
Faults: (Choose one) Horrible Burns, Obsessive-Compulsive, Racist
Skills: Chemistry, Speak Authorine, Library Use, Mental Fortitude
Equipment: Lab coat, a variety of beakers, 5 explosive bomb vials, protective goggles, long black rubber gloves, and 150 Crowbucks.


Boy, it’s lucky that you have these compartments inside of you.”  

“I use them for smuggling. I never thought I’d be smuggling another person in them. This is ridiculous.”

You move black market goods from place to place, sneaking it under spying eye of the Authority. One week you might haul cases of Muzz to a blacktop market, and the next bags of dried beans to a starving town. It isn’t great work, but it’s better than sitting around.

Heck, the job only exists because the CrowBots over-regulate everything; who can afford to pay 75% tax?! You’re not really breaking the law when you’re helping beasts fill their empty stomachs.

Last week your jackwagon got stomped by a bunch of rusty Buckets. You escaped unharmed, but now you’re on the lookout for some new rubes with a Rig of their own.

Gifts: (Choose one) Underworld Contacts, Street Smarts, Raspute
Faults: (Choose one) Addiction, Dangerous Enemy, Owes Favors
Skills: Conceal, Camouflage, Drive Rig, Speak Trollspek
Equipment: A long coat with a bunch of secret pockets, a felt top-hat, a pair of grubby boots, a notebook with some good smuggling routes of one city, a heavy crate of your last cargo (still requiring delivery), and a notepad with 5 chewed-on pencils.

Salary Rating: Fair

Examples of goods that you might have smuggled:

  • Books
  • Canned food
  • Cheese
  • Muzz
  • Weapons
  • ClockWork Data spools
  • Majik supplies
  • Other Monsters
  • Furnace goblins
  • Factory Rebellion

Tax Collector

You’ve spent the last decade working for the Bureau of Joy as a low-level Authority tax collector. While it isn’t popular work, you’ve managed to survive your employment and even rake in an income, which is rare thing these days. The years paperwork and endless tedium have worn you down, and (surprising yourself) you’ve recently handed in your resignation letter. You’re ready to do something rash, and go on a crazy adventure of your own!

Gifts: Authority Secret, Danger Sense, Photographic Memory
Faults: Adrenaline Junky, Dangerous Enemy, Racist
Skills: Marathon, Authority Law, Evaluate Goods, Mental Fortitude, Dodge, Weapon Proficiency Baton.
Equipment: A metal clipboard (PROPERTY OF THE AUTHORITY), a metal fountain pen (PROPERTY OF THE AUTHORITY), a black suit with skinny tie and Authorty pin, a black metal baton (PROPERTY OF THE AUTHORITY), and a dented armored black briefcase (PROPERTY OF THE AUTHORITY).
Salary Rating: Fair



Born on the streets of Monstru you have resorted to a life of crime to get by. You see the wealthy CrowBots that enjoy the spoils that they have taken from the citizens of MONSTRU and have vowed to steal from the rich and give back to the poor, which is everyone.

Gifts: (Choose Two) Sewer-born, Underworld Contacts, Street Smarts, Survivor
Faults: Guilty (Choose one more) Illiterate, Monstertarian, Narcissist, Uneducated
Skills: Disguise, Forgery, Streetwise, Marathon, Bluff
Equipment: Lockpicking tools, a cool cloak with a hood, a disguise kit, and a rusty shiv.
Salary Rating: Poor


Boi, you got a purdy fang-hole.”

You’re from Barreltown, a small and rather boring backwater town. Sure-be, the Townbillys (“hillbilly” is such a offensive term) of Barreltown aren’t so dang well-read, but they’re so proud of their village they often prove it to strangers (“Fancies”) by burning the Rigs and eating their pets. Barreltownies love to brew doomshine, smoke pipes, chew corncobs and pick their teeth with weeds.

You were just like the rest of them until last week when Buckshaw Bob hit you in the back of your head with a frying pan, and you started to see the world a little different. You wandered out of Barreltown and have taken quite a liking to how big Monstru really is. It’s BIG!

Gifts: (Choose Two) Healty, Raspute, Unbelievable Tale, Iron Jaw
Faults: Uneducated (Choose one more) Socially Awkward, Naive, Lazy
Skills: Townwise, Camping, Wrestling, Scavenge, Speak Townietongue
Equipment: An out of fashion straw hat, a pair of bib overalls, a heavy wooden club, a mouth harp.
Salary Rating: Poor

Trolla Chef

“What ails ya? You just need summa my famous finger soup, and a swig’o my Skulla Doomshine – an th’ Chef will have ya feelin’ all fine!”

You cook up spicy stews, charred meats, and battle-brews for your tribe. You feed the stomach, while quenching the soul. Your job is important and well honored. You enjoy the power of being the Chef, advising both Tribe Crone and the Chieftain himself. Life is good!

Well, it was until them CrowBots rooted out the Tribe’s Doomshine distribution operation, and the AUTHORITY came down hard. The stills got all ruined, the hall was burnt up. The warriors all lost their lives—hell, most did. You were the only one who managed to get out.

Since no other Trolla tribe would consider taking you in, you’ve gotta start your own rag-tag Tribe. There’s no survivin’ alone.

Gifts: Majikborne (Choose one more) Inspiring, Common Sense, Survivor
Faults: (Choose two) Berserko, Addiction, Foodie, Half-Crazed
Skills: Cooking, Brew Potion (Jinx), Jinx Slip, Jinx Bolt
Equipment: Facial piercings and tattoos, a big wide belt, a cooking cauldron, a big metal spoon, a sack of jerky (snacks),
Salary Rating: Poor


“You wanna get rich, kid? Forget about steam. Invest in War. War makes everybody rich—or dead.”

You’ve been living the high-life as a suit-and-tie robber-baron beast. Things have been good and your fortunes have grown over the years until the Authority decided to nationalize your business. One day they come in, take over the factory, your fortunes, and your livelihood. The worst part about it is that it’s perfectly legal. Now it’s time to start over, with no love for the Authority. (Choose what kind of business that you were in.)

Gifts: (Choose one) Company Secret, Mental Fortitude, Dapper
Faults: (Choose one) Wanted (by the Authority), Humorless, Infamous
Skills: Haggle, Speak Authoritine, Persuade
Equipment: A pin-striped 3 piece tailored suit, a top hat, and $300 Crowbucks in stashed cash. (That you have yet to retrieve.)
Salary Rating: Great

Urban Hermit

I’m telling you man, Department 13 has taken over everything. If it wasn’t for them making things unhistory, we would have a Muzz powered Autocar by now.”

You don’t like other monsters. You never have. So, you packed up, and moved into that ruin of a city, where nobody could find you. You ate what you could find, and you enjoyed being a lonely old coot.

Unfortunately, the Authority decided to raze your home to build a new palace-city for Lincolnstein. You managed to escape, but everything has changed in the decades since you were last abroad. You’re going to need to find some new folks to help you survive in this busy place.

Gift: (Choose one) Iron Belly, Danger Sense

Faults: (Choose one) Smells Bad, Half Crazed

Skills: Urban Survival, Brawl, Camouflage, Speak Streetkant

Equipment: Clothes made from filthy rags, a long stick with a feather on the end, a red whistle, a stuffed animal missing it’s head, and a burlap sack full of tobacco cans, fruit rinds, and pieces of string. (And 5 other completely worthless items.)

Salary Rating: Poor


You know that tingling sensation that you get when someone breathes on your neck or a haunt passes through you? I always have that. That tingling in my nether regions is a constant reminder that I can destroy you at any moment.”

You were born with the ability to tap into the stream of Majik that surrounds the entire universe and use it for good, evil, or impressing your friends at parties. The Authority has banned all unsanctioned majik use, so you are on the run. It’s always good to be on the move, so you’ve joined up with a Crew to get away from the oppressive Authority.

Gifts: Majikborne (Choose one more) Eld Horde, Longblood, Seventh Child of The Seventh Child
Faults: (Choose Two) Bipolar, Wildborne, Underdeveloped, Wanted
Skills: Jinx Slip, Majik Lore, Occult Knowledge, Read/Write Warlow +2 Majik Skills of your choice
Equipment: Robes and pointy Warlock Hat, Crystal Ball or Wand, Book of Majik lore, pockets full of worthless charms, and $100 Crowbucks
Salary Rating: Mediocre

How to build a Past

Building Pasts is easy and pretty fun. First off, you need to write down your character’s concept. How has this archetype lived? How has these experiences colored their life?

Try to keep it race-neutral if possible, as it is pretty fun to mix and match Pasts and Races in surprising ways. However, it is also perfectly good to have very specific racial Pasts.


Next, choose the skills for this particular Past:

  • One skill at Great.
  • Two skills at Good.
  • Three skills at Fair.

Make sure that the skills are appropriate for the Past, and that they are a great fit. Aim for authenticity, rather than firepower. A kick ass character isn’t made up of EPIC skills; it’s the cool story and personality that makes characters memorable and great.


Next, assign some gear for the Past. This might be odds and ends that they might have in their pockets, to specialized equipment necessary for the job. The world of MONSTRU is a used place, so feel free to give the equipment some worn details. While I don’t want to spell out exactly how many items the character should start with, I’d aim for between 3 and 5 items of real use. (Add a couple of worthless items for fun.)

– – –


A “Potential” is the upper limit in which your character’s skills could progress in BODY, MIND, or SPIRIT. These take the place of attributes found in many other RPGs.

These three potentials also determine your three pools of Health, Willpower and Majik.

In essence, Potentials simply limit the skills that reside within them. For example, BRAWL is a skill that falls under Body. If Body is “Fair” than it will be very difficult to raise BRAWL above “Fair”. It’s possible, but expensive and limited. Potentials themselves can be raised, though only after life-changing circumstances in the character’s life experience.

A Potential is not an attribute, like in other role playing games. Rather, one’s Potential defines the character’s personal maximum skill level in each category – the character’s possibility. Every skill belongs to one of the three Potentials; a skill cannot exceed the level of the potential, under these basic rules.

For example, if your character has a Body of Good, so any Body based skill can raise to Good through experience and play, but cannot raise to Great. In that case, the character would have to undertake some serious challenges in order to raise Body to Great. This can be the source of much adventuring, and is offered here as an adventure hook.

Body Potential

Body defines all skills that primarily have a physical component, from strength and combat based roles, to those of physical exertion.

Some example Body skills might include:

  • Axe proficiency
  • Leap
  • Dodge
  • Brawl
  • Contort
  • Bend it
  • Sprint
  • Swimming
  • Throw/Catch
  • Climb

Mind Potential

Mind Potential equals knowledge and the use of knowledge such as language, history, and other practical skills.

Some example Mind skills might include:

  • Read/Write Barondook
  • Map Use
  • Navigate
  • Library Use
  • MONSTRU History
  • Drive Rig
  • Streetwise
  • Mechanics
  • Farming
  • Carpentry

Spirit Potential

Spirit represents the guts, the chutzpah and the power of the character’s personality. It is also the very source of Majik manipulation.

  • Art (Painting, sculpture, cooking, music, dance, etc.)
  • Majik
  • Lie
  • Languages
  • Fast Talk
  • Stealth
  • Diplomacy
  • Etiquette
  • Begging
  • Haggle
  • Intimidate
  • Flirting

So, you can see that the Potential has quite a bearing on the abilities of the character. Monsters are usually not good at everything, and this system allows for characters to be excellent at one category of thing, and perhaps more limited in another. This allows for the need of a Crew to gain the most well-rounded allotment of skills. (This should also help make all characters necessary in the game.)

Assigning Potentials

We’ve made assigning Potentials very, very simple. When creating a character, you have a one Fair, one Good, and one Great to assign to the three Potentials of Body, Mind and Spirit. It’s up to you to determine which one gets what. No potential may ever rise above Superb, and no character should really ever have 3 Superb Potentials. That just isn’t necessary, as Great is pretty amazing.

Potential Modifiers to Combat.

Potential levels can help or hinder a beast in combat. When determining a player’s attack or defense versus attacks, refer to the chart below to add any potential levels to the action, whether it be to attack or defend.

Potential Combat Difference Bonus Chart

Potential LevelBonus
Mediocre– 1
Poor– 2
Terrible– 3
Abysmal– 4


Here is a list of skills, available to most characters. Every skill has a parent Potential, which it cannot exceed under normal circumstances.

Every character has all three Defense Skills: Dodge (Body), Mental Fortitude (Mind) and Jinx Slip (Spirit) automatically. Like all other skills, these three skills default at the Poor Level.

Body Skills

Acrobatics (Body) – You have been trained how to flip, tumble, tightrope walk and perform other acrobatic feats. This skill is also used for balancing.

Boxing (Body) – You have been trained in the noble art of boxing. You know the rules, and know how to throw (and take) a punch.

Bend It (Body) – With an extreme amount of effort, you are able to bend and/or break chains, bars, gears and pipes. It is very tiring, so you can’t go around doing it all day long.

Bite (Body)You love to sink your teeth into others as a form of attacking.

Blight Belch (Body) Trolla only – You are able to burp forth a fume that kills plants and damages other breathing creatures.

Brawl (Body) – A rough and dirty ability to fight with your fists, elbows, teeth and whatever else you’ve got.

Claw (Body) – A fighting skill utilizing natural claws to slash, stab, and rip the enemy.

Climb (Body) – The ability to use one’s hands and/or climbing equipment to scale walls, cliffs, trees or other vertical surfaces.

Conceal (Body) – The ability to hide something on your person, without it being seen. Roll may be modified by the size of the item. (A key is easier to hide than a sword)

Contort (Body) – You are able to pop your joints out of their sockets, and squeeze into or through very small areas. (Non Automat)

Dodge (Body) – The ability to move just enough to avoid falling objects and sidestep physical attacks.

Drunken Brawl (Body. Requires: Drunken Warrior gift) – This skill is both an offensive and a defensive skill, allowing the warrior to sway, wobble and trip her way though combat, slipping in punches while narrowly avoiding getting hit. The fighter must be drunk in order to fight in this style.

Extend (Body) – You can stretch your arms or legs beyond their standard lengths. (Automat only.)

Fortify (Body) – You can temporarily lock down your body in order to avoid catastrophic damage, such as a collision, falling from a great distance, or being kicked by a giant. It requires a minute of preparation to fully fortify. (Automat only.)

Headbutt (Body) – An attack where you ram your head against your foe. Especially useful when you have horns.

Heavy Lifting (Body) – You lift very heavy things with this skill. You’re rather Poor without it.

Hide (Body) – Your ability to obscure yourself from the notice of others.

Leap (Body) – The ability to jump over obstacles in a controlled, athletic way.

Marathon (Body) – You can run for miles and miles without stopping. You can run from one megacity to another, which is better than being stuck in gridlock.

Parasol of Pain (Body) – This elegant fighting style was popular in Monstonia and Barondook, before the Mighty War destroyed the peace between Man and Monster. While few continue it’s practice today, the “Parasol of Pain” style utilizes the cane, the cape, and the parasol to deflect, stab, and beat others into submission. Practitioners consider it a “high art.” (It provides both a +1 ODF and +1 DDF.)

Power-down (Body) – You are able to shut down your core systems to rest in a hybernative state for an indefinite length of time, depending on your roll. (Automat and Feratu only.)

Ride Grun (Body) – You have been trained on how to ride a furry Grun, and make it do your bidding. They stink.

Shape Change (Body) (Skinwalker only) – You can temporarily change from a bestial wolf-man form into a Manling. Once shifted, Mind skills can be used.

Sneak (Body) – You can attempt to move about undetected by using shadow, and a light step, to your advantage.

Sprint (Body) – You can dash very quickly for short distances. (Certainly faster than someone without this skill.)

Swim (Body) – You know how to swim through floods, over rivers and other bodies of water without drowning.

Throw/Catch (Body) – Your ability to throw and/or catch something. This is not a combat skill.

Tumble (Body) – An acrobatic roll used to break a fall without hurting yourself. Useful when you’re thrown from a moving steamcar or have been trolla tossed.

Weapon Proficiency (Body) – You have been trained to use a specific weapon in combat, both offensively and defensively. When this skill is chosen, the PC must declare the weapon. It could be a hammer, knife, monkey wrench, pipe, rock, pitchfork, fire axe, fork, or even a sword! (Though traditional weapons are unlegal in Monstru.)

Wrestle (Body) – Using your strength, you are able to grapple opponents and subdue them. (Though they can certainly attempt to fight back.)

Zombie Bite (Body) Zombie only – Your bite is infectious, and any bite of Great or better will transfer the zombie virus to your victim. (Remember that a Fortune Point (FP) can be spent to undo something that just happened. “The Zombie missed.”)

Mind Skills

Authority Law (Mind) – You have studied and understand the labyrinthine legal system of the Authority. You are able to quote specific laws, and you might even be able to defend yourself in a court of law. You’ll also have an idea when a CrowBot is lying about the law.

Brew Minik Red Tea (Mind) (Minik Province only) – You know how to brew this hard tea, though it requires a Red Tea Still.  Minik Red Tea gives the drinker a +1 Spirit scale bonus for one hour.

Brew Weer (Mind) (Hinge Province only) – Useful as a cleaner for machine parts, as well as a beverage for both beast and Mechan, Weer is a weed-wine solvent not widely appreciated. You know how to make it. Drinking Weer gives a +1 Mental Armor for one combat.

Calculate (Mind) – You are able to quickly and accurately crunch large sums of numbers.

Camouflage (Mind) – The ability to hide a item or person through the use of improvised materials found in the area, or specialized equipment.

Camping (Mind) – You know how to survive in the urban wasteland, able to construct shelter, find water, and a safe hiding place.

Carpentry (Mind) – You know how to repair and build things out of wood, such as furniture and simple structures, and you know the tools required to do the work.

Chemistry (Mind) – You’ve studied the compounds, reactions, and behavior of matter. This science is vast, and allows you to understand the properties of substances. (And how to make some explode!)

Concentrate (Mind) – Your ability to think under pressure.

Cook Rundle (Mind) (Hinge Province only) – You know how to properly prepare this oily yellow curried dandelion soup. It is nutritious, and very flavorful. This soup gives the consumer +1 Body potential for one hour.

Cryptography (Mind) – The ability to encrypt and decipher codes and hidden messages. (Note: this is not the ability to read Data Spools, but rather the ability to decipher them.)

Dentistry (Mind) – The branch of medicine dedicated to dental health and the sharpening, filing, and enhancement of fangs, teeth, and tusks.

Detect Traps (Mind) – The ability to discover hidden snares and traps, especially useful in the UnderDeep.

Disable Traps (Mind) – Your skill at rendering traps harmless, through the use of concentration, knowledge, dexterity, and a good tool box.

Drive Rig (Mind) – You have extensive experience driving a steamcar. You know how to drive fast without causing damage to the furnace, how to come to a complete stop, and how to avoid hitting road mines.

Electro Eyes (Mind) – You are able to shoot electricity out of your eyes as an attack. Automat only.

Evaluate Beast (Mind) – You can get an idea of how tough a Monster might be, or which one is likely to be a Warlock. It’s not all that detailed, but this knowledge can save your hide.

Evaluate Goods (Mind) – You can quickly assess the value of goods, where they might have come from, and where they could have been bound for. You may not estimate the value to the dime, but chances are you’ll be close.

Farming (Mind) – You have the knowledge of how to raise crops on land, and can direct laborers to tend to them properly.

Feratu Politics Knowledge (Mind) (Feratu only) – Feratu have long loved to fight over who is in charge of their race and you are pretty keen on the power struggles and factions that are all apart of their game of thrones.  

First Aid (Mind) – You area able to tend to the minor wounds of others, staving off infection and maybe even death. (Cannot be used on a Mechan.)

Fix Furnace (Mind) – You know how to maintain and fix steam furnaces when they have problems. (And they often do.)

Forge (Mind) – You know how to

Fright (Mind) – You know how to scare the bejebuz out of people. You know just when to surprise them or know really scary stories that play on their fears and emotions. This skill is a default mental attack and damages the Mind Potential.

Fuzz Field Tuner (Mind) – You have the ear and technical skill to operate a Fuzz Field Generator – those loud and obnoxious buzzing shields that wealthy beasts have been installing in their Rigs. You understand how to re-tune the frequency of the field so that it to holds back collisions with objects of different sizes/materials/velocities. Basically, you can help defend your Rig by quickly twisting knobs and warning fancy headphones. (Requires your Rig to have a Fuzz Field Generator installed.)

Gambling (Mind) – You understand how games of chance work, how to play them, and you’ve got a good idea of what one’s chances of success might be. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.

Identify Festival (Mind) (Bayne Province only) – Growing up in Bayne, you have experienced hundreds of different holidays. This skill allows you the chance to identify other holidays that you encounter.

Investigation (Mind)- Your skill at connecting the dots and finding information that isn’t readily available.  

Language Processor (Mind, Mechan only) – You have the ability to speak and understand all non-secret languages. The better you roll, the more that you’re able to communicate clearly.

Library Use (Mind) – Based on your skill, you’re able to locate specific tomes based in the Monstru Public Library, based upon the complex Authority Cataloging System. (As long as the book is not currently checked out). Those without this skill will have a difficult time finding any information of worth.

Majik Lore (Mind) – You understand the principles and rules of the forbidden art of Majik. This knowledge does not offer any ability to cast spells mind you, just the principles of casting them.

Make Goru Doom Elixir (Mind) (Goru Province only) – You know how to make Goru Salt Potions, which are cheap, salty, and often explosive. Boom Doom! Ingredients: Goru salt crystals, Goru cabbage, a beaker, and heat! A result of Good or better means that you were successful. (GM rolls secretly for you.) -4f and it explodes while you’re brewing!

Map Use (Mind) – You’re able to read and provide accurate directions based upon the information printed on maps.

Mechanics (Mind) – You’re a grease monkey, skilled at fixing complicated mechanical devices, clockworks and engines. You are often able to provide first aid services to Mechans.

Mental Fortitude (Mind) – Your ability to resist mind influencing abilities and spells, as well as your resistance to being persuaded. This skill is the default Mental defense skill for attacks targeting the Mind potential.

Monstru History, General (Mind) – You have studied and understand the basic history of Monstru. Other, more specific and in depth Histories are also possible, such as Troll History or Manling History.

Navigate (Mind) – By utilizing signs, local landmarks, and maps, you are able to find locations within your realm of experience. (You’ve been there before.)

Occult Lore (Mind) – You have knowledge of the inner-workings, history, and beliefs of unorthodox religions and spiritual cults of Monstru.

Patch-up (Mind) (Patchwork Only) It’s hard to find medical attention when you have very little flesh. You know how to add new parts to your stitched together body and heal yourself.

Pick Locks (Mind) – With the right tools, you are able to open padlocks, jewelry cases, and even locked doors.

Plant Lore (Mind) – You can identify plants and know their common uses. Also useful in determining the condition of specific plants, and their regional environments.

Psychotherapy (Mind) – You desire to unlock the mind’s secrets about an individual and understand their conscious and unconscious behaviors and desires. This skill is also used to heal mental wounds taken to the Mind Potential.

Read Data Spool (Mind, Clockwork Only) – You are able to read data spools and decipher their treasure trove of information.

Read/Write Barondook (Mind) – You know how to read and write the ancient tongue of Manlings – Barondook.

Ride Rigcycle (Mind) – You’ve been taught how to ride Rigcycles and Rigscooters, and you know that you’ve gotta lean into the turn.

Rope Use (Mind) – You can tie/untie knots, secure loads, bind beasts and make simple things with rope. 

Sailing (Mind) – You understand how to sail a watercraft vessel under the power of the wind.

Sanity Hinge (Mind, Halloween Golem Only) – Having been fitted with a violence preventing Sanity Hinge, Halloween Golems have figured out a way to bypass it to do acts of violence. A successful check of this skill is required before taking any violent action. Annoying, isn’t it?

Shopping (Mind) – You know how to pay the lowest prices for goods by using coupons, and knowing where and when to get the best deal.

Surgery (Mind) – You understand how to provide complicated medical care to a beast. Surgery usually requires very specialized equipment found only in Hospitals and well-stocked Sanitarium Trucks.

Streetwise (Mind) – Life in the big city isn’t quite as dangerous for those with this skill. A Streetwise beast knows how to blend in and find food, shelter, and safety in urban environments.

Torture (Mind) – You know how to cause pain (Body, Mind, and Spirit) to get information, or to influence folks to do your will. The masters of this skill can keep a beast on the edge of death for a very long time. It is considered immoral by all but the Ferals. This is a default attack for the Mind potential and targets the Body and Mind potentials.

Townwise (Mind) – You understand the biases and beliefs of the average Townie, and you can often blend in as one of their own.

Trivia (Mind)- Sometimes you just know a seemingly pointless bit of information. Useful for quiz games and impressing your friends!

UnderDeep Lore (Mind) – You have some knowledge of the UnderDeep, the “secret” region below Monstru. You may even know enough to keep yourself alive there.

Wyrd Science (Mind) – You have a base understanding of the scientific method, electricity, and how to change and create life (or unlife).

Spirit Skills

Spirit represents the guts, the chutzpah and the power of the character’s personality. Skills that require sensitivity and heart fall into this area. It is also the very source of Majik manipulation.

Acting (Spirit) – The art of performing stage productions and radio shows as a performer.

Advertise: (Spirit, Vendomat only) – You are programed with a multitude of product slogans and jingles. You have an almost encyclopedic knowledge of products on the market, their benefits, and their side effects.

Art (Spirit) – You understand how to produce aesthetic works in a medium such as painting, sculpture, ceramics, drawing, photography etc. (Choose one focus.)

Bayne Jig (Spirit) (Bayne Province only) Dancing the Bayne Jig results in the dancer being rendered dry. (1 additional monster per skill above Fair.)

Bluff (Spirit) – The ability to lie effectively, without showing signs of the deception.

Cooking (Spirit) – The ability to prepare nutritious, good tasting meals, from routine or common ingredients.

Create Fire (Spirit, Daemon only) – You can create small fires by just touching an object.

Dance (Spirit) – You are able to move your body to music, in a pleasing way. A bygone skill of the wealthy.

Disguise (Spirit) – With some gear, you are able to change your appearance hide how you look.

Feratu Fast Talk (Spirit, Feratu only) – You can influence the weak-minded through deceptive and tricky language—as well as your hypnotic stare. Particularly useful when selling worthless dreck.

Forgery (Spirit) – You know how to create fake official documents, such as deeds, wills, and CrowBucks.

Haggle (Spirit) – You know how to argue to get the best prices for food and equipment.

Harmonizing (Spirit) – This meditative ritual is performed in a Majik Circle (stones and crystals place in a circle), which heals spiritual and majikal damage. It realigns the internal chakra, bringing harmony and balance back to the injured. It can be performed by the non-Majikborne since it is a skill not a Jinx.

Intimidate (Spirit) – Your ability to bully someone into backing down, or doing what you say. This generally does not instill loyalty. This is a default attack for the Spirit potential and attacks on the Spirit potential.

Inspire (Spirit) – You skill at kindling passion and excitement in others.

Jinx Bolt – (Targets: Body or Spirit) You can launch a bolt of pure green Majik that really hurts. This can be used in combat. This skill attacks the Spirit potential only. Great Difficulty: You get +1 MoS to the combat.

Jinx Slip (Spirit) – One’s innate ability to avoid being enchanted by the Jinx of others. A Majik defense skill used when other defense skills don’t make sense.

Kramptelling: (Spirit, Krampus only) You are able to tell what the emotional status of a fellow monster or area is through dancing a jig near them.

Listen (Spirit) – A perception skill based upon your ability to hear.

Look (Spirit) – The ability visually assess the situation and/or to notice something that isn’t evident. A general visual perception skill, everyone should have Look (of Poor) unless they’re blind.

Nightvision (Spirit) – The ability to see in the dark. (A free skill for the Krampus race, taken at Fair.)

Play Instrument (Spirit) – You are able to perform works of music with a specific instrument such as the fiddle, basstaur, banjo, saw, or clockwork dulcimer. (Choose one instrument.)

Play Trolla Warpipes (Spirit) (Trusk Province only) – A terrible droning sound that can be heard for miles Trolla take great pride in their pipes. (1 mile for every level above Fair.) Useful for signaling over great distances. Warpipes are required.

Persuade (Spirit) – The art of convincing others to do things. Whether this skill is used for good or evil, is up to you.

Pick Pockets (Spirit) – The ability to distract a beast while stealthily removing their wallet, purse, or other thing of value.

Read Gargothan (Spirit) – The ability to read the writings of the now-dead Gorgoth Empire.

Read/Write Warlow (Spirit) – Warlocks, Witches and Crones protect their knowledge from the AUTHORITY (and others) by writing in a secret language called “Warlow.” They use it for messages, correspondence, and their scrolls and spell-books. It is not really a spoken language.

Salt Painting (Spirit) (Goru Province only) – You are able to do large, artistic paintings with various colors of tinted salt. (Useful for leaving embedded symbolic messages for other Gorutians.)

Scavenge (Spirit) – The skill of finding useful items within common trash.

Singing (Spirit) – The talent to entertain or tell tales through a pleasing, melodious song.

Sing the Dirge of Minik (Spirit) (Minik Province only) – Singing this Dirge for 30 minutes calls forth friendly, and fairly useless, wild Haunts. Most of the time.

Smell (Spirit) – A perception skill keyed to the detection of fragrances and pheromones via the nose. (Automats are unable to use this skill.)

Speak Authorine [a-THOR-ahyn] (Spirit) – The language of the Authority Party, spoken by CrowBots and internal government workers. It is brutal, to the point, and fairly harsh. It is also the language of the legal system.

Speak BarterKant (Spirit) – This is an informal dialect of Monston, focused entirely on trade and barter. It has it’s own vocabulary, insults, and power words. Doing business on the Black Top Market is easily done in Monston, but the best deals are charmed through BarterKant.

Speak CorpTalk (Spirit) – You know how to speak the basic language of business, making you less likely to be questioned in business environments and allowing you to understand business briefs.

Speak Goblir (Spirit) – The common language of goblin slaves, it is an unworthy language for civilized folk. There is no written form of this language. Most Crews know a few commands in Goblir.

Speak Gobmit (Spirit) – What? You didn’t even want to speak Goblir, you sicko. Gobmit is a secret goblin language that only gob-lovers would learn. Goblins don’t share Gobmit with outsiders.

Speak Monston (Spirit) – You speak the common tongue of most monsters. It is the most widespread language throughout the 5 Provinces, and is the prime language of the Monstru. (Secret: it’s the language of old Monstonia.) Assume that the character speaks Monston at Fair unless they have the No Speak Monston fault.

Speak Streetkant (Spirit) – This Monston slang is most commonly used by megacity drug dealers, prostitutes, and private investigators. It just sounds dirty to most civilized folks.

Speak Tok (Spirit) – The language of the Clockworkers is Tok. It sounds like various clicks, ticks, taps, and rings. Being a mechanical language is a very difficult for non-Automats to learn or speak. (Skill defaults to a Terrible level when initially purchased by Monsters and Bloodless characters.)

Speak Townietongue (Spirit) – Townies talk in a strange, gutteral dialect that is a combination of Monston, BaterKant, Goblir and a dense vocabulary of slang. Knowing any of those other languages is nothing like Townietongue.

Speak Trollspek (Spirit) – You understand the guttural tongue of Trolls, and you can communicate with them. It has also evolved into the primary language of smugglers.

Speak Truckertongue (Spirit) – You’re familiar with the CB born language of the Truckers. You can communicate, and even understand them. Heck, sometimes they even mistake you for one of them. (If you’re not.) See Truckertongue glossary on page X.

Tracking (Spirit) – You’re able to identify and follow imprints and subtle clues left in the streets that allow you to track Rigs, creatures, and beasts. However, evidence of most tracks are quickly destroyed on busy byways so you’d best act doubleplus fast.

Track Scent (Spirit) – You can track and decipher scents in an usually overbearing chaos of smells.

Vending (Spirit) – You find joy in selling products, trinkets, or even junk to other Beasts. The better you get at it, the more profit you can pocket.

Wrapogami (Spirit, Embalma only) You are able to take the bandages around your body and use them in various ways. Use them like a grappling hook or maybe whip some insolent fool making fun of the Barondook war? All things are possible.

Majik Skills  (Jinx)

Majik is an ancient and largely forgotten force that can be manipulated by those with “the Gift”. (Literally, the Gift Majikborne in the game.) Majik can be practiced by any of the Prole races; Monsters, Bloodless, and Automat. Those who are touched by Majik are typically called “Warlocks.”

