Weeve is the current capital of the Viar-Hoon District, of course found in the rusty Hoon Province.


Weeve is found in a hilly region on the top of a natural plateau. The surrounding countryside hills are topped by occasional larch-hook trees.

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Travelers will find that Weeve is a medium sized city, with rust mills perched on top of the tall, iron plated walls. A secondary settlement of ramshackle huts and shacks pile up around the wall’s base.

Weeve is connected to the rest of the Province by intersecting trails and well-traveled roads to Skoff and Brinker.[/pms-restrict]


The Burgomaster of Viar is Grunold Post of Weeve, elected from the mayors of the five largest cities. (The winning Mayor is simply elevated to the role for the next decade.) Mr. Post is considered to be an adequate leader, though the roads have begun to decline under his watch. (He loves his Thistle Mead.)

Law Enforcement

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A contingent of Vairlings supply the Law in Weeve, known as “the Shield.” They are easily identified by their rust red surcoats, bolt throwers (crossbows), hatchets, and buckler shields.

They are considered “incorruptible” and always appear in groups of 10 to 20 officers.[/pms-restrict]

They have a difficult relationship with the ‘Sil, as it is clear that there is racial tension between them.


Weeve has a population of about 12,000 souls, though a thorough census (including the shack town outside of the walls) has never been achieved.

Inside the Walls

  • 60% Viarlings – Small humanoids known for a strong work ethic and distrust of strangers. They operate most of the Rust Mills with their extended families, and gather together in small, regional festivals.
  • 20% Vaesil
  • 7% Manlings – A small population of humans manage to eke out a living in Viar.
  • 5% Trolla – Muscle is always needed in forsaken places such as Viar.
  • 5% Ogra
  • 3% Broxa – Tall, antlered monks, seeking “Simplicity”. Don’t mind that they are disciples of the staff. They simply are looking for their next bowl of vegetables and millet.


  • 80% Vaesil
  • 10% Manlings
  • 5% Trolla
  • 5% Viarling


Weeve operates as a regular stop between Skoff and Brinker as well as an active regional trading post.

Weeve exports:

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  • Thistlemead
  • Beet rum
  • Millet flour and bread
  • Iron shavings[/pms-restrict]


Folks of Weeve typically wear brown hooded cloaks, with iron plates over the shoulders, iron buttons and bracers. A line of red oxide is worn just beneath the eyes as a traditional makup, making it clear to anyone that you’re from Weeve.


Weeve Autumn Carnival

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The mid-autumn celebration is found in the Weeve Festival, where the locals gather together for games, drinks, and celebration.

Folks gather from the surrounding countryside and other cities, as it’s a chance to both celebrate and trade.

Vaesil run a variety of carnival games, while Viarlings sell sweet millet cakes and thistlemead.[/pms-restrict]

Places of Interest

The Weeve-Down

Weeve is built upon the ruins of a labyrinth city (known now as “Weeve-Down”), which twisting tunnels remain below the surface of the streets. The purpose of the city is unknown, though brass tablets were once frequently found there by scavengers. (If you ever find any brass in Weeve, it was once a tablet.)

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The brass tablets are thought to be inscribed with spells, though few (besides the Broxa Monks) seem able to translate and activate them. (But they can.) The spells seem to have a variety of one-time uses, though very occasionally they grant the ability to cast a spell more than once.[/pms-restrict]

Today, folks are constantly looking for new entrances to Weeve-Down, since the “main entrance” is now gated and controlled by the Burgomaster. (This section of the tunnel system has been thoroughly explored and stripped of all valuables.)

That said, rumors of other sections are in constant circulation, with some brass tablets recently brought to market.

Vintal’s Oasis

This is probably the most popular bar for newcomers to Weeve, mostly due to the fact that Vintal actively discourages murder in his pub.

“No ‘Sil Served Here”

It’s a clean place, with large rectangular iron-topped tables, ample lanterns, and friendly waitstaff. 8 rooms are available to rent, as well as 1 large group room, often reserved for coach crews. The hall can also be rented for those that don’t mind sleeping on hard tile, for a cheaper price.

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There is a large hearth with a warm fire during the winter and is utilzed to cook soup and bake bread.

A pair of Ogra twins (Druv and Luk) work the door as bouncers, and are instructed to break the legs of any who fight within the establishment with their enormous battons.[/pms-restrict]

Vintal, an unsuccessful Broxan Monk, is regularly found behind the bar listening to the tall tales of pilgrims and trekkers.[/pms-restrict] He seems satisfied with his life here in Weeve, though he certainly misses his younger adventures.

