Here’s our first Steam Crow Show episode, Miniature Moment 001, featuring the prepainted D&D figure, Maug #26.

I was directly inspired by the paint job of Terry Silverthorn, over at Miniature Mayhem so I can’t take much credit for the white scheme.

Consider this the first TEST of our video content. Here, we’re testing lighting, the camera, the lens, software, etc. More is on the way, more Ranger-centric too!


Here are some of the products that I used to paint this figure. They are Amazon Affiliates; it doesn’t cost you anything, but gives us a small commission for any purchases you make

Army Painter Quickshades

I love this stuff. It just works, and isn’t as difficult to use as their oil-based product, which I’d been using previously. Somehow, it’s quite similar.


Things have been a little busy/crazy of late, but I’ve been trying to take a few moments every few days to do something that keeps me sane. Lately, it’s been painting figures… there’s nothing quite like having a figure DONE that really makes me feel better. Don’t worry, I’m not taking much time away from work… just a tiny bit.

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