While Majik abilities are rare, they do not illicit much fear in the populous, as Majik was once common in MONSTRU. However, the AUTHORITY has deemed any practice of Majik to be unlegal, punishment of death. Regardless, many Monstrunians continue to utilize Majik in their daily lives, and take little notice of one practicing the dark arts.

These Jinx are available only for the characters that have the Gift of Majikborne. None of these are accessible, even at a Poor level, unless the character has this Gift. All Jinxes and Magic Skills use the Spirit Potential to use.

All Jinxes and Majik Skills will state if they target the caster, an object or another target and which Potential they target.

Legendary results are left to the Game Master to describe in exiting detail!

Bellow (Targets: Body) – A super loud roar which can be heard great distances, and can blow out windows and even knock down wooden doors. It can also be used as an effective attack. It is limited to 3 times per day, due to the strain on one’s voice. (Range: 1 mile per Fair level and above.) Superb Result: All in the face of the bellower are deafened for 10 minutes.

Bloat (Targets: Spirit) – You curse one target with intense internal gasses, so much that they are only able to function with a -3 to all skills for 15 minutes. They look like a swollen ball of beast. FRRRRP! Great Result: 10 damage and the victim will not be hungry again for a week. Not effective against Haunts or Automat. This Jinx may be reversed to undo a Bloatie.

Bloodshot (Targets: Body) – This attack method instantly moves a portion of a beast’s blood from the inside of the body to the outside. (Won’t work on Automat races, and most bloodless except for Feratu.) Fair Result: Normal damage and -1 to the targets next action. Great Result: Same as Fair Result, plus the target must make a Jinx Slip opposed action or immediately faint.

Blunderbuss (Targets: Rig Body ) – You can curse one Rig to work in the complete opposite of whatever the driver does. If they brake, the Rig goes faster, if they turn left, they turn right. Duration: thirty minutes per Fair level and above.

Brew Potion (Targets: Object) – You can brew most Jinx into potion form, though it takes at least 1 day and $100 in material costs per potion. Some Jinx don’t take kindly to the brewing process, and explode. Terrible Result: The potion explodes at some inopportune time with a MoS of +3.

Changeling (Targets: Body, Self) – (Monster only) You are able to temporarily shift your body into other races and creatures. May be modified by the result of the change. Duration: 1 hour per Fair level and above. My gosh does transformation hurt.

Conduction (Targets: Body) – You launch a bolt of electricity that really freaking hurts. Fair Result: The attack gets +1 Combat Attack MoS. Great Result: The bolt of lighting connects from your target to the next closest person, harming both of them equally. Superb Result: Everyone within 10 feet is shocked! (Except for the Warlock.)

Crone’s Kiss (Crone only, Spirit) – This Jinx requires that the Crone kiss a willing target; if she can convince them to allow it (and they fail their Jinxslip save) the dazzled target will be amicable to most anything that the Crone suggests for the next hour. (Short of personal harm.) This could involve leaving their guard post, doing physical labor, unlocking jail cells, or ? The kissed will remember happily doing these things, but won’t remember quite why. Superb Result: The enchantment will last for the next 3 years.

Darkfinger (Targets: Spirit) – With this Jinx you are able to touch a target leaving it with a black mark that only you can see. You can also sense the direction where the target might be found. (In your finger.) Great Result: The mark is visible to everyone.

Emergency Brake (Targets: Spirit) You immobilize one target from moving. Perhaps you are chasing after someone and want them to stop, or you wish to perch on a wall at an impossible angle. (Or save them on the edge of a cliff.) Duration: 1 minute per Fair level and above.

Encrypt Writing (Targets: Object) – You can scramble one page of writing into a unreadable jumble. Useful for secret documents and notes to cute girls asking them to check mark “yes or no” if they “like like” you. Multiple pages can be encrypted for each level above Fair result.

Firebreath (Targets: Body) – A geyser of flame shoots from your mouth. As an attack, this spell gives you a +1 to the Combat Attack MoS. Monster and Automat only. Superb Result: As an attack, the spell grants you a +2 to the Combat Attack MoS.

Flight (Targets: Self) – You are able to make your body weightless and soar into the air like one of those extinct birds from the past.

Fixit (Targets: Object, Clockwork, Mechan, or Vendomat)  – You are able to heal machines with the power of MAJIK! People always ask you to fix their Rigs and alarm clocks for them.   

Fog (Targets: None) – Streams of smoke pour our from your orifices, obscuring the area around you in a cloud of smoke.

Frozen Touch (Targets: Spirit) – You can touch another fleshy race and have them freeze in place. This Jinx only works on Monster races. ♫ You’re as cold as ice, but someday they’ll pay the price.♪

Grow (Targets: Body, Self) – You can double the size of yourself or another target (subject to their defence roll). You might need new pants if you use it on yourself. Duration: 1 hour per Fair level and above.

Heavy (Targets: Spirit) – You are able to double your own weight for each level you achieve Fair and above. While it doesn’t discomfort the caster in the least, you can’t move unless you could actually lift that weight. Duration: 20 minutes per for each level Fair and above.

Hide of Steel (Targets Body, Self) – Your skin expands into miniature steel plates, giving you an Armor Rating of 1 against physical wounds for one hour. Good Result: Duration lasts two hours.

Hypnotic Eyes (Targets: Mind) – Your eyes flash and one target becomes transfixed to your gaze, making them skip a turn.

Iron Made (Targets: Self) – You wrap your robes tightly around you, they harden, and you’re encased in a nearly impervious, air tight, iron cocoon. (Which looks mildly like an iron maiden with your grinning face.) You require no food, air, or water and communication with the outer world is halted. Duration: 20 minutes per for each level Fair and above. Superb Result: It will last as long as you wish, up to 1 year.

Know Secret (Targets: Mind) – You are able to know one secret about the target you cast this Jinx on. He wears wear polka dot tightie-whities? That’s fantastic. Great Result: You know two secrets.

Know Thoughts (Targets: Mind) – You are able to read someone’s mind. Duration: One minute for each level past Fair. If you’re not as smart as the person that you’re reading, you may not fully understand their thoughts.

Knothole. (Targets: Object) – You must cast this spell on a ring shaped object. After casting, you can hold up the ring to any surface, be it a door or wall, and look through it. Duration: 10 minutes for every level above Fair.

Leadfoot (Targets: Spirit) – This curse caused the target’s right foot to weight as much as the rest of her body, making movement limited to limping at one-quarter speed for 10 minutes. Great Result: It lasts one hour and causes extreme pain. (-1 to all actions for the duration.)

Levitate (Targets: Spirit, Self) – You are able to float off of the ground, for one hour. For every level above Fair, you can carry another 100 pounds or float for an additional hour.

Mirrorback (Targets: Spirit) After casting this spell, the next attack that would wound you is redirected back to attacker. A Great Result or higher is needed to successfully cast this Jinx.

Morky’s Maddening Monster (Targets: Self) – You transform yourself into a large hairy beast that has giant fangs and sharp claws. Scary! Great Result: Your claws grant a +1 to the Combat Attack MoS.

Read Language (Targets: Self) – You are able to read one language that was previously unknown to you. Duration: 1 hour per fair level and above.

Red Fume (Targets: None) – A venomous cloud of red colored smoke exhausts from the hat of the Warlock, causing damage to all within range. (10″ per Fair level and above.)

Reflecto (Targets: Self) After casting this spell, the next spell or jinx that would target you is redirected back to the caster. Great Result or higher is needed to successfully cast this Jinx.

Repel Bloodless (Targets: None) – A bright light flashes from your hands that gives all Bloodless races the willies. Any Bloodless within 10 feet of you must make a successful Mind check at the result level in which you cast this spell at or refuse to get near you.

Recognized (Targets: Mind) – This glamour tricks folks into thinking that you are one of their acquaintances. One Beast might assume that you’re one of their milkmen, while another might remember that you work in their building.—though none can quite remember the specifics. Lasts 5 minutes per each level fair and above.

Rot Iron (Targets: Object) – This Jinx rusts iron at the touch of the Warlock, causing painful and destructive damage to Automats of all sorts. (As well as to regular iron objects.) Attack is at a +1 MoS, and effects a 1 cubic foot area for every level Fair and above. It should be noted that CrowBots take great exception to the use of Rot Iron, and will attempt to crush the unPatriot who uses it.

Scream Chill  Mind) – This freaky sound was stolen from the Harpies, and it has the ability to cause the victim to freeze in their tracks for one round. Great Result: The foe remains frozen for 2 rounds. Superb Result: The effect lasts 3 rounds.

See Majik’s Stain (Targets: Self) – Majik and Jinxes tend to leave a telltale sooty residue when they are used. You can use this spell to see if someone has the gift of Majikborne or is a Jinx has been used on an item. Great Result: You can see the smudge marks of recently cast spells in the air.   

Shrink (Targets: Self) – You can half the size of yourself or another target (subject to their defence roll). You can make others “fun-sized”. Duration: 1 hour per Fair level and above.

Silence (Targets: Mind) – Your target cannot speak or make any sound. Useful if you are trying to sneak somewhere, harmful if you are trying to express your undying love to the cute Feratu Soda jerk at the corner drugstore.

Soulfrost (Targets: Spirit) – An icy ray of cold attacks the target, freezing the aura of the creature and causing Majik damage. Next round, the frozen victim has a -2 to all Spirit based skills and Jinx.

Spookies, The (Targets: None) – You are able to summon forth a number of Spookies (very minor haunts), who can be single-mindedly directed to distract a single target for 30 minutes (before they lose interest). They cannot interact with the physical world in any way, though they can get in the way, cover the eyes, and be really annoying. Great Result: Greater Spookies are summoned, which are able to fetch small items, tickle, pinch or provide other small, physical distractions. They will not attack.

Steamblast (Targets: None) A scalding hot blast of steam erupts from your hands, blinding anyone that gets a face full of it

Steel Trap Mind (Targets Mind, Self) Your mind becomes fortified with miniature majikal steel walls. You have an Armor rating of 1 against Spirit or Mind Wounds for 1 hour. Good Result: Duration lasts two hours.

Stinkfist (Targets: None) – You enchant your hand/claws so that every attack leaves a foul stench on your target. This smell is very difficult to remove and can be useful for tracking someone. You hate to imagine the Warlock that came up with this Jinx.

Suddenly Harpooned (Targets: Body) – A dark cloud forms above your head and a sharp Harpoon launches from it, speeding towards your target.    

Surge (Targets: Spirit) – You are able to cause a surge of electromajik to overwhelm a Automat or Rig and cause them to be incapacitated for one combat turn or two minutes. (Whichever is more applicable.) Duration: One more combat turn or two extra minutes per level past Good level.

Telephase (Targets: Self) – You are able to move great distances in mere minutes. (Range: 50 miles for each level above Fair.) Telephasing always takes 10 minutes after the Warlock disappears, though they never experience the delay. This is a rather rare skill and difficult to learn.

Trolla Armor (Targets: Self) (Trolla Only) – You are able to feel the might of your Trolla ancestors, giving you a new found resilience. You are considered to have an Armor Rating of 2 against physical wounds. Great Result: You have an Armor Rating of 3.

Transmute Matter (Targets: Object) – You are able to change one cubic foot of matter into another. You cannot change matter states, only replace them. For example, water into oil or ice into wood. For each result level past Fair, the amount of matter that can be changed doubles.

Turn Signal (Targets: Mind) – By casting this Jinx on a target, you are able to make them only turn in one direction of your choice. Two wrongs don’t make a right, but three lefts do. Duration: 1 hour per Fair level and above.

Tzeen’s Slave Collar (Targets: Mind) – Named after the infamous slaver Tzeen, this Jinx makes an ethereal purple collar appear around the target’s neck, binding them to one place by a chain of pure Majik. This Jinx is seen as offensive and even the mere suggestion of it’s use on a fellow monster is met with anger and hate. Only successful on a Great result. Duration: 1 day per Great level and above.

Unfixit (Targets Object, Clockwork, Mechan, or Vendomat)  – You are able to break machines with the power of MAJIK! This Gremlin Majik is usually not appreciated by Automat.  

Unseen Servant (Targets: None) – Want somebody to hold your stuff or play checkers with you? This spell grants you an imaginary friend that won’t talk back to you when you order it to do something. Duration: 1 hour per Fair level and above.

Gifts and Faults

Every character of note has at least one Gift and one Fault. These help flesh out your character’s personality, and make them more interesting to play. Typically, there is a 1:1 ratio of Gifts to Faults, though that can certainly change through play. There is no limit to the number of Gifts or Faults that a character might have, but it should probably be no more than 4 of each.

Gifts Directory

Gifts are what set you character apart from all of the other masses of MONSTRU. Here is a list of talents to help you define your unique character. Other gifts are certainly possible; talk to your GM about your idea for a gift. If it’s really great, share it with the rest of us at Gifts are completely independent from Potentials, and do not have a trait levels.

For every Gift that a character takes they must also take a Fault.

Gifts are different than skills; they do not have levels. You either have them or you don’t.

Athletic – You are naturally gifted at sports and other physical activities.

Authority Secret – You know something about the AUTHORITY that is not common knowledge. While you can’t really leak it to the press (that they control), the information might be of use to you, the Factory Rebellion, or a CREATU spy. Talk to your GM about this gift, and she’ll tell you what your secret might be. (Or it may be revealed later, in play.)

Barondook Military Rank: You had a high rank in the Barondook military. Embalmas respect you for your service and some may even take orders from you.

Company Secret – You have some inside information, or a trade secret, of one of the big companies of MONSTRU. Maybe it’s a secret ingredient of MUZZ, or perhaps it’s an upcoming product for the Clown Bite chain. In any case, the company is very anxious to get the information back.. in any way possible. That said, the information could be worth a lot of money to the right person. It’s up to you to figure out how your character stumbled upon this juicy secret.

Cold Resistance – You are unaffected by freezing temperatures, icy winds, and frost, and can survive the elements in relative comfort. However, you would not survive being submerged into something like liquid nitrogen.

Common Sense– You have a sense of what is a good idea and what might not be.

Contact, Factory Rebellion – You have the name of a member of the unlegal and secret organization: the Factory Rebellion. They might be able to help you at some future point, or provide useful information, if they’re still alive.

Cool Head – You don’t stress out under pressure, and not much excites you these days. You’re excluded from any stress penalties in most cases. (Or you receive a bonus to your results.)

Danger Sense – You get some odd feeling (tingly toes, gears, nose, fingers) when you’re in a super dangerous situation. While it is not absolutely perfect, it has saved your skin on many occasions.

Dapper – You are always spotless, neat, and fancy. Civilized folks of the upper class tend to react favorably with folks that have this gift. Townies could care less, in most cases.

Dashingly Handsome – Being this very good looking is quite a challenge, but you can handle it. Most folks use words like “beautiful”, “comely”, “hunky” and “winsome” to describe your marvelous looks.

Detachable Head – Automat and Bloodless Races only (Except for Feratu.) Your head can be detached from your body and be used to see around corners or as the best bowling ball ever.

Disaster – You have had a vision of some future disaster. It might be a massive earthquake, a meteor strike, a giant twister, or some other horrible event that could end the lives of millions of monsters. You know how, when, and possibly where it will happen, but it’s no guarantee that anyone else will believe you. (Are you crazy?)

Drivers License – This card allows you to legally operate a vehicle on the streets of Monstru. You had to get a Learner’s Permit, and pass a written and driving test. There are specialized ones for 18 Wheelers and rigcycles too. If you wish to drive legally, you’ll need a Drivers License. Usually one character in a crew posses this gift.

Drunken Warrior (Non-Automats only) – You have trained in the ancient Krampus fighting style. It’s an unpredictable, wobbly style that originated in the deep hills of Bayne Province after a particularly violent and drunken festival. This gift provides the free skill:

Drunken Brawl (Body, Requires: Drunken Warrior gift) – This skill is both an offensive and a defensive skill, allowing the warrior to sway, wobble and trip her way though combat, slipping in punches while narrowly avoiding getting hit. The fighter must be drunk in order to fight in this style.

Eld Hoard – You know the location of an ancient forgotten treasure. It could be a pile of old war bonds, a cache of valuable antiques, or a chest full of old coins. One thing is certain: there is a good reason that it hasn’t been discovered up til now.

Evolved  Your body is at the peak of perfection and toughness. You have one extra physical wound.  You may put this wound in any Wound result.

Famous – For some reason determined in character creation, you are really stinking famous. You could be a popular singer, or Monstru’s best loved spoon bender. The sky is the limit as long as it’s a positive trait.

Farmer Strength – You’re very strong, either through training, breeding, or racial boons. You get a +1 to all strength based Body skills.

Fast Learner (Requires Mind: Good) – Because of your bright intellect, you’re able to pick up new skills faster than most Monsterkin. New skills cost 1 FP to purchase them, and it costs 2 FPs less to advance your skills.

Fast Talker – You can talk your way out of just about any situation, as you were born with a gilded, salesman’s tongue. A roll may still be necessary as it is a opposed action.

Feaster – You can consume a massive meal, and not require any other nourishment for weeks or even months at a time. You either digest really slowly, or your metabolism isn’t even detectable. Note, you can still die of thirst, as you still require occasional liquids.

Fire Resistance – Extreme heat, such as fire and flame bombs, do not hurt you. However, if you were to wade into the lava of a volcano, or stand at ground zero of a Pathos bomb, you’d be turned to ash like everything else. Your belongings do not inherit your fire resistance.

Hard Labor – You’re used to doing hard work for endless hours every day, such as digging ditches, hauling stones, or breaking coal. You have a tough back and lots of calluses, and are a model slave/worker. You can get a lot of work done in a short time, and you have no penalty for spending your days in such difficult situations. (Other characters might not fare so well.)

Haunter – (Haunts only) Haunts are really good at scaring others by moving objects and making out of place noises. You can make any house haunted!

Healthy – You rarely get sick, and you typically have shiny hair, healthy claws, and richly colored horns. Mechans have shiny gears, a rustless undercarriage, and a glistening paint job. The Bloodless have smooth, tight skin, glistening fangs, and/or translucent wings. Basically, you’re blessed with good health, and you heal a bit faster.

Inspiring: You are really good at motivating others. You just know the perfect thing to say.

Iron Jaw – You’re tough, and you can take a punch like a bronze donkey. Essentially, blows to your face will never result in you being knocked unconscious.

Lick Your Wounds (Spirit, Skinwalker and Krampus only) Once per day you can lick your wounds, restoring one wound level per day. (Erase one would mark from your character sheet.) This is fairly disgusting to most folk, but it works.

Light Sleeper – Almost any noise will wake you up during slumber. All but Haunts and the greatest rogues have any chance of sneaking up on you without your knowledge. You often look sleepy.

Longblood – (Monster only) You come from exceptionally good stock, and your lifespan is far greater than the average racial brethren. You may not look young, but you’re still in good enough shape for adventure.

Lucky Dog – Fate seems to have taken a liking to you. Anytime that you make an unmodified roll of -4 consider it a +4.

Majikborne – You’re one of the rare, gifted monsters able to practice the unlegal art of Majik. (This gift is required to access any of the Majik spell-skills.) All character races, even Mechans, are able to have this gift. You are able to take Majik Skills and Jinxes as well as You also get the following Jinx for free:

Jinx Bolt – (Targets: Body or Spirit) You can launch a bolt of pure green Majik that really hurts. This can be used in combat. This skill attacks the Spirit potential only. Great Difficulty: You get +1 MoS to the combat.

Make Up Your Own – Got a better idea for a Gift? Make up your own! Just make sure that it doesn’t overpower the game and that it is in the same vein as these other Gifts. Work with your GM to make sure that it works.

Monstonia Military Rank: You had a high rank in the Monstonia military. Monstonia war veterans respect you for your service and some may even take orders from you.

Massive Horns – (Monster) You have horns that are double the size of normal horns for someone of your race. Other horned folks look at you in envy. Your head is super tough and you take 1 less damage there.

Never Forgets a Face – Similar to “Photographic Memory” except that you can tie names to faces in a remarkable way. Once you meet someone and shake their hand, you’ll remember them for life.

Not of This World You have no idea where you came from and you occasionally get strange messages beamed into your brain. Once per session you may improve one Mind Skill +2 ranks for one roll as you suddenly gain clairvoyance at what your other-worldy masters are teaching you. Klatu, Barada, Nikto.

Off the Books – Somehow, you’ve evaded receiving an AUTHORITY Benefit Number (ABN), which means that you’re not in their system. Sure, you don’t receive any “benefits” but you also don’t have a personal file at Department 13 or one of those awful Ether Ink number tattoos. Don’t get caught by a CrowBot, or this will surely get rectified.

Outdoorbeast – You really enjoy being in the mediocre outdoors. You have a +1 bonus to your Camping and Plant Lore skills.

Pain Resistance – Sure it hurts, but you can handle it. No penalty for injury, torture, or other physical pain. It still hurts, it just doesn’t hurt that much.

Photographic Memory – You’re able to memorize and regurgitate information at an astounding pace. After reading a book (or listening to the radio or a lecture), you can recite important or useful passages at a moments notice.

Polyglot You have a natural affinity for languages. You start the game with 5 languages skills, and you can learn another in half the time as “normal” folks.

Raspute – You can drink mass amounts of wine, Muzz, or goblin moonshine, and get as drunk as a pickle. However, at a moment’s notice, you can shake off the inebriation, and be perfectly ready for action. Named after Grigory Rasputin, who allegedly had this talent.

Regenerate – Your amazing blood allows you to heal in 1/2 the time of anyone else. You can even reattach lost limbs and have them heal perfectly. (Monsters only.)

Rigged – You are one of those rare and lucky folks that have your own Rig. Sure, you’re still making payments to the bank or your Great Aunt Ora – but in time you’ll own it outright. One person in every Crew ought to have this gift.

Road Kill Belly – You can eat anything, and not get sick. It may not taste good to you at all, but you know that if you eat that fur coat, you’ll have another evening without a rumbling belly. Not available to Mechans. (This is a gift common to Trolla.)

Secret Compartment Inside your body is a secret area that no one else knows about. You can fit a decent amount of stuff in there. Great for smuggling. Automats only.

Sewer-born – You were born into utter filth, be it a junkyard, dumpster-town, or sewer. Because of this unfortunate upbringing, you have little issue with stink, disgusting surroundings, or rotting things.

Seventh Child of a Seventh Child – (Must have Majikborne Gift) You are born with a lot of older brothers and sisters and a lot of aunts and uncles. For some reason this means that Majik comes easier to you. You are also able to absorb any Jinx Bolt attack and gain one Spirit Wound. You may not exceed your starting maximum Spirit wounds with this Gift.

Shift Up! – You have the ability to go into a superstate for a brief amount of time, where you become an upgraded version of yourself. (Think Dr. Jekyll / Mr. Hyde) If you’re a Mechan, you transform into a bigger, more physically powerful state. If you’re a Monster, you’re claws/horns enlarge, and you get a lot beefier. If you’re Bloodless, you become more wicked, your eyes glow brightly, and you become taller. This Gift grants you the Shift up Stunt.

Spring Fist (Requires > Body Good, Mechan only) – You have a spring-loaded fist that you can shoot off at a foe, or swing around like a mighty mace. It is connected to the arm by a sturdy steel chain, and can be useful for grabbing small objects at a distance. (Adds free “Weapon Proficiency – Spring Fist > Fair”)

Super Synapses – They say that monsters typically use only ten percent of their brainpower. You go to eleven. You have one additional mental wound. You may put this wound in any Wound result.

Survivor – You have survived a traumatic event and are stronger because of it. You are mentally prepared to face new challenges and stress. I bet you have some stories to tell.

Street Smarts – You can memorize the any streets that you drive on. This could be in any city, or even the highways between cities. Gives you a reason to joyride, right?

Tastes Bad – You taste bad to monsters. That means that creatures like Zombies, Feratu, and Shoth won’t eat you, though they still might attempt to kill you. (If you’re lucky, they’ll try to spit you out.)

Unbelievable Tale You have a story or joke so good and so unbelievable that everyone can’t help but gather and listen.

Unfulfilled Destiny – You’re the subject of some obscure prophecy, predicted to do something great. (At least somebody thinks so.) Expect some folks will want to help you fulfill it, while others are positioned to oppose you. The destiny itself may be counter or aside to your own goals or plans. (He shall plant a mighty forest of trees, to bring the land back to the Wilds. She shall bring the green people to freedom! He shall hold a feast for kings, and they shall eat of peace from that day forward.)

Underworld Contacts – You know some folks from the criminal subculture. You know some smugglers, drug dealers, and maybe even a minor crime boss. They may, or may not be friendly, but they could be helpful from time to time-for a price.

Upgrade (Automat) – You’ve had some important and large physical upgrade to your body. It might be a huge fist, binocular eyes, an extra arm, spring-loaded legs, etc. Work with your GM to determine what benefit this has for your character. There are hundreds of possibilities for this Gift, but make yours good.

Unravel (Embalma) – You are able to unravel your bandages and produce vast quantities of dusty old bandages, at will. These occasionally may prove useful, though most of the time they just get slammed in your Rig’s door.

War Plans – You know about some yet unfulfilled plan that is supposed happen in the War. It might be a CREATU attack strategy or it could be a new AUTHORITY secret weapon. Choose something, and make it interesting. Know that spies would love to get this information, and the government would do anything to get it back.

Faults Directory

Faults make your character interesting. Instead of trying to avoid powerful faults for your character, embrace the most interesting ones to bring your creation to life. I’ve found that Faults are even more interesting to roleplay than Gifts, and they make your character fun, memorable, and unique.

Tip: Keep your Faults secret from the other players, revealing them only through actual game play. This can create memorable and interesting situations and is far more fun than letting the other players discover your flaws by reading your character sheet.

Absent-Minded – You easily lose track of details/places/things which quickly complicates your life. “Where’s my keys!?” “I was supposed to do what? I don’t remember you asking me to do that.”

Addiction – You are addicted to some drug/drink/chemical such as Laudnum, Doomshine, Goblin Brew, etc., and require a dose (expensive) daily, or you act out in bewildering and dangerous ways.

Adrenaline Junky – You hunger for more and more dangerous experiences and activities, to feel alive. You often find yourself trying to convince others that they should take greater risks in life too! “Do you want to live forever?”

Amorous Heartbreaker – You find yourself in passionate relationships on a constant basis, but they grow cold and lifeless as fast as they bloom. You leave behind a trail of jilted lovers, angry rivals, and enraged exes wherever you pass.

Amnesia- You have no idea about your past. You just woke up one day a blank slate. Were you someone important? The Game Master decides what your past is and will reveal it over the course of the game.

Antique – You’re as old and crusty as they come. Everything in today’s modern world seems a far cry from the golden times of your youth. You are an elder, and you deserve respect! Heck it’s getting tough just to move around, let alone understand what all these younglings are babbling on about all of the time.

Antisocial – It’s not that you hate folks, it’s just that you’d rather spend your time doing anything than talking to others. You have a very difficult time succeeding in social situations.

Authority Loyalist – You love the Authority, and irrationally believe in their propaganda, even when shown proof of their ongoing malfeasance. It’s going to take a lot of evidence (and some time) to change your mind.

Back Seat Driver – You can’t help but tell whoever is driving how to do what they do, better. You don’t mean to be rude, but sometimes you just have to be direct to let them know what they’re doing wrong.

Bad Back – At any time, and for almost any reason, your back might go out. For at least an hour, you can do little more than grimace in pain.

Bad Feet – Your feet/hooves/stubs bother you because of the work that you do (standing all day), or the result of an injury.  It hurts you to walk long distances, run, or kick. Crutches or a fancy wheelchair would sure be nice.

Berserko – If you get wounded, you go into a bloodthirsty battle fury, attacking anyone nearby with little regard for your own safety, or that of your crew.

Bipolar – A mental disorder where you experience huge mood swings between acute depression and exuberant mania. Each phase might last hours, days or weeks.

Black Lung – You are plagued by powerful and violent coughing fits which is sometimes triggered by physical activity.

Compulsive Liar – You make up elaborate lies about you and your past and will get upset if someone challenges these beliefs. Drinking buddies with Lincolnstein? Inventor of the Autocar? Secret Agent for the Cephalopod Free Masons? All true to you.

Carcolepsy – You fall asleep while driving, though you believe that you’re still entirely awake.

Clumsy Murphy’s law is more like a religion to you. If you ever roll the same result on all four of your dice, except for all pluses, you must drop whatever you are holding or knock the nearest object over. The Game Master chooses whatever is most applicable to the current story.

Coward – You abhor violence, and will go to any length to avoid it, including whimpering/hiding/fleeing.

Curious Mind – You can’t help but ask questions and investigate “mysteries” without thinking through the consequences first.

Dangerous Enemy – In your travels, you’ve antagonized someone enough to make them a dedicated enemy. They want you bad, and they want you dead! Keep your head down, and lookout! They could find you at any time.

Dayblight – The daytime is your enemy, and you must avoid sunlight at all costs. If you’re not completely covered from head to toe during the day (even when it is cloudy), and wearing thick, dark goggles, you’ll suffer 1 damage to HEALTH, SANITY and MAJIK per hour. The sun is a terrible mistress. Most Bloodless have this fault.

Disgusting Habit – You have some ingrained habit that is completely disgusting to other folk, and you’re not even sure when you’re doing it. It might be something to do with eating, the way that you take care of yourself (or don’t) or the way that you lick your paws before each meal.

Fanatic – You are obsessed with something or someone. You will talk any-one’s ear of about your favorite thing and will do everything in your power to gain what you love.

Foodie – You like food so much that you never stop eating, and you’re always hungry. You are easily convinced to do something if food is the reward. Oh look, Butterchubs is hungry again.

Freaky Physical Appearance – You were born with a bizarre physical appearance. Perhaps you have bright green fur, tree-gnarled horns, albino skin, or even 2 heads! In any case, the majority of the populace finds you disgusting and untrustworthy looking.

Gremlins (Rig, Automat) – This machine is is infested with Gremlins! While they can’t be seen, they do manage to cause all kinds of minor mechanical problems in the worst possible times. Furnace goblins HATE gremlins!

Guilty – You’ve done something wrong, something terrible, and it’s eating you from the inside out. It may have been weeks or even years ago, but this foul act informs every decision that you make today. (Heck, it might even make you a better person, if you were able to forgive yourself for five minutes.) Write down what you’re guilty of on your character sheet. (And never forget.)

Heartbroken – You’ve lost the love of your life, and you can’t stop wishing that you could have him/her back in your life. You typically make your love the main topic of every conversation, and you’re often stricken with despair and self-delusion. Your love WILL take you back!

Heavy Sleeper It takes a lot to awaken you from your deep slumber.

Lawful – The idea of breaking an AUTHORITY law makes you sick. You follow every law as literally as possible to avoid any trouble, and might even snitch on those who break them. You’ve earned a vest-full of Spy Scout badges.

Lazy – You don’t feel that work is something that fits you very well, and you’ve never been very good at holding down steady work. If somebody else can do something, they should do it themselves and not bother you about it.

Libertine – You don’t really care about what is ethical or moral and you sure as hell don’t care what others think about you.

Majik Deficient – You are unable to cast proper Jinx, and Majik items are far from reliable in your care. This is primarily a Daemon Fault.

Half-Crazed – You sometimes acts erratically at inappropriate times, and stumble into socially odd situations constantly. Kip Cupwhistle has this fault.

Humorless – You have never been able to understand what humor is. You just don’t get funny. If someone makes a joke, you probably don’t understand it.

Illiterate No one took the time to teach you to read. Blame the AUTHORITY’s “No Youngling Left Behind” Program.

Impulsive Whenever an idea comes to your mind, you have a strong desire to do it right now.

Infamous – You’re name is known far and wide for some terrible thing that you, your family, or your clan has done. Perhaps your father sold poisonous eggs, your sister was a serial torturer, or your family betrayed some secrets to the vile nation of CREATU. In any case, your identity is a liability.

Macho – You walk, talk, and act big as a cover to your own underlying insecurities. No matter what, others cannot see you in a position of weakness. Ever.

Majikburnt – The opposite of the Majikborne Gift, Majikburnt results when a Warlock over-extends her Jinxes or is lashed with a powerful Majik attack. Basically, this fault denies the Jinxcaster of the ability to use her Majik powers. In almost all cases, this is fault takes a while to recover and in some cases, could be permanent.

Monstertarian – When you see a monster in need, you simply must help them in whatever capacity that you can muster. Heck, your Crew should help too! Convince them.

Make Up Your Own – Heck, this list is just inspiration. Got a better idea? Make up your own Fault. Just make sure that it actually will be a challenge to roleplay, and it comes into play from time to time. Bounce some ideas off of your GM to make sure that they’re acceptable.

Missing Parts (Mechan only) – You are missing some essential gear, hose, or part, that seems to hamper you in the most important times. Write down the part that you’re missing, on your character sheet.

