In the Winter of 1913, Baron Davis found himself on a ship (the Sea Ranger “Doomflower 2”) accompanied by 6 Members of the Order of Obscuria, somewhere on the Hudson Bay.

The Doomflower had been accompanying the CSS Acadia in a mapping exercise (as a supply vessel) though the Doomflower was in reality searching for the monster city of “Rhumool” rumored to be in the region.

Unfortunately, the vessels found themselves in a most terrible storm; one of the worst on record, and soon they were separated. The fantastic chill and high winds were terrible, resulting in the Doomflower crew burning most of the furniture in order to say alive. After 3 days, all that could be burned, was consumed, and the cold was becoming a real problem.

Baron, a rather powerful yet haphazard warlock, attempted to create “an eternal flame level 7” on top of a pile of monkey skulls found in the hold of the vessels. Today, Dark Librarian and Conjure Guard scholars agree that this was an ungood idea; monkey skulls are now a forbidden component in Monster Ranger conjurings.

Captain Jones describes what happened next in his Captains Log:

“Baron danced and chanted all night, which was both entertaining and terrifying. The other Conjure Guard present tried to help him, but Baron was stubborn, and wouldn’t allow it.”

Then, terribly, the monkey bones leapt forward, and began dancing with the old coot, laughing maniacally.

Then they attacked us, ruthlessly.

Captain Ogmire Jones

The fight was later described as “chaotic”, “unholy”, “terrifying” and “dire”; none of the crew died, which was a wonder, though many were bitten by the unholy creatures.

After 5 hours the monkey-battle ended and the storm itself was also dispelled, which Baron claimed “was my intent all along.”

After landing at Fort Severn 3 weeks later, Baron took his large brass belt buckle, and had a craftsman melt it down and forge 7 Brass Monkey Emblems for the OoO Members, and Captain Jones, who had fought along side him.

None would ever again speak on the matter, though Baron would often chuckle about his “magikal misfortunes.”