So, Monstro Camp has a lot that we do, and sometimes it’s easy to forget what to bring aside from regular camping gear.

Here’s a quick list to help you get started:

  • Trade Goods – We do a Barter Circle at every Monstro Camp (on Saturday) where folks trade art, supplies, Ranger gear, extra badges, and so on are traded.
  • Potluck Meal – We do a Potluck Supper Friday and Saturday nights, so bring a main dish, side dish, or dessert to share. If you want to share breakfasts foods, you can do that too.
  • Eating Utensils & Plates – Bring your official Spork along with something to eat off of. Bonus: bring paper plates and disposable utensils to share! (Though reusable stuff is the best for the environment.)
  • Handbook – Rangers always carry their official Rangers Handbook, especially at Camp. It’s a handy reference.
  • Bundle of Wood – Every camp site should bring at least one small bundle of wood for our shared fire pit for each night. (3 bundles if you’re there for the whole thing.)
  • Personal Stamp – Basically a 1 inch square rubber stamp that has YOUR unique symbol on it. Stamp it in each other’s Handbook. Instructions here
  • Uniform – Saturday is the perfect day to wear your formal Rangers uniform. Show off, have your photo taken, and take part in our Saturday group photo! If you don’t yet have a uniform, that’s okay! Wear a Steam Crow shirt!
  • Pencil & Paper – Might be useful for an impromptu RPG character sheet, for drawing, crafting, or maybe just to keep track of your SlumberJax score.
  • Dice – Dice are always good for games of chance, but the best are the official Lucky Dice!
  • Camp Mug – This is a communal time to share a beverage with another Ranger! Lift your MUG to the sky!
  • Doomwood Derby Car – Saturday is RACE DAY, so make sure that you have your car ready to go! (We’ll be working on them on Fridays at most camps.)

Certainly this is just the beginning. Post your ideas in the forum!