Moist – You’re always soggy, sweating, or dripping with wetness. It could be a glandular condition, or perhaps a drippy hose on your mechanical condenser. Most folks would rather not be too near you. On the plus side, rain showers are hardly noticeable.

Mumbler – You can’t help but to utter your inner-most thoughts through muffled slurs, rambles, and mutters.

Naive – You’re a bit unsophisticated in your view of the world. You don’t quite understand sarcasm, and tend to believe everything that you read or hear. You’re not necessarily dumb, just gullible.

Narcissist – You’re the most important person in your life. You’re willing to use others for your own gain, and have very little empathy. Did you say something? I didn’t think so.

Nerd – You love board games, collect Goro’s Collectible Monster Cards, and attend Majik Lantern Film and Funny Book conventions. Along with having few romantic opportunities, you might also be over or underweight, wear close-fitting clothing with ironic slogans and airbrushed animals on them. You have arrested social skills and are likely to suffer penalties to such skills when interacting with non-nerds.

No Speak Monston – You don’t speak the core language of MONSTRU, either by choice, or because of some mental deficiency. You’ll have to rely on other means to express yourself.

Obsessive-Compulsive – You have to repeat a certain behavior or become irrationally anxious. This behavior could be repeatedly switching on light switches, starting your Autocar five times before operating it, or saying the word “dimple” in as many different languages as you can think of before getting out of bed.

Overloaded – You are wearing so much gear or armor that you are fully encumbered and constantly tired. You will probably drown if you attempt to swim, you can’t sprint, and you attack last in every round. This Fault is temporary; if you remove your armor/gear/treasure you will return to your normal unencumbered state.

Owes Favors – You owe a favor to an important or powerful person or organization. Examples include: the Mob, the Red Goblin Circus, or the bounty witch Baba Jaga. The favor(s) could be called on at the least convenient time.

Pacifist – You hate violence and the idea of you causing it makes you sick. You could think that you are better than those who are violent or you are just scared that you’ll get your behind handed to you.

Paranoia – You have excessive delusional and obsessive thoughts, to the point that they effect your ability to think rationally and clearly. On the plus side, you have a very active imagination.

Phobia – Your mental illness is based upon an acute fear of some common thing. (Spoons, leaves, ringing bells, rain, etc.) Select the focus of your phobia when you choose this fault, or leave it up to your GM to decide.

Poorly Made – You were improperly crafted or summoned, which has resulted in some shoddy parts on your body. Perhaps your left foot always falls off, or you’re perpetually sick. (Daemon, Patchwork or Automat only.)

Pyrophobia – You are afraid of fire and flame. From the inner workings of a Steam Engine to a scented candle, fire just does not sit well with you.

Quixotic – You have unrealistic and lofty ideals. You will attempt to achieve worthy goals against impossible odds, without regards to common sense or danger.

Racial Stigma – Your ethnicity places you at odds with the cultural norm. You’re still trying to get used to being treated with constant distance, disdain and fear.

Racist – You really don’t like one race for some reason. Maybe you had a bad experience with them or maybe you just think you are better than they are.

Rageshift – Skinwalker only When you get mad, you change into a disgusting creature that epitomizes anger and irrationallity: A Manling! You also get a -2 to all Mind based skills.

Road-Rager You get irrationally angry at other Autocar drivers on the hellways, way too often. Self-control evaporates as your berserk fury explodes; it’s not your fault that drivers are so stupid.

Rudderless – You have absolutely no sense of direction. You get lost quite often, even in familiar parts of town or on routine trips. It’s maddening!

Spacey You are a few crayons short in your marker box. You have one less Willpower point.

Smells Bad – You have a terrible smell about you at all times, and no amount of washing will clear it up. On the plus side, you think that you smell perfectly fine.

Socially Awkward – You always manage to do or say the wrong thing in social gatherings. You have a difficult time talking to monsterkin you don’t know, and often confuse them with your unsettling nature. It’s not your fault.

Something is Missing – You really miss someone or something that was very dear to you. This could be a lover, an object or an ideal like your childhood. Rosebud.

Stitched Up – You’ve recently undergone a major injury, with dozens or even hundreds of stitches now holding you together. Until you receive some substantial medical attention, any strenuous physical activity will result in a renewed wound of Hurt. (If it happens again, Very Hurt will be the result.) Do anything physical, and you could be right back at Death’s door.

Sugartooth (Monster, Feratu) – You adore sweets, and eat them whenever possible. This has weakened your teeth so much that they often shatter when you’re hit in the mouth. Luckily for you, they grow right back. (In about a month.)

Sycophant – You use endless flattery and compliments to win the favor from others. It wouldn’t be so bad if you didn’t do it constantly. You are very beautiful, you know?

Underdeveloped You are a little sickly and skinny for your race’s normal standards. You have one less physical wound in your scratched result.. Eat a sandwich, why don’t ya?

Uneducated – You’ve never had any formal schooling. Your language is often crude, and you’re often misunderstanding what those around you are talking about. Your knowledge of “school learning” is quite limited. You’re not necessarily dumb, but you often look that way to others.

Vain – You’re a dandy, overly concerned with your appearance, qualities and/or so-called achievements; conceited.

Vile – You’re absolutely disgusting, at least to one other race. They can’t stand you, and will charge more, fling insults, or even attack you

Wanted – You’re wanted by a Feratu street gang, the Authority, Trolla Activists or some other powerful group. There’s a price on your head, and that means that bounty hunters are looking for it!

Warlock Bait – You’ve got some organ or part that is particularly desirable to Warlocks, and should be somewhat obvious or well-known to them. Perhaps you have a “fated gear”, a “mystic ear”, or a “thrice blessed liver”. It’s up to you to define it and make it interesting.

Wildborn – A child of nature, you’re almost completely without modern culture and civility. You have no manners, care little for laws or rules, and have little love for authority. You’re a savage, and you love it.

Wounded – You have a wound that won’t be healed by modern medicine or Majik. You might be covered in scars from a terrible fire, missing a limb, or have a weeping cut that won’t ever close. How this impacts you (mentally, physically, spiritually) is up to you.

Youngling (Monster only) – You are unusually young to be an adventurer, and you have a very youthful face on top of that. Sure, you’re a little green, but that doesn’t mean that you’re not right! You are antsy to prove to prove your worth, and you see listening as a form of weakness. You rail at any implication of your youth.


Stunts are special abilities, that separate the heroes from common factory workers. They are as amazing as they are rare, and seen only in a small population of Proles.

Stunts can only be called upon once per day per character, and each character can only ever have a maximum of 3 Stunts. (Most have one or less.) Mooks, creatures and common folk usually have no Stunts at all.

All stunts have Potential and/or Skill level requirements. They can never exceed their required Skill or Potential level. (For instance if a Brawl > Good is required for Coffin Punch. Coffin Punch can’t ever exceed Good unless Brawl is first raised to the Great level.)

The degree of success of the stunt depends on the difficulty level rolled. Combat Stunts also require the user to successfully hit his or her opponent. If a Stunt roll results in a Legendary result, the Game Master is encouraged to use their judgement and make a thrilling result.

All stunts require one round of preparation and concentration to activate. The character must gather energy to make the attempt.

We encourage Players to invent a back-story of how their character earned/discovered their Stunt talent.

“Korik learned the secret Coffin Punch technique from a nameless and ancient Feratu Monk who lived in the Klagmoore hills of behind Spookane. It took her 7 seasons to learn how to do it at all.”

Stunts Directory

(Raw Stunt ideas: (Like one? Expand it!)

  • One Inch Punch
  • Acid Rain (Majik)
  • Door Forest (Grows a forest, instantly)
  • Badblood
  • Ghostline
  • Tire Iron
  • Beards of our Fathers

Amazing Locks – (Requires: Spirit ≥ Good, non-Automat only) With ample concentration, you can rapidly grow sheets of hair, rope-like mustachios, or a gout of beard. 10 feet in length for every level Fair and above. (Choose your growth-focus: Beard, sideburns, hair, eyebrows, mustache, pelt, etc.)

Astonishing Vault – (Requires: Leap≥ Good) You are able to leap incredibly high, over several cars or maybe even to the top of a building. Good result: You are able to leap into the air about 50 feet in any direction. Great Result: You are able to leap into the air about  100 feet in any direction. Superb Result: You are able to leap into the air about 250 feet in any direction.

Bellow Call – (Requires: Bellow Jinx ≥ Good) You are able to Bellow forth a 7 word message, so that it carries for miles to any personally known Prole. Good Result: 10 works message. Great result: This can be used to attack a distant, known Prole, as well as deliver a 10 word message. Warlocks rivals have been known to insult-duel this way across distant Provinces.

Bottlebest – (Requires: Transmute Matter Jinx ≥ Good) You can transmute matter liquid form and bottle it up into very small vials. When they vials are broken, the substance instantly returns back to it’s original state. Useful for storing large items. Good Result: 2 cubic feet of matter. Great Result: 6 cubic feet of matter. Superb Result: 12 cubic feet of matter. Note: living creatures may (or may not) maintain their souls after such bottling. (GM choice.)

Calculate Odds (Requires Calculate ≥ Good Clockwork Only) You are able to predict the most likely outcome of one event using the power of math.

Coffin Punch – (Requires: Brawl ≥ Good) You are able to time a punch so well that it leaves devastation wherever it lands. Good Result: Your punch does an extra five points of damage and pushed the target back 10 feet. Great Result: Your punch does an extra 5 points of damage and the target is knocked down flat on his monster behind. Superb Result: The punch does an extra 10 points of damage and the target is knocked out or killed.

Come! It is time to give the Machine-Man your face! – (Mechans only, Requires: Disguise skill ≥ Good) You can choose one monster and make a really convincing disguise of them. Degrees of success equate to how convincing your disguise is. Great for costume parties and convincing the workers of the under-city to rise up against the AUTHORITY as their spiritual leader.

Drunken Fist (Requires: Drunken Warrior gift, Drunken Brawl ≥ Good) This attack compresses the Master’s chi, and provides a unpredictable attack one one defender. The Master spends one round staggering in front of the target, and then unleashes a powerful punch the defender never sees coming. (No defense.) Like all Drunken skills, the Master must be drunk to do it properly. Great Result: Free attack on another target.

Fold – (Requires: Body ≥ Great and Spirit > Great) You are a contortionist of amazing ability, and are able to disengage your joints enough that you are able to fold yourself into the size of a book.

Garou Form – (Skinwalker only, Requires Shapeshifting Skill ≥ Good) You are angry that you have to change into a weak Manling from time to time, but you have found away to “Super charge” your rage by shifting back into a larger Wolfman. As a Garou, you get +1 Combat Attack MoS, one extra wound and are physically larger. To change into a Garou you must first shift into a Manling, then to your Wolfman form, then to Garou.

Ground Pound – (Trolla and Krampus only, Requires: Body ≥ Fair) You can use your strength to pound the ground in front of you, knocking anyone around you down from the impact. They lose an action getting back up.

Gryme Broode – (Requires: the Spookies Jinx ≥ Good) This most ancient of Jinx summons forth 2 Fume Haunts who fight on behalf of the Warlock for one battle. Great Result: 3 Fume Haunts. Superb Result: 4 Fume Haunts.

Harpoon Rain – (Requires: Suddenly Harpooned Jinx ≥ Good) A massive dark cloud forms over your head and a rain of sharp harpoons fall to the ground. Anyone under the ten-foot cloud is attacked by a Harpoon. (Targets: Body)

Haymaker – (Requires: Brawl ≥ Good) An explosive punch that will knock most creatures out, and

Iron Hands – (Requires: Brawl ≥ Great) Your hands are terrible weapons, tearing and chopping just like a meat cleaver. Through your endless training, they feel no pain and they are as tough as nails. Good Result: You tear a small piece of your foe off of them. (Ear, finger, skin, cowling, eye, etc.) Great Result: You impale your enemy on your hand, and you may make an instant followup attack. (Tearing out something from their inside?)

Lightning Sprint – (Requires: Marathon ≥ Good) Time seems to slow around you when you run, enabling you to run great distances quickly. Make a Sprint skill check and cover 20ft of distance for every level of Fair and above.

Mastermind – (Requires: Mind ≥ Great) Once per month the character can attempt to invent some new technological device. (It may be useful, fantastic, or even failure prone.) Requires a laboratory, equipment, and a staff of minions.

Mighty Cleave – (Requires: Axe Attack ≥ Good) Mustering up the power of your axe, you bring it down with enough force to cut through a tree, a door, or rig. (+6 ODF, if it must be stated.)

Mysterious Stranger – (This is a one time use Stunt, although this stunt may be taken multiple times.) A rather larger mysterious stranger appears from out of nowhere and helps you in battle. Before the dust settles, she vanishes without a trace.

Mysterious Stranger

“It was a dark night, but out of the darkness came the clawed one. I was about to be punished by the CrowBots, when a big black auto pulled up. Out came a strange, horned and clawed creature. It tipped over those CrowBots, like metal bones. And then it just drove away…”

Scale: 2Body: GoodMind: GoodSpirit: Fair Skills:Flight (Spirit) Fair Chopping claws (Body) – Good  Electro Eyes (Mind) Mediocre Hypnotic eyes (Spirit) MediocreFog (Spirit) PoorBreath weapon (Body) MediocreGifts: Armored suit (Armor Rating 1), Gift of MajikStunts: Wonderbite (Player may choose to hold target in mouth for one round on a Good or greater difficulty) Poison breath – Players effected by this breath attack suffer 1 wound a round.
Has 10 Fortune Points(She will only appear to fight against the Authority.)

Over-Wind – (Mechan only) You are able to store up your energy in order to have a burst of amazing speed. In the next round, you get a bonus action for every level above Good that you roll.

Paralyzing Stare – (Requires: Spirit ≥ Good) (Feratu only) You capitalize on your race’s ability to stare into other’s souls and creep them out. The target skips a turn from fright.

Poison breath – (Requires: Breath Weapon ≥ Fair) Your breath is so foul smelling that you poision those around you in a 10 foot cloud. Everyone in the cloud takes 1 wound per turn.

Quick Reflexes- (Requires: Body ≥ Good) You are quick to react. You may make an attack during the Talking phase of combat initiative.)

Second Wind (Requires Spirit ≥ Good) You are able to shake-off any wound penalties for the rest of the combat.

Shift Up! (Requires: Body ≥ Good) – You have the ability to go into a superstate for a brief amount of time, where you become an upgraded version of yourself. (Think Dr. Jekll / Mr. Hyde) If you’re a Mechan, you transform into a bigger, more physically powerful state. If you’re a Monster, you’re claws/horns enlarge, and you get a lot beefier. If you’re Bloodless, you become more wicked, your eyes glow brightly, and you become taller. All attacks are at +1 while Shifted Up, and the state usually lasts for one melee. Limited to one Shift per day.

Spin out (Requires: Body ≥ Good and Throw Skill > Good) You just love to throw heavy objects and other monsters as far as you can. After picking up your target, you spin around with them a few times and launch them straight at something or someone. Your target takes a +2 MoS result in combat and the thrown object gets wounded if it can take wounds.

Stabify – (Requires: Body ≥ Good, Weapon Proficiency: Knife > Good) You can go unsane with the knife, stabbing and stabbing and stabbing like a cereal killer. You get 3 free attacks on one target, based on your core Knife skill. Your target gets to defend against one of the attacks.

Whack It Till It Works – (Requires Mechanics Skill ≥ Good) You have an uncanny ability to strike a mechanical object and get it in working order again. Good Result: You repair 1 wound to any wheel to a Rig or Mechan. Great Result: You repair 2 wounds to any wheel to a Rig or Mechan. Superb Result: You heal 3 wound to any wheel to a rig or Mechan and one fault of your choice no longer effects the target for one week.

Whelming Boot – (Requires: Kick ≥ Good) – This spinning kick wallops so much power that it will knock down (and back) anyone your size or smaller, and can knock down normal doors without much trouble. Great Result: You hit 2 targets (if both are in range) with your kick. Superb Result: Your spinning kick hits everyone in range.

Whirlwind Attack- (Requires Weapon Proficiency Skill ≥ Mediocre) You can unleash a fury of blows on multiple opponents at once. Anyone with in distance of your weapon (Friend or Foe) gets attacked. You consider yourself an expert fighter, even if you are just closing your eyes and flailing around.

Wonderkill – (Requires: Body ≥ Great) (Trolla only) A rapid battle-fury, brought on by drinking 3 jugs of Doomshine followed by eating Trusk salsa in rapid succession. This combination has a terrible effect on the Trolla physique, making them both incredibly angry and incredibly strong. (And stinky.) +2 MoS for the next 3 rounds.

Wonderbite – (Requires: Bite ≥ Fair)  You can shut your jaw so tight that it is almost impossible for someone to escape from it. Your target is immobilized for one turn, and your jaw is locked on them until they are able to make an opposed appropriate body skill check to escape.

Rules and Playing the Game


One of the most pressing concerns that most monsters always have in the backs of their head is to always avoid being stepped on. In a world of 30’ Crowbots, and mile high Night Terrors, you can feel pretty small compared.

This game has an inlaid scale system for determining when a person or object is larger than you are. A normal monster is considered to have a Body Potential of Scale: 0. For every scale difference between two targets, you add or subtract the level of the scale to the Body potential between them.

For example, Sourpunch the Vendomat wishes to kick a Crowbot in the leg for stepping on his family. A Crowbot has a Body Potential of Good with a Scale of +2, meaning that compared to Sourpunch, The Crowbot is considered to have a Body Potential of Superb. This makes is much harder for our Vendomat friend to damage and avenge his family name.


-6 Imp

-5 Cat-Ghost

-4 Whisp-o-Whirl

-3 Furnace goblin

-2 Red Goblin

-1 Cheetah

0  Average Monster

+1 Trolla, Owlbear

+2 Grun, Bone Monk, Hellephant

+3 CrowBot, Standard

+4 Mark 8 CrowBot

+5 Zinc Cat

Fortune Points

Fortune Points (“FPs” or “fortunes”) are a way for the Players to modify the game in progress, as well as level their characters later on in the game.

Basically, Fortunes can be spent to undo something that has just happened, to modify a pre-thrown dice roll by +1, or to have a chance to re-roll the dice. They should be marked off by the Player, as they are used.

Fortune Points Example 1:

GM: “The CrowBot spots you, and careens toward your Crew.”

Player: “I spend a Fortune Point. The CrowBot looks the other way and doesn’t notice us.”

GM: “Okay. The CrowBot looks in your direction, pauses for a moment, but then walks down the alley.”

GM: Mark off a Fortune Point.

Fortune Points Example 2:
GM: “Go ahead and roll your Wrench Attack.”

Player: “Crud. I rolled -4.”

GM: “Do you want to spend a Fortune to re-roll?”

Player: “Yeah!” (Marks off a FP) and re-rolls the dice.

Fortunes are rewarded for play that makes the game more entertaining and fun, and are awarded at the end of each session.

Fortune Point reward guidelines:

  • +1 FP for doing a great job roleplaying with the other Players.
  • +1 FP for great characterization of a PC.
  • +1 to +3 FPs for attempting to get other players involved in the game.
  • +1 to +3 FPs for doing anything that makes the game more fun for the group.
  • +1 FP for hosting the game at their house.
  • +1 FP for putting cooperative group play above the motivation of individual characters.

+4 or +5 FP after a game session would be a very generous reward for a single session, though it’s certainly possible to reward more at the end of a fun and successful campaign.

We encourage Players to make choices that make the game more fun, even above character motivation. “But my character wouldn’t cooperate with the Crew” isn’t very fun for the group of Players seated around the table. Perhaps it’s time to make some adjustments to the character that facilitates better group play.

Fortune points are also used to advance a player’s potentials and skills.

Potential levels are purchased at levels times eight. A player must pay for the cost of the advancement of each level. For example, if a player wished to improve his Body Potential from a Mediocre to a Great, he would need 144 fortune points, while a Mediocre to Fair advancement is only 40 points.

Potential LevelLevelFortune Point Cost

Character Advancement

Skill advancement is based on the new difficulty level times two.

Skill Level NameLevelFortune Point Cost

A player wishing to upgrade his acrobatics skill from a Good to a Superb would be 26 fortune points (as long as the player’s body potential is at Superb), while a Good to a Great is only 12 points.

A new skill is purchased for 4 fortune points and starts at a Mediocre level.

A skill may only be advanced by 1 level at a time. (1 level per raising session.)

To gain a new gift, an additional fault must be taken. A player may do this only once per session or up to the Game Master’s discretion. Usually a new Gift or Fault is taken to reflect something that happened in the game.

If you are running a game where the characters are more advanced, give them a number of character points to upgrade their characters before stating play.


At some point in every Prole’s life, someone is going to want to harm them. Not everyone wants to hide under their bed when the bad guys come for them, and some have a great desire to fight back. Below are the rules for when things turn south and everyone reaches for the closest lead pipe for a beat down.


When some form of combat is about to happen, an order of actions is required to determine who goes first and in what order actions are resolved. Monster Commute uses an Initiative system based on what kind of action the players are doing. Players choose 1 action for their combat action and go in the order determined below.

Players whose actions are talking go first, then players whose are attacking go second. Players whose actions are moving go third and players whose actions are doing a non-attack action go last. When attacking, attackers roll their attack skill check first, then defenders rol their defense skill check.

Initiative Order

  • Talking
  • Attacking
  • Moving
  • Non-Combat Action

When multiple players are attacking at once, the Game Master and the players declare the level of their attack after any combat modifiers (Armor, Scale, or Combat Actions). The order of actions is from highest to lowest level. Player can speak six words to each other during any of the initiative stages, any more and it classifies as a talking action for next turn. Choose your words carefully.

Combat is less about what degree of success you get on your attack roll, and more about the

difference between what you got to attack and what the defender got on his defense roll. This

Margin of Success (MOS) is used to determine what happens during combat, as well as gives

the Game Master and Players a chance to fully describe attacks in awesome ways.

Keep in mind that combat isn’t always physical. The potentials of Mind and Spirit have default attacks that target the same or other potentials.  Every ability will describe which potential they attack.

Combat Difference Chart

0Missed – A negligible result.
1 to 2Scratched – A noticeable result. A hit, ability, spell, or maneuver that provides a momentary advantage to the attacker. 1 Wound is taken.
3 to 4Hurt- A significant result. Fill all wounds up to Hurt. The wounded take a -1 penalty to  any check that uses the Potential that this wound is taken in.
5 to 6Very Hurt- Fill all wounds up to Very Hurt. The character gets -2 to any check that uses the Potential that this wound is taken in.
7 to8Incapacitated- Fill all wounds up to Incapacitated. The character gets -2 to any check that uses the Potential that this wound is taken in.
 9 Near Death-  Fill all wounds to last wound box. For physical combat, the player is dying. Action must be taken immediately by other party members to prevent character death. For Willpower wounds, the character is Stunned, For Spirit Wounds, the character cannot make any further Majik checks and cannot use any Spirit Skills.

This combat system is designed for players to fully describe how they attack and gives them the chance to direct the combat. Truly cinematic scenes can happen, like sword fights filled with parries, blocks, and ripostes.

Attacking and Offensive Damage Factor (ODF)

If a player wishes to attack another beast in Monster Commute (Road rage happens 117 times an hour in Monstru). A player needs to add a few things to his dice roll to determine how effective his attack is. This is called the Offensive Damage Factor. The ODF is added to every attack roll regardless of what potential the attack originates from.

Potential Modifier + Weapon Bonus + Combat Action + Scale = Total Offensive Damage Factor (ODF).

Attacking in a Nutshell!

1. State your action (Be creative!)

2. Roll your stated attack skill!

3. State the result (Great punch!)

4. GM rolls for Mooks, calculates the Relative Degree.

5. If you hit, tell the GM your ODF.

6. GM describes the carnage on the mooks!

Physical Combat Example:

Grist, the Furnace Goblin wants to motivate his fellow Goblin, Horst to get back to work. Grist

decides to whack Horst with a large wrench. Grist has a Fair in his Brawl skill, a Good in his Body Potential, as well as his Wrench gives him a +1 to attacks. Grist’s player rolls his Brawl skill and gets a Fair. Grist’s Body potential and Wrench give him a +1 bonus apiece. Therefore, Grist’s total attack level is at a Great result.

Defending and the Defensive Damage Factor (DDF)

The Defensive Damage Factor, or DDF is exactly the same as the ODF, except it is calculated when defending an incoming attack. The DDF is calculated on every defense roll regardless of what potential is attacked.

Potential Modifier + Armor Bonus + Combat Action + Scale = Total Defensive Damage Factor (DDF).

Defending in a Nutshell!

1. State your defensive action.

2. GM rolls the NPC attack.

3. The player rolls for defense!

4. GM calculates Relative Degree.

5. If you’re hit, tell GM your DDF.

6. Mark damage, review any wound penalties.

Mental and Majik Combat Example.

Horst never told his partner Grist that he has been learning Magik spells from a book he

purchased (stole) at a rest stop. Angry at his partner for hitting him with his own wrench, Horst

casts a spell on Grist. Horst rolls his Majik skill and gets a Good result, while Grist’s Mental Fortitude roll is only a Poor result. With a MoS of +3 Horst’s spell only does 1 wound to Grist’s Willpower.   

Combat Actions and Modifiers:

Sometimes special situations occur during combat that will grant bonuses and minuses.

  • Sneak Attack

If the target is unaware of an attack that is about to strike them, they get a +1 to their Combat Attack MoS.

  • Gang Up

If three or more combatants are attacking one Scale 0 opponent, all attackers get +1 Combat Attack MoS. Five or more combatants are required for a Scale 1 opponent and 10 or more are needed for a Scale 2.

  • Fighting Defensively

If someone wishes to defend instead of attack during their action, they get a +2 to their Combat Attack MoS, but their action is doing nothing but defending.

  • All-Out Offensive

The character is all offense for this round with a +2 Combat Attack MoS, but suffers a -2 penalty their defense MoS

  • Prone

When a player is knocked Prone, they receive -1 Combat Defense MoS and have to use their next action to get up.


Damage is a generic turn for any harm to your Health, Willpower, or Majik Damage Trackers.

Damage is actually connecting with a weapon, rendering an opponent temporarily

unsane, or draining a significant portion of Majik points. Normal damage is marked with an X.

If a character lose all points in any one Damage Track, they are considered to have taken “Extreme Damage.”

Extreme Damage

If a character goes to zero in Health, Willpower or Majik, the character is temporarily out of combat. This is a very serious state and requires immediate attention.

If she is assisted with First Aid, Psychotherapy, or Harmonizing, she may possibly even avoid death.

Damage Type:Result of goingto zero:Requires immediate:Normalrecovery time:
Health (Body)DyingFirst Aid2-4 weeks with aid
Willpower (Mind)StunnedPsychotherapy2-4 weeks with aid
Majik (Spirit)MajikburntHarmonizing2-4 weeks with aid

Dying- The player is dying. Action must be taken immediately by other party members to prevent character death.

Stunned– The player is Stunned. They cannot take any action for 1 turn, as well as cannot use any Mental skills until they are healed using Psychotherapy.

Majikburnt– The player cannot make any Spirit based actions until they are healed with a Harmonzing skill check.

First Aid (Mind) – Bandages the wounds, stops the bleeding and swelling, etc.

Psychotherapy (Mind) – Intense counselling to unburden the wounded from Post-traumatic stress disorder. May include the new and exciting “Teslan Shock Therapy,” by Oni Industries.

Harmonizing (Spirit) – This meditative ritual is performed in a Majik Circle (stones and crystals place in a circle), which heals spiritual and majikal damage. It realigns the internal chakra, bringing harmony and balance back to the injured. It can be performed by the non-Majikborne since it is not a Jinx.

If aid is applied and the character is taken to a safe location, she will recover with time and attention.


A normal character will heal damage to Heath, Willpower, and Majik at a rate of 1 point per day. These are marked by the “X” on the character sheet.

Certain items and spells can increase the healing rate, as well as daily healing skills.

Left to die

If the character is not aided she will either die, or return back to the game with a new Fault that reflects the character’s permanent wound (Player and GM choice.) We’d recommend choosing the most interesting and fitting solution for the story and for interesting roleplaying.

Damage Type:New Fault Possibilities:Retirement option:
Health (Body)Wounded, Clumsy, Bad Back, Make one upCharacter death, paralysis, comatose
Willpower (Mind)Phobia, Paranoia, Half-Crazed, Addiction, BerserkoComplete insanity, brain-dead
Majik (Spirit)Majik Deficient, Absent-minded, Coward, AmnesiaMajik Burnout, spontaneous combustion
Majik (Spirit, for Majikborne only)MajikburntMajik Burnout, spontaneous combustion

Another possibility is to temporarily reduce the parent Potential by one, though this tends to impact many skills.

Character Death and Retirement

Sometimes characters die, or they are retired from play due to insanity, burnout, comatosis, or getting crushed by a CrowBot claw.

Hopefully this will be in the service of a good story, and won’t be too upsetting for the Player. We suggest that there be a way out of death (such as taking new faults) so that it is largely the Player’s choice to retire the character.

A character death/retirement can make the game and the story more interesting, both possibly giving the other PCs new character motivations, and raising the overall stakes.

Character death isn’t a very healthy method of punishing a Player.  

Weapons in Monstru

Skills, cleverness, and luck are all valued traits in Monster Commute, but only the stupidest of Proles wander the unsightly streets of Skullopolis without a weapon of some kind. Monstru is a very dangerous place with it’s road rage incidents and fifty-foot tall Crowbots stepping on people. Weapons give a slight advantage back to the citizens.

Although “traditional” weapons have been unlegal in Monstru for some time, AUTHORITY law has been relaxed due to the NIGHT TERROR invasions of recent memory. Remember that the weapon itself matters less than how you use it.

Weapons are classified into three categories based on what potential they attack: Body, Mind, or Spirit. To use a weapon, a character must use the weapon use skill. (To hit an ornery Prole with a pipe, who just told you that your mother resembles a Trolla for instance, a player would use the Pipe skill under the Body potential. If the player does not have a Pipe skill, he rolls the skill at the Poor untrained level.)

Weapons almost always damage the same potential that the weapon is classified in, unless otherwise stated.

All weapons also have a bonus to the Offensive Damage Factor. For Body type weapons, this is based on size and lethality.

Body Weapon Type ODF Bonus

-1No weapon or no Martial Arts skill.
+0Martial Art skill or small weapon (Brass knuckles, Wrench, Boots).
+1Medium 1-hand weapons (Claws, Hatchet, Machete, Rock, Shortsword).
+2Large 1-hand weapons (Antique Broadsword, Golem Axe, Spear, Bow).
+3Large 2-hand weapons (Trolla Maul, Battleaxe, Great Sword, Sledgehammer,)
+4Huge 2-hand weapons, Teslan Electromajic Tech, Barondook Antique electro-weapons
+5Unique Enchanted Weapons, Teslan Magnum, The Blade of Barrow

For Mental type weapons, the ODF bonus is based on how well the weapon amplifies fear or psychic energy.

Mind Weapon Type ODF Bonus

-1No mask, no focal point.
+0Cloth eye mask, Planchette, Crystal Ball (Fair quality)
+1A Frightening Bone Mask, Tele-Psy Radio (Good quality)
+2A Terrifying Metal Mask & Costume, Electromajic Circlet (Great quality).
+3Electromajik Psychic Glove,
+4Judgement Costume, Doom Mask
+5Electromajik Mind Amplifer

Spirit type weapons amplify and channel the Jinx Bolt skill or other Jinxes.

Spirit Weapon Type ODF Bonus

-1No focus for the Jinx Bolt.
+0Small Jinx tattoo, Voodoo doll, Warlock hat, crude Fetish (Fair quality).
+1Ring, Medallion, Scroll, large Jinx tattoo, strong Fetish (Good quality).
+2Wand, Amulet, huge Jinx tattoo, Major Fetish, Sta (Great quality).
+3Major Staff , Full body Jinx tattoo, Deck of Many Things and Stuff Tarot.
+5Burning Skull, Jinx Crown, Tarrob Tattoo, the Throne of Olo.

Legal and Unlegal Weapons.

Legal WeaponsUnlegal Weapons
SpannerSword, antique
Blacksmith hammer, Carpentry hammerWarhammer, antique
Billy club, Baton,Brass knuckles
Pocket knifeSwitchblades, stilettos
Townie pitchforkPoison
Sledge hammerVoodoo Dolls
Scissors and garden shearsMajik
Tooth, Nails, and FistsDarts
Horns and antlersStop-sign and pole
Nail in wooden plankBombs, Molotov’s cocktail
Rocks and other heavy thrown objectsHalberds, Antique
Farmer’s scythe or sickleSword-canes, Vybroswords and Vybroaxes
Thunderlock Magnum (with permit)October Special Arquebus
Improvised weapons like bottles, chairs,and garbage cansTrained war-beasts

Automat have an advantage, since their metal fists often make fantastic weapons-they’re built-in and totally legal!

