For our May Order of Obscuria rewards (Mystery of the Month and up) we made a bunch of cool stuff,
Here's a downloadable worksheet to make designing a Hex Ward a lot easier. Here's an example of the the first
Steam Crow Show Miniature Moment Maug
Here's our first Steam Crow Show episode, Miniature Moment 001, featuring the prepainted D&D figure, Maug #26. I was directly
For our second month of the Order of Obscuria, we produced some new cool stuff as rewards. OoO Badge of
In the Winter of 1913, Baron Davis found himself on a ship (the Sea Ranger "Doomflower 2") accompanied by 6
Montalk font
The "writing" code of the Monster Rangers is called "Montalk" ("monster-talk), and was developed from the scrawls of Marrow Thatch.
Here's what we sent out in March, as part of our February Order of Obscuria ("OoO") shipment. While this one
Hey Monster Rangers! I have a passion for gaming, especially tabletop rpgs and skirmish battle games. About 15 years ago,
This is just a test for hosted videos, for the OoO. Let's see what happens.
In the early 20th Century, Baron Davis had to promote the Monster Rangers to the masses, in order to spread