Hey Monster Rangers!

I have a passion for gaming, especially tabletop rpgs and skirmish battle games. About 15 years ago, I built this gaming table (then called “the Ultimate Gaming Table”) with my buddy Ben who was a finish carpenter.

Then, about 12 years ago, I sold it, but regretted it ever since. But, a couple of years ago, I found the folks I sold it to, and bought it right back. Me and Goblin painted it all up again, and put it into our little gaming room. It’s tight, but I’m really glad to have it.

My buddy Stephen donated the amazing Doctor’s Medicine Case (in white) which we also love. I don’t have the greatest photos (it’s hard to photograph in such a little room) but this gives you a general idea of our gaming setup as of 2017.

Trust me, those mini cases are a lot more full, now. I’ve unpacked more from storage AND gotten several other Kickstarters since then.