Good Weapons vs Corny Weapons

Any of the above are considered good in-world weapons by the authors of Monster Commute.

Corny weapons that would make us roll out eyes would be things like:

  • Banana Cannons
  • Rubber chickens
  • Sausage link nun-chucks
  • Pot pies
  • A +1 Katana forged by Hattori Hanzo himself.

However, we could imagine a time where they might make acceptable one-time improvised weapons.

You can certainly play MCRPG however you’d like, but these don’t match the intended tone of the game.

Weapon Gifts and Faults:

Occasionally, exceptional weapons have abilities on them that give them ether an edge in combat or a hindrance. Most common weapons will not have any gifts or faults on them. Most blacksmiths are able to upgrade weapons for a cost, granting them Weapon Gifts and Game Masters may give items that are used often by players Weapon Faults as he or she sees fit.

Weapon Gifts

Baelfire –  Ensorceled ice-cold flames emit from this object. Though it gives off no light, the flames will devour wood, bone, and other organic matter, turning it to ashy frost. The Baelfire will not effect the wielder’s flesh, though it will surely burn their equipment and goods. Many foes will burn for an additional point of damage once hit, in the following round.

Bashback – An effective hit drives the target back by 5 feet per level of success Fair or better. The foe will have to close back in if they wish to engage in melee again.

Binding – A successful use of this object can entangle one foe for at least one round, requiring an opposed action (initial attack level vs Contort Skill) to escape.

Blast Area (Range) –  This weapon has a spray ranged attack, hitting everyone caught in the area.


Bonded – This object will only function for it’s bonded master. The bonding may require a ritual or ceremony to activate it.

Burning – This weapon is on FIRE! Flammable foes will take an additional point of damage in the round following being struck.

Charmed – This weapon will hit creatures that are not effected by “normal” weapons, and will do Spirit damage to those lacking a Body Potential.

Collapsible – This weapon can be torn apart or folded for easy storage.

Concealable – This weapon can be easily hidden on your body.

Doublefast – Every three rounds, this weapon can attack twice with no penalty.

Easy – This weapon is easy to learn how to use. It starts at a Fair skill level, when purchased for a character, and defaults to Poor for unskilled wielders.

Enchanted –

Firearm – This weapons shoots super fast missiles. A weapon with this gifts gets a +1 to the Offensive Damage Factor.

Flaming – This weapon can produce flames, and catch flammables on fire with a successful hit.

Infested – The weapon is infested with illness or insects, also infecting the wielder. With any successful attack, the infestation is also transferred to the enemy.

Jinx Infused (Jinx Name)This weapon has been enchanted with a Jinx. Whenever the weapon is used successfully, the Jinx is cast successfully.

Majik Jammer – This weapon gives you a +1 bonus to your Jinx Slip skill and anyone trying to cast a Jinx within 30ft of you suffers a -1 penalty to their Jinx Casting Skill.  

Masterwork – This weapon is so perfectly crafted and weighted that it has a +1 to the Offensive Damage Factor.

Poison Reserve – This weapon has a small pump of refillable poison, coating the blade or tip with the liquid when in use.

Ranged – This weapon shoots something or enables the wielder to attack from far distances.

Reach – This weapon has a long reach, enabling you to attack opponents farther away.

Returns – The object will return to the caster/thrower in one round, under it’s own power.

Rustouched – This weapon enchantment causes any metal that is cut by it to rust away. After a successful attack on a Mechan or Crowbot, the next attack of this weapon gets a +1 Offensive Damage Factor.

Skilled (Skill name) – This weapon give the wielder a +1 bonus to the skill check to use it.

Silent – This weapon emits almost no sound while being used.

Souljunker – This weapon does Spirit Wounds instead of Physical Wounds.

Steam-Powered – A powerful engine of steam powers your weapon. A weapon with this gift has a +1 Offensive Damage Factor. A Steam Powered weapon must also have the Enginepack Fault.

Sharp – This weapon is extremely sharp; it will cut through most things (such as armor and limbs) with an attack with Relative Degree of Success of +5.

Technologically Advanced – This weapon is so technologically advanced that it is considered to have a scale of +1 when attacking with it. Other weapons or armor that have this gift negate this bonus.

Teslan Cell Powered  – This weapon is powered by the powerful and volatile Teslan cell technology. A weapon with this gift has a +2 Offensive Damage Factor. A Teslan powered weapon also must have the Volatile Fault. This includes the reVolt Cell tech offshoot.

T.E.T.P.A – This weapon has Teslan Electromagic Tech Psychic Attack power, or T.E.T.P.A. Using a complicated series of tubes, microphones, electrodes, and captured Haunts, this weapon amplifies the user’s psychic energy to frighten the target. This weapon is classified as the Mind type in addition to it’s other types.

Unbreakable – This weapon is enchanted or so well-made, that it will not break through most normal use.

Vibrating Blade – This weapon’s blade vibrates to that it cuts a little smoother. Any wound penalties suffered from this weapon are increased by 1.

Vorpal – On a natural roll of +4, this weapon will cut off the head of most normal foes.

Weirded – This weapon is so strange and ill-forged it causes Sanity damage in addition to Health damage with every horrible hit. Was it constructed in some other dimension of terror?

Weapon Faults

Ammo Requirement (Ammo) – This weapon needs common ammunition to work properly, be it arrows, darts, bullets, rocks, or candy.

Antique – This weapon is from a time long past. Aside from being rusty, the weapon has a chance to break during use. If a character using this weapon ever gets 4 minus results on their attack roll, the weapon shatters in their hands. A Fortune Point may be used to prevent this.

Bonded – This weapon will only function for it’s sole bonded master. The bonding may require a ritual, ceremony, or kill to activate it. Only death will end the bond.

Confounding – The complexity of this weapon is very high, requiring a great technical knowledge to understand how it works. Mind Potential must be Good or better to figure out how to even use this weapon.

Enginepack – This weapon requires the use of a heavy-duty steam engine backpack and boiler. It’s so heavy that it can only be moved by one of a Fair Body Potential or higher, and moving through small spaces is quite difficult. The pack can use both either normal coal which fuels it for hours, or White Coal, which fuels it for months. The engine pack is also quite loud, preventing any sort of stealthy movement when active.

Haunted – The ghosts of all those that have used this weapon now haunt it.

Heavy – This weapon requires a Good Body Potential or better to use correctly because of it’s large or awkward mass.

Inaccurate – This weapon is poorly designed or woefully made. A weapon with this fault suffers a -1 Offensive Damage Factor to attack.

Inquenchable – The flames erupting from this weapon cannot be extinguished.

Keen – This weapon is as likely to cut it’s owner as it is to cut it’s target. A fumble attacks the wielder with a +2 Offensive Damage Factor and no defense action.

Learning Curve (Skill and ≤ Skill Level) – This weapon is difficult to wield and requires a certain skill level to use. Attempts to use a weapon with this Fault suffers a -1 to Offensive Damage Factor with it until the skill level is reached.

Loud – This weapon ether has a loud power cell or catches the wind incorrectly. A weapon with this fault is louder than usual and draws a lot of attention.

Overheats – This weapon is prone to overheating, because of poor design, an internal steam engine, or special ammunition. If three – results are rolled on an attack skill check, the wielder must roll  1D6 and consult the chart below:

1-2Nothing happens.
3-4The weapon becomes too hot to touch, the wielder drops it (Automat characters ignore this result). Ranged weapons must cool down for one turn to be fired again.
5-6The Weapon explodes, sending shards of metal and steam everywhere. The wielder takes 1D6 wounds.

Pacifist – This weapon does not cause damage, at least not on purpose.

Rare – This object is exceptionally difficult to get, often requiring amazing luck or a lot of money; or sometimes both. Given half a chance, unsavory types might attempt to steal it.

Restricted Ammo Requirement – This weapon needs a difficult to find ammo to operate. For example, bones of children, Teslan power cells, and White Coal.

Short Range – This weapon is very small, and has very little reach or range. Often attacks last in the round.

Smokes – While in use, this weapon constantly emits smoke. (Not recommended for enclosed areas.)

Thirsty – A weapon with this fault requires some sort of fuel. For example, a Feratu cat o’ nine tails that requires blood or a Steam-powered Piston Warhammer that needs water and coal.

Toy – This weapon is a amateur or toy version of a real weapon. Though it might look real, it is -1 in actual use, and breaks with any natural -3 or -4 roll. Plus, toy weapons are far cheaper than the real deal; and legal!

Tune-Up – This device requires constant technical adjustments to keep it running well. It requires a 10-30 minute tune-up after each battle so that it functions the next time you wish to use it.

UnLegal – Don’t let the AUTHORITY catch you using this! You’ll be thrown into a Celebration Hall in no time or turned in by shady Spy Scouts!

Volatile – This weapon is terribly unstable. If a character critically fails on an attack roll, the weapon explodes, wounding the wielder and anyone within 20ft.

Warped – This weapon has been abused and bent with overuse making it difficult to aim properly. On a critical failure the wielder hits herself or a friend on accident with a Good attack. Maybe this thing is just plain cursed?

Weeping – This item occasionally cries when not being used.

Weapon Examples

Antique Flame ThrowerThese Barondook weapons can sometimes be found in the back of old junk shops, where the owner is not quite sure what they do or what they’re for. In the right hands, these things things burn!
Type: BodyGifts: Ranged, Flaming, Blast AreaFaults: Overheats, Smokes, Thirsty (Kerosene), Volatile, UnLegal

Bladed BoomerangThis bent metal blade has a decent thrown range and if it misses it’s target it will return. It’s a good idea to wear a metal glove when catching the boomerang.
Type: BodyGift: Ranged, ReturnsFault: Sharp (When caught), UnLegal
BolasThis weighted, three-stranded weapon is ideal for entangling a foe. The initial attack causes damage. The next round the victim may attempt to make an opposed action (initial attack vs Contort Skill) to escape.
Type: BodyGifts – Ranged, BindingFaults – Confounding

Brass KnucklesThe choice of weapons among thugs and heavies, brass knuckles add heft and weight to any punch; with often devastating effect.
Type: BodyGift: +1 offensive MoS (Is there a gift that makes sense for this?)Fault: UnLegal

Common Warlock WandThe pride of many a Warlock and Crone, these are lovingly crafted from rare woods, bone, and odd metals, though sometimes an odd chopstick will do the trick. They are often traded or gifted from master to apprentice.
Type: SpiritGifts: Skilled (Use Majik or Jinx), ConcealableFaults: UnLegal

Foo’s Faux FangsCreated by a Granny Foo, a toothless Crone of much power, to allow her the ability to bite her foes in battle. It is claimed that she made one pair for each in her Coven, though the thirteen have never again been seen in one place again.
These stained replacement teeth allow any creature to have a most dangerous bite! (They also glow in the dark.)Type: SpiritGifts: Masterwork, WeirdedFaults: Sharp

These 20 ft long leather whips are used by beast handlers to control the mighty Grun beasts. They are made from Grun hide and are usually barbed. They can be used to cause pain, entangle foes, and even grab small items. A fumble with a grunwhip usually results in pain for the wielder. (Sharp fault.)Type: BodyGifts: Ranged (20 ft), BindingFaults: Sharp
NetUsed by fishermen for centuries, nets also make a very good tangling weapon. Though they do no damage, they require an opposed action (initial attack vs Contort Skill) to escape.
Type: BodyGifts – Ranged, BindingFaults – Pacifist

Piston HammerUsed in the mining industry, the Piston Hammer is used to smash through solid rock, dig tunnels, and drive massive pilings. It’s industrial baby!
Type: BodyGifts: Steam-Powered, DoublefastFaults: Thirsty (water, coal), Enginepack, Heavy, Loud, Overheats, Smokes

Spanner, HeavyThese huge, two-handed iron wrenches unscrew big bolts with ease. They also make terrific bashers, as good as any old warhammer. (Though Heavy Spanners are bigger.)
Type: BodyGifts: BashbackFaults: Heavy

Steam GlovesCreated for heavy-duty laborers and dock-workers, these gloves provide powerful lifting ability for moving crates, coal bricks, and metal ingots. It also conveys the wearer the Farmer Strength gift while worn.
Type: BodyGifts: Steam-Powered, BashbackFaults: Thirsty (water, coal), Enginepack, Heavy, Loud, Overheats, Smokes

Switchblade KnifeA pocketknife that rapidly releases a spring-loaded blade, with the press of a button. Useful for intimidated a foe and for cuttin’ stuff up!
Type: BodyGifts: ConcealableFaults: UnLegal

Teslan Psychic Amplification Helmet (Exorcism Machine)This massive electronic helmet covers the wearer’s face and amplifies the darker parts of their psyche, making it easier to frighten others.
Type: MindGifts: T.E.T.P.A, Skilled (Fright), Teslan Cell PoweredFaults: UnLegal, Rare, Restricted Ammo Requirement

Thunderlock MagnumInvented by the famed inventor Teslan the Wise, the Thunderlock Magnum was created to fight the horrible Night Terrors that recently invaded Monstru. It is a spectacular and flashy weapon, though it is only attainable by the very rich.
Type: BodyGifts: Ranged, Technologically Advanced, Teslan Cell Powered, FirearmFaults: Learning Curve (Firearm ≤ Mediocre), Restricted Ammo Requirement (Teslan Power Cells), Volatile, Rare

Retroscopic swordType: BodyGifts: Vibrating Blade, Ammo Requirement (Water, Coal)Faults: Loud, Overheats
Woodgolem’s AxeUsed by the Halloween Golems to eradicate MONSTRU’s dense woodlands many centuries ago, these heavy iron axes sometimes come up in locker auctions and in pawn shops.
Type: BodyGifts: Sharp, EasyFaults: Antique

Iron Claw (Zhua)Trolla Weapon
Type: Body
Faults: Big


Monstru is a modern, post-industrial monster world, so beasts walking around in full plate-mail armor is going to get a lot of undesirable AUTHORITY attention. However, the world is a dangerous place, so it’s reasonable that smart Proles would want to protect themselves. Armor, like weapons, can be granted certain Gifts and Faults.

Armor in the MCRPG can be categorized in three different levels of protection based on what potential they protect.  Body Armor prevents wounds, Mind Armor prevents fatigue, and Spirit Armor prevents Majik wounds.

Armor also provides the Armor Rating as a bonus to the Defensive Damage Factor.

It should be noted that several pieces of armor might make one “Lightly Armored”. The GM and player should negotiate the level of protection offered by an armored coat, a good metal top hat, and chainmail pants. (Medium). Keep in mind that the rating is of the overall protection, rather than per piece of armor.

Body Armor – Light  (+1)

Heavy jackets, plated top hat, minor Trolla armor tattoos, armored coats, armored paint, leather armor, welding gear.

Body Armor – Medium (+2)

Medium armor, unless magical in nature, is heavy, bulky, and weighty. Most temporarily grant the “Overloaded” fault unless the character has a Body Potential of Good or better.

Monstonian antique chainmail, riot gear, piecemeal plated armor, significant Trolla armor tattoos (hard to hide you CREATU unPatriot), metal Halloween masks/suits, Warlock robes (filled with all manner of charms), armored Mobster suit.

Body Armor – Heavy (+3)

Barondook/Monstonian antique platemail, Teslan personal shield generator (backpack), full-body Trolla armor tattoos. Most heavy armor has the Heavy Fault.

Mind Armor – Light (+1)

Holy vestments, Holy Symbol, tin-foil hat, Azmir anti-anxiety potion, MUZZ consumption (-1).

Mind Armor – Medium (+2)

Ritual scarring, a Goru Leaded Turban, Zartex anti-anxiety pill, Laughing Gas (-1 to all skills), Doomshine consumption (-2).

Mind Armor – Heavy (+3)

Electromajik Helmet, Star of the Night Terrors, Mimb’s goblin Swig (Psychotic potion) (-3 to all skills)

Spirit Armor – Light (+1)

Charmed horse shoe, pocket charms, Warlock Hat, a dreamcatcher, a 1-hour Anti-Jinx Potion (temporary)

Spirit Armor – Medium (+2+

A Pithmoor Warlock Hat, a Trolla Junk Shaman blanket (worn), antique Barondook Holy Shroud,

Spirit Armor – Heavy (+3)

Exorcism Machine, a Haunt-fabric shroud, Blain Warlock Hat, Vestments of Saint Rathlu.

Armor Gifts:

Electrofied This armor does an automatic point of damage to any melee attacker.

Masterwork – This weapon is so perfectly crafted and weighted that it has a +1 to it’s Defensive Damage Factor

Majik Jammer – This armor gives you a +1 bonus to your Jinx Slip skill and anyone trying to cast a Jinx within 10ft of you suffers a -1 penalty to their Jinx Casting Skill.

Majik Sponge – This armor absorbs any Jinx that strikes it and grants a +1 to any future Jinx casting skill and heals one Majik wound.

Monstrunium – This rare and flexible metal is terrific for armor because it is light and flexible. The weight of whatever armor that has this gift is reduced by half.

Spiked – Natural weapon melee attacks (claws, fangs, headbutts) do a wound back to the attacker on Physical attacks.

Steam-Powered – A powerful engine of steam powers your armor. Armor with this gift has a +1 Defensive Damage Factor. Steam-Powered Armor must also have the Engined Fault.

Technologically Advanced – This armor is so technologically advanced that it is considered to have a scale of +1 when being attacked. Other weapons and armor that have this gift negate this bonus.

Teslan Cell Powered  – This armor is powered by the powerful and unstable Teslan cell technology. Armor with this gift has a +1 Defensive Damage Factor to defend. Teslan powered Armor also must have the Volatile Fault.

Armor Faults:

Antique – This armor is from a time long past. Aside from being rusty, the armor has a chance to break during use. If a character wearing this armor ever gets attacked with a critical success, the armor shatters off of their body.

Clumsy – All Body skill attempts have a -1 penalty due to this armor’s lack of agility.

Energy Requirement – This Armor requires fuel to keep it running and working. For example, Coal, water, blood or candy.

Heavy – This armor requires a Good Body Potential or better to use correctly because of it’s large or awkward mass. If you do not meet the potential requirements, you gain the Overloaded Fault.

Loud – Any sneaking around while wearing this armor is unlikely, since it makes so much noise. -2 to Sneak.

Primitive – This armor is really nothing more than a piece of wood tied to your chest, layered cardboard, or leaves and twine. This armor can soak up it’s Armor Rating once, then breaks beyond repair.

Restricted Energy Requirement – This armor requires a restricted source of energy to keep it working and running. For example, Teslan Cells, Souls, or Trolla tears. (They don’t cry.)

Enginepack – This armor requires the use of a heavy-duty steam engine backpack and boiler. It can only be worn (in a mobile fashion) by one of a Fair Body Potential or higher.

Volatile – This armor is unstable. If a character critically fails on a defense roll, the armor explodes, wounding the wielder and anyone within 20ft.


Potions are really anything that will harm another monster when consumed, even poorly cooked food.

PoisonEffectPrice (Per Vial)
Poison #6Bone Monk Poison that slows down the targeted monster.$50
Authority Approved brand Nitric Acid PoisonDissolves the targeted monster’s insides. Target takes 1 wound every 5 minutes.$250
Industrial Goblin PoisonPoisons a Goblin for 1 wound every turn/minute$35
Guaranteed Troll PoisonPoisons a Trolla for 1 wound every two turns/minutes$55
Goblin Love TonicThis pheromone and ever burning coal powder mix makes non-goblins vomit uncontrollably. Come to think of it, the idea of Goblin love might make you vomit uncontrollably.$10
Manling PoisonA biological weapon from the Mighty War, designed to only kill the forces of Barondook. Skinwalkers are only effected by this poison and take 1 wound per turn/two minutes.$15
Caution: DoomCauses the target’s Mind potential to go to Terrible.$85
Death to UnicornHave you ever seen a unicorn in Monstru? Maybe this poison was just too effective.$2
SouljackCauses the target’s Spirit potential to go to zero.$150
Zombie Gone®Zombies can’t be around when sprayed. Makes an excellent pie filling.$35
Mr. Bleem’s Rust WipesA caustic liquid soaked cloth that instantly rusts any metal that it touches. Effective only to Automat races and Rigs.$50
DreadfleeTarget becomes frightened and has a strong urge to run away$45

Majik Items

Tools and equipment are sometimes enchanted to enhance their power by potent warlocks and Fey beings. AUTHORITY law dictates that all “unusual” gear be registered with the state, it is rarely done due to rumors (most likely true) that it would be permanently impounded.

All Majik items can be used as a focal point for casting a Jinx through. Common Majik items like wands or orbs are used by most Warlocks to focus the mystical energy of the majik, but rarer items like the Deck of Many Things and Stuff and The Mask of Undeath can be used just the same.

Blood Diamonds

These crystalline gemstones made from pure blood are highly sought after by Feratu, by eating one, a Feratu doesn’t have to feed and loses his Dayblight Fault for one month.

Deck of Many Things and Stuff

Only a select few Warlocks and Witches are aware of the existence of the Deck of Many Things and Stuff, although no one is sure of it’s location in Monstru; the popular theory being that the deck rests in a cave inside the Great Fissure. These twenty-two metal plaques depict the races of the land and important features, and one draw from the deck is said to equally have the change to grant your deepest desire, or curse you horribly. Do you risk the chance?

Game Masters are encouraged to use a Tarot Deck or a deck of ordinary playing cards—using only the face cards and the number two cards from each suit.

PlaqueTarot CardPlaying CardEffect
BoggraXI. JusticeTwo of SpadesChoose all new gifts and faults.
CroneTwo of swordsTwo of DiamondsDefeat the next monster you meet for double Fortune Points
CrowbotFour of swordsAce of SpadesYou are imprisoned in cage of made from an unknown metal.
FeratuTen of swordsQueen of Spades–1 penalty on all rolls for one month.
WarlockThree of cupsAce of HeartsAvoid any situation you choose . . . once.
DaemonXV. The DevilQueen of ClubsEnmity between you and one Monster of your choice.
Furnace Goblin0. The FoolJoker (with trademark)Lose 20 Fortune Points and you must draw again.
Halloween GolemSeven of cupsTwo of HeartsGain your choice of twenty-five pieces of jewelry or fifty gems.
PeerlessTwo of pentaclesTwo of ClubsLose one level in your Mind Potential. You may draw again.
KipXII. The Hanged ManJoker (without trademark)Gain 20 Fortune Points or two more draws from the deck.
KrumpusV. The HierophantQueen of HeartsGain a magic item.
EmbalmaPage of swordsJack of HeartsGain the service of am Embalma Barondook Soldier
ClockworkXVIII. The MoonQueen of DiamondsYou are granted 1 wish.
SkinwalkerFive of swordsJack of SpadesOne of your friends turns against you.
ManlingXVI. The TowerKing of SpadesImmediately lose all wealth and real property.
HauntsXIII. DeathJack of ClubsDefeat the Great Whyte Wyrm.
TrollaXVII. The StarJack of DiamondsImmediately gain a +1 inherent bonus to one potential.
SunKingXIX. The SunKing of DiamondsGain 1 magical item and 10 Fortune Points.
VendomatQueen of pentaclesAce of ClubsAll items you possess disappear permanently.
KlawberryFour of stavesKing of HeartsGain a +2 bonus to one skill of your choice.
ZombieIX. The HermitAce of DiamondsGain the Zombie Disease.
The Great FissureEight of swordsKing of ClubsBody functions, but soul is trapped elsewhere.

Chameleon Gear

This small, crystalline gear can replace any missing gear inside a Rig or a Mechan, fitting to any size or shape.

General Gustavo’s Glaive

The war hero General Gustavo was known to every Monstonian soldier during the Mighty War. Known as Gustavo the Gutterer, the general relentlessly slaughtered monster-kind where ever he went. Using the same Glaive in all of his battles, the weapon started to take on a thirst for monster blood, turning a rusted black color. General Gustavo’s Glaive ignores the scale bonus of larger targets in terms of defense.

Ghost Radio

These ebony-cased radios play the frequency of long-dead spirits. With proper tuning, a Ghost Radio can be used to listen to the tortured exhalation of a dead being. Useful for learning more from one who has passed on beyond this world. Requires batteries.

Haunt Water

Drinking but a cup of this greenish glowing fluid will turn the creature into a ghost for 1d6 hours. (Including all gear.) If a Haunt drinks the water, she will return to her original corporeal body for 1d6 hours.

Jekhyde Potion

Drinking this sickly sweet, green liquid grants you the Shift Up Stunt for one day. This potion is highly addictive.

Jinx Tattoos

Fusing Majikal energies into a special kind of ink and developing special patterns, Warlocks long ago have developed a way to tattoo Jinxes directly onto the bodies of living monsters, allowing them to use the Jinx as if they had the spell itself. The process of creating these inks and patterns are kept secret and locating a warlock-or Inklock as they are nicknamed – that has the equipment or knowledge is usually very difficult. If you can find a Inklock, expect to pay an extraordinary sum of money for even the most basic of Jinxes.

Occasionally Monsters find old scrolls of Jinx tattoo designs. If an Inklock is able to keep the design, they usually will give you the tattoo for free, as a new product to sell is almost priceless to them.

Jinx Tattoo Design of Flight

Two black and brown feathered wings inscribed with occasional ancient runes is tattooed on the wearer’s back, enabling the tattooed to use the Flight Jinx Skill.

Jinx Tattoo Design of Steel Skin

A sleeve of overlapping steel scales is tattooed on the wearer, granting them the Steel Skin Jink Skill.

Jinx Tattoo Design of Trolla Armor

Trolla Inklocks have hidden these designs around Monstru on stone tablets in an attempt to get the mightiest warriors to face them in battle. Simply giving one of these designs to the Trolla isn’t enough to get the tattoo; you must prove yourself worthy to the whole tribe. If you do, you are given a full back piece of the Trolla design, giving you the Trolla Armor Jinx Skill. If you prove yourself to be beyond mighty, you might be allowed to have a fully body Trolla tattoo, giving you the potential for a +3 Armor Rating result when casting Trolla Armor.

Knothole Goggles

These mechanic goggles grant the wearer the ability to press the goggles to any surface, be it a door or wall, and look through it. Highly sought after by doctors, Rig mechanics, and Peeping Toms.

Mask of Spurtos

Named after the famous Clockwork Jester Spurtos, This worn bronze mask has no features aside from two eye holes, but when worn it shifts into a random face. Every day the mask is worn, the wearer gains one gift and one fault at random. (Or the GM decides) The wearer only has these gifts while wearing the mask and cannot gain new ones if they reapply the mask until the next day.

Mask of Undeath

A porcelain mask sculpted in the twisted visage of a zombie, this mask lets the wearer appear as a zombie to other mindless zombies. Zombies that have not completely lost their mind might find this mask insensitive and possibly racist.  

Minstrel’s Banjo

Used in the Mighty War, this Barondook-made banjo was used by minstrels to heal wounded soldiers in the trenches. These bard-medics would sing a song to Saint Rathlu, who would then grant healing energy to it’s target. Since the war and the destruction of the great statue of Rathlu, very few of these Banjos work anymore. Use of this magical item requires use of a Sing skill check, but results are applied as if it was a heal check of whichever wounds the singer is trying to heal.

Silver Shears

Top Hat of Disguise

This well-worn metal top hat was once at the height of fashion about two decades ago. The wearer can pull one full set of clothing per day in any style they wish. Need some work coveralls for an impromptu tire change? How about a fashionable suit for a midnight monster masquerade? Each outfit lasts 24 hours, so the wearer would be wise to keep track of time, lest they end up completely naked at inopportune times.



Every day this beat up leather wallet will produce one Barondook Dollar until it fills completely up. (At $20) While one Barondook Dollar doesn’t buy much anymore, they can often be used to pay Embalma mooks to do your bidding. (A Barondook collector might trade them at a 1:1 ratio of CrowBucks to Barondook dollars.)

Salary and Items

Monstru runs on money and to get money, you must be employed. Jobs are simply next to impossible to find, though they can be found from time to time. If a character remains employed at a job (be it their original past profession or a new one.) they gain a monthly income of Crowbucks.

Unemployment Benefits

Most folks (and adventuring player characters) receive standard unemployment benefits: $300 CrowBucks per year, or $25 per month. As long as the monster isn’t breaking the law or is on one of the endless Spy Scouts watch lists, one can expect a check every month or so. (If the Goblin Post can find them.)

Salary Ratings

While jobs are almost impossible to find, here are some salary ratings that are shown with the Pasts. If the Character is able to maintain their job, they’ll be able to maintain their salary.

