Skoff is a small town of the Viar-Hoon District, of course found in the rusty Hoon Province.


Skoff is found on the outside of the Great Gire Forest.

It started off as a simple tavern nestled at the edge of the wire forest, though it’s blossomed into a full trading-post over the years.

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It has a log palisade and pit surrounding the town, and one massive watchtower built to overlook the countryside. (An expansion of the original construction.) The windmill on the tower has long since stopped turning and simply rocks in the wind.

A rusted out 4-4-2 steam engine lies just outside of the town, half smashed into the earth and tipped on one side. It seems to have been raided for the easier to steal parts, some for mementos others for quick cash. (Gauges, bolts, levers and so on.)[/pms-restrict]

Skoff is connected to the rest of the Province by intersecting trails and well-traveled roads to Weeve, Horndal, and Brinker.


The Mayor of Skoff is Seymor Johnson, once a railroad conductor who’s train went off the rails and ended up in Obscuria. Seymor found his calling at Skoff, first working for the past Mayor as an assistant, to running the “Grips” and eventually the town, as Mayor.

Law Enforcement

The Grips are a group of about 30 Tenna warriors, brandishing Thundergrips and serious black eyes. They get excited when they fire off a round, cawing loudly.


Skoff has a regular population of about 140 folks, though this can swell to up to 300-400 during the egg hunting season.

Inside the Walls

  • 30% Trolla – They LOVE eating Gulgot eggs; they’re a true delicacy.
  • 30% Tenna – Crow folk, likely related to the Viarlings
  • 20% Viarlings
  • 10% Vaesil
  • 10% Manlings and other


Skoff operates as both a trading post and as a supply depot for folks hoping to make their riches in the Gire Forest.

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There are many vendor stalls within the courtyard of Skoff, selling wire cutters, tents, bloatling repellent, axes, shovels – all at double “regular” price. The true economy; selling the dream.

Skoff exports:

  • Skoff Spiced Beer
  • Gulgot Eggs [/pms-restrict]



Folks of Skoff


Weeve Autu

Places of Interest

Famous Skoff-Folk:

xxx – This

Street Encounter Chart (d10)

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