There are currently 34 Spirit Badges in this collection.
All of the available achievements with the name, avatar, and karma points for each.
Spirit Badge Glory Description
Spirit Badge Glory Description
Ghost Reaper Spirit Badge

The Ghost Reaper Spirit Badge

CAW! Spirit Badge

The CAW! Spirit Badge

Fail Happy Spirit Badge

The Fail Happy Spirit Badge.

Pyre Wood Spirit Badge
Pyre Wood Badge

Pyre Wood is an earned badge that you get if you bring a full bundle of wood to Monstro Camp.

Camp ‘18 – Swampy Spirt Badge
Monstro Camp 18

The Swampy Badge for our 2018 Monstro Camps

You Found My Cat Okay Virtual Spirit Badge
You Found My Cat Okay Badge

The You Found My Cat Okay Spirit Badge is a small reward for folks brave enough to follow our weird flyer here.

Dark Librarian Core Patch

Dark Librarian Core Patch

Climb Spirit Badge

A Spirit Badge designed to remind you do get up and try to do more.

Cursed by Dark Unicorn Spirit Badge
Dark Unicorn Badge

The Dark Unicorn Spirit Badge symbolizes the darker side of the Monster Rangers.

Study Spirit Badge
Study Badge

The Study Badge is a helpful reminder to Monster Rangers young and old.

Potions Spirit Badge
Potions Badge

The Potions badge is for Monster Rangers who are good at mixing concoctions and potions of many sorts.

Camp ‘17 – Medusa Spirit Badge
Shindig 17 Badge

The Gorgon Badge for our Monster Camps of 2017

Book Club Spirit Badge
Book Club

The Book Club badge is for Rangers who attend and participate at a Book Club Meeting.

Welcome Skull Spirit Badge
Welcome Skull

The Welcome Skull Spirit Badge is for new Monster Rangers, recruited with the code from our tri-fold brochure.

Dawna Spirit Badge
Dawna Badge

The Dawna Spirit Badge is a gift from Dawna, herself.

GeoCache Finder Spirit Badge
Geocache Finder

This virtual Spirit Badge was found in a GeoCache, somewhere in the wilds.

Scout Art Spirit Badge
Ranger Art Badge

A badge that shows that you made a piece of visual arts to share with the Monster Rangers.

See the Truth Spirit Badge
See the truth

The “See the Truth” Spirit badge is all about the Monster Conspiracy; why do folks continue to cover-up that monsters are real and among us?!

Camp ‘16 – Shindig Spirit Badge
Shindig 16

SHINDIG 16 Spirit Badge is for Rangers who attended our 2016 SHINDIG camp out.

Tea Time Spirit Badge
Tea Time

The Tea Time Patron Badge is for those who love tea!

Daniel Beard Spirit Badge
Danny Beard

A badge given out personally by Daniel. Don’t ask for it, or you’ll never get it.

Black Bones 1 Spirit Badge
Black Bones 1

The Black Bones 1 Badge is for Crows who spend $100 or more at

Black Bones Basic Spirit Badge
Black Bones Zero

The Black Bones Spirit Badge is earned by making a purchase of $25 or more at

Dark Librarian Spirit Badge

The Dark Librarian Spirit Badge comes when you purchase a full set of 5 Steam Crow books.

Crypto Spirit Badge

Crypto is the badge for those of us who believe in monsters!

Super Genius Spirit Badge
Super Genius

The Super Genius Spirit Badge shows that you’re a smarty!

Arbiter Spirit Badge
Arbiter Badge

A patron badge for Rangers who strive to be their best.

Villain Spirit Badge
Villain Badge

A Patron badge for those who are just a little dangerous.

Wicked Specs Spirit Badge
Wicked Specs

Wicked Specs badge is a patron badge only for Monster Rangers who wear glasses.

Tucson Troop Spirit Badge
Tucson Troop Badge

A patron Troop badge for our Brother and Sister Rangers of Tucson.

Dapper Spirit Badge
Dapper Badge

Wear your Uniform and show your Colors!

Word Blimp Spirit Badge
Word Blimp

Engage in our community here; reply in the forum. Say something. Be something.

Haunted Hand Mission 1 Spirit Badge
Haunted Hand

Haunted Hand propaganda badge can be earned by posting fliers around town.

Eye Bat Spirit Badge
Eye Bat Badge

The Brisk Bat is the basic badge earned by participating in the Monster Rangers forum.