Salary Rating:Description:
Superb$8000 Annual, or $667 per month
Great$4000 Annual, or $334 per month
Good$2000 Annual, or $167 per month
Fair$1000 Annual, or $84 per month
Mediocre$500 Annual, or $42 per month
Poor$250 Annual, or $21 per month
Terrible$125 Annual, or $10 per month
Abysmal$62 Annual, or $5 per month


Backpack, Canvas – $3
Backpack, Leather – $7
Bag, Doctor’s Medical – $8
Bedroll, Camping – $3
Candle, Set of 12 – $1
Hammer, carpentry – $5
Kite, Paper – .75
Kite, Daemonskin – $15
Kite, Trolla skin – $30
Lantern, Bomb – $20
Lantern, Gear Spring – $16
Lantern, Oil – $3
Lock, Bomb – $78
Lock, Iron – $8
Lock, Mig Nola Musical – $100
Monster Talker / Oracle Board (5 mile) – $50
Monster Talker / Oracle Board (50 mile) – $100
Monster Talker / Oracle Board, Electromajik (500 miles) – $1000
Pail, Tin – .50
Parchment, 1 sheet – .50
Parchment, 1 ream – $6
Poison, Still – $46
Shackles, goblin – $2
Shackles, Iron – $9
Shackles, Troll – $30
Spectacles, Reading – $14
Spladt Cleaner, spray bottle – $2
Quill – $.50
Quill, Bone – $3
Rope, Jute – 100 ft – $10
String, 50 ft – $1
Trap, Mouse – .50
Trap, Rat – $1
Trap, goblin – $4
Trap, Snare – $1
Trap, Trolla – $25Clothing and Armor
Armor, Antique Barondook plate mail, rusty – $125Armor, Antique Barondook plate mail, preserved – $300Armor, Antique Barondook helmet – $35Armor, Antique Monstonian Daemon chain mail – $35Armor, Antique Monstonian Trolla bronze ring mail – $150Armor, Antique Monstonian Goblin chain mail – $15Armor, Antique Monstonian Goblin plate mail – $25Armor, Antique Monstonian monster plate mail – $150Armor, Mechan brass plating – $200Armor, Halloween Golem bronze harvest hat – $40Bandoleer, leather – $6Belt, leather – $2Belt, tool with pouches – $4Blanket, Wool – .30Boots, Average Monster – $6Boots, Goblin – $1.50Boots, Knee-high leather – $20Boots, Safety – $7Boots, Spiked – $11Boots, Trolla – $19Bumbershoot, Feratu – $7Cap, Pilot’s leather – $3Cap, Dock worker’s – .50Cane, Walking – $1.25Cane, Switchblade – $35Cane, Sword – $30Cane, Spike – $25Cape, silk Warlock – $5Cape, chain-mail – $46Cape, armor enchanted – $300+Clogs, Wooden – $.75Clothing Set, factory worker – .75Clothing Set, Fair quality – $4Clothing Set, nice – $10-$15Clothing Set, royal – $200+Coat, Long Leather – $15Coat, Long Troll Leather – $100Coat, Winter Wool – $10Coveralls, mechanic – $1Coveralls, factory worker $1Disguise, simple – $5Disguise, elaborate – $50Disquise Kit, Good quality – $100Dress, chain-mail armored – $40Dress/Skirt, Linen – $3Dress, formal – $22Dress, nice – $5-$10Dress, Mechanic – $2Dress, goblin – .25Dress, Trolla – $5Dress, whore’s – $1-$3Dress, Witches – $6Dress, Witches nice – $50Fake beard – $2Fake fangs – $4Fake horns – $5Gasmask – $10Gasmask, Trolla – $30Gasmask, goblin – $8Gloves, Boxing – $3Gloves, Silk Dress – $5Gloves, Factory Worker – .50Gloves, Welding – $1Gloves, Trolla Leather Welding – $45Goggles, Poor – $2Goggles, Good Quality – $8Goggles, Welding – $7Goggles, Dark Vision – $75Hat, Armored – $25Hat, Bowler – $5Hat, Cloth – $2Hat, Straw Halloween Golem – $1Hat, Top – $12Hat, Warlock – see Majik SuppliesHat, Winter Stocking – $.50Patch, Authority – $1Pants – $1Pin, Authority – $2Pin, Spy Scout Merit – $5Pin, Spy Scout Merit fake – $.50Shirt – $1Shoes, Dress – $8Shoes, Driving – $4Socks – .25Socks, wool – .50Three Piece Suit, Armored – $100Three Piece Suit, Quality – $15Three Piece Suit, Patchy – $6Three Piece Suit, Trolla – $75Umbrella – $3Umbrella, Trolla – $9Uniform, Gas Station Attendant – $10Uniform, Authority Janitor – $5Uniform, Authority Repairman – $Vest, formal – $2Vest, fur – $1Vest of many pockets – $3.50Watch, Pocket – $5Watch, Pocket fake – .50Watch, Pocket jeweled – $20-$80Watch, Pocket Walkie Talkie Radio – $450Automat Upgrades and Equipment
Cargo Claws – $500Replacement Custom Head – $100-$300Replacement “Buddy Butler” Mechan Head, used – $50-$70Bronze Plated Body (Armor Rating 2) – $200Alloy Plated Body (Armor Rating 2) – $400Concealed Blade (Unlegal) – $250Flame Thrower (Unlegal) – $1000Removable Head – $100Spring Legs (jumping) – $100Sprinting Legs – $100
ToolsAdze – $4Anvil – $25Auger, Steam – $175Axe, Halloween Golem – $8Boiler Testing Kit – $16Clock repair set, complete (for large Mechan repair) – $1000Crosscut Saw – $8Electromajik tool set, quality – $1000Frame Saw – $4Hammer, Carpenters -$2Hammer, Sledge – $7Hammer, Trolla Sledge – $15Hoe, Garden – $4Jack, Steam Car – $20Jack Plain – $5Knife, Chefs – $2Lockpick set, tin-iron – $50Lockpick set, spring steel – $100Lockpick set, fake – $10Portable Forge – $24Safety Valve Replacement – $9Spanner, large rusty – $4
Spanner, Fistus brand – $15Spanner wrench, large steel – $8Spanner wrench, huge steel – $25Spanner set, tin-iron – $45Spanner, doublebit (huge) – $20Mechanics tool set, tin-iron – $46Mechanics tool set, quality steel – $200Mechanics tool set, fake – $18Pick – $7Shears, sewing – $3Shears, huge – $8Shears, butchers – $5Shovel – $7Spade, Folding – $14
Spade, Trolla – $15
Swage Block – $20
Tin snips – $4
Vice – $10
Watch repair set, complete (for small Mechan repair) – $300Blacktop Market Weapons
Antique Barondook Electro-Greatsword – $300
Antique Barondook Electro-mace – $275
Antique Barondook Grenade (iffy) – $50
Antique Monstonian Electro-sickle – $225Billy Club (Anti Horn League) – $5
Knife, Switchblade – $10Machete – $7Machete, Trolla – $20Maul, Trolla basic – $25Maul, Trolla deluxe – $350Teslan Magnum 6 – $1200Documents
Passport for 1 Province – $25
Passport for all 5 Provinces – $100
Passport, Fake 5 Province – $55
Authority Personal Papers, Official – $200
Authority Personal Papers, Counterfeit – $8
Authority Personal Papers, Good Counterfeit – $16
Drivers License, Official- $8 + 2 years
Drivers License, Counterfeit – $15
Drivers Permit, Official – $8 + 2 years
Drivers Permit, Counterfeit – $10Maps
Durlok’s Brand – $1 per City
Piper’s – $5 per City
Durlok’s – $20 per Province
Piper’s – $100 per Province
Kimlee Warlock Maps – $300 per Province
The Complete Underdeep Vol 1-5 – $500
Krone Magpie’s Majical Regions of Monstru – $100
Lincoln City – $30
Skullopolis – $200
Monstru World News newspaper – .15¢ per day
Monstru World News newspaper – $30 per yearProvisions
Blood, tin of dehydrated – $2
Blood, flask of fresh – $5
Blood, flask of Daemon (fresh) – $10
Blood, case of 24 tins – $40
Candy, Corn (10 pound bag) – $2
Candy, 1 piece – .01
Can of beans – .05
Case of beans (24 cans) – $1
Can, meat product – .10
Case, canned meat (24) – $2
Case, canned food, antique mystery – .02
Can, Gargigg’s Fruit Pie – .08
Can, Axie’s Pot Pie – .05
Dapper Drakuul’s Hair Pomade for Men – .25
Feast for 5, Bloodless – $50
Feast for 5, Automat – $12
Feast for 5, Monster – $10
First Aid Kit – $10
Goblin Brew, Bottle (zombie) – $1.25
Goblin Brew, Case of 24 – $20
Jolly Beans, Small bag (2 pounds) – $.10
Jolly Beans, Large sack (50 pounds) – .50
Jolly Beans, Barrel (200 pounds) – $1.50
Mustache Wax, Mulgoy’s – .20 per tin
Oilbrew, Can of Red Stag – $2
Oilbrew, Case of 24 Red Stag – $42
Oilbrew, Can of Kinder’s – $1
Oilbrew, Case of 24 Kinder’s – $20
Medicine, Dose – $1-$10
Seeds, Briarpatch – $10
Seeds, Epic Pumpkin – $1
Seeds, Wildspur’s Fantastic Weed – .50
Poison, Antidote Dose – $25
Poison, goblin – $1
Poison, Iocaine Powder – $100
Poison, Trolla – $10
Poison, Krampus – $3
Poison, Mechan Fire-rust – $7
Roadkill, Can of Rastputin’s – .50
Roadkill, Fresh – .25
Tonic, Hair – $.75
Troll Cola, Bottle – .10Recreation and Amusements
Cider, Krampus Skull-Krak, Bottle (BM)- .50Dancehall Dance Ticket – .20Doomrally Ticket, Poor Seat – .25Doomrally Ticket, Great Seat – $1.00Doomshine, Bad-Jak’s Gallon (BM) – $1Doomshine, Blind Pete’s Gallon (BM) – .40Liqour, Feratu Greenflower, Glass – .75Liqour, Feratu Greenflower, Bottle – $8Muzz, can – .35Muzz, case of 24 cans – $7Muzz, keg – $15Phonograph Record Player – $30Phonograph Record, Map – $1-$100Phonograph Record, Music – $10-$500Phonograph Record, Monstonian Education – $300Phonograph Record, Outdated Data – $1-$500Talkie Film Tickets – .50Theater Tickets – $1.00Wine, Krampus Festival (BM), Bottle – $2Services
Exorcism – $15Exorcism, False – $1Steam Car repair, minor – $50 – $200Steam Car repair, major – $500 – $1000Mechan Repair – $800-$10000Bat Delivery Service (under 5 pounds) – .80¢
Goblin Post Delivery
Letter – .10¢Unemployment Check – .25¢ C.O.D.Package – .50¢ – $5Slaves and Pets
Bat, Message – $25goblin, Furnace worker – $25-$50goblin, Servant Trained – $80goblin, Trained Trick – $20Haunted Cat – $16Mechan Butler – $900Minot Laborer – $500Majik Supplies
Chalk, Bixbie’s Spellcraft – .25Data Spool, Blank (BM) – $100Vial of Majik Tattoo Ink – $2000Jinx Crow – $2500Pirshire Urn, $900Robes, Warlock Jute – $2Robes, Warlock Silky – $10Robes, Warlock Armored – $50Skull, goblin – Free (Look around)Skull, Feratu – $10Skull, Krampus – $3Skull, Manling – $800Skull, Trolla – $22Skull, Zombie – $2Spell scroll, unknown – $10Spell scroll, indentified – Depends $50 and upSpell scroll, counterfeit – $1Tarot Cards, Graffers – $18Voodoo Doll – $20-$40Warlock Hat – $20Warlock Hat, Pithmoor – $75Warlock Hat, Blain – $200Wand, Elm – $18Wand, Fake – $2Wand, Guff’s Quality – $25Wand, Haunt Bone – $66Wand, Wormwood – $7Mental Supplies
Azmir Anti-Anxiety potion – $5 per doseGoru Leaded Turban – $46Holy Charm of Saint Rathlu – $35Holy Vestments, antique – $25Laughing Gas – $10 per doseMimb’s goblin Swig (Psychotic Potion) – $18Star of the Night Terrors – $414Zartex Anti-anxiety pill – $10 per doseSpiritual Supplies
Barondook Holy Shroud – $250Charmed Horse Shoe – $85Dream Catcher (disposable) – $10 eachExorcism Machine (Oni Industries) – $500Haunt Fabric Shroud – $400Meek’s 1-hour Anti-Jinx Potion – $50 per dosePocket Charms – $25Treasure
Ancient spell of power – $100-$1000Authority Data Spool (BM) – $1000-$5000Jewel, huge – $100-$500Gold coin, Barondook – $10Gold coin, Monstonian – $10Goro’s Collectible Monster Cards – $30-$320 per cardGoro’s Collectible Monster Card, Lincolnstein – $300Goro’s Collectible Monster Card, Lincolnstein Counterfeit – $100Goro’s Collectible Monster Card, Honus Wagner-Bot – $320Phonograph Record, Turor’s Mighty Bellows Picturedisk – $1000White Coal – $10,000 a wagonload


Adventures in the MCRPG are not typically a solo affair. To survive out there, one needs partners, peers with assorted skills to help survive. This rag-tag group of adventurers is called a “Crew.” A Crew is made up of between 2-6 characters, and is usually centered around a single shared vehicle. In other RPGs they typically refer to a Crew as the “party”.

Every member on a Crew usually has some sort of duty. (Duties aren’t “Classes” like in other RPGs, but rather informal roles that different characters fulfill.) It’s not only a tradition, it’s what keeps your Rig moving efficiently on the roads of MONSTRU. Do your duty.

Usually there is a:

  • Driver (Drive skill)
  • Navigator – (Navigation skill)
  • Mechanic – A critical member, the Mechanic (Mechanic skill) keeps the Rig maintained and running smoothly.

With larger parties, you typically have:

  • Engineer – monitoring the vast array of dials and meters, and adjusting them to get the most out of the engine. (Engineer skill)
  • Bouncer – The muscle of the Crew, who keeps the peace and makes sure the goons don’t get in. (Combat skills)
  • Cook – Keeps the peace by keeping folks fed. The Cook is usually the most popular person on the Crew, because he controls the portion size.
  • Warlock – Used Majik to further the aims of the Crew. (Jinx skills)

Crew’s First Rig

In campaign play, the Players and Gamemaster need to decide how the Crew obtained their first Rig.

Many times the GM will have a plan for this, and will setup a story for how the Crew came upon their vehicle. It could be the hook for the first adventure itself, or the Rig could just simply be previously owned by one or more of the characters.

The GM might also task the Players to come up a story about how they obtained their Rig. Give them a 5 minute limit to create the most compelling story; offer a reward of a particularly nice Upgrade for an especially interesting tale, especially if it isn’t totally self-serving or offers more story to be explored in the future.

Shortcut Rig Back-stories:

  • Each character owns some piece of the Rig (transmission, furnace, engine, body, frame, goblins) that must be combined to build a complete working vehicle.
  • The Crew borrowed an immense pile of CrowBucks from a local Shylock, with a promise to pay him back in one month. (With 50% interest.)
  • The Rig was stolen by the Crew, who later realized that it once belonged to a powerful Monster with dangerous underworld connections.
  • The Crew pooled their every last CrowBuck to buy the Rig; now they must immediately adventure so that they have some coal to burn and some grub to eat.

The Bargain Game

Another method of building the story of the Rig is the Bargain Game, played between the Players and the GM.

One Player begins by stating one simple fact about the Rig. The GM answers with a “BUT” statement that complicates the matter. Then the next player shares another fact about the Rig, again interrupted by the GM. This goes around the table until every Player around the table has contributed one fact. Encourage one Player to take notes on the results.

The Bargain Game Example

Player 1: The Rig is a beautiful Welk Wagon…

GM: But, it was used to haul dung for many years.

Player 2: The Rig is also devilishly fast…

GM: But, it is often unreliable.

Player 3: We got the Rig as a free gift from my Granny…

GM: But she expects visits every month from her favorite Grandson or she confiscates the jackwagon.

Player 4: The Welk has an excellent built-in phonograph…

GM: But, it is jammed with a single record that can’t be removed.

Player 5: The Rig has fresh Furnace goblins…

GM: But, they aren’t well trained yet.

…and so on… until every Player has contributed a fact.

From here the back-story can be documented and the stated Gifts and Faults can be assigned to the Rig.


The Rig (the motorcar) is the heart of any Crew. It’s an apartment, reliable transportation, and even a job. The entire success of the Crew is often based whether or not they can keep their vehicle running, safe, and sound. Most Rigs are at least Scale +1, so they’re larger than their occupants.

Since Rigs have not been in production for over 200 years it is rare to find one that has not been heavily modified, rebuilt, and/or customized to meet the needs of the particular Crew. Some have even been modified to a become a place of business for enterprising Dentists, Lawyers, Warlocks, and even Thieves Guilds – with all the trappings of such entrepreneurs.

Some Crews maintain their Rig for decades, adding features, upgrades, gear and storage capabilities – evolving alongside the Crew. Over time, the Crew and the Rig can become a symbiotic whole with each benefiting the other. Most Crews become so attached they name their Rig.

It’s not a far leap understanding why most Beasts will defend their Rig to the death.

Rig Potentials:

Every Rig has these three Potentials in order to run: Body, Mechanics, and Handling. If either is ever reduced to Terrible, your vehicle is unable to function.

  • Body – The frame and shell and armor of a vehicle. Without Body, your Rig is a pile of bolts. The rig gets two wounds for every level above a terrible score. (A poor would be 2 wounds, a mediocre would be 4 wounds and so on.)
  • Mechanics – The inner workings, from the furnace to the transmission, the wheels to the heater to the furnace goblins. Without mechanics, your Rig won’t go.
  • Terrible: Take 2 Rig Faults
  • Poor: Take 1 Rig Fault
  • Fair: 0 Gifts (Why? because it’s just average.)
  • Good: 1 Gift
  • Great: 2 Gifts

A rig will always have at least one fault.

  • Handling – Speed, maneuverability, reliability. This is the life of your vehicle; without Handling, the car won’t accelerate, turn, or maybe it won’t even start.
  • Terrible: Gain 2 Rig Faults
  • Poor:  Gain Rig Fault
  • Fair: 0 Gifts (Why? because it’s just average.)
  • Good: 1 Gift
  • Great: 2 Gifts
  • Superb: 3 Gifts


For every 2 wounds that a Rig takes, the Rig’s potentials go down by one. When this happens, they gain new fault that remain until repaired. A rig will always have at least one fault.

Rig Operation

Whenever  it’s appropriate,  the Game Master may ask whoever is driving the Crew’s Rig to make a Drive skill check. Most of these rolls will be asked for during high-speed chases and Rig to Rig combat. In the event of a badly failed Drive skill check, the driver may lose control of the Rig.  How bad the loss of control is depends on how badly the roll was failed. Likely results are skidding into other Rigs or off the road, veering (changing direction), rolling or vaulting into the air.

Rig Collisions and Combat

The Hellways of Monster Commute are a dangerous place. Every day, over 5000 Rig accidents occur and half of those end in embarrassing amputations.

Combat in a Rig is very similar to normal combat, there still is an attack versus a defense roll and a Margin of Success between the two rolls.

If a Rig is colliding with another Rig, the following rules are used to determines what happens:

For every ten miles per hour the attacking Rig is going above 20MPH, the Rig gains a +1 to their Combat Attack MoS. For example, if A Rig going 80mph was going to run over a goblin, that goblin would have a +7 disadvantage to the Combat Defense MoS. More than likely that goblin has decorated the Hellway with a pretty shade of red after getting hit.

If two Rig are colliding head on, both Rigs add their speed MoS together for the difference and both Rigs take the damage result.

If a character is going to be struck by a Rig, the same applies as above, but Size of the Rig is used as an addition in damage.

Rig Gifts and Faults

Just like with the characters, your Rig must have at least one gift, and one fault. This is the unique flavor of your particular car; what makes it damned and loved. You can base these gifts and faults on the character list, but it would probably be best to choose from this Rig specific list.

Rig Gifts:

Rig Gifts are abilities that grant your Rigs some pretty cool abilities, like character gifts. Unlike character gifts, players can purchase the actual equipment and upgrade their Rig at anytime.  

Armor Plating Tin (Rig) – Your Rig is outfitted with tin armor plating. It has an Armor Rating against wounds of 1.

Armor Plating Copper (Rig) – Your Rig is outfitted with copper armor plating. It has an Armor Rating against wounds of 2.

Armor Plating Steel (Rig) – Your Rig is outfitted with steel armor plating. It has an Armor Rating against wounds of 3.

Big Red Button (Rig) – You have a huge red button on the center of the Rig’s dashboard and you have no idea what it does. When pressed, the Game Master picks one Rig Gift at random and adds it to your Rig.

Common looking (Rig) – Your vehicle just seems to always fit in, in a nice, average way. (CrowBots are less likely to notice.)

Corporate Advertisements (Rig) – You have let your Rig be covered in a particular companies slogans and ads. You receive a 50 Crowbuck a month stipend. Drink MUZZ!  

CrowBot Jammer (Rig) – This big piece of equipment jams all CrowBot radio transmissions in a 50 foot range with an annoying buzzing sound. While the CrowBots can still communicate with each other verbally, they lose connection to the Station, where they can report felonies, receive orders, or call for backup. It’s definitely UnLegal to have one of these babies on board.

Deepwalker Legs (Rig) – This motorcar can walk with large, mechanical legs, enabling it to transverse rough terrain with ease. The best part: the legs retract!

Ejector Seats (Rig) – At the push of a button you or your passenger can fly out of the Rig for an easy escape. Also useful for punishing passengers that try to change your favorite radio station.

Fake Registry (Rig) – Your Rig’s registry is under a fake (and upstanding) Patriot alias. Carry on, Baron Hamstien Von Wifflebrot.

Flexion Balloon (Rig) – Your vehicle is outfitted with a Felxion balloon enabling you to fly! You can now explore MONSTRU by air! You’re not sure why the balloon occasionally wails and moans though.

Fuzz Field (Rig) – Fuzz Fields are new invention from Oni Industries that creates a small shield of resistance that protects a Rig from physical damage. Fuzz Fields require large phonograph bull-horn speakers to be mounted on the Rig, which broadcast an ever-changing frequency of static and buzzing sound that slow down anything entering the field – a crashing rig, a shuriken blade, all with a loud zap-buzz and wave of heat. (They hum and buzz continuously, and require a large amount of power to operate.)

Fuzz Fields require an operator to continuously and manually adjust the frequency of the field, as each object contacting the Field would have a unique frequency to push it back. (This allows a defensive roll by the operator using a Fuzz Field Tuner skill.) Fuzz Fields are generally considered inferior to Teslan Shield Generators due to their extreme volume and to tendency overheat.

Governor Override (Rig) – You have a booster engine that can launch your Rig into ludicrous speeds, but it takes a special kind of fuel to use (Spark Juice/Doomshine/Warlock Tears).

Hairpin Turn (Rig) – Your vehicle is really great at making ridiculously sharp turns. It doesn’t mean that the thing won’t flip.

Haul Hold (Rig) – Your vehicle is extra large and able to fit more cargo, bunks, or seats.

Haunted (Rig) – This Rig shifts from state to state. Sometimes it looks sharp, with gleaming chrome and shining paint. Other times, it looks rusty, charred, and mysteriously pierced with ancient arrows. (GM’s choice.) Several Spookies are bonded to the vehicle, and are occasionally even helpful.

Kindle Stokechurn Engine (Rig) Your Rig takes half the time to start up as usual and the furnace is really reliable.

Malo’s Majik Armor Paint (Rig) Your Rig gets +1 Difficulty to hit when targeted by a Jinx and is some sort of blueish-green color. Maybe it’s teal? No, teal has more green in it…I don’t know.

Majik Jammer  (Rig) Anyone trying to cast a Jinx within 10ft of this Rig suffers a -1 penalty to their Jinx Casting Skill. The jammer must be running for it to be effective, of course.

Mascot Head (Rig) – Your vehicle is outfitted with a mascot head, which provides a babbage engine (limited intelligence.)

Plate mail body (Rig) – Your Rig has +1 Wound.

Plated Tires (Rig) (No flats) – These tires are plated with metal, and never ever seem to get flat. They’re probably worth more than the whole rig.

Road Mine Launcher (Rig) – Your Rig is outfitted with a Road Mine launcher, allowing you to gently drop explosives on the Hellways for others to “stumble” upon.

Smart Goblins (Rig) – Able to assist in the maintenance and repair of the furnace far better than “standard grade” gobs.

Smoke Launchers (Rig) – You have unlegal smoke launchers on the back of your rig, giving you a potential cover to an escape.

Smuggler’s Panels (Rig) – This Rig has been retrofitted with a secret compartment, for smuggling.

Spare Tire (Rig) – You have a spare tire enabling you to repair a flat in a jiffy.   

Spiky (Rig) – Rigs that are larger than your Rig take the same amount of damage you do, ignoring the scale bonus during a collision. Crowbots that stomp on your rig take damage after their scale bonus (usually just +1) is applied.

Spring Launcher (Rig) – You have a coiled spring under your Rig that can launch the entire Rig into the air. Watch out for those landings.

Tank Treads (Rig) – Your Rig can traverse over most terrain, including urban ruins, junkyards, and Townie Jackwagons.

Tireless Goblins (Rig) – These goblins are able to shovel coal twice as fast, or twice as long.

Truck Nuts  (Rig) – Townies respect you more for having this Rig ornament, although you are not sure exactly why.

Tinted Windows (Rig) – Your Rig’s windows are treated with a special substance that lets Dayblighted creatures drive during the day and not be burned by the sun. And it looks good too.

Wizard Paint-job (Rig) – Your Rig is covered in amazing paintings of wizards, dragons, volcanoes, and warrior maidens. Warlocks and Crones are more likely to bow down to your “wicked steed” and are less likely to steal your tires and turn you into a frog.

Wood Paneling (Rig) – When a small wooden idol is rubbed, the Rig is planked over with wooden plating, covering every surface and providing laminated hardwood armor. When this armor is not activated, the Rig has some nice-looking wooden side-paneling. It takes 5 minutes to engage and disengage, and the Rig cannot move while in “Paneled” mode.

Weapon Mount (Rig) – Your Rig has a ranged weapon attached to it, enabling a passenger or other crew member to fire it at anyone of their choosing. Doing so takes an action during combat.  

Rig Faults

Bad Brakes (Rig) – The darned thing won’t stop when you want it to. Maybe the brakes are new, but they must not be powerful enough.

Big Black Button (Rig) – You have a huge black button on the center of the Rig’s dashboard and you have no idea what it does. When pressed, the Game Master picks one Rig fault at random and adds it to your Rig. Why is there a button for this? Sometimes the button looks like one of the regular dashboard buttons.

Broken Signals (Rig) – One or more of your turn signals are broken, angering other drivers and making you a keen target you be pulled over and fined.

Broken Horn (Rig) –  Your horn is stuck and always blasting, even when the Rig is off. Everyone knows where you are and more than likely your rig will be attacked by annoyed commuters.

Cold Start (Rig) – It takes a while to heat up the furnace enough to get moving.

Gremlins (Rig, Automat) – This machine is is infested with Gremlins! While they can’t be seen, they do manage to cause all kinds of minor mechanical problems in the worst possible times. Furnace goblins HATE gremlins!

Jackwagon (Rig) – Your motorcar was homemade by some crazed home-brew builder. It runs, but it looks strange and junky and won’t impress anyone with it’s crude lines. Stock parts? What’s that?

Infested (Rig) – Bugs have decided to take home somewhere in this vehicle. They are a constant, but low level, pain in the butt. Poison doesn’t seem to help.

Junky Appearance (Rig) – Your Rig looks like a piece of junk, even if it isn’t. Negative reactions are common with this motorcar.

Lazy Goblins (Rig) – These jokers would rather play games than shovel coal. Reliability suffers as you must convince them to help.

Leaky (Rig) – Your Rig leaks oil, water or other fluids that leave a mess… and a trail. It takes a constant effort to keep the Rig’s fluid levels maintained.

Loud (Rig) – Your Rig has always been the loudest one on the streets. No chance you’re sneaking up on anyone in this thing. It’s thrumming and booming… all of the time.

Low Rider (Rig) – The bottom of this steamcar is mere inches from the surface of the road. Any terrain bottoms out your Rig, possibly causing some serious damage.

No Kitchenette (Rig) – This motorcar doesn’t have a proper kitchenette – there’s no cooking on this Rig! Be prepared to spend all of your CrowBucks on expensive drive-thru.

No Restroom (Rig) – This old Rig has never been retrofitted with a toilet. It means that you have to pause at rest-stops way too often, or “thunderjug” it and keep going.

No Seats (Rig) – You have to stand while driving, making the difficulty of complicated driving maneuvers that much harder.

No Windshield (Rig) – Your windshield no longer exists. I hope you like bugs in your face.

Rusty Parts (Rig) – It’s very difficult to repair this Rig, as the parts are all rusted together. It costs double to repair it.

Stolen (Rig) – Your Rig was actually stolen from someone else before you received it. Hope the original owners don’t come looking for it.

Smoker (Rig) – The smoke that belches from this rig is exceptionally thick, and of a unique color, making it difficult to not stand out in a crowd.

Stall-Out (Rig) – This rig is liable to stall-out, at the least opportune moment. It might restart instantly, or it might take 15 minutes. (It’s up to your GM.)

Stink-Stank-Stunk (Rig) – Something crawled up and died in here! It’s as unpleasant inside this motorcar as out, and no amount of scrubbing (or air fresheners) will help.

Stuck Radio (Rig) – Your Rig’s radio permanently is on when the Rig is on. That song is going to be stuck in your head for decades!

Wide Turns (Rig) – This Rig has to slow down and take really wide turns, to turn at all.

Wobbly (Rig) – Your Rig shakes, rattles, and shifts with every movement, something is off center.  

Steam Car Supplies:

NamePriceGrant Gift?Unlegal?
Air Freshener, -Pine/Mint/Muzz/Egg.05NoNo
BlackRok Coal, 100 Pounds$800NoNo
Coal, 100 pounds$1NoNo
Road Caltrops, Bushel$14NoNo
Road Mine, Fire$50NoYes
Road Mine, Scrapnel$75NoYes
Road Mine, Smoke22NoYes
Seat Covers, Fuzzy$6NoNo
Windscreen Fluid, Gallon.75NoNo
Windscreen Wipers.50NoNo

Steam Car Upgrades:

NamePriceGrant Gift?Unlegal?
Air Pump$90NoNo
Armor Plating, Tin$700YesNo
Armor Plating, Copper$1600YesNo
Armor Plating, Steel$2600YesYes
Armor Spines, Alum$900YesNo
Armor, Undercarriage$800NoNo
Armored Hubcaps$300YesNo
Doors, pair$100NoNo
Cab Cage reinforcement$200NoNo
Deeprig Walker Legs$4000YesNo
Dozer Blade$2000NoNo
Fuzz Field Generator$4000YesNo
Glass, Shatterproof$300-$1000NoNo
Goblin Trap System$500NoNo
Furnace, Oil Fired$500NoNo
Governor Override$1000YesYes
High Pressure Boiler$200NoNo
Kindle Stokechurn Engine$2500NoNo
Leatherbeast Seats$50NoNo
Mascot Head$300YesNo
Majik Jammer$6500YesNo
Paint, Malo’s Majik Armor, Pint$800YesYes
Paint, Thorpe’s Anti-Rust$60NoNo
Radio, Citizen’s Band (CB)$175NoNo
Radio, with Authority Channels$300NoYes
Smuggler’s Compartment, small$1000YesYes
Smuggler’s Compartment, large$200YesYes
Steam Whistle$50NoNo
Steam Siren$70NoNo
Tank Treads$5000YesNo
Teslan Shield Generator$10000YesNo
Tires, Gumptner’s Radials,  Set of 6$100NoNo
Tires, Gumptner’s Plated, Set of 6$200NoNo
Tires, Talos Solidcore,  Set of 6$400NoYes
Tires, Talos Roadspeed,  Set of 6$600NoNo
Tinderflaust Furnace System$5000NoNo
Weapon Mount$2000YesYes

Sample Rigs

Gaunt Vruck

Scale: 1Body: MediocreMechanics: MediocreHandling: PoorWounds: 2Upgrades: Steam Whistle, Radio,Gifts: NoneFaults: Bad Breaks.

Steggle Black Mariah

The Black Mariah is a king among Rigs, handmade ages ago in a factory of actual craftsbeasts.

Scale: 1Body: FairMechanics: GoodHandling: PoorWounds: 4Upgrades: Leatherback Seats, Radio, Citizen’s BandGifts:  Plate Mail Body, Haul HoldFaults: Wide Turns, Cold Start

Steam Crow

Built upon the chassis of a discarded 3E39 Carnavon Casket utility van, the Steam Crow spent decades as a delivery vehicle for the now defunct “Sweet Raven Confection Company”. (Which is why the mascot head is still up there.)

She has also been used to haul pencil shavings, office furniture, and corpses, before falling into the metal hands of Chadworth Machine. (Money loaned by Beastio’s grand-mother purchased the Crow.)

The Steam Crow barely manages to make the posted speed limits before wheezing into fits of caustic smoke, but she still runs, and she’s as sturdy as they come.

Scale: 1Body: FairMechanics: MediocreHandling: FairWounds: 4Upgrades: Mascot Head, Radio, Tinderflaust Furnace System, Deeprig Walker Legs, Flexion Balloon, Goblin trap systemGifts: Mascot Head, Deeprig Walker Legs, Flexion BalloonFaults: Junky Appearance, Smoker, Leaky, Lazy Goblins

Game Mastering

Storytelling is an art that has existed since the first cavemen started to use cave paintings and other mediums to help orally spin tales of danger and relevant issues to their times. (Which kind of giant beast would have killed them the fastest, for example.) From this humble beginning, stories have evolved into an integral part of every day life. It is impossible to go throughout your day without hearing, reading, or watching a story as it unfolds, even so much so that it almost becomes overwhelming. (We’re looking at you, 24 hour news channels.)

Roleplaying games offer it’s players a unique chance to craft any kind of story that they wish. With Monster Commute: The Roleplaying Game, players can play in the detail-rich, sometimes chaotic, monsterpunk world of the web comic of the same name.

Perhaps this is the first roleplaying game that you have ever read, or perhaps you are a veteran dice-chucker and are just looking to run Monster Commute for your group. Below are some suggestions on how to run Monster Commute for maximum enjoyment for you the Game Master, and your players.

For those new to RPGs and confused at how the whole thing works, the Game Master thinks up a story and with the other players as the main characters, they act it out in a shared storytelling experience, using the guidelines in this book to resolve difficult situations and accurately portray character abilities and skills.

Think of running a roleplaying game like a car (or a steam powered Rig). The story is the engine, the players are the gas, the setting (MONSTRU) is the highway, and you, the esteemed storytelling Game Master, are the driver of the car. All parts need to work together for the game car to operate successfully.   

The Story. (Engine)

So you have a really cool idea for a story set inside the world of MONSTRU, one so good that you will wow your players and are even considering sending us an email with it so we may give you props and kudos. (Please do!)  We suggest sitting down with your players before the game starts and pitching your basic idea to them. This way the players can see what kind of characters would fit the best with the overall theme of the story.

Once characters are made, turn on the engine (story) to the car (game), step on the gas and let the engine purr.

What if the players decide to do something else in game and completely ignore your story? Let the engine run on it’s own. For example, You decide that an evil Feratu tycoon is going to take over a city by force and you had originally wanted the players to stop him. The players decide that they would rather go out drinking and engage in unsightly acts on the townspeople. The players get rowdy, and start a fight in the bar. The town’s security comes and the players manage to incapacitate most of them. Because of the player’s actions, it is much easier for the Feratu tycoon to take over the township and now all of it’s citizens blame the players for weakening it’s defenses. This thrusts the story back on the players because of their actions.

The engine of the story will always be running and the players will effect it by their actions. Remember two simple words for engaging your players into the game and your story: Cause and Effect. About sixty percent of your story will stem from what mayhem the players do all on their own, and it is your job as a Game Master to make their actions matter.

Players. (The Gas)

Players are the gas in your game car, pushing forward the narrative and making the story engine roar with excitement or creep along with suspense. Without the players, you really would just talking to yourself as different characters and modern society tends to frown on that.  

