Traditions and Ceremonies

Traditions and Ceremonies

The Monster Rangers have a variety of Traditions and Ceremonies going back to our beginning, in 1903. (Some go back before that.)

Weenhallow 2018

WEENHALLOW is a Monster Rangers holiday… think of it as your second Halloween. It’s when the Monsters come out and party with their Monster-loving friends. This year’s theme is the MADBAT! He’s bat-guano crazy! Interpret how you want… but make it crazy! – – – WEENHALLOW VIP PACK – Shirt, Badge, Sticker, Entry WEENHALLOW […]

Code of Conduct

These words have evolved over the years, first put down in Baron Davis in one of his old raggedy journals. CODE OF CONDUCT All Monster Rangers are expected to abide by the Code of Conduct: – I shall hurt neither Monster or Man. – I will behave with Uncommon Sense. – I pledge to have […]

Getting Started

So yeah, you just found the Monster Rangers and you’re wondering “what do I do now?” Here are some ideas of where to start: First Things First: Read the Myth Check out our FAQs Join Us! (It’s free) Introduce yourself on our Forum Join our Facebook Group (ask questions there) Read about our Founders See […]

101 Uses For A Bandana

Bandanas are exceptionally useful for all Rangers, which is why they're part of every Branch Uniform. You can get official Monster Ranger bandanas here! Here are 101 uses for a bandana: Neck Scarf - Fixes being too hot, too cold, too sunburned. Soak it in water on hot days to cool down the "hot neck". Hat [...]

What to bring to Monstro Camp

So, Monstro Camp has a lot that we do, and sometimes it's easy to forget what to bring aside from regular camping gear. Here's a quick list to help you get started: Trade Goods - We do a Barter Circle at every Monstro Camp (on Saturday) where folks trade art, supplies, Ranger gear, extra badges, [...]

Potluck Supper

We've always done a Potluck Supper at each of our Monstro Camps. The idea is simple; get our Rangers to mix, meet each other, sample each other's cooking, and ultimately to connect. There's something vital about breaking bread with someone, and it's a core value of what we're all about: communion. (Term used free of [...]

Witch Stitches

A gift from Tante Tena to Baron Davis in 1904, Witch Stitches are an ancient form of magic based on the power of intent and stitchery. Adopted by the first Witch Rangers (who later became the Conjure Guard) the stitches have been discovered, documented, and shared between Witch and Warlock ever since.   Dawna is [...]

Cussin and Such

Monster Rangers are a respectable lot, doing the public service of Believing, Studying, and Protecting Monsters. But, sometimes cuss words slip out, and we understand that. (Especially when you hang out with Sea Rangers, or when a Clocktalker hits his thumb with a hammer.) Here are some curse words we’ve heard Monster Rangers say over […]

Monster Rangers and Guns

Baron Davis had something to say about guns… “It seems that Manlings have been hunting monsters for years and years, maybe even centuries, before we started the Monster Rangers. In particular, the “so-called” Monsterologists and their devious Radiance Guns (“or rayguns”) have done vast damage to our fanged friends in recent years.” “In the past, hunters […]

Barter Circles

BARTER CIRCLES Since the beginning of time, impromptu Monster Markets have sprung up in neutral zones throughout Obscuria – typically wilderness locations far from the prying eyes of Nodds. Some say that the first ones to spring up were Trolla Wrestling Bazaars, while others claim that Faerie Faires were surely first, while Goblins claim that [...]