Vintal’s Oasis Menu:

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  • Clean water
  • Millet bread
  • Skoff Spice
  • Beer
  • Thistlemead
  • Roasted sweet potatoes
  • Beet soup
  • Monk’s (millet) porrige
  • Roasted Gulgot bird with millet[/pms-restrict]

Wargain’s Daily Market

A daily market where discoveries from the rust-wastes are traded by enterprising adventurers. While most of the wares for sale are common scrap, sometimes weapons and antiques of interest are made available for trade.

  • Hurvok (Trolla) – Sells scrap metal in big baskets
  • Mulgh (Vaesil) – Sells blades, parts of blades, and resharpened knives
  • Tory Torrey (Viarling) – Sells wild beets from his cart
  • Gimch (Manlings) – Sells millet bread loaves

The Shiv & Shackle

The roughest bar “in” Weeve, “the Shiv” is found just outside of the city’s stout iron gates. It is a favorite of the Vaesil, who gather there in the hundreds every night, drinking and carousing until dawn.

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It looks like a bricked bunker tower, with small windows rising to 3 vertical stories.

Inside, there are large hanging wire baskets for Vaesil to gather in, like booths, all around the large, inner chamber. Gangs of 5 to 10 ‘Sil sit within, drinking, laughing, gambling, and watching the fights below.

There is a very large fighting pit dominating the center of the room, for the hourly fights that are both scheduled, and unscheduled. It is not uncommon for a few dozen Vaesil deaths to occur every evening.[/pms-restrict]

Games are played at the Shiv, including:

  • Shiv throwing
  • Dice Stab (dice gambling)
  • Karvak (cards)

While it is very dangerous for Manlings, it is an excellent place to find information about the goings-on of the entire District. The ‘Sil may be horrible folk, but they pay attention to local gossip.

The Shiv is owned by local cut throat Rumvid, who lives above the bar on the top floor. He is seldom seen in the bar itself, having a private tavern for him and his Rumvado gang.

It is said that he has his own private tunnel entrance to and from Weeve, so he is never seen coming or going from the bar.

The Shiv’s Menu:

  • Thistlegrog – 1 coin per pitcher
  • Bantu Beer (millet)
  • Beet rum
  • BBQ Vole on a stick

Broxa Temple

In the center of Weeve is the Broxa Temple, a very large, cylindrical tower, with an open arched entrance, and small stained glass windows.

Inside, the Broxa monks meditate, study their scrolls and exercise with their long staffs around the grand white statue of the godling BROXA. Sometimes folks in trouble come requesting sanctuary in the temple, and if their will is good, they are accepted.

The head monk is named Sifu Rull, a grey haired Broxa standing a foot taller than the rest. He has so many wrinkles on his face, one can barely find his eyes.

Fighting – other than sparring – is firmly forbidden inside of the temple.

Famous Weeve-Folk:

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Rumvid – This gristly Vaesil is known to haunt the town of Weeve, Rumvid is a calculated killer who can be hired for a sack of Obscuros or a gallon of Thistle Mead.

He is highly respected by his people, and leads a treacherous gang of Vaesil called the “Rumvado”.

Rumvid is seeking a brass tablet spell that rolls back one’s age by a decade.[/pms-restrict]

Dast – A Vaesil fence, he is able to buy and sell most things that can be bought, in Weeve. He maintains a wagon-hut inside of Weeve, that frequently moves.

Sifu Rull – A very tall, grey haired Broxa Monk and staff master. He is able to levitate when he meditates, and knows a secret way into the Weeve-Down.

Street Encounter Chart (d10)

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  1. A Broxan Monk walks down the street, quietly chanting to himself.
  2. A gang of 5 Vaesil pass by, and then turn, and begin following the party. Soon, more join them.
  3. A group of Viarling workers are moving crates (salt) down the street. (To a local inn.) They seem to be watched over by a grim looking Manling with a wide hat.
  4. A Viarling cooking (and selling) Vole-on-a-stick. He seems to have a lot of them.
  5. A unit of the Shield rush down the street towards the party. (Most likely heading to a ‘Sil disturbance around the corner.)
  6. A group of Vaesil children hunting vole with whip-sticks and small cages run down the alley.
  7. A smiling Vaesil selling counterfeit maps to the Weeve-Down. “I have something for you, FRIENDO.”
  8. A Trolla struggles with pulling a huge crate down the street, by a thick rope. Something inside mews.
  9. A pack of feral/wild/drunk voles run down the street, seeking something to bite/eat.
  10. A member of the Shield sitting down, having lunch with a few of his pals.