Hoon is the 4th Province of Obscuria, often called “junkenslew” due to the battleground junkyard that litters the landscape.


Hoon has 6 distinct seasons, with warm, dry summers and extremely cold winters.


Hoon is broken into 5 Districts.

  • Viar-hoon, aka “Viar”.
  • Ura-hoon, aka “Ura”
  • Blatha-hoon, aka “Blatha”
  • Yirka-hoon, aka “Yirka”
  • Reeya-hoon, aka “Reeya”


Historically, Hoon was ruled by “Aggratha Hoon”, a Minoton warmonger who waged war on behalf of the Crow Queen whenever she deemed it necessary. (Quite often, as far as we can tell.) Aggratha is said to be a calculated leader, shedding no tears over casualties or death.

Today, there is no dedicated leader of Hoon, though two seem to be vying for dominance:

Reserved for the Order of Obscuria


This warfare has lead to the landscape being littered with rusted iron, old battle machines, twisted weapons, and tumbled war towers.

This is not to say that there are cannot find beauty in Hoon;Reserved for the Order of Obscuria

Of course, each of the different districts have their own individual features.


Reserved for the Order of Obscuria