The venerable organization known as “Goblin Post” was envisioned by the Crow Queen centuries ago, in her attempt to open up inexpensive communication methods across the 8 Provinces for her subjects. (Thyric methods are both expensive and often difficult to obtain, especially for the masses.)

Without some form of communication system, the new kingdom of Obscuria would certainly be short lived. (A failure recognized from the previous ruler of Obscuria.)


The Queen put Jhanna – her High Bannerwife (not married; simply a title as she is “married to the banner”) and Personal Messenger – in charge of the postal system plan.

[pms-restrict subscription_plans=”40705,40706,40707,40708″] She decided to make use of the Goblin slave workforce, since they were so common and just smart enough to be reliable.


Goblin Life Is Cheap

Goblins – the Manling nickname for “Gremlinoff” or “Grigg” – are very common in Monstru and Obscuria. They are fast breeders, durable, and able to survive in just about every clime.

[pms-restrict subscription_plans=”40705,40706,40707,40708″] The Crow Queen had already established a massive population of Grigg slaves in several slave breeding pits found in each Province. It is said that a Goblin life could be purchased for a single Obscuro; troubling indeed.

Being fleet of foot, Jhanna mapped and tracked out preferred routes, planned Goblin Post Offices, trained elite Goblin runners, and created a postage system.


Natural Navigators

It turns out that Goblins have a great “nose memory”. They can literally sniff their way across the land, recognizing the scent of the flora and fauna, as well as looking for Grigg markings that they leave each other, scratched into trees, rocks, and roadside idols.


Postage had to be inexpensive and viable. Jhanna created the following structure for messages being delivered across the land:[pms-restrict subscription_plans=”40705,40706,40707,40708″]

  • ø1 per message, per Province
  • Larger packages would be weighed; ø1 more per pound, per Province

So, a 3 pound package going in 1 Province would cost ø4.
A 3 pound package going across 3 Provinces would cost ø12.


The Deal

Keev, the “lord of the Greminloff”, saw the Goblin Post as an opportunity to raise the Goblin above their lowest of the low social standing. While death was offered as a penalty for not delivering a package[pms-restrict subscription_plans=”40705,40706,40707,40708″] (as well room and board), Keev negotiated with Jhanna and offered a different approach; offer a Goblin freedom after a decade of service.

Jhanna agreed, though she maintained her “death for a failed delivery” position. It worked, as every Goblin despised their slavery more than anything else. In time, after Goblin Postmasters finished their decade of service, most stayed on, earning a full Obscuro per day of work.


Successful Delivery

For over 1000 years the Goblin Post delivered messages across Obscuria, and earned a reputation for dependable service… and even reliability. It also built up a network of Goblin Post spies… gathering news and other information from across the 8 Provinces, and storing it at Goblin Post HQ.

After The Fall

Even after the fall of the Crow Queen, Goblin Post continued on… and became one of the only wide-spread services to survive. Today, [pms-restrict subscription_plans=”40705,40706,40707,40708″]Goblin Post survives as an independent entity delivering letters (and gathering information) from across the 8 Provinces.


The Post are utilized by the Monster Rangers in sending messages; Cargo Tiger is utilized when we need to move anything larger than a letter, and or when we need to be certain that the letter will not be “inspected” for whatever secrets they contain.

Goblins my be reliable at delivering messages, but they certainly are not trustworthy.

  • Simon York, Dark Librarian

Goblin Post Telegraph Template

Go ahead and make some “official” Goblin Post telegraph messages of your own, with this message template:[pms-restrict subscription_plans=”40705,40706,40707,40708″]

Order of Obscuria Exclusive

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