The Players are telling you what they want to do in game by their choices of Potential levels, Gifts, Faults, and Skills. So, Make sure that you play them up and give them plenty of opportunities to shine.

The Game Master. (The Driver)

As the driver of the game car, you are in control of it’s direction, speed, and use of players. It is your job to be every other character than the players and describe the world and it’s contents to the best of your ability. (Don’t worry, we wrote this book to help with that.)

The Setting. (The Highway)

Now that you have a fully armed and operational game car, you and your players can traverse the highways of MONSTRU, exploring ever nook and cranny of the monster filled world. Just remember not to become too enthralled with the world and ignore your players or the story.


As described in the intro, Monster Commute RPG is a roleplaying game set in MONSTRU, the monster-punk world of the Monster Commute web-comic. It is an urban fantasy filled with odd creatures, mechanical foes, and high adventure in a dystopian Halloween world of wonder. It is a strange place, but instantly recognizable with many of the familiar trappings of the turn of the 21st century. MONSTRU can also be a scary place. 30ft Fascist Crow Steambots, Slave camps filled with battered monsters, Racism, and the occasional serial killer mean that this game has dark undertones. Even in their own world, the Halloween monsters have to deal with some serious stuff, even though the game can be humorous at times.

Humor and Darkness

The dark overtones of Monster Commute give the lighter times more volume and more potency, like saltiness with something sweet. Very few things in the real world and the world of MONSTRU are black and white. Just remember that the world is full of monsters and sometimes they act like monsters.

If you couldn’t tell, this game has a sense of humor. With that being said, this game is not intended to be silly. Creating a half-witted, Clockwork Ninja wielding two hams tied together only with rope and shame isn’t what we had in mind for “…experiencing the world of Monstru from thousands of different points of view.” Like mature themes, the Game Master has the final say on what is appropriate for his or her game.

Paranoia and Fear

This is of course optional for the type of game that you’re playing, but in a world with constant surveillance, paranoia and fear are everywhere. In truth, this is the goal of The AUTHORITY, without it, they’d likely have a difficulty ruling Monstru. The Spy Scouts, and constant monster abductions, keep the fear-machine alive.

Mystery and Discovery

Discovering the secrets of Monstru can be a fun way to challenge and empower the characters. Each session might answer one question, and lead to a few more new ones. While every question need not be answered, it’s the most satisfying when the players really do learn something new each session.

The Characters might seek to find the answers to such questions as:

  • Why are we being followed?
  • What’s the AUTHORITY really up to?
  • What is CREATU, and why are they at war with Monstru?
  • Who is Lincolnstein?
  • What became of Teslan? Where is he now?
  • Who are the Ferals? What do they want?
  • Who is behind the Factory Rebellion? Can they be trusted?

As they uncover the answers to some of these questions, they will often find more power to influence the world at large.

These investigation adventures work well when interspersed with action and occasionally punctuated by conflict.


A campaign is a series of linked adventures featuring common characters, villains, and theme. It’s one of the most interesting ways to game because the plots and adventures become interlinked, making the relationships between the characters, Monstru, and the villains richer and deeper.

While most adventures can start from the driver’s seat on the Hellway, a campaign can focus on a specific type of adventure in Monstru. These are just a few of the possibilities.

18 Wheels of Doom

A group of Rigs make up an armored convoy, beating down the road and taking on all-comers. You deliver loads for the Company, and occasionally for the AUTHORITY. Neither are ideal, but it’s all about life on the open Hellway.

After a few adventures the Truckers might start to make allies at every truck-stop, learning the latest local gossip, and getting hooked into the next adventure. When that’s done, they’re on the road again to the next town.

Doomshine Runner

The characters are moving unlegal Doomshine from one Town to another, attempting to avoid the Authority, and make big Crowbucks! The local Sheriff is hot on your tail! Go-Go-GO!

  • Booze Hounding – A townie settlement has gotten deathly sick from the last shipment of Doomshine that your crew delivered and they are ready to hang them from the highest building as retribution. Where did the tainted booze come from and what will the players do when faced with some backwoods justice?
  • The Lesser of Two Evils. An influential Feratu mobster interrupts a shipment from the players, demanding protection money. Will the players give them a cut or will they tell him to take a hike?

Factory Rebellion

Your Crew has formed a Cell of the Factory Rebellion. They seek to unravel the Authority though unlawful acts of UnPatriotism. You don’t know who’s feeding you your orders, and there seems to be danger at every turn. Is there a Spy Scout informant on the Crew?

  • The Trojan Crow The Factory Rebellion has converted the body of a Crowbot into a workable Rig, enabling half a dozen agents to operate inside the Crowbot and impersonate the AUTHORITY’S finest. The Players are asked to take the CrowRig,  infiltrate the Crowbot officer’s ball, and try to learn as many secrets as possible. The players are ordered to be as clandestine as possible. Each player has to operate one system, the legs, the left arm, the right arm, the voice and the head.
  • Snack Attack The Factory Rebellion has ordered your crew to attack a cargo Rig filled with Lupo-Lads® snack-chews. If successfully stopped, Abraham Lincolnstein will know that the Factory Rebellion has prevented his favorite food from reaching him!
  • Greater Clockwork Assault A Factory Rebellion agent has discovered the location of a Greater Clockwork. There are rumored to be 6 (or perhaps more) pairs of greater clockworks in Monstru, and all are secret and carefully guarded by the Authority. Formed in pairs, they allow instantaneous travel between the two synced devices. If just one of these devices would be knocked out, the Authority would be dealt a serious blow.
  • The Ether Engine For the past 25 years the Authority has been secretly building a massive “Ether Engine” in the city of Grimedown. The entire city is made up of gigantic buildings that house massive generators, conductors, titanic rotors and an enormous ceramic tile map. It’s goal: to be able to track the position of any Prole with an AUTHORITY Benefit Number tattoo. The players must sabotage this engine, or it’s various power conductor substations (other cable-linked cities) before it is compete.


The characters gain a reputation for figuring out difficult enigmas, finding lost objects and solving murders. Many different monsters seek out the crew’s help and the Crew can charge a hefty sum for their involvement. In fact, Department 13 occasionally calls in the Crew to take on internal cases.

  • A Murder of Crowbots – The players are brought in to investigate the death of a Crowbot that was murdered by another Crowbot at his apartment. Five Crowbots were in the building at the same time and it’s up to the players to figure out who did it as objective investigators. The players must choose one of the Crowbots or be stepped on.  
  • Pimp my Rig – A serial Rigjacker has been stealing Rigs from various crews and it’s up to the players to catch him or her. What will the players do when stolen parts from the crimes appear on the player’s own Rig?
  • The Baroondook Falcon- The Barondook Falcon, a statue of an extinct bird that was sent as a peace offering from the Manling nation of Barondook to the Monstonia King over 2100 years ago, has been found. The players are hired to find it by a voluptuous Daemon woman, but when other monsters hear that the players are on the case, they ransack their Rig, searching for the valuable bird icon.

Mobster Wars

This is a darker campaign, where the players are part of the criminal underworld. It works to some degree because the Authority is still the main enemy (the Law). However, the play in this Campaign can possibly be a bit cruel and sometimes immoral, so tread cautiously.

The Crew is part of a Mobster Family that controls one District in a vast city. They perform Family duties and tasks from the HQ of their Rig. The gang reports to a Mobster District Boss, and is sent off on a variety of adventures.

Possible scenarios include:

  • Robbing the Authority National Bank
    • A common stickup
    • Or, an elaborate night-time break-in
  • Bribing a CrowBot Night Watch Commander
  • Collecting Protection Money from District Businesses
  • Fighting off rival gangs who seek to infringe on your turf
  • Giving some food and money to local orphans, and overseeing their pickpocketing activities
  • Safely transporting Mob Bosses from one location to another, avoiding both the Authority and rival gangs
  • Smuggle shipments of hooch from warehouses to individual Speakeasies
  • Bring down some pain on some local robbers who have been harassing your District businesses

The campaign could get more interesting when a more powerful rival Mob moves in and starts creating havoc for the player’s and the Family.

They might:

  • Start assassinating member’s of the Crew’s Mob Family
  • Bribe the CrowBots to crack down on crime in the District
  • Set fire to some of the local businesses
  • Bomb the Mob’s Secret Headquarters

Over time it could be clear that there is an informant, and the players are tasked with rooting them out before the whole Family, and their fortunes, are wiped out.

Sideshow Heroes

A circus-based campaign where the character are traveling entertainers. Every town has new faces, new troubles, and new stuff to steal. What are those ruins there back there behind the Town?

  • Freak Show – In an effort to draw more audience members, the Ring Leader has sent the players on a quest to find the strangest talents and oddest monsters for a new show. Who will the crew find in the hidden crevasses of Monstru?
  • A Bone to Pick – Some of the set builders of the circus have created an awesome structure made from some discarded bones, but they accidentally used the complete skeleton of a Bone Monk. During a show the mysterious Bone Monks burst into the circus tent and start tearing the structure apart to retrieve their fallen brother, eliminating anyone in their way.  

Smuggler Struggle

Your Crew is a gang of smugglers running contraband from Mobster to Town in need to anyone in between. Every Job is dangerous, and no two are the same. It isn’t a question of whether or not you’ll get caught… just what you’ll do when you are.

  • Doomstone General Hospital has a shortage of Laudanum #9 (a painkiller) and has hired the players to pick some up from Dr. Hyde. Trouble is, Hyde’s fortress is inside a Trolla Valley, and it’s going to be tough going to get there safely. Also, Hyde is notoriously unstable and has no idea that you’re arriving. He might need to be convinced that he should sell you the Laudanum #9 in the first place.
  • The Skullopolis Regional Government has a long rectangular box that needs to be delivered to the catacomb that rests under the city hall and has hired the players to deliver it. On the way there, the Feratu Liberation Front tries to take the package from the players at any cost. Should the players ever open the box, an ancient looking Feratu wakes up and tries to escape into the night.

The Monster Lies Heavy

The controversial novel The Monster Lies Heavy, is taking the world of MONSTRU by storm.

The book describes an alternate world where humans are in control of everything

and monsters are uncivilized and hunted for sport. The author of the book, a human named H.A., has written the book to be a commentary on MONSTRU society, in specific the unfair treatment of certain races by the AUTHORTIY.  At the novel’s climax, humans wear the skins of hunted monsters and beg for sweets in a candy-coated orgy of tricks and treats on the night of All Hallow’s Eve. The novel has been giving hope to every suffering Monster across the hellways.

Naturally, this book is servery banned by the AUTHORITY, merely owning the book is a hefty

prison sentence. Several book burnings have already occurred around various cities and

monsterkin are scared to even mention the title.

After a routine inspection by an overzealous Crowbot, the players are in a whole heap of

trouble after one copy of The Monster Lies Heavy appears in their Rig. Who put it there?

The ABN Killer

25 years ago, the AUTHORITY Benefit Act went into law, assigning unique 16 digit numbers to all Monsters, Automats and Bloodless. A serial killer as been murdering Proles sequentially, one by one over the past month. The players have been contacted by a frantic Trolla who begs the players to find the ABN killer who butchered his brother, Kruff.

Later on during the game, the group learns that one of the players is two numbers off from Kruff’s ABN. The players have to find the ABN Killer before that player ends up dead!

White Coal

A rumor of an amazing discovery leads thousands of Monstrunians to the backwater town of “Dunderhoof” – White Coal has been discovered in the hills! Enterprising beasts have rushed in to make official claims, while others have rushed in to sell the mining tools necessary to extract the rarest of coals. (White Coal burns hotter than just about anything else.)

Dunderhoof has exploded into a boomtown throwing together enterprising Tycoons, Mobsters, AUTHORITY Taxmen, Gamblers, Golem miners, Charlatans, and hungry Townies.

Meanwhile the tribe of Trolla that live in the hills have not taken kindly to all of the noise and stone grinding! They’re as mad as hiss, and some monsters gotta pay!

It’s a hotbed for adventure and conflict!

The Players might:

  • Run Doomshine in to supply a local Saloon. (Getting into the middle of a fight between two rival Saloons.)
  • Decide to become Deputies, providing law and order in Dunderhoof (at least before the CrowBots arrive.)
  • Attempt to bring in their own tools and supplies to sell to the Miners.
  • Stake their own claim, and attempt to get some White Coal before anyone else.
  • Seek to ease tensions between the Townies and everyone else.

The Townies might:

  • Decide to run these “city dirtpickles” right out of town!
  • Have a feast of beasts! Inviting neighboring Townies to come on down for some home-cookin’!
  • Think that it’d be easier to steal the White Coal from the City Slicks than to labor to get it themselves.
  • Attempt to sabotage the mines to get rid of these fool-heads.
  • Encourage the Slickers to kill the evil Trolla!

The Miners might:

  • Need fresh supplies – food, tents, companionship, and Doomshine.
  • Want help driving back the Trolla who live in the hills.
  • Stir up something evil from the UnderDeep. Something big and bad and eld.
  • Try to hire the Players to do the hard work of Mining!

The Trolla might:

  • See this as an attack on their sacred hillocks.
  • Sell Doomshine directly to the Miners.
  • Attack Dunderhoof directly, in an effort to drive off the Townies and everyone else.

Current Events

While these won’t appear in every campaign, they can be used to spice things up, create difficulties for the Crew, and indicate that that Monstru doesn’t necessarily revolve around the players.

Coal Shortage

The shortage begins with rumors of coal depots limiting coal purchases to no more than 300 pounds. A few Episodes later, they hear about Beasts having a difficulty buying enough coal to fill the hopper, as prices begin to raise from $1 per 100 pounds, to $2, $5, and $1 per pound, until it can’t be found for sale at all. Give the Players a chance to purchase some coal before it’s too late, but limit it to maybe enough to fill their hopper about halfway full.

Looting, stealing, and widespread panic ensue as everyone starts to horde the stuff.

What’s causing the Shortage? (Choose one)

  • The AUTHORITY is using up all of the coal keeping the engines of war churning, fueling CrowBots, the Skyclad Battlefleet, and various engines of war.
  • The AUTHORITY is creating a false shortage, to raise the price of coal, so that they make more CrowBucks with every purchase. (They control the coal supply in this instance.) It backfires, and the Proles begin hoarding, which causes a real shortage.
  • A plague of Coal Weevils (coal eating insects) have overtaken the cities, eating every last crumb of coal, from the cupboards, coal chutes, and hoppers. The Crew discovers their own woes, as their supply has been eaten too!

Results of the Shortage

  • Massive traffic jams as the Hellway grinds to a halt.
  • Beggars go rig-to-rig trying to get a hold of a brick of coal.
  • Looters destroy a number of Oni Oni Marts, attempting to buy/steal the last remaining crumbs of coal.
  • Hot meals disappear as there’s little left to cook with.

Adventure Ideas:

  • The Last Depot The Crew hears rumors of an old supply house that still has an untapped warehouse of coal. Race NPCs to the place, fight in the parking lot, and make a deal with the crusty coal-horder.
  • Thieves in the Night The Crew may decide to steal coal from other rigs, or perhaps some Beasts decide to steal from them. It’s a lowly activity, but folks are desperate to keep their rigs rolling.
  • Ice Storm A big winter storm blows in with some warning, causing Beasts to freeze if they can’t find some alternative to keeping the furnace warm.

Just as unrest peaks (perhaps after a few episodes) a new supply of coal could be discovered in the mountains, and it’s a race to get there, procure some new coal, and get back to normal prices. (Post adventure, coal could remain at $5 per 100 pounds.)

Running Monster Commute for Kids

Naturally, not everyone is going to want to use the more mature themes presented in this book, and it is your right to exclude whatever you don’t like or find inappropriate for you or your players. Without the dark undertones, Monster Commute is perfect for children as an introductory roleplaying game. Astute parents would find that the world of MONSTRU could be rich with parable and morals.

Here is an examples of  “kid friendly” story idea:

The Big Race

Your Crew must outrun the baddies on a Rally track of doom! Working together you’ve got to outrace, and outsmart the competition and keep your furnace burning bright. If you win, your Rig wins a new Gift and $300! Use some toy cars as counter, and draw the track out on butcher paper. Ready. Set. RACE!

Ideas of how to make the race more than just a dice-roll-a-thon:

  • Motivate the Goblins. How are you going to keep them working hard?
  • Engine troubles. How are you going to deal with that malfunctioning furnace?
  • Sideswipe. The baddies are trying to crash into you. Do you bash back, or slam on the brakes or what?


  • Involve each player. Look for opportunities how they can impact the race, via their skills, gifts, faults and stunts. Make sure you ask each player how they’re contributing, and give them some ideas how they can help. (Even if they can’t think of anything.)

Creature Catalog

There are other monstrous creatures that live in Monstru, that are beyond the regular Player Character races.

Creature Template

Name: The common name of the creature, followed by the description.

Frequency: How likely the encounter. Abysmal = Rare, Legendary = Super commonBody: Their Body potential (And upmost limit to Body skills)Mind: Their Mind potential (And upmost limit to Mind skills)Spirit: Their Spirit potential (And upmost limit to Spirit skills)       Skills:A list of skills the average creature has. Some individuals might have one level higher or lower skill level.Leaders or heroes might even have higher skills.If the skill doesn’t have a description, it is found on the appropriate Body/Mind/Spirit Skill list.
Roleplaying Tip: Advice about how to roleplay the beastie, as well as other facts about them.
Diet: What the creature normally eats.
Secret: Something that most folks don’t know about it. An especially well-educated or bright Prole might have a small chance to know the secret, but probably not.
Reward: The number of Fortune Points awarded for the individual creature. These must be split up among all who killed it and it’s the GM’s job to award them among the Players. (Some GMs might allow the players assign them among themselves.)Treasure: The value of the treasure that the average creature might have. (Or might not.) Sometimes the creature (or their parts) must be sold on the open market to get real crowbucks. A good Haggle skill might render a bit more value.

100 Year Antiquis [an-ti-kwiss]

After 100 years, some normally inanimate objects suddenly hop to life. This awakening could happen to your family’s antique typewriter, umbrella, or steamcar.

It is certainly very uncommon, but it’s happened enough times that these Antiquis don’t trouble folks. Many believe that the majik winds that blow across Monstru are the source of such enchanted beings, while others simply assume that this is why Monstru is filled with such colorful and diverse lifeforms.

Usually, Antiquis not terribly powerful though some made from certain objects (metal, wood) are difficult to destroy.

Frequency: PoorBody: Poor-GoodMind: Mediocre-PoorSpirit: Fair-GreatSkills:It varies quite a bit, depending on the Antiquis. Many have no useful skills whatsoever other than bumbling about. (And their previous use.)
Some Antiquis that we’ve seen:Hopping engine blockUmbrellaTea kettlesPaper lanternLeather bootA dancing suitA strutting pickup truck
Roleplaying Tip: Antiquis never speak, and usually never have any common sense. Sometimes an awakened Antiquis will wake up and then shuffle directly into traffic attracted by the commotion.
Diet: Sawdust, seeds, marbles are some common Antiquis foods, though it varies by the individual. All Antiquis love honey.
Secret: Antiquis and Peerless are very closely related. Sometimes they’ve lead to actual races in Monstru (like Clockworks.)
Reward: 1-2 Fortune Points

Treasure: A majik egg containing one jinx that will be cast when thrown to the ground. (GM’s choice.)


Wild skeletal dogs that are common in Minik Province, the Bone-Hounds have a hunger for fat, juicy souls. Their vicious bite causes Spirit damage, and they always roam in packs of 3.

Bone Monks

Agents of the AUTHORITY’s Central Servants, the Bone Monks are sent out to get specific jobs done, and done right.

More clever than CrowBots, the Monks are animated bones found in the ruins of a mountain-top monastery. While they are not religious in any way, they are dangerous and very scary.

They appear as horned skeletons, which ride upon a single wheel. Their long arms end in bone sickles that are very sharp and able to cut most beasts to ribbons. They typically hide their bodies with a red cloak, as they are very secretive. All CrowBots are trained to not interfere with the actions of the Bone Monks.

Bone Monks are sent into missions inside of wooden crates, which are most often shipped to their missions on the back of flatbed trucks. In other times, the crates are lifted by individual Flexion Gas® dirigibles.

Frequency: PoorBody: Good (Scale +2)Mind: MediocreSpirit: FairSkills:Brawl (Body): FairAuthority Law (Mind): GoodIntimidate (Spirit): MediocreBone Sickle (Body): FairBone Sickle Parry (Body): MediocreJinx Slip (Spirit):FairSpeak Authorine (Spirit): FairOccult Lore (Mind): MediocreSecret: Bone Monks are known to sometimes poison their sickles with a Poison #6, a venom that slows down the target by only allowing an action every other round.
Reward: 5 Fortune Points

Treasure: A whole bunch of spiky bones and Red robes.


CrowBots (Mark 8) are huge, mechanical soldiers, provided by the AUTHORITY, for the defense and protection of the MONSTU peoples. Previous models, all of which have been scrapped, were less than 1/3 the size of the Mark 8. We will no longer discuss any models prior to the Mark 8. The Mark 8 is the first CrowBot model, and the only one that has ever existed.

CrowBots are constructed with a powerful ironite carapace exoskeleton, impervious to darts, arrows, stones, and lions. They have a number of classified armaments to defeat the CREATU hordes. New weapons and tools are constantly being developed by the geniuses at the Department of Thought.

While CrowBots cannot fly, they do travel above the lands of MONSTRU on zeppelin air tanks. These tanks are filled with super-compressed Flexion gasses, providing ample lift.

All CrowBots:

  • Were created by the AUTHORITY in CrowBot factories
  • Report to a Commanding Officer
  • Have advanced micro Babbage decision engines to calculate unlaw and manage combat.
  • Understand that they’re the most important folk of Monstru
  • Are powered by Ghost-Skulls.
  • Are members of the AUTHORITY Party
  • Are of a single gender; neither male or female. Just CrowBot.

Most CrowBots:

  • Love the AUTHORITY and are uber-Patriots
  • See Abraham Lincolnstein as a godling.
  • Are as dumb as rocks and follow a distinct protocol
  • Are quick to violence
  • Act as Hellway patrolmen
  • Live in vast apartment complexes (Taking up all of the space.)
  • Seek to get promoted.
  • See Proles as pests that constantly seek unlaw
  • Spend their Crowbucks on fancy upgrades, CrowBot entertainment, and Jork. (At CroBot Depot)
  • Have killed many Proles.

Some CrowBots

  • Have had emotion-upgrades, and love another CrowBot
  • Are wickedly smart (upgraded decision engines)
  • Have managed to learn some Majik (rare)
  • Have some small ability to empathize with the Monster Condition

Fun Facts: (And propaganda)

  • CrowBots serve as both soldiers and police. They are here to help. Please stay out of their way.
  • CrowBots cannot help you with your auto problems. They can, however, help you move your vehicle out of traffic.
  • A CrowBot has never been defeated in combat or Skullopolis uprising.
  • CrowBots communicate via the most advanced radio technology available, with a range of several miles.
  • CrowBots have advanced micro Babbage decision engines to calculate unlaw and manage combat.
  • If you think that you have what it takes to become a CrowBot, please see visit any CrowBot recruitment facility.
  • CrowBots are not mindless automatons. They are our friends.


  • CrowBots are the mindless drone warriors of the AUTHORITY.
  • CrowBots were first created in the old city of Factoria.
  • Each generation of CrowBots become larger and more militaristic.
  • Many witnesses have reported seeing CrowBots destroy most vehicles with ease, when provoked.
  • CrowBots are rutheless with protesters, mowing them down with huge claws, mustard gas, and shuriken.
  • CrowBots were once much smaller and less oppressive, serving as simple couriers for the young AUTHORITY government.
  • CrowBots can usually be bribed for most traffic offenses with around $300 Crowbucks. However, some have reported recent trouble with that amount; $500 Crowbucks may be a safer bribe amount.
  • CrowBots killed over 1000 beasts at the Kandrun Hall protest. This was never reported by state-run media sources.
  • The Lusterfield Uprising managed to take down a CrowBot before they were all terminated by mustard gas.
  • A new generation of CrowBots are being tested, these with rocket propulsion units.
  • Some CrowBots, especially those above mere “trooper” status, seem to have true intellect.

CrowBot Roleplay

CrowBots are not a playable race; they are the primary antagonists of any Monster Commute RPG. They are the bad guys.

CrowBots are the thugs of the Authority police state. They’re bullies, they’re mean, and they are the Law. If they detect that certain activities may be unlegal, they will proceed to investigate, judge, and punish the offending party. While they are Patriots of the highest order, they are not above occasional bribery. (Because of a programming glitch, $300 Crowbucks seems to be a rather standard payola to avoid questioning… though there is no guarantee of such.)

Typical Crowbot Stats:

Frequency: SuperbBody: Good (Scale +3)Mind: PoorSpirit: PoorSkills:Dodge (Body): MediocreBrawl (Body): FairAuthority Law (Mind): PoorIntimidate (Spirit): PoorWeapon Proficiency: CrowBot Stomp (Body) GoodWeapon Proficiency: CrowBot Kick (Body)  FairWeapon Proficiency: CrowBot Peck (Body) FairEquipment:Plated Pigiron Armor (Armor Rating 1)Battle Beak (Gift: Sharp)
Tip: Remember the Crowbot’s Body Potential Scale of +3 when fighting normal sized players.
Reward: 3 Fortune Point
Treasure: $100 to $500 Crowbucks

CrowBot Standard Equipment

All CrowBots come stocked with standard gear made by CroBot Industries. It’s no secret that most of the stock CrowBot equipment is of questionable quality. This is due in large part to an AUTHORITY policy to increase CrowBot production by 500% several decades ago.

Standard Stock:

  • Helmet shell
  • Siren eyes
  • General bodyframe and undercarriage (Body)
  • Level 2 Baggage Decision Engine (Mind)
  • Ghost-skull Generator (Spirit)
  • Plated Pigiron Armor (Light Armor for them)
  • Stomping clawboots
  • Battle Beak
  • Tin-Chrome Badge with serial number
  • Layered plated wings
  • 2 Phase radio (10 mile range)

CrowBot Upgrades

Crowbots are responsible for their own upgrades past those that are provided for their rank and model.

Many CrowBots spend their paychecks on buying higher-quality replacement parts and upgrades. Upgrading a CrowBot’s gear makes them more likely (and eligible) for promotion and for survival on the mean streets of Monstru.

Other Common CrowBot Upgrades:

  • 7-way radio transmitter – 100 mile range with multi-departmental channels.
  • Alloy armor – Half the weight, twice the protection!
    • Armor Rating 2
  • Anti-Prole undercarriage – Enforced where the proles usually attack.
  • Cable Nets – Control crowds and small rigs with these weighted wire nets.
  • Caltrops – A quick dump and they drop out of the undercarriage. Bad for fleshy feet!
  • Carapace plated armor – Layers of iron and steel add weight and protection.
    • Armor Rating 2
  • Dual-Chest shuriken launchers – Double blades fly fast and true.
    • Gifts: Blast area (10), Ranged
    • Fault: Ammo Requirement (Shuriken)
  • Flame Throwers – Shoot a stream of fire – Bloodless hate fire!
    • Gifts: Ranged
    • Fault: Ammo Requirement (Gas),
  • Flechette Tubes – Drop razor sharp darts onto Unlegal Proles!
    • Gift: Blast area (20), Ranged
    • Fault: Fault: Ammo Requirement
  • Flippers – Move through water with ease with these large webbed feet.
  • Ghost-Skull Holocaust Dynamo – Super-generator that keeps the boiler red-hot!
  • Harpoon Launcher – Spears blast from the chest to impale the enemy!
    • Gifts: Ranged
    • Fault: Ammo Requirement (Harpoon), Inaccurate
  • Harpy Sirens – Crowd control with incredible volume. Great for distant signalling.
  • Inflatable Dirigible Balloon (Requires 20 minutes to inflate) – Up, up and away!
  • Infra-Ruby Oculars – 15x distance viewing and night vision.
  • Majik Jammer – CrowBot Majik defense for all ‘bots in a 20 ft range.
    • Gift: Majik Jammer
  • Mustard Gas Poison – Takes down all beasts that breathe.
  • Navigational compass w/ wax cylinder maps of most major cities – Find your way faster.
  • Road Spikes – A chain of anti-tire spikes. Stops Rigs fast!
  • Saber Beak – Sharper and 20% more impailing then the leading brands.
    • Gift: Masterwork
  • Scissor Claws – Uber sharp talons rip steel and monster with ease.
    • Gifts: Sharp
  • Shiny Badge – Show off your rank in style! Intimidates rivals and Proles!
  • Spiked Helmet – Impress other CrowBots and terrorize the Proles! Good armor.
  • Sprint legs – Extra powerful springs can double ground speed.
  • Thunderlock Chest Magnum (Prototype testing) – A big gun that shoots metal darts.
    • Gifts: Learning Curve (Firearm ≤ Mediocre), Technologically Advanced.
    • Faults: Restricted Ammo Requirement (Teslan Power Cells)
  • Teslan Shield Generator (Prototype testing) – Provides powerful physical armor for a single CrowBot.
    • Armor Rating 3, Teslan Cell Powered
    • Fault: Restricted Ammo Requirement (Teslan Power cells), Volatile
  • Waterproof – Sealed up tight! No water, no rust, no problem!

Standard CrowBot Models

There are specialized models that may have other weapon assortments for customized duties. While most models have the equipment listed below, individuals may have more, or less, available gear. (Equipment failure, upgrades, etc.)


Assigned to specific districts, towns and cities, the Constable Model is concerned with stomping down crime, protests and revolution. Equipment: Shiny badge, anti-prole undercarriage, cable nets, saber beak, Spiked Helmet. Frequency: Good

Hellway Patrol

These CrowBots are responsible for maintaining law and order on the vast Monstruni Hellway system. They are the most common CrowBots seen, and while they’re not fancy, they can still be deadly. Equipment: Heavy carapace armor. 1 in 4 have a Majik jammer. Frequency: Great


These agents of Department 13 are some of the most devious minds of the AUTHORITY, and they operate and manage the vast spy network. Inquisinators are found throughout the upper-party leadership roles of most agencies. Equipment: decision engine upgrade, red alloy armor, 7-way radio, Majik jammer, impressive helmet. Frequency: Poor


These models are concerned with the discovery and elimination of all books and unauthorized underground newspapers. Equipment: They are typically outfitted with dual flame-throwers, scissor claws, heavy kick legs, Harpy Sirens. Frequency: Mediocre


While these are rarely seen, Mariner models patrol the seas and lakes for Unpatriot activities and those vile CREATU spies! Equipment: Waterproof, navigational compass, flippers, alloy armor, harpoon launcher. Frequency: Mediocre

Oni Mark 8 Shock Trooper (In beta-testing trials)

The newest version of the CrowBot is larger, faster, and more troublesome. It utilizes the Teslan power cells providing more energy for advanced attack and defense. Equipment: mustard gas, alloy armor, Babbage engine upgrade, Majik jammer, spiked helmet, saber beak, harpy siren, infra-ruby oculars, Teslan Shield generator. Frequency: Abysmal


Publicly, the Poisoneer is concerned with ridding the cities of pests like rats, brownies, and feral goblins. In truth, Poisoneers are sent to troubled towns and signs of revolution – and are assigned to poison it down. Equipment: mustard gas tanks, navigational compass, cable nets, and Flexion gas dirigible. Frequency: Fair


Masses of CrowBot administrators are required to keep the complex political machine of the AUTHORITY running. The Politico model fulfils these bureaucratic roles, and are rarely seen outside of their sprawling departmental office buildings. Equipment: decision engine upgrade, impressive helmet upgrade, rubber stamps, internal typewriter. Frequency: Poor

Sky Trooper

These elite pilots prove the AUTHORITY propaganda: “THE SKY IS OURS.” They aggressively hover over most cities, on top of the Hellway, and above AUTHORITY supply convoys. Equipment: dual shuriken launchers, scissor claws, infra-ruby oculars, flechette tubes, harpy siren and navigational compass. Frequency: Good


The heaviest and strongest of CrowBots, the Tugg are used to tow heavy loads, kick down buildings, crush towns, and intimidate the Proles. They are probably not the smartest ‘bots, but that’s okay. They were built for combat, not thought or flight. Equipment: Enlarged body frame, double heavy carapace armor, heavy kick legs, battle wings, anti-prole undercarriage, Level 1 Baggage Decision Engine. Frequency: Mediocre

Warlock Constable

There was a time when the AUTHORITY believed that having staff warlocks would be useful in the “war” against the beasts. Warlock Constables were commissioned to provide backup for normal Constable units. The problem wasn’t the effectiveness of the Warlocks; it’s that CrowBots so very rarely exhibit the Majikborne gift that there never were enough to serve the cause. While the program has been canceled, a few Warlock Constables remain. Equipment: a variety of charms, Babbage engine upgrade, Ghost-skull Holocaust Dynamo, infra-ruby oculars, Jinx scroll-spools, impressive Warlock hat-helm. Frequency: Terrible

Street Snipe

These smaller CrowBots (22 ft tall) often work as the eyes and ears for larger patrols. They usually coordinate teams of Spy Scouts, and radio for immediate backup when required. While they pack a smaller punch than most CrowBots, they’re still trouble. Equipment: infra-ruby oculars, navigational compass, sprint legs, 7-way radio, Majik jammer, Babbage engine upgrade, cable nets. Frequency: Fair

CrowBot Maintenance

CrowBots are serviced by repair trucks run by the Central Services. Since CrowBots are unable to provide their own maintenance, teams of Party mechanics, plumbers and repair-monsters follow CrowBots in the field, lending a hand when a CrowBot malfunctions or takes on damage. These trucks are outfitted with cranes, extensive tools, and a variety of gently-used parts. While not every repair can be done on the field, the Central Services mechanics can often make the necessary restoration until the CrowBot can make it back to the Service Garage. Of course the cost of the repairs is taken out of the CrowBot’s salary, like any good tax-paying Patriot would do. Frequency: Good


Deep in the bayous and swamps of Monstru, especially in the Minik Province, travelers have encountered this large electric octopus. While commuting across the backwater roads near the murky waters, Rigs have been known to suddenly be grabbed off the road by up two eight, ozone smelling, tentacles and the Rig’s passengers shocked to a crisp. The Cephaloshock has been occasionally captured and used to power small towns, provided the beast’s keepers regularly feed it meat.  

