Lone humanoids known for gambling, begging, trading junk, and strangling and/or backstabbing their enemies. While they can be found throughout Obscuria, they are the most commonly found lurking in the Hoon Province.


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They are bone skinny, with stringy hair, small sharp teeth, and blotchy skin. They stand between 4 and 6 feet tall, with leathery skin, and beady black eyes. They wear raggedy clothing stolen from others.

They tend to settle on the outskirts of settlements, or on their own in the rust wastes.[/pms-restrict]

“Trust not the Vaesil, for they will betray you.”


The Vaesil are quite intelligent, tending to bend their wills towards sinister plots and and devious intentions.


The Vaesil are not known to manufacture much of worth, besides thistlegrog, though some are known to carve their own dice from bone.

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Male and female Vaesil are similar at first glance, though they of course are different to the discerning eye. They are identical in build and size.

Younglings grow and mature quickly, most leaving the nest by age 3, striking out on their own.

It is widely known that Vaesil love knives of any sort, and most seem to be in the middle of some deal to get a “better shiv” from some old uncle or chum. They are constantly sharpening the blades until they are thin and quite sharp.[/pms-restrict]

Derogatory term: “the ‘Sil”.


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Vaeday is the only known holiday of the Vaesil people, where twigs and sticks are gathered for immense bonfire parties. Hundreds of the creatures will venture from all over the countryside to gather together with their thistlegrog, gristle-jerky, and bundles of twigs to contribute to the mating-pyre.

These fires can be seen for miles around, and should be avoided due to the aggressive and drunken nature of the Vaesil. After a few days, the festival ends, usually leaving behind a pile of charred corpses. (The Vaeday mating disputes are legendary.)

This ritual is repeated 2-3 times per year, and seems to be their usual mating times.


Diet: Meat of any kind, most often gristle-jerky
Lifespan: 10-75 years
Size: 4-5 feet tall
Racial Skills: Shiv Fight
Free Skill: Speak Monston (Fair)
Racial Gift: Road Kill Belly
Racial Fault: Fear the Sea

All Vaesil:

  • Have little love for large bodies of water, and avoid sailing at all costs.
  • Avoid eating vegetables

Most Vaesil:

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  • Are good at Burglary
  • Enjoy gambling and games of chance
  • Drink thistlegrog until drunk
  • Have little qualms about murder, stealing, or cannibalism
  • Are quite tough for their size
  • Are so filthy they are immune to most disease[/pms-restrict]

Some Vaesil:

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  • Learn a trade, and become contributing members of society
  • Become dangerous shiv-fighters
  • Are obsessed with Manlings, and their sweet-meats.

Famous Vaesil:

Rumvid – This gristly Vaesil is known to haunt the town of Weeve, Rumvid is a calculated killer who can be hired for a sack of Obscuros or a gallon of Thistlemead.

He is highly respected by his people, and leads a treacherous gang of Vaesil called the “Rumvado”.[/pms-restrict]