For our second month of the Order of Obscuria, we produced some new cool stuff as rewards.

OoO Badge of the Month Club

The 8-Ball is the exclusive Badge of the Month for the Order of Obscuria.

Dawna hand stamped the envelopes, and made some new seals.

Quality photos are by Monster Ranger Tim Schuessler
Dawna hand carves these stamps
We love the colors of this 8-Ball Spirit Badge

Mystery of the Month

For the Mystery of the Month, we hand-made 18 of these cypher wheels. It has a lot of hand work, with layered paints, sanding, hand rubbed beeswax, and lacquer.

We’re proud of the engineering, which doesn’t require any pins to keep it together.

The more you use it, the better it will turn.
Lots of details… we hand sanded these to make them antique.
We wanted a good Dark Librarian style tag
Each of the 18 arrived with a hand-numbered certificate.

Brass Monkey Awards

The Advisory Board Members each received one of these medals – RELICS from the Monster Rangers archive. They even come with a tale of how they came to be.

These have been recovered from various sources across Obscuria.
The patina shows the decay of brass, though here, it’s quite beautiful.
Only 7 of these were made. Each came with a certificate of authenticity.

Don’t Miss Out!

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