Frequency: Mediocre
Body: FairMind: PoorSpirit: GoodSkills:Tentacle Grab (Body): FairConduction (Spirit): Good
Bite (Body): MediocreLeap (Body): Mediocre

Roleplaying Tip: The Cephaloshock will first try to grab any opponent, then shock them until paralysed. Once this occurs, the beast will try to shove them down their beaked gullet.
Diet: Paralysed meat.
Secret: The right half of the Cephaloshock produces positive current, while the left produces negative current.
Reward: 4 Fortune PointsTreasure: A bunch of Cephalopshock meat.

Coffin Hopper

These pole-scarecrows hop about the scenes of pain, despair, and death. They appear as 8-10 foot tall jack-o-lantern topped stick-men, with unsanely happy faces and wooden planks for arms. Instead of legs, they bounce along on a single pole, and their eyes burn with a yellowish glow. They are most often encountered in small groups of 3-5, in cemeteries or circling the scenes of auto accidents.

Frequency: Terrible
Body: GoodMind: MediocreSpirit: FairSkills:Spinning Punch (Body): MediocreBite (Body): FairDodge (Body): GoodLeap (Body): GoodNightvision (Spirit): Fair
Roleplaying Tip: Coffin Hoppers are best left alone. If they are totally ignored, they will ignore the Prole, and do their little dance for 30 minutes before moving on. But if even the briefest of eye contact is made, the Hoppers will go berserk, attacking the offender until death. They will ignore anyone else present, unless they are attacked. (Or looked at.)They have never (thus far) been known to speak.
Diet: Unknown.
Secret: Before any conflict arises, Coffin Hoppers can be driven off by playing a Minik Dirge at Good or better.
Reward: 2 Fortune PointsTreasure: The gourds of defeated Hoppers continue to emit beams of light from their eye sockets for a year after their death. Fresh lanterns are worth $50 crowbucks on the open market, and $200 crowbucks at the Ghost Market.

Engine Imps

These tiny little humanoids look a bit like miniature Furnace goblins, except they have larger heads, little pointed tails, and an oily black skin. They wear no clothing, and do not speak any common Monster languages. (Goblins have been known to speak Impish, so if the Crew speaks Goblir, they might be able to communicate though them.)

Frequency: GoodBody: Fair (Scale -4)Mind: MediocreSpirit: Good       Skills:Fix/Attack Engine: Fair (Body) They can help maintain the engine of a rig, or destroy it.Spit: Good (Body) An oily insult that really doesn’t cause any damage.
Roleplaying Tip: Engine Imps infest most of the big steam engines of Monstru. They are largely never seen, or really even known about – besides by the Furnace Goblins and the Mechanic/Engineer.
Basically, if they’re treated well, with the Mechanic leaving snacks like cookies, candy or sweetbreads, the Imps will have a positive effect upon the maintenance of the engine. If they are ignored, insulted (with poor engine maintenance) or attacked, they will cause endless problems for the Rig.
Furnace Goblins tend to ignore Engine Imps, accepting them as an extension of the engine. They never speak, but they never integer with the Imps.
Diet: Cookies, oil, sludge.
Secret: Engine Imps cannot be transferred from one rig to another. They bond with t the mechanical workings of the engine, and are in some ways the physical manifestation of the engine itself. They always appear in 3s. If Engine Imps are put in another engine that they’re not bonded with, they will attack the engine and any other imps that they encounter.
CrowBot Secret: Some CrowBots have been known to have Engine Imps that help maintain their overall health.
Reward: Defeating one’s own Engine Imps is nothing to brag about, but defeating enemy imps could result in a reward of 1-3 points.Treasure: A silver bolt worth 1-2 CrowBucks.


If you are unlucky enough to have to go into the Underdeep, chances are you might find a green scaly eyeball attached to the cavern walls, stating at you with an unblinking gaze. The Eyegore is nothing more than a reptilian eye surrounded by thick tentacles. If you happen to catch an Eyegore’s gaze, you will find yourself paralysed. The Eyegore will then slowly move to you, climbing up your body and attaching itself your head. Its razor sharp beak, hidden under its tentacles, will pierce your skull (exposing your delicious brains for feasting).   

Frequency: Terrible
Body: FairMind: MediocreSpirit: FairSkills:Climb (Body): FairHypnotic eyes (Spirit): Mediocre

Roleplaying Tip: Eyegores move slow and purposeful, usually positioning themselves in high traffic caverns to attempt to paralyse travelers.Diet: Brains.
Reward: 2 Fortune PointsTreasure:

Ferals – A race of extremely violent and terrible monsters who live on the edges of civilization. They are monster-eaters and are said to be able to tear through rigs with nothing more than their claws. They live to drink your spine.


Fume Haunt


Thrice-cursed gold, that possesses the greedy into believing that they’re flesh chewing ghouls.

GhostSkull Mechan

Very rarely, a Mechan will be dominated and possessed by his GhostSkull. When this occurs, the GhostSkull-Mechan will attack and attempt to hurt Monsters and Bloodless, ignoring other Automat races. The GhostSkull remembers the pain and terror of the Pathos bombing, and relates to its Manling past, not Monsters.



A huge, hairy beast used by Townies to haul their junk from place to place. They usually pull wagons, and can be seen in antique books. Before the motorcar Grun were used to plow fields and to haul huge loads. Today, they wander through junkyards and in back alleys looking for greens to eat.

Frequency: FairBody: Great (Scale +1)Mind: PoorSpirit: MediocreSkills:Kick (Body): GoodSprint (Body): FairStampede (Body): Great.
Groups of 3 or more Grunn can cause massive damage if they are spooked into a Stampede. Only a successful Dodge of Good or better will prevent being stomped with a MoS of +3.
Roleplaying Tip: Grun are simple beasts, and fairly tame unless it’s mating season. In that case, the bucks are very aggressive, and have been known to attack steamcars, buildings and even boulders. They also smell very bad.
Diet: Ideally: fresh hay and grasses. Realistically: garbage and kitchen waste.
Secret: Covering a beast with Grun urine makes them less interesting to other Grun during mating season.

Reward: 2 Fortune PointsTreasure: A full Grun pelt (not cut all up) is worth $30 crowbucks on the open market. Grun horns are worth $40 crowbucks. Albino Grun parts are worth triple.


Red and scaly, these titanic flaming elephants graze in the fields of the Trusk Province. Hellephants are known for their bipolar nature, being calm one minute and charging the nearest object the next. One could easily find where a Hellephant has been by the trail of burned ground that they leave behind them. These hellish pachyderms have become quite the problem to farmers, as any contact with the beast usually results in fire.  

Ancient dataspool records indicate that the Hellephants first appeared with Hib’s summoning that brought Daemons to Monstru. While it’s true that they have similar characteristics, no Daemon has successfully tamed a Hellephant.

Frequency: FairBody: Great (Scale +1)Mind: GoodSpirit: MediocreSkills:Firebreath (Spirit): MediocreSteamblast (Spirit): PoorStomp (Body) GoodTusk Gore (Body): FairStampede (Body): Great.
Groups of 3 or more Hellephants can cause massive damage if they are spooked into a Stampede. Only a successful Dodge of Good or better will prevent being stomped with a MoS of +3.
Gifts: Fire ResistanceFaults: Bipolar
Roleplaying Tips: Hellephants are normally calm, but will anger at almost anything.
Diet: Burnt grass and leaves.
Secret: Hellephants are actually quite gentle and wise, but most people only see their manic side.

Reward: 5 Fortune PointsTreasure: Hellephant Ivory is highly sought after and usually can get about $500-$1000 Crowbucks on the Black Market.


These papier-mache creatures appear as bulbous, floating creatures who laugh and leer at all who cannot fly. They usually have small wings, big teeth, crooked tails, and cruel eyes. They are most often painted gloomy colors and roam about in swarms of 5-10.

While the purpose of the Nata is unknown, some believe that the King of Halloween is behind these creatures, and that they help him spy on his lost kingdom. For the most part, the Nata are ignored as minor pests.

Everyone knows that the Nata contain old stale candy, and they’re sometimes hunted by hungry, desperate beasts for food.

Frequency: GoodBody: MediocreMind: PoorSpirit: FairSkills:Spit (Body): MediocreBite (Body): Mediocre
Gifts: DapperFaults: Mook (Defeat in one successful blow)
Roleplaying Tips: Nata are common, naughty things that should occasionally pester the PCs. They’ve been known to steal the keys of steamcars whenever possible, and fly away. They should be easy to defeat with one successful hit.
Diet: Candy wrappers, pumpkin rinds.
Secret: 1 in 4 Nata explode violently when hit, causing a Good attack on all within 10 feet.

Reward: 1 Fortune Point for every 5 defeated.Treasure: A handful of stale, antique candy, and a few brass motorcar keys.


Owlbears are probably the crossbred creation of a demented warlock; given the lethality of this creation, it is quite likely that the unlucky majik user met his demised from his honey-seeking creation. Owlbears are vicious, ravenous, aggressive, and evil tempered at all times, even during holidays.

Owlbears are a cross between a giant owl and a bear, both creatures that are nonexistent in Monstru. Ironic that the two creatures would be formed into a new race that is seen as a pest in some locations. They are covered with a thick coat of feathers and fur, and come in a variety of dark colors.

Owlbears normally hover above the hellways of the Bayne province, seeking out any prey and descending on random Rigs. Occasional Bayne drivers have seen a swarm of Owlbears tear apart Rigs like tin cans.

Frequency: PoorBody: Good (Scale +1)Mind: MediocreSpirit: Good       Skills:Claw (Body): GoodBeak Bite (Body): FairFlight (Spirit): Mediocre
Roleplaying Tip: Angry jerks. Won’t just kick your behind, but will call you names in the Owlbear language to your face.
Diet: Honey and blood. (But mostly honey.)
Secret: Owlbears speak their own language, which consists of very loud screeches, caws, and guttural grunts. Some people suspect that the Owlbear might be sentient.
Reward: 4 Fortune Points
Treasure: A ceramic honey pot and an Owlbear pelt. (Worth $200 Crowbucks)


These fleshy balls of hate are nothing more than a torso surrounded by a dozen arms and hands. In the center of the torso, a twisted face screams at it’s victims, unnerving them as it attacks in a spiral of hands and claws.

Frequency: FairBody: GoodMind: PoorSpirit: Mediocre       Skills:Claw (Body): GoodScream Chill (Spirit): Mediocre
Roleplaying Tip: Painwheels will attack anyone or anything that gets near them.
Diet: Non-discriminate flesh.
Secret: Painwheels are rumored to be cursed proles, perhaps there is a way to turn them back?
Reward: 2 Fortune Points
Treasure: Painwheel drool makes a slippery lubricant.


A nearly extinct race of skeletal-thin black horses that wander along the sides of dead roads and barren places. They have green eyes, and shiny black coats, and are known to give wild rides to Rig-less Monstrunians… for the right price. They’re like a haunted taxi.

Frequency: AbysmalBody: GoodMind: GoodSpirit: Great       Skills:Telephase (Spirit): GreatSilence (Spirit): GoodFirebreath (Spirit): Fair
Marathon (Body): Good
Roleplaying Tip: Puka are ancient Fey creatures, very wise and often tricky. They will often try to tempt Proles to climb on their back for a ride. If the rider doesn’t first offer a valuable gift to the Puka, he may find himself on the back of the galloping creature – hands tangled in the mane with the Puka diving into the nearest sewage swamp. When they gallop, they’re crazy fast!
Diet: Fear and surprise and a beast’s final breath.
Secret: Puka love riddles. A clever Monster might be able to bargain with a riddle for a safe ride on the Puka’s back.
Reward: 2-3 Fortune PointsTreasure: A Puka mane is worth $100-$250 crowbucks at a Blacktop Market and $500 Crowbucks at the Ghost Market.

Red Goblin

The Red Goblin has never been domesticated, and is a tougher strain than normal goblins. They are tough, mean, and frequently feral. They typically band together in a Red Goblin Circus, of which there are several found throughout Monstru, and entertain paying audiences with their death-defying performances. In appearance Red Goblins look muck like normal gobs, except for their dull, red skin and lack of slave collar.

Red Goblins will fight to the death, and will be of no use if they are locked into a furnace room. They also have little respect for the Furnace goblins, and will spit and curse at them, given half a chance.

Typical Red Goblin

Frequency: MediocreBody: Good (-2)Mind: FairSpirit: GoodSkills:Dodge (Body): FairBrawl (Body): GoodBite (Spirit): GoodSmell (Spirit): FairCircus Performance (Spirit): GoodPick Pockets (Spirit): Fair
Roleplaying Tip: Red Gobs are crafty, bitey, and typically confident. They live for freedom and performance. They won’t fight, unless they outnumber their foes or have an excellent chance of winning. If forced to run away, they’ll make sure that they get their revenge later. (Red Goblins never forget.)
Diet: Candy, cotton candy, popcorn, candy-corn.
Secret: The Red Goblins typically make more money from picking pockets than selling circus tickets. With proper green make-up, they are virtually indistinguishable from regular gobs.
Reward: 1 Fortune PointTreasure: $10-$50 CrowBucks, a box of candycorn, fingerless gloves, and a wire garrote.

Red Runner

A strain of especially fast Zombie with red skin, and the ability to sprint tirelessly in pursuit of prey. Some have chased after speeding rigs for miles just to get a bite. They are far more dangerous than the average zombie.

Typical Red Runner

Frequency: PoorBody: GreatMind: AbysmalSpirit: AbysmalSkills:Dodge (Body): GoodBrawl (Body): GoodMarathon (Body): GreatSmell (Body): GoodZombie Bite (Body): Good (Any bite of Great or better will transfer the zombie virus  to your victim.)
Roleplaying Tip: Red Runners are fast zombies, in a strangely agitated state of energy. They are very aggressive, and track by sense of smell like a bloodhound. They have been seen traveling in packs of 2-10 members, though as many as 50 have been witnessed running together.
Diet: Flesh and brains. They aren’t terribly interested in Automat or other Bloodless.
Secret: Red Runners were purposely created by AUTHORITY chemists in an attempt to create a super-zombie, that would eat the other zombies. This failed, at least partially.
Reward: 4 Fortune PointsTreasure: A handful of disgusting rags, and a quart of Zombie Blood if a crew member has a Surgery Skill to extract it safely. (Fair unopposed action or better.) The blood is worth $100-$200 crowbucks to a Chemist. The AUTHORITY is has announced a bounty of $10 crowbucks per body returned in a complete state.


A woolly, legendary race of creatures that eats monsters of all sorts. They appear as large, shambling humanoids with huge hands and grey faces.


Frequenting the swamps of the Minik Province, these fifteen foot tall, bipedal crocodiles are fearsome hunter-gatherers. Forming small tribes under the murky waters, the Sebek are fiercely territorial and loyal to their tribe. The Authority sees the Sebek as a primitive people and has registered paperwork for them to be wiped out at the earliest convenience.

Frequency: FairBody: Good (Scale +1)Mind: FairSpirit: MediocreSkills:
Claw (Body):  FairDodge (Body): GoodBite (Body): MediocreTracking (Spirit): MediocreSmell (Spirit): MediocreDance (Spirit): Poor
Roleplaying Tip: Very few Sebek have taken the time to learn any language other than their own, most will be standoffish towards other monsters. If you enter their territory with out their consent, they will attack.
Diet: Meat and Fish.
Secret: If you sneak up on a Sebek and rub it’s belly just right, it will drift off to sleep.

Reward: 4 Fortune PointsTreasure: Sebek hide, which is highly sought after to make boots and wallets. Sebek hide is worth about $100 crowbucks on the open market. Red Goblins value Sebek teeth and use them for axe-blades.

Spookies – Mindless little Haunts, some believe that they are just baby ghosts. They are typically no more harmless than moths and are known for being fairly jolly.

Sugar Golem

These lumbering giants were created when a freak Majik storm hit a Candy Store Warlock in the middle of preparing a new batch of sweets. Chaos ensued, and something wicked was created.

What came out wasn’t sweet at all… it was a 12 ft tall, rumbling giant, with a hunger for organic matter! When the Warlock attempted to destroy it with Majik, the abomination was split into several smaller Sugar Golems, who scampered off to devour the nearby pumpkin crops.

Frequency: PoorBody: Great (Scale +1)Mind: PoorSpirit: Good       Skills:Punch (Body): FairBite: (Body): GoodSwalllow: (Body): Good
Roleplaying Tip: Sugar Golems will feast upon anything possible, in order to satiate their endless hunger. They avoid things like Rigs, concrete, and CrowBots and instead search out farmland (which is now rare) and population centers on which to feed. They have been known to tip over Rigs in order to get to the tasty meats inside.
They will attempt to Punch (or grab) their foes, then Bite them, followed by a Swallow.
Diet: Pumpkins, potatoes, grain, and flesh.
Secret: Sugar Golems are especially susceptible to fire and water-based attacks. (+1 Wound from an intense fire or water-based attack.)
Reward: 1-2 Fortune PointsTreasure: If destroyed, a Sugar Golem will crumble into the highest quality sugar, worth up to $1800 to a MUZZ bottler if kept clean and fresh.


These spirits appear as a massive stone head with glowing red eyes and a mouth full of sharp teeth. They sometimes appear at the scene of mighty Jinx workings and very loud noises, though this isn’t always the case.

Scientists surmise that the TanTan are the heads of gigantic stone golems that have been accidentally summoned from a secret plane of existence. While they have no theory of what becomes of the head-less golems, they do figure that the TanTan are quite dangerous and should be avoided at all costs.

Some believe that the name comes from the sound of the teeth gnashing against each other when the TanTan bites at its foes.

Frequency: TerribleBody: Great (Scale +1)Mind: FairSpirit: GreatSkills:
TanTan Bite (Body): Good. Superb result, the target must make a Jinxslip save or be turned to stone by the saliva. (Normal physical damage for any successful bite.)TanTan Howl (Spirit): Great. All hearing targets within 30 feet must make a Jinxslip save or have their Mind Potential (and all Mind skills) reduced by 3 for the length of the combat.
Roleplaying Tip: TanTan are generally silent, with grinning faces and crazy eyes. They are very quick as they float about, and they do not speak. When injured, they seem very surprised, so much so that they miss their next attack in a state of pure shock. They tend to focus their attack on those who’ve hurt them.
Diet: Crying, laughter, and grunts of pleasure.
Secret: If left alone for 3 years, the petrified foe of the TanTan will slowly and gradually grow into a giant statue reaching 30 feet in height. At 3 years and one day later the head will pop off and become a full grown TanTan, and the body will crumble into gravel.

Reward: 2 Fortune PointsTreasure: A gallon of TanTan saliva. A quart of saliva is worth $100 on the open market, and $300 at the Ghost market.

Trolla, Nukekubi

By day, the Nukekubi tribe of Trolla appear to be nothing more than your average Trolla. They wrestle, bicker, haggle and drink Doomshine with abandon. But at night, they can cleanly detach their heads from their bodies and independently leap about looking for monster flesh to eat.

While the head is detached, the body of the Nukekubi is completely immobile. If the body is attacked, it will not respond. This explains why these Trolla cleverly hide their bodies before going out at night. If the Nukekubi head cannot locate and reattach with it’s body by dawn, the creature dies.

Trolla folklore describes a foul tribe of Trolla cannibals who were cursed by the Sky Gods for their dark practices, and subsequently cursed to live their evenings without their heads.

Frequency: Terrible
Body: Great
Mind: Fair
Spirit: Good
Skills:Scream Chill (Spirit Jinx): GoodBite (Body): GreatRoleplaying Tip: Small numbers of Nukekubi Trolla often attempt to live among regular Trolla in secret, since they enjoy eating Trolla Flesh the most. They are careful to prey among neighboring tribes to keep the suspicion off of themselves.Diet: The flesh of any living monster except for other Nukekubi.Secret: The only way to tell the difference between a regular Nukekubi Trolla and a regular one, is by 3 tiny red spots that mark the neck where the head detaches. The often hide this by wearing armored chokers, ritual branding or red tattoos.Reward: 3 Fortune PointsTreasure: Nukekubi Trolla skulls are lighter than air, and they are worth $75 crowbucks on the Blacktop Market and  $200 each on the Ghost Market. Their 2 tusks are most excellent for scrimshaw, worth $10 each.


Everyone knows that if you break a mirror, you’ll get at least seven years of bad luck. In Monstru, this is only a half truth. Every time a mirror is broken, there is a chance that a Vainglory will be formed from the broken shards of glass and seek revenge on the Monsterkin that broke their reflective sanctuary.

A Vainglory’s form differs from person to person, but it usually appears in the shape of whatever creature the unlucky prole is terrified of and will show images in the various shards of glass of horrific scenes from the Monster’s life.

Frequency: Terrible (1 in 6 change that one will appear when a mirror is broken. Game Masters can roll a six-sided normal dice to see if one appears.)
Body: Fair
Mind: Poor
Spirit: Good
Skills:Scare (Spirit) FairBroken Glass Claw (Body): MediocreCamouflage (Mind): PoorDodge (Body): Fair
Roleplaying Tip: When a Vainglory appears, uses moments from the player character’s life that have been frightening or personally difficult like flaws.Diet: UnknownSecret: A Warlock became so obsessed and disillusioned with his appearance that he enchanted every mirror that he could find to make himself look pretty, but something went wrong and the Vainglories were created instead.
Reward: 3 Fortune PointsTreasure: A bunch of broken glass.


The myth of the Whisp-o-Whirl is a cautionary tale told in the dark corners of roadside diners and boulevards of broken dreams. Described as an ethereal floating mass of burning coal, this creature is said to lure travelers at night to it’s home hearth only to have them burned alive used as fuel for some unknown infernal machine.  

Frequency: AbysmalBody: NoneMind: NoneSpirit: GoodSkills:
Lure (Spirit): Good. This creature can attempt to lure one person in. If successful, the target loses all thought and action other than following the Whisp. This skill is versus the targets the Mental Fortitude skill.
Roleplaying Tip: Whisp-O-Whirls can only take damage from Spirit based attacks and water.
Diet: Unknown
Secret: The Infernal machine that the Whisp-O-Whirls are feeding Monsterkin to is very close to being activated.
Reward: 4 Fortune PointsTreasure: A lump of ever-burning coal worth about $3000 Crowbucks to the right folks.

Zinc Cat

These massive metallic orbs are the most visible zeppelin-weapons of CREATU. They float from the North (and sometimes the South) and assault the innocent Monstru cities with their vile dread gas. Most folks have seen them from time to time, and a pair of Zinc Cats floated over Spookane for 2 years… just watching.

Zinc Cats are also troop transports, each able to carry 300 CREATU Agents and 10 tanks.

Frequency: Mediocre
Body: Great (+5 Scale)Mind: MediocreSpirit: FairSkills:Dread Gas (Body): FairSky Mines (Body): FairDodge (Body): GoodLeap (Body): GoodNightvision (Spirit): Fair
Roleplaying Tip: Zinc Cats float slowly into the scene, almost serenely. Then suddenly their sirens scream on, and the Dread Gas begins to churn out. Monsters panic and run in terror. Motorcars crash, and smoke fills the air. CrowBots are nowhere to be seen.
Engaging a Zinc Cat in directly battle is probably not a great idea. In many ways, it is more like a location, with a number of floors, storage rooms, poison canisters, flexion gas chambers, and a control center. It should be swarming with CREATU Agents, and the sirens are deafening without ear protection.
Diet: Coal
Secret: Only about 1/4 of the Zinc Cats in a major war assault are real, metallic foes. The others are just blimps painted to look identical to the real ones, and are completely harmless. The main purpose of Zinc Cats being fear factory, not causing destruction.
Reward: 6 Fortune PointsTreasure: CREATU war plans (forged). The AUTHORITY will pay a $100 reward for the destruction of a Zinc Cat. (However, the paperwork to receive the reward could take several years to get the proper stamps and go through all of the proper bureaucracy.)

Non Player Characters (NPCs)

Beastio Agyris Wand

Beastio is a little daemon who wants to live a great life, though he’s not always sure how. Though he seems like a kid, he’s over 1000 years old and is a rare living veteran of the Mighty War.

Beastio Agyris Wand

Race: DaemonAge: Unknown, but very old.Job: Navigator of the Steam Crow.Hates: Road Bandits, the AuthorityPast: Mighty War VeteranStats        -Body: Good        -Mind: Mediocre        -Spirit: Fair-Skills:Weapon Proficiency (Body) (Monstonian Electro-Sickle): GoodCamping (Mind): FairSprint (Body): MediocreCamouflage (Spirit): PoorNavigation (Mind:) PoorCreate Fire (Spirit): Mediocre
-Gifts: Danger Sense, Survivor, Fire Resistance-Faults: Something is Missing, Antique, Bipolar, Wanted (by the Authority), Curious Mind, Majik Deficient-Stunts:Fortune Points: 4
Roleplaying Tip:  Beastio enjoys eating any food that comes on a stick, playing the bongos, playing with fire, and occasionally playing dead. Beastio is currently single, and most likely completely unaware of the differences between boys and girls.
Secret: Beastio was tortured by Barondookian soldiers when he was captured during the Mighty War. Memory of this trauma is why he’s often sad. (And suffers from Bipolar Disorder.)

Chadworth Machine

Chadworth “Machine” is a Mechan from the “distant past” who spends most of his days sitting behind the wheel of his beat up old van, the “Steam Crow“. (Beastio’s grandma co-signed on the auto loan.)

He’s been a farmer, a soldier, and a Doctor , though he’s currently unemployed. Long ago he was engaged to the Bounty Witch Baba Jaga, and was once a tank driver for Barondook in the Mighty War. He is made up of 85% legal parts, and it is safe to say that he unloves the Authority.

Chadworth Machine

Race: MechanAge: 1277Job: Driver of the Steam Crow.Hates: The Authority, Being WrongPast: Mighty War Veteran
Stats        -Body: Fair        -Mind: Great        -Spirit: Mediocre-Skills:Camping (Mind): MediocreSprint (Body): PoorLanguage Processor (Mind): FairDrive (Mind): GoodWeapon Proficiency (Barondook Hammer): Fair
-Gifts: Survivor-Faults: Wanted by the Authority, Antique, Barondook Military Rank, Amorous Heartbreaker-Stunts: Shift UpFortune Points: 9
Roleplaying Tip:  Chadworth enjoys tea, silence, exploration, and smashing other cars on the M-85.
Secret: Chadworth was the first Mechan invented, and his design is a bit more hand-made looking (and less fancy) than later models. This doesn’t bother him too much.

Johnny Elodoth

Most Skinwalkers abhor being in their Manling forms, disliking when their brains work too hard and they shift into the itchy wet skin of man. Johnny thinks differently. During the Mighty War, he works against the Barondook High Command and slipped countless secrets to his Monstonian brothers.

During the last years of the war, Johnny helped Abraham Lincolnstein I and the Authority sweep into power and he regrets it every day of his long life. Johnny has joined the resistance and will do everything in his power to correct his mistake.

Race: SkinwalkerAge: 1543Job: Resistance SpyHates: Authority, Flannel Shirts.Past: Spy
Stats        -Body: Good        -Mind: Fair (Mind skills cannot be used while in wolfman form)        -Spirit: Mediocre-Skills:Brawl (Body): FairWeapon Proficiency (Teslan Magnum 6): PoorDisguise (Mind):MediocreForgery (Mind): PoorCamouflage (Mind): MediocreShape Change (Body): GoodTrack Scent (Spirit): Mediocre
-Gifts: Cool Head, Famous, Barondook Military Rank, Longblood-Faults: Libertine, Narcissist, Guilty,-Stunts:Fortune Points: 5
Roleplaying Tip: Johnny is self centered and believes the entire world of Monstru rests on his shoulders. He will occasionally work with others, but only if they follow his way.If Johnny becomes enraged while in Manling form, he turns back to her original state.While in their Manling form, Johnny’s Mind potential is a Good.
Secret: Helped Abraham Lincolnstein I get into power and the Authority.

Kip Cupwhistle

Kip was picked up hitchhiking just off of the M-77 Freeway, after going reportedly “going on an acetone binge and stabbing some CrowBots.” Like Beastio and Chadworth, he is a registered “UnPatriot” of the AUTHORITY state.

Why some believe that Kip was behind the “Flesh Forest” incident, it isn’t true; Kip spent the day staring at the sun and tuning his banjo.

Kip Cupwhistle

Race: Halloween GolemAge: “More than a hunnerd.”Job: Steam Crow Warlock Bouncer / MechanicHates:
Past: Laborer
Stats        -Body: Fair        -Mind: Mediocre        -Spirit: Good-Skills:Jinx Bolt: (Spirit) FairMechanics (Mind): MediocreCooking (Spirit) PoorLook (Mind) MediocreMental Fortitude (Mind) : MediocreFix Furnace (Mind): PoorReflecto (Spirit) Mediocre
-Gifts: Majikborne, Outdoorbeast, Hard Labor, Road Kill Belly, Shift Up-Faults: Wanted by the Authority, Half-Crazed, Paranoia, Addiction: Acetone/B-Oil, Spacey.-Stunts: Stabify, Shift upFortune Points: 6
Roleplaying Tip: Kip enjoys striped gum, “Mind Beez”, root beer, axes, and vibrant hallucinations. He often sees others as personified, Kawaii food.
Secret: Kip really is the missing #8 Halloween Golem. He’s never had a Sanity Hinge. AKA, Marrow Thatch, Pumpkintop, Banjo Pete.

Mister Hicks

Mister Hicks has worked as a lounge singer, palm reader, car-to-car soap salesman, and spy for the Factory Rebellion. He is considered trustworthy by many, despite the fact that he is a drinker of blood. Mister Hicks befriended Beastio and Kip, during the Underdeep story, on the quest to bring Chadworth back to life. He was a loyal companion, and prevented the other Feratu from feeding upon Beastio.

However, Chadworth was in a coma and never witnessed any of Hick’s kindness. When he was revived, he quickly distanced himself from the Feratu, leaving Hicks far behind. For now.

Mister Hicks

Race: FeratuAge: 213Job: Underdeep Escort (For now)Hates: Sunlight, the Authority, and jail cells.
Past: Charlatan
Stats        -Body: Mediocre        -Mind: Good        -Spirit: Fair-Skills:Haggle (Spirit): GoodBluff (Spirit): GoodEvaluate Beast (Mind): PoorSprint (Body): MediocreFeratu Politics Knowledge (Mind): FairFeratu Fast Talk (Spirit): GoodDrive (Mind): Mediocre
-Gifts: Dapper, Fast Talker-Faults: Wanted, Guilty, Compulsive Liar-Stunts: –Fortune Points: 7
Roleplaying Tip: Mister Hicks is a always a gentleman and he often identifies with monsters more than other Bloodless.

Dirk Circus

Dirk Circus is a gambler and ladies-Mechan, who is always looking for the fastest way to make a pile of CrowBucks with the least amount of work possible. He appears as a standard Mechan, but with a large mechanical head (model: Buddy Butler) and 2 very large Cargo Claws with welding torches. This makes Dirk a very well prepared physical opponent.

