Here’s a list of secret updates to the website for the Order of Obscuria Members.

March 1st Update: We’ve begun converting exclusive content to this orange color so you can more easily see what’s included with your membership. It won’t work on images or files, but we’ll make a note of it. (This method could change in the future, but it’s our stop-gap for now.)

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New Content

In order of Freshest to Oldest new, exclusive stuff:

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Future Roadmap

Here’s a rough outline of what’s on our list. We’ll get to each thing when time and inspiration line up. (You can’t force this stuff.)

  • Flag templates for each branch – one per month.
  • Obscurian Economy article – in progress
  • Obscurian Pricelist (Based on the above article)
  • More Obscurian Places
  • More Creatures
  • Montalk TT Font

Order Exclusives

This isn’t everything, but I’ll be tagging new exclusive content, so that it shows up here, and is easier to find.

Here's a Cargo Tiger Manifest, used to keep track of the stuff that Cargo Tiger is porting around. This is
Order of Obscuria
As the Monster Rangers grew in the early 1900’s, some “problems” emerged as the newfound movement was catching the attention