Hard-working owlfolk, the Viarlings are also known as the “Okhar” [oh-kar].

While they can be found throughout Obscuria, they are the most commonly found lurking in the Hoon Province in the Viar District.


Reserved for the Order of Obscuria

They tend to settle in townships or even individual familial farmsteads. They are known to run most of the Rust Mills of Hoon, grinding up both iron and millet.

They are considered to be excellent bakers and craftsmen.

Befriend an Okhar, and you will have a friend for life.


While they have no formal schools, the Viarlings are educated by their extended families in their particular trade, and most consider them to be shrewd business-folk.

They of course are very perceptive, with their huge, night vision eyes.


The Okhar are hard-working, loyal, and generally distrustful of strangers. This isn’t to say that they will not extend a hand to those in need. However, cross one, and you will never enlist their goodwill ever again.

Reserved for the Order of Obscuria

Derogatory term: “Fowl!”


The biggest day of the Viarling year is “Hetchday.” Old Owl Hetch is said to fly to each and every Viarling home and leave gifts of small tools or tea to those he deems “good” for the past year (in their boots). Those that are “bad” receive a single black feather in their boot, a reminder to better in the following year. A fresh loaf of the finest bread is left for ole Hetch, which he takes as payment for the gifts.

Hetch is rarely seen, but reports of his plainly wrapped gifts are heard all across Hoon. Poor, down on their luck Okhar often find a loaf of fresh bread along with their other gift.

Diet: Millet, bread, and vole meat
Lifespan: 70-85 years
Size: 5 feet tall
Racial Skills: Sneak
Free Skill: Speak Monston (Fair)
Racial Gift: Nightvision
Racial Fault:

All Viarlings:

Reserved for the Order of Obscuria

Most Viarlings:

Reserved for the Order of Obscuria

Some Viarlings:

  • Leave home and go out to see the world
  • Worship the sky gods
  • Are lazy and take the easiest way out

Famous Viarlings:

Reserved for the Order of Obscuria

Old Owl Hetch – He appears as big Viarling elder, wearing black boots and a spice-orange jacket and large black warlock hat. He carries a huge burlap bag containing small gifts (usually tools or tea) as gifts to “good” Okhar. While few have ever seen him, he is revered throughout Hoon as a demigod of the owlings.