He owns the Fate Casino (Dungeontown), the largest and most successful pit fighting arena in all of the UnderDeep. Dirk also owns StinkEye, a Mechan thrall built upon the frame of a Barondook Doom Tank. (Currently lost somewhere in the UnderDeep with a broken leg.)

Dirk encountered the Steam Crow Crew when they followed the Steam Crow Van being towed into the Fate. To get inside, Kip passed himself off as a pitfighter, and later defeated StinkEye with the use of the Dark Crown. Recently Circus has been marketing his Deepwalker Rigs topside, to a ready and willing audience.

Race: MechanAge: 182Job: Owner of The Fate CasinoHates:
Past: Mobster Boss
Stats        -Body: Good        -Mind: Good        -Spirit: Mediocre-Skills:Weapon Proficiency (Body) (Cargo Claw Squeeze): MediocreWeapon Proficiency (Body) (Flame Thrower) : FairStreetwise (Mind): MediocreTorture (Mind): FairIntimidate (Body) PoorBrawl (Body) MediocreLanguage Processor (Mind): Fair
-Gifts:  Iron Jaw, Dapper, Never Forgets a Face-Faults:  Dangerous Enemy, Macho-Stunts:Fortune Points: 3
Roleplaying Tip: Dirk is an arrogant jerk, but he’s just looking out for his own interests. It’s not his fault that your goals cross his. Dirk’s innit to win-it!


Formerly a Barondook Doom tank, Stink eye was retrofitted by Dirk Circus to be his personal intimidation and fighting force.


Race: Retrofitted Doomtank MechanAge: 242Job: Pit Fighter and Muscle for Dirk CircusHates: Anything Dirk tells him too.
Past: Mobster Thug
Stats        -Body: Good (Scale +2)        -Mind: Poor        -Spirit: Mediocre-Skills:Weapon Proficiency (Scissor Claws) (Body): FairWeapon Proficiency (Pauldron Bombs) (Body): PoorWeapon Proficiency (Heat Missile Claw) (Body): MediocreWeapon Proficiency (Impaling Peg Leg) (Body): GoodIntimidate (Spirit): MediocreDodge (Body): Fair
-Gifts: Pain Resistance-Faults: Naive, Antique-Stunts: Iron HandsFortune Points: 2
Roleplaying Tip: STINKEYE SMASH.

Baba Jaga

Baba Jaga is an infamous Bounty Witch (hag) known throughout the 5 Provinces of Monstru. She’s known to always get her man, and has bagged more than 300 bounties in the last century. While she is a free-agent, she works most often for the AUTHORITY capturing unPatriots of all sorts. She is considered to be quite dangerous.

Jaga was once engaged to manling Chad Worth who was subsequently shanghaied into the Mighty War which lasted another 50 years. Left on the alter, she never forgave him.

Her home (and prized possession) is her Deepwalker Hut; it is an all metal vehicle that strides the road on 2 huge metal chicken legs. It is strong enough to tear up CrowBots, though the AUTHORITY lists her as “not worth arresting at this time.”

Those that enter the hut are most likely going to become a roast dinner or casserole of some sort.


  • Jaga is incredibly rich, and knows the source for a long forgotten treasure.
  • The Jaga is a serial killer, and she abducts children in every city she visits.
  • She is a powerful soothsayer, and can read the future by spinning bones. (Dice)
  • She was born of cursed earth, which is why she stands in a weird flower pot. She can never step out of it.
  • Her hands are powerful enough to tear a Trolla into many small pieces.

Baba Jaga

Race: Peerless CroneAge: 1888Job: Bounty WitchHates: The friends of Chadworth Machine
Past: Bounty Witch
Stats (Elevated)        -Body: Great        -Mind: Fair        -Spirit: Good-Skills:Brawl (Body): GreatJinx Bolt (Spirit): GoodMajik Lore (Mind): FairOccult Lore (Mind): FairScavenge (Mind) PoorBrew Potion (Spirit) FairFog (Spirit) FairHypnotic Eyes (Spirit): GoodScream Chill (Spirit): Fair
-Gifts: Majikborne, Cold Resistance, Famous-Faults: Antique, Disgusting Habit (eating children), Amorous Heartbreaker, Warlock Bait-Stunts: Iron Hands: Great
Roleplaying Tip: Baba is a nerves-of-steel hag with a bone to pick with Chad Worth, her now-mechan husband. She has little love for fools, and she’s all about getting a job done when she’s got a bounty to collect. Baba is direct, severe, and all about the facts.Secret: She’s rather lonely.Gear: Doomdancer II (Deepwalker hut)


Slurs and Insults Glossary

In the world of Monstru, not everyone gets along. Names, insults, and racial slurs are used as weapons, nearly as much as hammers and wrenches.

Here’s a list of common racial slurs and insulting nicknames:

Bandy – An Elbalma
Beak – A CrowBot
Clocky, Clocko – A Clockwork
Clownie – An employee of ClownBite
Corpse – A company man
Crinkle – A fancy Authority Party Member
Dobb – A big, dumb monster
Driv – A Montz. One who requires a rig to move. Ie, not a CrowBot.
Dij – A jerkhole driver.
Foon – An idiot who is also crazy.
Futt – A factory lever-puller
Gearback – A Clockwork
Gupp, Gob – A goblin slave
Greener – A goblin
Gringe – A Trolla
Hat – A self-important Feratu
Huff – An incompetent Navigator
Huppet – A Mechan. (Human + Puppet)
Jaw-Jaw – A big, dumb Trolla
Klang – A CrowBot peacekeeper. “Here comes a Klang.”
Klawz – A vagrant or dirty Feratu
Montz – Any creature that is not a CrowBot. (CrowBot term.)
Muffit – A Krampus tough guy
Muzzed – Drunk. “That Stitch is all muzzed-up.”
Pedd – Someone who lacks a rig; “pedestrian”.
Prince – A shiny Vendomat
Prole – A second-class monster. See “Montz”
Skoot – A Spy Scout
Skut – A tattle-tale
Slik – A Townie name for any non-Townie
Spooner – Suckers who stand in AUTHORITY soup lines
Stitch – A Patchwork Wonder
Studge – A slow driver
Sulk – A Daemon
Swop – A sweaty Boggra
Swervy – A drunk driver
Tooth-hole – A Feratu jerk
Townie – A race of feral creatures who distain Rigs and cities
Warp – A cruddy Warlock
Weeb – A dumb Halloween Golem
Zomb, Zombo, Zubby – An idiot Zombie

Trucker Tongue

Truckers have evolved a rich and sophisticated vocabulary for their communication over CB radios. Use this when you play a Trucker to give your character some real character.

Alligator – Anything on the road that could jump up and bite you when you run over it.
Alligator Bait – The road flotsam of a blown-out tire.
Alligator Radio Station – A CB radio that can transmit well, but receives poorly
Any Number – The mile marker on the Hellway where a Bucket was last seen
Back Door – When a Bucket is coming up behind you.
Back Out – Done talking with you, will now unkey.

Back Quiet – My transmission is over and you may proceed when ready

Back Row – The area at some truck stops where the Dollwalkers hang out.

Baggage – What you’re hauling. Your cargo.

Bambi – Roadkill, most often fresh.

Bedbuggers: A moving company truck.

Better half – Your spouse, ie. your wife or girlfriend

Big Radio – Means the radio is operating an unlegal linear amplifier to boost the power.

Big Road – A major hellway.

Big/Tall Rubber – Big 24 inch tires.

Big Truck – Usually an 18 wheeler when compared to small cars, but when compared to other trucks it’s a fast truck with a big engine.

Bingo Cards – Paper cards that hold trucking permits from various Provinces

Bird Dog – An unlegal radar detector.

Bobtail – Running without a trailer.

Boogie – Top gear. “I’ve got ‘er up into boogie now.”

Boss Man – Your supervisor at the Company

Brake Check – A sudden slowdown in traffic, where you have to hit the brakes

Break – The proper way to gain access to a busy channel

Bubba – A good beast or neighbor.

Bucket: A CrowBot Trooper

Bucket In The Air: A CrowBot Sky Patrol

Bull Hauler – A driver and or a truck and trailer for hauling live stock, usually Grunn.

Bumper Sticker – An steamcar following you too closely

Bundled Out – Loaded very full

Cabbage: A long steep incline in Bayne Province (Hopper). “I smoked the brakes comin’ off of Cabbage.”

Capital – Lincoln City.

Cash Box – An Authority toll booth on the hellway or bridge.

CDL – Commercial Drivers License.

Channel 9 – The Emergency Channel.

Channel 19 – The unofficially official “truckers” channel

Chicken Coop – Weigh Station, Authority run scales for measuring and inspecting trucks.

Chicken Lights – Extra lights on the truck and trailer

City Kitty – A city CrowBot officer or patrol.

Comedian – The center of a divided hellway called the median

Come on, back – Go ahead and transmit

Comic Book – The drivers log book required for Truckers. The record is frequently considered a joke or not true.

Coming At You – A situation where you have a Bucket coming towards you

Container – A “regular” 18 wheeler

Cottonpicker – A male bonding term for a pal.

Covered Wagon – A flat bed trailer with side kits, bows and tarp looking like a covered wagon.

Crotch Rocket – A rigcycle.

Customer – Someone who is getting pulled over by a CrowBot Patrol.

Dead Head – To haul an empty truck. or Driving empty means you usually are not getting paid for the trip, you have to drive somewhere to get a load.

Destruction – Road construction. Half of the Hellway is in a state of Destruction.

Detector Detector – An electronic device used by the Authority to locate radar detectors

Do What? – I do not understand. Could you please repeat it?

Double Nickel – 55, the Hellway speed limit.

Down Stroke – Downhill.

Dragon Fly – A truck with no power, i.e. drag up hill, fly down hill

Dragon Wagon – A tow Truck.

Driver – Refers to the person you were talking to

Dry Box – A freight trailer.

Eighteen Wheeler – Any vehicle with 18 wheels. Usually big trucks.

Fango – A Feratu driver.

Flip Flop – The return trip or a U-turn.

Forty Two – I understand and I agree with you.

Four Wheeler – Specifically a passenger car but basically anyone who is not a Trucker.

Front Door – In front of you or to the front.

Full Grown/Blown Bucket – A Bucket that is working traffic and looking for a customer.

Fuzz Buster –  A Radar Detector

Garbage Hauler – A driver of a refrigerated tractor trailer hauling produce.

Git on – Follow me.

Ramp – The on ramp to a hellway

Gearjammer/Gearslammer – A speeding truck driver, one known to accelerate/decelerate quickly

Goblin Overdrive – Neutral gear

Good Neighbor – Same as driver the person you are talking with.

Got Your Ears On? – Used when looking for someone on the CB. “Hey rubber duck, you got your ears on?”

Gouge On It – Go fast, step on it

Grain Hauler – A driver or truck and trailer built for hauling grain

Granny Lane – The right, slow lane on a Hellway.

Greasy Side Up – When a motorcar or truck has flipped over

Green Stamps – Crowbucks or tolls.

Ground Pressure – The overall weight of your truck.

Gumball Machine – Lights of a CrowBot cruiser.

Hammer Lane – The fast, passing lane on the Helloway.

Hammer Down – Go fast, step on it, go for it!

Handle – Your name on the CB radio

Happy Happy – Happy new year

Have Shutter Trouble – To fall asleep. “He ran off the road. Must of had shutter trouble.”

Hit The Jackpot – When CrowBot lights are flashing. “Looks like someone hit the jackpot.”

Home Twenty – Home or someplace safe.

Hopper – A nickname for Bayne Province, referring to the dancing Krampus that live there.

Hood – Any conventional tractor, as opposed to a cab-over.

In The Big Hole – In top gear.

Key Down – When you try to talk over someone that is transmitting.

Left Coast – The West Coast.

Log Book – A diary for truckers/one of the things they check at the chicken coops.

Lot Lizard – A truck-stop hooker.

Meat Wagon – Ambulance.

Mission – A rush load. “I’m on a mission today.”

Momma – Refers to a driver’s wife or better half.

Motion Lotion – Coal.

Moving On – Means you have quit jabbin’ and are now driving.

Mud Duck – A really weak/poor radio signal

Nodamene? – Do you understand what I am saying?

No Doubt – Truck that is used to transport several cars “piggy back”.

One – Meaning there is one (Bucket) ahead.

Parking Lot – A truck carrying steamcars. Also, a traffic back-up.

Pickemup Truck – A pick up truck

Pickle Park – A rest area or roadside park, often a hangout for hookers.

Plain White Wrapper – An unmarked Spy Scout car.

Power Up – Go fast, step on it.

Preeshaydit – Thank you very much.

Radio – A CB.

Radio Check – A call to see if your radio is working.

Rascal – Term identifying a person that is known by the speaker

Readin’ The Mail – Just listening to the CB

Reefer – A refrigerated cargo trailer.

Right? – What truckers end almost every sentence with or commanly used. “ROGER”

Road Pizza – A badly mangled road kill. Probably inedible.

Roger – Means “yes” or “OK”

Rollerskate – Any small car.

Rolling on – Same as steppin’ on and moving on

Salt Shaker – A snow plow.

Sand Bagging – To listen in on a channel without talking.

Sand Box – A gravel trailer.

Seat Cover – Someone who is sitting in the seat, Usually a pretty female.

Short Short – A short amount of time.

Six Wheeler – Any vehicle with 6 wheels on the ground.

Skate Board – A flatbed trailer.

Skins – Tires.

Small Rubber – Normal 22-inch tires.

Smile – Comb your hair you are about to get your picture taken by a radar gun.

Smokey or Smokey the Bucket – A Highway Patrol or Patrol Officer.

Speed Limit – What a four wheeler is constantly unaware of in traffic.

Stagecoach – A bus.

Stand On It – Accelerate with quickness.

Stepping On – Moving on, or rolling on.

Sugar – Ma’am.

Swamp Donkey – A Haunt.

Swampo – Minik Province.

Swinging – Carrying a load of beast carcasses.

Taking Pictures – The process of using radar to shoot you and measure your speed.

Ten-Four – Means “OK”/ “YES”

Ten-Twenty – Location.

Ten-Thirty Three – Emergency.

Too Many Eggs in the Basket – Overweight.

Toothpicks – Lumber. “I got a load of toothpicks.”

Travel Agent – Dispatcher

Triple Digit Ride – A truck that can exceed 100 miles per hour

Toosh – A Trolla.

Up Stroke – A hill going up.

Walked On Ya – Someone keyed up with you and your transmission was unintelligible.

Waiting For You: A Bucket parked and waiting for traffic to drive by.

Whachyathank? – “Right?”

Weighing Your Wagon – Checking your truck’s weight.

Wiggle Wagons – Double or triple trailers

Windy – Goru Province.

Yard – Name for the parking lot of a driver’s company

Yardstick – A mile marker alongside a hellway

Yonder – A specific direction indicated by the speaker.

Urban Environment Generator

Give tips on how to make new turnpikes and offramps, and towns.

Use real world city maps.

Random Driving Encounter Chart

These are some ideas to help give GMs an idea of what might be seen while driving through the streets Monstru, as well as some sparks for further adventure ideas. And heck, a random encounter never hurt anybody.

D100On the RoadRoadsideSomething Odd
01The Rig behind you is surrounded by dozens of hovering Haunts.Broken down Rig with an arguing Crew. Somebody is in trouble.A bunch of cadavers hang from the telegraph lines all down the street.
02A CrowBot Highway Patrol bucket – heading this way!A Feratu roadstand selling mysterious meats/beasts/potions.A smoking chest/rig/corpse is laying on the side of the road. Nobody cares.
03Accident! A Rig just – crashed, exploded, or burst into flames.A damp couch covered in funny spots, stripes, or live snakes.A raincloud the size of a rig approaches – complete with rain, thunder & lightening.
04A chain gang chained to logs, dragging them down the road.A sad roadside merchant selling Grun/Puka dung.The smell is unbearable here. Did something just die or is it Trolla majik?
05A huge wheel comes bouncing down the road – right at your RIG!A cultist barks out prayers from one of those snake cult vans.A zeppelin flies just overhead, spilling out candy/darts/propaganda.
06The mud/snow/sand is so thick here that your rig is about to get stuck.An embalma sells patchwork dolls to any with .50 cents.A neighboring driver looks at you, jots down some notes, and then guiltily looks away.
07A figure steps out and gets sideswiped by your rig. Do you help?A Vendomat attempts to sell old newspapers for full price.A figure jumps out of a building and then runs off – without hesitating.
08An acoustic band jams out anti-establishment songs from the back of a flatbed truck.A fat Krampus sells wild apples for $5 each. $7 w/ worms. (Mr. Jogo)The blue exhaust of the Rig in front of you churns out sooty black bats.
09A gigantic CrowBot train is fast approaching; the tracks cross the road just ahead.Spy Scouts are beating the tar out of some on the ground. Help, watch, or move on?A huge copper statue of Lincolnstein is being pulled down andbeing replaced with a larger one.
10Traffic jam. Monsters are frustrated. Could last hours/days/weeks.A smiling Haunt offers a variety of hand-drawn maps for sale. (Fake)The van in front of you spills out occasional books… on accident?
11Food Rush! Up just ahead thousands of Rigs are converging.Someone has covered the street signs with beautiful paintings.A CrowBot stands at attention here, majik’d into pure salt crystals.
12The Rigs around yours turn out to be Road Pirates! All is not well.The town that should be here is smouldering. Nothing is left.It is exceptionally cold/hot here, possibly the result of Warlock activity.
13The road ahead is covered in rotting foodstuffs. What a waste!A sad-looking Puka drags a cart filled with white coal. The Daemon driver grins ear to ear.An explosion rocks a nearby rig/building! Masked folks stream out. (Terrorists? Factory Rebellion?)
14Skuttlers pick through the road flotsam of a recent accident. (Parts, goods, treasure, fuel.)A thin family of Krampus beg for food from a barrel-shack tent.A reenactment of an important battle in the Mighty War is going on, but it seems different from what you expect
15You’ve never seen that kind of Rig before. It looks brand new and untouched. Where is it from and who is driving it?The detached head of a Halloween Golem rests on the side of the road, yelling for someone to pick him up. He’s a little rude, come to think of it.Your motorcar converges on a slow-moving funeral procession. The Rigs are decorated, and everyone is quite sad.
16Two Rigs, clearly racing, zoom right by. Moments later you hear Sky Patrol propellers.The exit sign has been completely defaced by anti-AUTHORITY graffiti. Workers rush to clean it up.The air is fresh and clean here, for no good reason. (Jinx?)
17A sinkhole opens up just in front of your rig! Avoid or pitch right in!A cloud with a face is drenching that town over there. It looks really, really mad.Everyone is overcome with a brief feeling of dread. What’s causing that? (Jinx?)
18Road Construction Ahead! Traffic slows to a crawl, and then stops.As you pass by, the town back there looks completely deserted.CrowBot Sky Patrol chase a headless giant copper Feratu statue. Rigs are crushed, buildings topple.
19Signs ahead warn of a zombie outbreak.A creature wrapped from head to toe in bandages seeks a ride. Dang hitchhikers.Your vehicle makes a very odd whistling sound when you go over 13 MPH. You cannot pinpoint the cause.
20The road here is washboard rough. Nobody can sleep for miles and miles.A completely naked Trolla walks along the side of the road. Dazed.The weather is changing. Is that a Red Fume forming?
21An impromptu Black Top Market begins, and you’re in the middle of it!The smoke here is blinding and choking. What’s causing this?A massive explosion shakes your Rig, and the sound is deafening. A CREATU attack? It was huge!
22The vehicle ahead appears to have dropped a road mine.A ClownBite sign indicates a 2-for-1 meal-deal on Bacon Tears.A massive set has been constructed for a Majik Lantern Picture and a sign says that they need extras!
23Running, running, running! A Post goblin is attempting to reach your vehicle.A geyser of blood erupts from the side of the road. That’s hardly sanitary.Everyone around smells the most delicious food coming from a new Authority food stand: Swoodies! Sweets+Goodies!
24A public Bus Rig has caught fire and is driving sporadically on the road.A Rig with no tires is slowly spinning in the air on the side of the road. A Jinx perhaps?One of your doors falls off for no good reason. Gremlins?!!!
25A sleek black Limousine Rig pulls up next to yours, who is important enough to be in one of those things?Someone without a head is stumbling around on the side of the road. Will you help him get ahead in life?Mechan dead zone. No machines work in this bubble. The monsters will have to push the rig out before anything works again.
26A plastic bag is caught by the wind, seemingly dancing across the lanes of traffic. Pretty!Someone is unlegally tagging an Authority billboard.The air around you shimmers. You are about to enter another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound, but of free Tater Nugs!
27On of your Rig mates really has to go to the bathroom and your Rig’s bathroom is clogged.The sign for this exit is topped by a jackolantern; it gently spins round and round.It begins pouring down rain and skulls and frogs. At the very least, you’ll have some lunch.
28Are you there yet? Are you there yet? Are you there yet?A freak snow/dust storm rolls in, shutting down the Hellway, possibly for hours.A Skinwalker is being chased by a bunch of townies. Do you help?
29A massive Majik portal opens on the road, and everyone on the Hellway drives through it. Where did you do?Townies are having some kind of roadkill barbecue! They look like they’re having fun.Do you join them?Is that a town walking down the countryside?
30The Rig in front of yours stops abruptly and gets out, walking to the driver of yours. He throws the keys at your driver and screams “You take this stupid thing” and walks off.A townie vendor appears to be selling some antique weapons from some very old looking crates. (A trap or just a good deal?)A hail of ancient arrows pours down, like a deadly rain. You’ll be lucky to get out of this one alive.
31The Hellway overpass that you are currently on moves suddenly and changes direction. Now you are going the wrong way.Your Rig’s furnace Goblins start fighting with each other. It’s feral, bloody, and possibly hilarious to watch.An Anti-authority protest surrounds the entrance to a major city. That won’t last long.
32As you wait in traffic, a homeless Trolla walks up and cleans your Rig’s windows for you. He offers his hand out for payment when he’s done.A Feratu biker gang surrounds your Rig and starts to trash it. Those pale, fang-toothed, jerkholes!A rusted-out CrowBot stands vigil over the road. It’s unclear if it’s still “alive” or not. Nobody seems interested in finding out.
33Someone is dancing with a Daemon in the pale moonlight, and they won’t move out of the road!A giant, oozy tentacle/claw bursts from the ground and snatches up the Rig in front of you.A carrier Bat attempts to get inside your Rig. It looks as if it’s carrying a small package of somesort.
34You can’t stop here, this is Fistus country.A candy truck has toppled over, spilling it’s sugary contents on the road. SWEET!TJZZ 99 Troll Jazz Radio station is hosting a Jazz festival. It’s a horrible sound.
35Two Rigs have crashed and their crews are arguing who’s at fault.Something large and full of feathers splats on your Rig’s windshield. Was that an actual bird? Aren’t they extinct?…Oops.This exit appears to take you right into the Underdeep. You’re not so sure that you were ready to go down there.
36A Goro’s Collectible Monster Card has landed on your windshield and it’s the rare Honus Wagner-Bot card! You need that for your collection!A Fertau female is changing a tire on the side of the road. Do you help?A bloody hook appendage is hanging off one of your Rig’s door handles. That’s not right.
37A Rig is trying to drive on the wrong side of the road and is coming right at you!You hear sirens closing in, but don’t see anything coming. What’s going on?A huge, round metallic cat head is flying in the sky over there. It’s eyes are flashing in some kind of a pattern.
38A Krumpus wearing leather knocks on your window as you wait in traffic. He states this Rig was stolen from him and he wants it back. Right now.A group of Krampus are celebrating a birthday on the side of the road and they are throwing Rigs from the Hellway as a contest. Your Rig is up next.All the radio stations here are broadcasting a soothing voice (with an accent) that does nothing but read lists of numbers. (Numbers Station.)
39A Rig just cut you off and told you to go ”Frunk yourself”.A Trolla wearing heavy make-up and loose clothing is soliciting Rigs for a service. I wonder what it could be?The Rig right in front of you was suddenly just encased in a block of ice.
40The pot holes are so bad here that you can’t go any faster than 10 mph, least your Rig shakes itself apart.Skinned carcasses of odd beasts hang from the streetlights and telegraph poles here.The Rig in front of you just dissolved into a fine mist.
41Bugs! A swarm of insects squish against your windscreen and the front of your Rig. Somebody is gonna have to clean that up.All machines (and Automats) stop working here; any CrowBots stand frozen as well. How long will it last? (Mechanistorm)A full stand of corn (7 ft tall) instantly sprouted up over the roadway, Rigs, and pretty much everything else in sight. Folks begin to exit their rigs to harvest the free corn.
42Teenagers behind the wheel of a red convertible drive erratically; and fast. They just cut you off!There’s a fella on the side of the road holding a sign for Karl’s Butterburgers/Fatty Cat. He waves it enthusiastically.A Trolla/Krampus/Embalma in a huge egg costume waves sadly at the passing traffic. (Ed’s House of Eggs.)
43Your windshield is suddenly covered in greenish slime. It smells like summer/regret.A sign full of holes proclaims that the next rest stop/gas station isn’t for another 432 miles.The sun glares into all of the windows; he looks angry. Your Rig gets hot, and nobody can see anything. Why is he so mad?
44A overburdened truck hauling rusty old junk suddenly loses half its load right in front of you. (Drive save or crash) They have no idea that this just happened.A gigantic blinking casino sign beacons you to an evening of gambling excitement. The Feratu graphic on the sign smiles, winks, and waves in sparkly lights.A localized weather “Drystorm” sucks the moisture out of everything. All fleshes get dehydrated, the Rig’s radiator/boiler is empty, and all but Embalma, Patchwork Wonders, and Automat get heat exhaustion.
45Stacks of garbage line the narrow road so high that it even dwarfs the CrowBots. It’s as if you’re driving through a junkyard itself. It reeks of stench, the road eventually dwindles to a single-lane trash-tunnel. (Those with sensitive noses must save or get ill.)An overburdened truck filled with junk tows another truck filled with junk. The Trolla driver smiles as you pass, with a tusk-less grin.Night drags on for the next three days. The old Sun King must be mad. Feratu rejoice!
46Litterer! The driver in front of you throws a fat can of Muzz out of the window, and it splatters across your windscreen.According to the signs, the service station up ahead seems to be completely out of coal. A number of Rigs appear to be camped out all around, waiting for the next coal shipment.A dozen Crones line the street in some kind of funeral procession. They all appear exceptionally sad except for one who holds a single black balloon.
47This stretch of the road has been CLOSED. Just now. CrowBots are moving car to car… looking for something.A horde of beggars attempt to wash your rig with filthy rags. They smile with toothless grins when they ask for payment.A Trolla wanders the side of the road searching for his lost tooth.
48A truck overturns and spills out a huge load of potatoes all over the road. Townies and hungry Beasts decend on the free feast, while the driver attempts to bat them away.

Random Character Generator

First roll d100 to determine your race. Then roll again to generate your past. Then select your skills, gifts, and faults normally. If you want a more experienced character, roll again on the past list.

d100Roll for Race:d100Then Roll again for Past:
07-12ClockworkBounty Witch
19-24DaemonClownbite Manager
25-30EmbalmaCircus Beast
31-36FeratuDelivery Beast
37-42Furnace GoblinDebutante
43-48Halloween GolemDentist
49-54HauntFurnace Slave
55-60KrampusFaded Star/Starlet
67-72Patchwork WonderGrease Monkey
85-90TrollaJunior Spy Scout
91-96VendomatJunkyard Shaman
Longhaul Trucker
Majik Lantern Film Producer
Mad Scientist
Mighty War Veteran
Mobster District Boss
Mobster Thug
Mobster Hitman
Noodle Delivery Prole
Pirate Radio Personality
Private Eye
Road Bandit
Stand-up Comedian
State Chemist
Tax Collector
Trolla Chef
Urban Hermit

Additional Inspiration

Monster Commute Traffic Novel


1984, George Orwell (The AUTHORITY)

Brave New World, Aldous Huxley (Dystopia)

The Kraken, China Mieville (The Occult and cults)

Perdido Street Station, China Mieville (Urban fantasy)

Boneshaker, Cherie Priest (Steampunk zombie city)

Monster Blood Tattoo, D.M. Cornish (Steam technology, Setting)

The Wonderful Wizard of OZ, L. Frank Baum

The Foundation Series, Issac Asimov (Mechan)

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, Philip K. Dick (Mechan)

The Man in the High Castle, Philip K. Dick  (Post War Life, Mood)

The Time Machine, H.G. Wells (Fantastic locations and technology)

War of the Worlds, H.G. Wells (Strange alien technology)

Film & TV

Atlantis: The Lost Empire (Technology, costumes)

A-Team (Crew, Rig, and adventures)

A Very Long Engagement (The Mighty War)
Brazil (Setting, characters, the Authority)
Scooby Do (Crew, a Rig, and spooky adventure)
The Adventures of Baron Munchhausen (The adventure, the Crew)
The City of Lost Children (The setting, the technology, the odd characters)
The Wizard of OZ (The world)
The Prestige (The magicians and time period)
The Seven Samurai (It’s just so cool!)
The Nightmare Before Christmas (Monsters, Halloween Town)
Tin Man (Setting)
The Shadow of the Vampire (Majik Lantern Film Producer, Feratu)
Any Hammer Horror Film (Horror and Monsters!)
Firefly and Serenity (A Crew, a Rig, and a Verse)
13 Assassins (Battle royale)
The Maltese Falcon (Film Noir, Private Investigator)
Casa Blanca (Nazis, Film Noir)
Convoy (Truckers)
The Road Warrior (War cars!)
The Good, The Bad, The Weird (Adventure in 1920!)
The Gangs of New York (The mean streets, top hats, Barber and trouble)
There Will Be Blood (Evil tycoon, time period, oil)
Labyrinth (Goblins)
Nosferatu (Feratu!)
Metropolis (Mechan, factories, LABOR.)


The Burma Chronicles, Guy Delisle (Life under a Dictatorship)
Hellboy (Any of the graphic novels written and drawn by Mike Mignola)
Maus: A Survivor’s Tale I & II (War, Facism)
The Boilerplate Comics (Great War and Mechan)
ZombieWorld: Champion of Worms (Zombies, Embalma, Crew, Majik)


Abney Park

Beats Antique

Dr. Steel

Duke Ellington


New Criterion Banjo Orchestra

Scott Joplin

Squirrel Nut Zippers

Steam Powered Giraffe

Tom Waits (Alice, Bloodmoney)

Yoko Kano

Film Soundtracks

Alice in Wonderland – Danny Elfman

Amelie – Yann Tiersan

The City of Lost Children – Angelo Badalamenti

Corpse Bride – Danny Elfman

Cowboy Bebop – The Seatbelts

Inception – Hans Zimmer

Sherlock Holmes – Hans Zimmer


Gnome Stew –

Roleplaying Tips –

Kobold Quarterly –


Written by Daniel m. Davis and Stephen Carpenter.

Daniel m. Davis (ABN 4571831546897512)

I am an illustrator, comic artist, publisher and roleplay gamer perhaps best known for the Monster Commute web-comic, which I both illustrated and created.

I was also the lead-imaginer of my old epic fantasy creation AGYRIS: World of the Bell. I also co-designed and co-built the Ultimate Game Table with Benjamin Hunter.

These days I run Steam Crow LLC, a company that creates Good Monster Goods, with my wife Dawna. ( We make monster art, prints, books, and stuff like this game.

I’ve been gaming and creating worlds since about 1982, and it is probably my second longest-held interest after making art and monsters. I’m creating this game, first and foremost, so that I have a game system to run for my own Monster Commute adventures.

I love Halloween more than should be legal.

Stephen Carpenter (ABN 5487611385424178)

I am a freelance writer and game designer that started developing intricate tales for his Star Wars action figures when I was little. After discovering that I could play pretend with others and not be seen as crazy, I became addicted to playing and running role playing games. I have play-tested three of White Wolf publishing’s New World of Darkness core rulebooks and have worked for close to six years in almost every side of the gaming industry.

I also occasionally like to dress up like Dracula.

Illustrations by Daniel m. Davis

Edited by ___________________


Playtester’s names in lights!

Special Thanks!

Dawna Davis – Feedback, support, patience.

Scott Dickinson – Price list stuff, feedback, great questions.
Ethan Georgi – Support, price list, feedback.

Wesley Eldridge – Support, ideas, feedback

Marrock – Support, feedback, ideas.

Jess Harley – Support.

Geoff Drake – Editing Support and Feedback